I was one happy young man when I had gotten back to the State University Campus, ready for any new challenge the the year sent down the pike.

I went to the administration building and got rejistered, found the dorm building I was given a room in and found my room.

I had not tried to get into a Frat house, due to the fact that I was Latino, well not really I had a step mother that was of Spanish descent and a father of German descent, but my latino buddies in the town I grew up in had nicknamed me Pepi. Why I have no Idea.

I was well built, athletic, but I wasn't like a gym junkie body builder type, yeah, I had all the right muscles in all the right places, but I guess my most prized asset was my manhood.

I remember standing in the showers back in High School, and notice the guys admiring, or at least I thought they were admiring my cock, which seemed to swell to about have hard state in the showers and I realized at that time I was thicker, and longer than most guys in my gym classes.

I had several guys in my class tell me that they bet the gals loved it when I sunk that piledriver into theirs nice tight cunts.

Truthfully, there as a problem, I preferred to sink my cock into some guys asshole or down their throats, I had no desire to use my most treasured asset on a female, but I accepted that fact with pleasure, I let a girl suck it for me one time and all it did was piss me off, she treated my cock like it was a weapon and I wanted to kill her with it or something, now I do remember that first time at the ballpark, when I was seventeen, taking a piss, there was this young coach for another ball team came up and stood next to me at the urinal, I noticed him looking down at my slowly hardening cock as he pissed, 'Now that is one awesome looking cock,' he said.

I smiled and said, 'really,.'

'Yeah man, you must be really proud of that slab of meat.' Then he surprised me as he reached over and took hold of it and gently stroked it back and forth, which felt phenemonel, I had never felt the touch of another person on my cock before and it felt like a little bit of heaven.

After a few minutes of letting him handle my very hard swollen manhood, he said, 'Follow me I'll take care of that swelling down there.'

We walked to the far end Cubicle and went in, he sat down on the commode and I stood there wondering what he was going to do.

I felt his hands as he undid my jeans, and opened them and pulled them down to my knees, then he slid my tidy whities down to my knees and my boner almost smacked him in his face, He grabbed my cock and stroked it back and forth a few times, and then something I never expected. He leaned forward and his mouth engulfed my cock all the way to the balls, talk about falling in love, 'WOW'..... This guy knew how to pleasure a guys cock, and pleasure it he did, He was deep throating my cock like a hungry Wolf after a peice of meat. I had never ever felt anything so awesome, I felt that felling after a few minutes of his intense sucking, and my knees started to buckle and I felt the stirring down deep in my groin and that tingling in my nuts that phenomenel build up that seemed to go on forever untill I thought the top of my head would come off, then I thought, 'Holy Fuck It's Showtime Folks,' and showtime it was, I don't remember ever shooting that big a load before, or at least it felt like the biggest.

What an unbelievable and awesome experience that was.

I went back many times to that rest room there at the park looking for that guy again but never found him.

From that day forth I was on a quest to find someone else that would like to repeat that and I also found myself wanting to suck some cock myself, I wanted to taste that taste of cum and even tasted my own almost every time I busted a nut at home, I had fallen in love with the taste of cum.

I have to say that the first year of College life was sorta uneventful, most of my sexual outlet was my own hand, except for one young piano teacher that I did get to fucked in the ass by, he loved to feel the tighteness of an asshole around his cock, and he sure liked mine, I also got to suck him off fullfilling my desire to taste someone elses cum, I loved it.

Well here I was, back for the second year, I went to the room I was assigned to, and as I got there I noticed another guy opening the door to my dorm room, I figured it was my new dorm room mate.

We both just looked at each other and smiled, 'hey man, hows it hanging,' he said.

I couldn't really think of anything proper to say so I just said, 'Hey man, its up tight and outta sight,' he started laughing.

I started laughing with him, he gave me a high five and smiled a big beautiful smile and said, 'I think were gonna get along just great, by the way My name is Lorenzo Alvaraz.'

'Glad to meet you Lorenzo, my name is well, actually Benson Whitmore, but all my friends call me Pepi,'

We shook hands and I felt a real warmth toward Lorenzo.

We got settled in and I sat there on the edge of the bed and looked him up and down, admiring one very good looking Latino looking guy, His hair was sorta spiky looking on top almost like a spiky flattop, blonded tips, and dark hair roots with buzzed sides, and a line of hair starting at his sideburns and going down both sides of his face and becoming a little goatee like beard, his eyes were gorgeous, dark brown, with thick black eye brows, a flawless complextion, beautiful white pearly teeth, I could tell he took care of himself.

As the month went on, we bonded, he would help me with some of my papers and I would help him with what I was good at.

But in between I would catch him staring at me like he wanted to say something, and of course he caught me as I would stare at him, and especially at night when he would strip for bed, he was not a person to show any shyness, he was totally comfortable about his body and nakedness, and although I had not as yet seen his cock, I could tell by the bulge and outline in his skimpy briefs he was sporting a very nice sized cock and nicly shaped full balls.

In every sense of the word, Lorenzo was very hot looking, a beautifully bronzed body, quite muscular, Just outright, damned good looking all around.

It was during that winter that the snow was covering the ground, it was one of those snow storms, freezing rain, the electric went out.

I had some of those little deodorizing candles that gave us some light, and a camping lantern that he had, but it was colder than a 'Siberian Well diggers Nuts in a pair of brass underwear, in the dead of winter.'

Lorenzo was huddled up and almost shaking as he tried to get warm.

I told him to come over to my bed and bring his blankets we could double up on the blankets and cuddle, and our body heat would help keep each other warm.

He didn't hesitate, and there we were both in our briefs under a ton of blankets almost hugging and it was working, we were getting warmer.

It was about ten that night we were huddled in the warmth of the bed I was facing the wall away from Lorenzo, and he was spooning me, I felt something hard, it was his boner gently pressing against my back, I smiled to myself, if there were ever going to be a time to try anything, it wouldn't get any better than this.

'Is there something that you would like to get straight between us, Lorenzo,' he started laughing, 'sorry, I can't help it, man, I ain't got my nuts off in almost two weeks.'

I reached around and slipped my hand down inside his briefs and wrapped my hand around his swollen cock, 'Maybe I can help with that, Shit, man, your huge,' I said, and I began to stroke his uncut cock back and forth, slipping his foreskin back and forth, 'Oh shit man, don't do that or I will be shooting a load of cum all over you.'

Thats when I turned around, faced Lorenzo, 'Not if you've got your cock in my mouth,' Lorenzo looked a little puzzled and said, 'No shit, Pepi, I slid down and engulfed his cock and started sucking like I was a baby after a 'mothers tit,'

Lorenzo let out a loud gasp, 'Oh fuck man,' he said as he gasp for breath.

I felt his hands pull at the back of my head as I began a slow methodical blowjob of his awesome cock, I was massaging his balls as I took his sweet tasting cock to the balls licking and swirling my tongue around the head as I came to the tip of the cock, then nibbling on the end of his forskin was driving him wild.

But as he got closer to cumming,I could tell by his intense actions, I wet a finger and began to circle it around his asshole and as he started saying I'm cumming, I slid my middle finger to the knuckle, in his asshole, Lorenzo let out a quite loud groan and his anus began to spasm around my finger as I felt his cock shooting volly after volly of cum into my throat, I knew that Lorenzo was mine totally for the rest of the year.

Lorenzo layed back and just gulped one breath of air after another recovering from what he said was the best blow job he had ever had, bar none.

After he got his composure he stopped me from licking and sucking on his softening cock.

'It's my turn, you don't know it but I have wanted to get it on with you since we first began sharing a room,but I was almost afraid to let you know,' he said.

Lorenzo leaned over and took my hard cock and leaned over and engulfedmy cock and almost sucked my balls thru the end, damn could he suck, and he took my load like it was the last one he would ever get.

We fell asleep entwined with each other, kissing, cuddling making love with each other, not just sex.

The next morning the electric came back on, but we still kept sleeping with each other, it made it easier to get at the sex thing.

About a week later, Lorenzo wanted to try fucking, I had never felt a guys cock in my ass before, especially one the size of Lorenzo's.

Lorenzo started by sucking on my cock and getting me ready, when he raised my legs up and began eating my ass out, I almost went in to a wild spasm, god it was an awesome experience, my first time getting rimmed. Lorenzo knew what he was doing at that too.

He ate me untill I was ready for something larger than his tongue, I prepared for a totally new experience but I wanted him in every way possible, I was in love with Lorenzol

Lorenzo like the missionary position, he layed my legs up on his shoulder, and lubed me up and with the lube and his pre-cum, he began a wonderful journey into my soul, I felt the burning sensation and pain of first entry but he was so loving and gently and as he began to plung all nine thick inches into me I could feel his balls slapping on my ass cheeks, I knew the was completely filling me up.

Lorenzo's face was a thing of beauty, and I knew he loved me, He had tears in his eyes that first night as he made love with me, I wanted his seed I wanted it all.

I felt his body as he tightened up and I knew he was close but then so was I he had been rubbing my prostate with his thick cock as he fucked me and mad passionate love to me.

I Looked into his beautiful dark eyes and saw the pleasure, the love, the passion as I felt his cock spasming inside my intestines and he began filling me with his essense. I pulled his body next to mine and felt my own cock belching out my own load of cum, in passion, love and sexual excitement.

All I can say is that was one wonderful year and the following year was too.

Lorenzo and I live in L.A now, we exchanged vows, and are totally committed to each other. and Although we are not legally married, we are married to each other in our hearts.



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