After Officer Vaughn left that awesome night, I was in a dither, excited about meeting him was to say the least, Man, I started acting like a school girl, cleaning up the apartment, shuffling around, Shit man I was sleepy, but every time I would go to bed and shut the lights off, My mind would start racing around at ninty miles an hour.

I would get back up just in my underwear, I would write down what I planned to fix for Vaughn for supper the next night, Fuck I was going bannanas, I took a shower making sure my cock and balls were extremely clean, and then I would lay out my clothes, and fuck I was so excited about Vaughn, I couldn't believe it, He was so fucking beautiful, God I was nervous as hell, I took a pill to calm me down and I know I had taken at least five showers in less than six hours, finally at about four thirty in the morning I got really tired and sleepy and crashed, and man did I crash.

I woke with a loud sound, what the fu---? Oh shit its my phone, by the time I got up to get the phone I had missed the call, I looked at the bedroom window and it was morning, shit what time was it? I got up and looked into the kitchen at the clock, Awe shit man Its ten o'clock in the morning, Im late for work, three hours late and I started rushing and getting ready and I was dressed and out the door and into my car, I was pulling out of my driveway in front of my Apartment, I looked to the right side of my apartment and I saw a bunch of kids playing around and realized then, it's Saturday, fuck me, man I don't work on Saturdays, having met Vaughn Is fucking with my mind, I pulled back into my driveway and got out and just strolled back into my apartment and made some coffee and fell back into a kitchen chair, I picked up the list of groceries I would need and went over them and about an hour later I went to the grocery store.

I made it back home and unloaded my groceries, vacuumed the floor, dusted everything, and when I came to my senses again I was scrubbing my body again in the shower, I said man your going nuts over this Officer Vaughn, and then I saw him again in my minds eye, God he was fucking gorgeous and his cock made me wilt, I found myself getting a hardon just thinking about last night, and I felt like stroking off, but I changed my mind opting to wait for tonight.

Time seemed to be crawling along, slower than molasses on a cold January day, I guess that is what being anxious does for you.

Finally it was six thirty that evening and I got dressed in some nice slacks and a nice pull over shirt and my black leather loafers and I put on my best body splash, you never know who will be sniffing what! But I wanted to be prepared.

I was in the kitchen making myself a glass of Iced Tea and humming joyfully, anxiously waiting and I jumped, startled, the door bell rang I looked at the clock and it was six fortyfive, just about right, I walked to the door and opened and I went numb, There stood Vaughn, as gorgeous as anyone could be, I started to melt, I just stared and said, Hey Vaughn, he shoved me back into my apartment and grabbed me and squeezed me with a friggen bear hug and liked to broke my ribcage, he started slathering me with awesome kisses and just moaned like he was starving, Fuck I felt like just falling over on the floor, I wanted to crawl inside Vaughn and stay there, He was so frigging Hot looking in his uniform shirt, I was kissing and grabbing at him and moaning and saying I want you so much, I have had the hots for you all day man, He said man I could think of nothing else since last night, and he just kept kissing me, We started stripping as we lumbered to the bedroom kissing and groping and rubbing each other, and when we finally got there I started unbuttoning his shirt, and saying man I want your cock in me, he said yea man I know I want to make love to you, too, He was breathing so darned hard and just sorta whispering and taking my clothes off and saying Man, I need you so fucking bad, I said you got me man, now do it.

I layed him down and started sucking his cock and he, went wild and after about four minutes he stopped me and leaned down and started sucking my cock and god man, he could suck a cock, this was a master at work, he had my forskin pulled back and was humming as he sucked and making light vibrations with his throat and voice as he sucked me, and fuck I felt like I was on the top of Mount Everst, God he was so good, the best I had ever had, I knew if he kept this up I wasn't gonna last very long, I wanted to unload a wad of cum, but yet I wanted this to keep going on it was feeling so wonderful, I stopped him and said, man I gotta have that cock in me, he said what you want is what you get, Officer Vaughn is here to please, I smiled and kissed him passionately and Layed myself back down on my back and held onto his gorgeous eight inch cock, and I said fuck me man, fuck me like you love me, he said that won't be hard to do, I smiled and layed back, I had a tube of lube in the nightstand and I got it and lubricated my rectum and put a little on his cock and he raised my legs up with his hands and without touching his cock he looked with love and desire in his eyes and said 'Te Amo Mucho' I said what does that mean? he said, I love you very much, I said awe shit man, do it, and he punched that awesome cock into my ass and started making passionate vocal love to me, He was pumping his cock in and out my love tunnel and taking it to the hilt, I felt every nerve in my body singing out in feeling and lust, he was kissing my legs as he held them up and I was in oblivion, The fucking sensation of that awesome cock hitting the spot inside my canal was just fantastic, I wanted this moment to go on forever, and he spread my legs apart and leaned over and started holding my legs back as he fucked me like he would a loving wife, he was fucking awesome, I was in love, or lust or fuck, I don't really even know, I just know I loved what he was doing and I just kept looking at him as he fucked me like a madman, He was sweating and he was panting and saying awe fuck man, this is the best thing I've ever done, I was In la la land, Vaugh was every bit as good a lover as he was gorgeous, Words escape me to tell you how awesome he was, I just stared into his beautiful eyes and fucked back up at him, I could feel his tight nutsack pressing against my ass cheeks as he took it to the hilt, I could feel that gorgeous bush brush agains my nutsack tickling it as he humped to the hilt, God every feeling was heightened during his fucking, I could feel his hard body muscles, his arms hard and muscular, his leg muscles, he had a body like a greek god, I started feeling my climax comming on and I said Oh, Oh, Oh, Awe Damn Vaughn I'm gonna cum, fuck man I'm gonna cum, He said I know baby, go ahead I am about there too, he started really pouring on the heat, almost pounding and Jamming it to the hilt and I felt it as His cock started that jerking feeling as it shot load after load of hot wonderful feeling cum into my intestines it felt like a flood had been turned loose into me, I started feeling that spasming in his cock in my rectum and I started shooting my load without even touching it, God, man I was grunting, moaning, almost screaming out in intense pleasure as I unloaded a massive load of cum between Vaughn and myself he just collapsed on top of me and as he raised up a few minutes later, his slowly softening cock still deep in my ass, I looked up into his gorgeous eyes, and said I fucking love a man in a uniform, I noticed he still had his unbuttoned blue uniform shirt on, and he leaned over and said babe, I'm here and here is where I plan to stay.

Well we played around the apartment for the rest of the evening, we drank a few beers, watched a few movies on the T.V. and finally Vaughn said babe whats for supper? Fuck me, I had forgotten all about supper, we finally had supper about ten o'clock that night. He stayed all weekend and I had the most wonderful weekend I have every had,

I woke up with him giving me the most wonderfull blow job the next morning, and I just let him have it, I was about to climb the wall before he was finished, shit man he was deepthroating my cock and slurping on me and making me wild, my body was so tensed up from the sensation, I had grabbed the sheets and blankets on the bed and had pulled them loose, When I finally shoot a bucket of cum into his mouth, he said Mother Fucker babe, How did you build that much back up in just a few hours, and he laughed as he licked my cock clean and got every drop and lapped it up. I turned and sucked him off and he was going wild too, I finally got him to almost the end of his blowjob and he was about to cum, and I would back off and start talking and he was humping and grunting, and then I would bring him back up to the finish and then I would back off again, and He was about to go nuts wanting to cum. I just did this about ten times and he was almost in pain wanting to shoot his load, and He finally said god damn man, if you do that again I'm going to arrest you for 'cruel and unusual punishment' and I just laughed at him and when he finally did cum his nuts were completely drawn up beside his cock and he was grabbing my head and saying AWE FUCK MAN, JEEEEEEZUS! and he fucking unloaded a load that would have filled a thermos bottle, I didn't think he was gonna stop shooting it I almost didn't get it all in my mouth, but I did, then he just fell back on the bed and said WHEW man, that was fucking Intense, And I just smiled. He leaned over and kissed me and said man I need some coffee, I said me too.

We spent a wonderful weekend and have made plans to meet on a regular basis, I have noticed he is staying here most of the time, and It's alright with me because 'I just love a man in Unifor'.



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