I guess I will start by telling you something about my younger life, I was sixteen when I was caught steeling and sent to a YMRC, 'Young Mens Rehabilitation Center' It was the second night there when this guy named Marshall slipped over and crawled into my bed with me and told me not to make a sound.

He told me we would have some fun togther just keep it quite, I wasn't sure what he was talking about untill he began hugging me, then he grabbed my hand and stuck it down inside his white breifs, god he had a huge cock, he was uncut and he told me to stroke it, I loved the feeling it was making inside my body and then he reached over and slid my briefs down and began to play with my dick, it was the most awesome feeling I had ever felt.

Then he said here, and I felt him turn the opposite direction and he said, do what I do, and he took my dick into his mouth and I almost passed out, it was the most fantastic feeling I had ever felt, he sucked me and I started sucking his cock, it tasted great, and I wanting to take it all but I couldn't get his big pecker into my mouth I felt his body start doing funny things and his cock started feeling like it was jumping in my mouth and I tasted this funny tasting stuff, I swallowed it, but it was musty and salty tasteing, it was his cum, I had just finished tasting his cum and I felt my own shooting out into his mouth, he swallowed it all, god I love that feeling.

That started a regular thing between me and Marshall, then we progress into fucking each other we were very close there at the YMRC, and kept each other sexually satified.

He was later caught trying to rob a bank and went to prison, I got out and went to school and got a trade. But It starte a way of life of loveing sex with guys. That's where I got started back several years ago, Now Im twent seven.

I was setting on my Second floor Apartment Patio balcony, looking down at the Apartment Complex Swimming pool, I was one of the Lucky ones, or at least I thought so, being a lover of nice, well built, sexy men, it gave me the opportunity to indulge in my favorite past time, drooling over awesome looking men. My Apartment balcony overlooked the swimming pool.

Just looking at the eye candy had me boned up, and harder than a steel pipe, and I was setting there on the balcony of my apartment with my hand down inside my boxer shorts, working on my hard cock, pre-cum leaking like crazy, slicking up the tip and making me so fucking horny that I would suck the cock on the first guy that comes available, no matter what the guys age.

I had just put the binoculars to my eyes to get a better look at this one hunk, god he was awesome looking, built like an olympic athlete, wearing a pair of yellow speedo's that sported a very noticable bulge that would make John Holmes jealous. It looked like he had a large cucumber laying to the side in the crotch of his speedo's.

Looking thru the lens of the binoculars I could see the outline of a beautiful circumcised, thick bulging cockhead, my mouth was watering and I was almost ready to asphyxiate.

Then the door bell rang, I had forgotten that I had ordered a pizza, without thinking, I jumped, up to answer the door.

I opened the door and he walked, he as a fucking dream, and as horny as I was I was about to explode and seeing this young man, Damn, dude, he was awesome looking. Oh Yeah!!! I'd do him, in a fucking heartbeat.

I Looked up at his face and I felt heat rising, his curly almost black hair, his dark eyes, He had this earring in his left ear and a necklace, I was almost speachless.

I told him to come on in, my mind going a million miles an hour.

The young Pizza delivery man, looked to be maybe twenty or twenty one, I was standing there ready to give this gorgeous doll the money for the pizza, and I had thrown in an extra ten bucks for a tip, and without thinking I spoke up and said, 'Thats not the tip I would really like to give you,' I saw his face smile and he looked down and sorta hinted with a nod toward my crotch, I looked down and I almost fell in the floor, my hard throbbing, wanting cock was standing straight out, like a diving board and sticking out thru the split in the front of my boxers shining in the sunlight like a fucking beacon light. My face turned about sixteen shades of purple.

I looked up into his eyes and he just smiled and said, 'Hey man, do you like me or something, or do you always greet the pizza delivery man with your hard cock sticking out of your underwear?'

I really was totally ready to faint, I Stammered and studdered for the words to say.

I started to speak and this young doll, walked over to me, put his finger against my lips and whispered 'SSHH,' It's alright' he said, and he reached down and wrapped his hand around my aching boner, and gave it a few strokes and I went week in the knees.

I felt him lean over and pull my face to his and he kissed my lips and I felt myself floating away with the passion of the Moment, I could not believe what was happening.

I came to my senses when I felt his hand pushing me backwards onto the couch, and then he slipped my boxers to the floor, I had forgotten about the guy in the pool, and the Pizza too, for that matter.

Before I knew it this young pizza delivery guy, had melaying on the couch and had my uncut aching cock in his mouth, he definitely was not a beginner at deep throating my seven plus inches, and it was a feeling I had not felt in a long time.

I layed there as he licked and sucked my cock and massaged my ball sack, but what sent me over the edge was when his finger began massaging

my asshole with the percision and expertise of a master cocksman.

I was almost unaware of his massaging my cock with his hand until I felt his tongue dive into the love hole between my ass cheeks, almost blew my load right then, He seemed to really know how to eat asshole,I was the recipient of his expertise and I was loving it.

I was almost crying with delight as he took me to heaven, and then I felt him raise up and In haste, he sunk one of the thickest cocks I have ever seen into my love hole In one heavy thrust, he really dilevered a man sized fucking and I was almost delieerious with excitement with being fucked so deeply and passionately, I was almost falling in love with this guy.

I never believed in love at first fuck, but I think I would make an exception in this case.

We layed there with his cock impaling my asshole deeply and hotly feeling his cock sliding in and out of my asshole as he fucked me and slathered kisses on my face neck and ears.

As he fucked my ass, he began to breath harder and more rapidly and grunting and making those sounds that let you know he's almost there.

I was working the game right along with it.

I could feel our passions and climax coming on with great strength, I was almost there and I could feel his body getting closer, his muscles were getting tighter, and he was ramming that hunk of man meat to the balls with each thrust.

Feeling his balls against my ass with each thrust was what did it, I felt my climax as it built to a crescendo of a powerful climax.

My shot came as I worked his cock with my ass muscles and I felt his cock start jerking with his moaning and gasping and grunting.

It was the most powerful climax I had ever experienced, and just thinking about how it came about was almost unbelieveable.

As he layed ontop of my body gasping for his breath after the awesome climax we had both experiences, I looked at his eyes and smiled and said, 'That was the real Tip I really wanted to give you.'

He busted laughing and I was too.

Well we both took a shower to wash off the sweat and sex from our bodies, and he got dressed to go back to the Pizza store. I gave him my number and Invited him back and just before He left I said, 'Hey wait a minute, What's your names?'

Seth Biggerton.'

'Well Seth, My name is Ken, and I just want to say that I am so glad to meet you, and hope that this won't be the last time we see each other.'

'It won't and I work every night but Saturday and Sunday. Ask for Seth.'

Well I just want to say I will be ordering quite a lot of Pizza from now on, too.

Well I walked him out to his car and watched as we both seperated very satisfied, and I went back into the house and Microwaved my cold pizza, it was alright, but I will say that he Delivery man, was better tasting than the Pizza, but I will just have to endure, and from that time on, I ate a lot of cold pizza, but I never when very horny after that.

Well now I don't have to order a pizza to get Seth delivering his goodies. hehe, He's my man, Oh fuck what a man he is too, he fills my every need, Now that's what I call a 'Delivery Man.'



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