"My lord, the prince has escaped into the woods. I tried to reason with him, sire. He has abandoned us. He is as stubborn as an old horse", the minister fumbled to find the words. "What! he would never turn his face against us in times of adversity", replied the king.

"Kings have fled at the sight of defeat, your highness".

"My son did not flinch at the sight of death".

He was far too young. Like a flower. You have been showering him with responsibilities, and the burden of that rain has got him off the plant itself.

The last line flew like an arrow. Blood, in the form of tears, decorated his eyes. As all warriors in to do, he burnt the tears before they could develop.

Silence spread across the stables. The king had nothing to speak, he felt cheated. He should have spoken a word, rather a phrase. He wanted to, but the morning belonged to the Minister. The minister's eyes did not show the joy of victory, that was brimming in his heart. The king looked at the minister, then at the ground, and left the stables. The horses neighed.

Back in the redwoods, Llovern was still tied to the tree. The rope had hindered his blood flow. The sun was lying low in the horizon. The wind began to sting his bare skin. The light in his heart to survive

, was going to burn down by the icy wind. His legs had turned numb. His throat was dry. The fire eventually had to burn down.

"Hey, are you hurt?", a voice came from behind him. "Here, let me set you free". A masked man began his ropes. As soon as one hand was freed, Llovern tried to cover his genitals.

Fear enveloped the prince, as he thought, he was under attack again. But was too tired to fight back. The last of his bounds were carefully removed, as his ankles were chaffed. His saviour, lifted Llovern, and placed him on his shoulders. Llovern could barely keep his eyes open, but noticed he was being taken along the lake. He could feel his saviour's hands crawling on his hole behind. He gave a weak slap on his saviour's head, and the handplay stopped.

The journey had lasted for two hours and Llovern has slept most of it. Destination had arrived. The ground felt cold, as Llovern's naked bottom hit the floor. Running water could be heard at a distance. Llovern got up from his slumber. His hands instinctively reached for his ass, and find his saviour's fingers meddling with it. He gave a sigh of relief, then there were none. He heard a laugh at that moment. "It's alright, I'm sorry about that.

It was dark all over. Llovern hadn't seen his friend yet. He was no longer hungry, as he was fed without him knowing it. Now that he had the energy, he needed the answers.

"Who are you? What's your name?"

"Look, no need for formalities. You were very tired and I helped you"

"What is your NAME?", barked he.

"Cole", a startled reply.

"How old are you?"

"27, I guess".

"Where are we? What do you do for a living?"

"Here, in my cave. I am a Lumberman. And who are you, may I ask?"

Llovern let out a sigh of relief.

"Name's Llovern prince....., manservant of Prince of Yodridge."

"Named after the prince are we?"

Llovern realized his mistake, but Cole cut him off, "rest here for a while, I'll wash up and come".


A cloth was drawn aside from the opening of the cave. Cole disappeared out of sight. Moonlight filled in for a second, and darkness spread out once again. After all the fear, Llovern felt grateful for Cole. He soon decided to pull out for fresh air.

He got what he wanted. Cool breeze hit him hard on the face. The cave was on a raised platform in the waterfall was dangerously close. The moonlight animated the whole experience. If he had a billion troubles in his life, he didn't remember any. The sound of the splash put him off his thoughts. He looked down.

He realised Cole was having a bath and decided to give him his privacy. But as soon as Cole rose from the water, Llovern's eyes went wild. Cole stepped onto the grass, to dry himself.

The moonlight acted as the spotlight for Llovern to view Cole. Cole's arms were huge, the bisceps dripping with water. His chest, hairless and smooth. His pecs were round and bulging. Llovern noticed a drop of water that ran down Cole's throat and settled on his nipple, pink and inviting.

Llovern reflexively placed his hand on his cock as he lowered down to Cole's bottom. The man meat was thick and succulent. It was fresh, straight from the factory. It was hanging 5 inches, in front of tennis ball sized testicles. He was not even excited yet.

He then realized he still hadn't seen the face yet. As he raised his head to see Cole's head, his pupils dilated. His defined cheekbones and brown eyes enchanted him.

That looks soon turned to fear, as he realized Cole was staring right back at him. Cole began making his way to the top. They never broke eye contact. The breeze picked it's pace as two hearts began beating as one. Cole stopped in front of Llovern.

"I... I didn't mean to", began Llovern. He was cut short with a kiss. It sent jolts through his veins. Llovern released his cock and fell on Cole, as jets of cum flew from his cock and made a mess on Cole's cock and stomach. They had the whole night and woods for love.


Leighton Sil BA

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