I was, I guess you might say, born with a silver dildo up my ass, Ha ha!.

My first memories was when I was five or six, I got to go to the yard and play outside with the older kids, finally.

I was very very pampered, and watched as lad growing up.

I was sent to an all boys boarding school, very exclusive, and expensive.

Well the background to my life is that I was born to an extremely wealthy family, I was the only son with two older sisters and of course we had the finest of everything.

I never wanted for anything except that one thing money could not buy, companionship and friendship.

I had gotten in trouble wanting to fight all the time with kids at the boarding school for calling me a sissy, or geek, or nerd, I know they are just words but I didn't like being called any of them.

I finally went home, at my fathers request, and he decided to have me tutored at home, privately.

I then was found without a friend to play with, or have a good time with. If I saw a movie it was brought in, the movies were first run and we had our own theater room on the estate.

But I was bored, and lonely, wanting someone to play with, of course I was only eleven, so My father hired this English butler sort of guy, A Gentlemen's gentlemen, so to speak, his name was Nigel, to see after me on a personal basis.

Now Nigel was really a good looking guy, nicely built, he had played rugby as a young man and was nicely and muscularly built, and of course, very proper and educated, and I took to him very well. he was about twenty six or seven, or maybe his early thirties, properly trained in the art of being a caregiver, he was there for me in every way.

He had been born in Yorkshire England and trained in London, he was in all aspects a wonderful guy.

It was nothing for me to have him come into the bath and wash my back or truthfully, I guess he would have washed my cock for me if I had ask him.

Well I was maturing and my body was developing and I was beginning to feel an attraction toward Nigel.

I had found a old dirty book in an old shed behind the garage that showed guys cocks in their erect, aroused state and I was fascinated and I wanted to see one like that, it intrigued me. I knew mine would get hard and it loved being rubbed on.

I had had a swimming pro, that showered with me, I got to see his cock several times but it wasn't much bigger than mine, but I enjoyed seeing it none the less.

Then there was my Tennis Pro, David, that I was infatuated with, I lusted for him with fervor when he would play a match with me and I'd watch his cock flop around in his little white shorts, but I never got to see a guys cock hard yet, and I was wanting to very badly.

I guess I was about sixteen or maybe sixteen and a half years old, lots of hormones were flowing and questions were burning in my mind about sex, hard-on's, the why, the where, when and how.

It was almost eleven o'clock that night when I got out of bed and went to Nigel's bed room, I noticed the light on under the door.

I knocked on the door and Nigel said, 'enter.'

I walked in and he was setting on the bed, sitting up in bed with a pile of pillows behind his back and reading a book, his light blue pajama's were really not that sexy looking, but Nigel was still a very good looking guy.

I walked over to Nigel and he set the book down in his lap.

'What can I help you with Master Barry?' he asked.

'Well I was wondering about a few things.' I said.

'Oh Really son, whats that?' he asked.

'Well Nigel, you know? the things guys need to know. YOU KNOW? about their things.' I said.

Nigel looked a little puzzled at me and then he said, 'Sorry son you've lost me, I'm not sure I know what your talking about,' he said.

'Well about your thing, you know?????? your cock.'

Nigel's face turned a little reddish, as I asked if he rubbed his, and made it hard and stroked it, I heard all guys do it, and your a guy.' I said.

'Well yeah, I suppose all guys do,' he said.

For some strange reason I reached over and placed my hand between Nigel's legs. 'Can I see it?' I said.

Nigel let out a slight gasp as my had touched his cock thru his pajama's. 'Well Master Barry, this is highly unusual.'

Nigel just sat there as I massaged the growing bulge in his crotch, I could feel it starting to swell and thicken, and I felt it throbbing under my touch thru the material.

I looked up and Nigel was looking straight into my eyes, but never moved or tried to stop me.

I could feel it's length and thickness under my squeezing hand, and I looked down at his lap and I began to undo the material of his pajama's.

Nigel just watched me as I untied his waist tie to his pajama trousers,,, and I opened them and lay them back and then I saw the tip of his thick cock pushing up on the elastic band of his white briefs, I could tell it was a lot thicker than mine.

I never had given thought to the fact that Nigel would be that big there, It just never occured to me.

As I sat there just rubbing and squeezing its thickness and gently stroking it I noticed Nigel's eyes had closed and he was licking his lips and breathing really heavy, I was glad to see him enjoying what I was doing.

I rubbed his thick cock for a few minutes.

'Oh Damn Master Barry, that feels so good,' he said.

Nigel just sort of scooted his ass down and lay back as I continued to rub his hard thick cock.

I could tell Nigel was really enjoying what I was doing, it was then I realized I had a raging boner too, we were both enjoying what I was doing.

'You like what I'm doing Nigel?' I ask.

'You don't need to ask that question with my hard cock under your hand, of course I am.' he said.

That was all I needed to hear, I had him raise his hips and I watched his thick uncut british cock, flop out against his belly as I slid his Pajamas and briefs down almost to his knees.

Damn his cock was awesome, It was wide, with thick veins standing out, his nuts were big ovals of sperm making beauty.

I looked at his thick cock and noticed the head was swollen, engorged and standing out tight under that skin covering that had a slight opening in the tip and I could see the eyelet of his cock shining through the foreskin opening.

I was shaking in my skin, and my heart was beating like a jack hammer, as I wrapped my hand around Nigel's cock, it was awesome, and that's when I felt this urge to do something totally unbelievable, I began to rub on his nuts and feel them roll around in their skin sack and they began to tighten up, as I leaned forward and as I began to nibble on the very tip of Nigel's foreskin I heard his moan, and felt his body sorta jerk I took about five inches of his thickness and my hand slipped his foreskin back, exposing the head of his cock, and I tasted the sweet taste of pre-cum as I began to give my first ever blow-job.

I was fantastic, I knew I wanted to do this a lot as I sucked Nigel's cock and felt his cock sorta jerk in my mouth, It was as natural to me as sucking on a lollipop is to a kid.

I looked up and Nigel's hands were grasping the bed covers as I slid my lips and tongue up and down the length and thickness of his cock. I was loving this thing called sucking cock.

Nigel didn't take very long when I felt his body go stiff, I noticed his legs were kinda jerking, and his toes were curled into little balls all his muscles were set like concrete and he started grunting as his body jerked and I felt his cock lightly jerking in my mouth. 'OH SHIT Barry, I'm gonna shoot it, AWH Shit,' and I tasted that awesome flavor of nut Nigel's cum. I had never tasted cum before beside the time I tasted my own after a jerk-off session, Nigel's was sweet tasting kinda fruity.

I drained his semen from his balls that night, I was in love with not just Nigel, but the taste of cock and cum, I wanted more.

I finished up and left Nigel to regain his strength as I left his bedroom looking back Nigel was just laying there like a dead man, breathing heavy, his wet cock laying over to the side.

I awoke to a songbird singing outside my bedroom window that next morning. The world had changed for me, I was still a rich kid, living in a mansion, with servants but I more mature, more grown up, a sexually experienced man,

I was setting there in my boxer briefs when the door to my bedroom came open, it was Nigel, he had his arms loaded with bath towels, 'Shall I draw your bath Master Barry?' Nigel said.

I looked at Nigel and laughed, 'Nigel, man you don't have to be so friggen formal with me, for god sakes man, I sucked your cock for you last night, I swallowed your cum.' I said.

'Yes I realize that Sir, but it shouldn't have happened,' he said.

'What the fuck are you talking about man, I was hoping to do it again today, you know you needed it and I wanted it too.'

'OH, I didn't realize it would be more than a one time thing,' Nigel said.

I walked over and took the towels from Nigel's hand, then as He looked sorta Stupefied, my right hand reached down and rubbed his already swollen cock in his trousers.

I got in front of Nigel, unzipped his pants, retrieved his thick manhood and began to play it like it was a musical instrument. Nigel shot anther load of cum into my mouth for a second time.

Holy Shit , that was fantastic, Nigel yelled as I licked the last little drip of cum from the skin covered head.

It was the next day I was walking outside of the house when I noticed the Building where Fathers Cars and Limo's were kept, and I remembered Henry the Chauffer. I walked over to the garage and walked in, it was a large out building where the vehicles were kept.

Henry was a well dressed, gentleman about thirty sex or seven, but a lot stockier built than Nigel, I had always liked Henry, he had worked for father for quite a number of years, he was as you say, a lifer I guess, I would go out and play cards there in the garage with him sometime.

Henry was in charge of not only being available with a limo or car to drive anyone in the family around that needed a chauffer, but was also in charge of keeping the vehicles, tuned up, gassed up, and ready at a moments notice, as well as polished and shiny and always perfect looking.

I guess the Rolls Royce was Fathers favorite, but mine was the Lincoln Limo.

I remember that first time with Henry, I was just playing around the cars which was not that unusual but that day I was sorta playing around with Henry, swatting his ass and poking at his ribs, when I looked up and asked Henry, do you like to stroke your cock, Nigel likes to do it, I guess I was just to brazen for my own good, but Henry just smiled at me and said now 'Master Barry, why would a young lad like you want to know that about a guy like me?'

'I smiled at Henry and just came out and told him, cause I like to stroke cock on other guys myself.

I was almost dumb when it came to being incognito about it.

I told Henry to get in the car and climbed in behind him. We sat in the back seat of my favorite Lincoln.

Henry was wearing some sorta faded blue jeans he liked to wear when working around the Garage doing odd jobs.

Henry looked at me and just smiled 'and now what' he ask.

I leaned over and reached out and put my hand between his legs to get a feel, 'Whoa, Dude,' Henry said.

'Its alright I won't tell anyone about this,' I said.

Henry said, 'O.K. but if your father found out about this it would mean my job.' he said.

I unbuttoned Henry's jeans, and by the time I got the trousers off, Henry was harder than flintrock.

Henry wasn't married either and lived in a small apartment that was attached to the upper portion of the garage.

When I finally got his cock out and began to stroke it. I was astounded at the size of it.

It was like one of our horses, Henry was hung like a horse.

'God Henry, just how big it is anyway?' I said.

Henry smiled down at me as I began to suck on the tip, it was different than Nigel's it was circumcised like mine, with a big thick glowing tight head belled out, dark skinned like Henry, who was of a Latino descent, Ten inches he said..

I was mesmerized with the size of it, it was not only long but it's girth was phenomenal, I hadn't realized Henry was this big.

Henry let me play around and try to take as much as I could into my mouth when He took over, 'O.K. Master Barry, I will show you something you will love.' he said.

I was not sure what he had in mind, but the next thing I knew he was removing all my clothes, which I didn't mind.

I sat there naked next to Henry, smiling when Henry grabbed my legs, slid me down in the seat of the limo, raised my legs up, and dove like a starved madman face first into my asshole.

I felt his tongue penetrate my anus and I thought I would fly out the car window, I was huffing, puffing, and grunting like a Pig rutting in the dirt. It was one fantastic feeling.

I was in a place I loved, doing something new and Loving it like mad.

I wanted more and kept shouting more, more 'Oh God Henry give me more,' that's when Henry raised up and smiled, If it's more you want, it's more you get.

I looked up and smiled, and then felt the head of his huge cock swirling round and round my asshole, it felt hot against my anal opening, Henry was leaking pre-cum at this point because it felt so slick, so wet and so awesome, then I felt his first thrust, I thought I would split apart, Henry reached up and put his arms under my shoulders, pulled my body to his and I felt the whole ten inches quickly slide to the balls into my intestines.

Henry just held it all the way in, looked down and smiled and said, 'Master Barry, I have wanted to do this for a long time now, Hang on Baby, were going for a ride, and your fucking gonna love it.' he said with a huge smile.

I will never say it didn't hurt that afternoon there all bent over and on the receiving end of Henry's huge cock, but by the time that first afternoon was over I had shot a load of cum clean up to my chin while Henry took me to heaven with his huge cock buried in my intestines, I felt like I would shit cum for a month after he unloaded a huge thick load in my bowels, but a week wouldn't pass before Henry and I were back in that Limo and he was riding me like a breeding horse again only this time he pulled out and shot his load in my mouth as I sucked and gulped on his thick cock, and I was in for it all the way.

Actually after that started I was out in the Garage with Henry and He finally let me fuck him in return, now I love that too, there was never a dull moment with Nigel or Henry there on my fathers estate.

I don't think my father ever found out and I of course went on to work in my Fathers business conglomerate as an executive, still the consumate cum guzzler, I found many more outlets that my status as boss allowed in the business.

My mail room clerk, Mr.Jamie Oldman, he was just twenty six, and another conquest, I remember he liked to suck cock as well as I did, and I would have a special meeting with him in my office at least twice a week, and we would end up on the little bed in my side room there, I had it installed and made into a bedroom so if I decided to spend the night after working late I had a place, it had a shower, stereo, computer and cable t.v. installed and a little kitchenette I was all set. so it goes without saying Jamie (Oldman) spend several hours a week, naked with me on the bed, he was a nice looking guy, single, that loved getting his cock sucked, his favorite thing was to sixty nine with me.

We would go out in tee shirts and blue jeans to a fast food place, come back to the office and suck each other's nuts dry, it was awesome.

Well there you have it the story of a poor little rich kid growing up with nothing to do but suck cock for a pastime, hey I loved it myself.

And I'm still living this dream. Ciao my friends.



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