The sky was beautiful as I walked out onto the veranda of A Roman Centurian Captains dwelling. I was standing there just in my sleeping tunick, I knew he liked me like that, standing in the full sunlight as he stared at my sleek, slender, yet muscular body, I was really a well built, good looking young Italian man, about twenty two, I had black hair, a nicely muscular torso, of defined proportions, I had a clean, hairfree muscualr chest and stomach, and was very good looking as young men go these days. I would always wake up in the morning and make my self ready in the case that Phileas, Captain and Centurian, in the Emperors Army, were to possibly be coming home that day. I would wait anxiously on the highest balcony atop the Home of Phileas, I would watch daily for his return from whatever battle that they were engaged in at the time. From that vantage point I could see him coming for almost a mile, and I could prepare myself for him. These years were the finest of Romes conquering years, Rome ruled the known world, and Phileas was the one of the top Centurean Captains.

I would look at myself and preen, and primp for my Love master, making sure I looked my very best, and ready for him, I was his to command. I loved him with all my inner being, He was a god among men. Many nights I would lay on my bed, while he was away just thinking of him and rubbing my love muscle, fantasizing about this gorgeous man, Phileas, I would stroke myself to a complete and satisfying climax as I dreamed of his awesome body, and what we would be doing together, if he were here at that moment, he was my love master.

I was standing on the terrace overlooking the courtyard of his home, when I saw him at a distance, riding up on his horse, My heart started beating like it was going to a race, and I felt extreme excitment as his horse galloped closer, I ran to the baths, I knew what Phileas expected of me, I stripped down to total nakedness, and slowly and sensuouly slipped into the warm water, I just stood at the edge of the bath pool and awaited my masters entrance. I knew that this would be the first thing that he wanted when he arrived.

I heard each foot step as his heavy booted feet walked with a steady given gate, and each step brought my lover, My earthbound God, closer to me. I just leaned back with my back against the stones at the edge of the bath pool, and layed out my arms along the edges waiting for his appearance. My heart was pounding with anticipation as his steps came closer, The curtains across the door soon opened, and there he stood, I almost stopped breathing, What an awesome sight, my eyes were fixed upon his masculinity, an awesome site to behold. I watched with eagerness as he began undressing. He stared at me like a loved starved animal, and I could see the lust burning in his glazed eyes as he stared straight at me, my cock was sticking out like a tree limb, stiff, and throbbing, my body, my cock, and my nuts, ached for his touch, I could hardly swallow. He reached down and undid his boot sandles, and then his shin guards, then he took them off, his legs were thick, covered with a brush of dark hair, so muscular, so thick and heavy, then he took off his helmet, and I saw that beautiful black curly hair jutting outward wildly, I observed his light line of a beard, closly trimmed, from his temples down and around his chin, it was awesome looking, He layed his helmet down on the chair there, Then he undid his shoulder guards,the heavy leather guards with the emblem of his rank fixed upon them, He layed his sword down against the chair. I was really starting to breathe heavely then, he put his shoulder pads down, and then he took off his Breast plate and chest pad. and layed them down, and I saw the most powerfully muscled chest in all of Rome, My God it was awesome looking, His Chest was covered like his legs in a nice covering of black hair, I looked at his heavely rippled stomach muscles, each abdomen muscle itself was a work of art, and then he undid his groin protector and layed it aside, and he stood ther in only his black thin, crotch cloth, which was a strip of thin cloth that when under his crotch and back up under his back, and tied on each sides of his waist line, to hold his heavy manhood and testicles in place during a battle sort of an undergarment. I noticed just how awesomely full it was in the front, he untied it and I saw the object of so many of our special times together, I couldn't wait to feel it inside me once again, it was what I lived for, to pleasure Phileas, this god among men, I could not believe just how awesome he looked, His manhood was jutting out in anticipation as he stared straight into my eyes, I watched as his foreskin slowly slid back without anyone touching it exposing that wonderful purplish, pink, head of love. I couldn't wait untill I could once again get it in my mouth and taste the wonderful taste of Phileas.

He slowly walked toward me finally stepping into the bathpool, I was almost shaking as he drew closer with one thing on his mind, Me. I was about to explode with my own excitment as that awesome looking cock got closer to me, I realized just how big it was, I didn't fear it either, for I had had it inside my love canal before, and Phileas was as good a lover to me as he was a Roman Captain, and warrior.

My whole intent was to be a total pleasure to him, I looked down at his cock as it jutted upward and he walked toward me, it was as thick as my wrist and almost half as long as my forearm, he was far bigger than anyone I had known, and he had chosen me, as his lover.

I felt like a god has chosen a mortal to be lovers with.

Finally I smelled his manliness as he closed in on me, constantly staring into my eyes, and I felt in awe at his presence, His awesome manly heavy aroma was like a wonderful fragrance, that I could wear forever, It was mesmerizing and intoxicating. I felt his awesome strength as he grabbed my shoulders and lifted me up out of the water and started kissing my mouth, I was about to pass out, I couldn't seem to get enough of him, He was kissing me and slathering my body with his saliva and tongue, I felt totally helpless and emptied of all my essence as he began to hug me and tell me how much he had missed me, and how he could't wait to return to the man of his love.

I just let him have his way as he slathered me with affection, He pulled me up and layed my on my back there on the edge of the pool, he lifted my legs and licked on my nutsack, and even took my very hard seven inch cock into his mouth, and sucked me so lovingly, I was amongst the stars, I had felt like I had died and gone to heave, the sensation in my cock was unelbieveable, I felt like he had poured liquid fire onto my private parts. No words had been spoken up to that point, I just did what he wanted automatically. Finally, he got up out of the pool, and picked me up and carried me to the bedchamber, pulled the privacy curtains, and he started in on me, God it was awesome, no one could make me feel like Phileas.

Phileas, finally layed back on his back and I started working on his huge manhood, It tasted like heaven, so thick and he was leaking love honey, that clear special essence that only a man can have, I was swallowing his love honey, and licking his exposed head, and he was moaning and telling me that no one had ever made him feel like I did, I felt so wonderful hearing that from him, My Roman God, My Master.

I sucked and licked his beautiful huge nuts, and rolled them around in my mouth, and started finally sucking his cock into my mouth as far as I could take this huge peice of meat.

I could tell he was getting close, since while on the battle field he had not been able to have sex, and I knew what was coming, he stopped me and leaned me back over and started sticking his tongue into my love channel, I went almost Ballistic, god his tongue was as long as my cock, and It felt fantastic, he was touching that spot, that awesome special spot inside me, and then the moment of truth, I felt his body lift upward as he stared into my eyes, and he lovingly said,'Demitri,' And the head of his huge manhood as it started its entry into my body, I felt a great big pain and he impaled me with that awesome cock of his in one swift move, It was almost as swift as a military manuever, It went to the hilt. I had been there before, and I knew that the pain would shortly pass, and I started fucking him with my ass as he just layed still, I was clinging to him like a baby monkey clings to his mother, only with a huge cock in my ass. He just leaned over for a while and let me fuck him with my asshole, and then he took over and started really pounding my love canal with his massive hunk of meat.

I felt tht strong feeling, after about twentyfive minutes of his hammering away at my manhole, and I started groaning and sayin "Yes Man, Phileas, oh yes, I love you Phileas, I love you,' and I felt it as my cock started jerking and spewing Lava, like Mount Etna. He saw this and smiled, and Said,'Amorae' (I love you). and his cock started belching huge amounts of Man Lava and he filled my ass to overflowing, and then Like someone had drained him of all his energy, he just fell over on top of me.

We layed like that for quite a while, and had just gotten up and dressed, when a courier brought a message to Phileas from the Emperor, he Looked at me rather sadly, l and said, 'Well I get to spend at least a couple of Days with you before I have to return to the front to do battle again, no matter, we shal enjoy the next couple of days while I am here.'

We had a wonderful evening meal on the balcony overlooking Rome, How beautiful it was at sunset.

After our dinner, and wine, I was picked up and hurried off to bed again by Phileas, as he smiled and we started it all over again, before he left to go back to the battle, we had made passionate love at least seven times, and I never tired of Phileas, and his awesome masculine body, I must say as a young man, I was in my Glory In Rome then too.



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