My Father has always taught me that you do unto to others and it will be somehow returned to you, and if you got something good in your life, then Pay it forward and reap the rewards.

I have tried to live by that principle, because life if filled with too may mishaps and unsolicited bad happenings.

I had something happen to me when I was a teenager and It has left me with so many good memories.

I knew I was different from the time I was a young man, of thirteen, I always loved seeing cocks, balls and nice asses on guys, I can't tell you how many times as a younster I would hit the local pool and drool over the bulging crotches that were available to watch, most of the time my cock was raw from beating it off, and I stayed hard most of my younger life from just lusting and wanting to find out what haveing sex with another guy was like, about the only thing I had ever done was to have a mutual jerk off with a buddy on a sleepover, which I did enjoy, but as I got older I wanted more than to just jerk-off or watch, I could do that and see more on a porno flick.

When I was about seveteen, and there was this guy up the street from us, he was a mechanic, his name was George, he was sorta sandy red headed and very good looking, always had on a pair of coverall's with the sleeves cut out, his arms were big and bulging and I knew from this guy's looks he was on hot dude, every now and then I got a glimpse of a nice bulge between his legs.

I had befriended George and was spending about four or five afternoons after school at his garage up the road a peice.

George was just a really nice acting guy, teaching me about cars and always showing me a little attention,I was loving his attentions. I actually found myself lusting after George, he was letting me help sweep, and do odd little things around his workshop as he worked on cars, I got to see the shape of a most awesome looking ass as he leaned over the fender of cars and worked on them.

Every thing was going o.k until that one evening, I came into the shop late, started sweeping and spilled some gasoline all over my arms and legs, and of course oil. I wiped what I could off, but it was burning my skin, George saw what had happened, grabbed me and said, 'Here come with me.'

He rushed me into the back room, a private area, and I noticed a shower stall, I had not noticed that before and I just guessed that George used it to clean up after a day of getting covered in grease and grime.

George began to undress me, and said, 'Get those clothes off, and get under that water,' I was startled and sorta embarrassed but I complied, but then an unusual happened, George started stripping too, and he got into the shower with me as the very nice warm water started falling on the both of us.

As soon of I saw his naked body, I began to feel sexual arousal like crazy, I just stood there as he began to use this cleanser on my body to get the oil and gasoline off me, which was stinging a little by now.

I just let his rough manly hands wash my body and he got to mt cock and balls and just looked at me and sorta made a funny sound and be began to wash my privates too, I will tell you now, that was the most awesome feeling I have ever felt, I don't think it started out to be what it was but, My cock was like a diving board, and George stopped washing it and just began to gently slide his soap covered hand around and up and down on it.. It was phenomenal feeling, I moaned and he just kept stroking and massaging it, I reached up and grabbed the shower head and held onto it and George kept stroking my cock,the feelings and sensations were phenomenal, god it felt awesome.

I opened my eyes an cleared away the water and I looked down at George and he was on his knees.

I saw his cock and it was hard as a rock, standing straight up but it was like my Dads,it had this skin covering it's head, the tip was sticking out just a little and I could see the split opening in his thick cock head, he was really big too.

He had finally rinsed the soap off my cock and I was hanging there on the shower head with my hands, enjoying the feeling of his hand stroking, then all of a sudden, I felt his hot mouth go over my cock head and slide down to the base of my young cut cock.

The feeling was heavenly, and I felt his tongue start to licking and sucking on the head of my cock, the feeling was just out of this world.

I just leaned back against the shower wall and let George do his thing, yet in the process he was doing my thing.

I had never had such an experience since day one of my life.

I began to feel that feeling that announced the cum blast, and I was breathing like crazy and I was totally lost in the experience of getting my first blowjob.

I felt my nuts pulling up tight and solid against my body, I wasn't sure George would want to take my cum so I decided to let him know I was cumming, I told him I was about to squirt it but he only went faster and harder, I reached the apex of my sensations and I felt my cock jerking with each volly of cum as I unloaded into George's mouth, It was phenomenal, I was drained and fulfilled for the first time in my life.

George stood up and smiled, 'Well how was that, for a first timer,' I almost couldn't speak I was so out of it.

'Shit George, that was fantastic, I have never felt anything like that in my life.'

He just smiled and said, well man, you can do me if you'd like,'

George turned around with his back to the shower wall, and I knelt down and took hold of his very thick feeling cock, it felt a lot thicker than mine. I slid that foreskin back and forth, felling that velvety natural skin as it slid back and forth.

When I placed my mouth over the heaad and tasted that slightly acrid, salty tasting pre-cum and that uncut cockhead, I thought I would die, I had realized my dream, and I began to take it to the hilt into my throat, it was a little hard at first, but I got it all the way , and I loved it.

I had George almost crying out with pleasure as I sucked his gorgeous cock and for the first time I guess I did a really good job too, 'Are you sure you have never sucked a guy's cock before?' George asked,

'Never,' I responded, 'your my first, and I love it.'

It took me about eight to ten minutes of intense sucking, working my tongue on that swollen cock head, and rubbing his nuts when he let out this yell, 'OH SHIT KID, HOLY FUCK, I'M cumming.'

I felt his cock give a jerk and his cock started unloading a huge load of this musty, sweet, salty, sorta bleachy tasting liquid into my mouth, I didn't seem to mind it, so I just started swallowing and took it all, actually I loved it, especiall knowing it was Georges seed. I was in love with sucking cock.

Damn, what an awesome memory, I was just seventeen when I sucked George, a thirty eight year old mechanic, wow, and that led to other things with George, like getting fucked for the first time and loads of time draining his cock down my throat and letting George drain mine.

Well that was eighteen years ago, now I am a lawyer on a trip to Minneapolis, to work with another lawyer on an out of state case.

I had driven from Southern Missouri and was hitting some really bad weather, when I decided to just stop and wait out the storm, actually a blizzard.

I pulled into this Motel and got a single room, man it was very cold and blizzardy, the wind was blowing like a hurricane, snow blowing and it was just horrible outside.

I got into my room and turned on the heater there in the room flipped on the t.v.

I had been watching the t.v and I decided I needed to eat something, so I called the front desk and ask them about food and something to eat, the ask me if pizza was alright, I told them fine and have them bring a couple six packs of pepsi or coke too.

Well it was almost an hour later when I heard this knock on the door, I was setting there in just my slacks and a tee shirt. I opened the door and there was this young man about eighteen or so looked like the big foot monster, covered with blowing snow, huddling down and almost looking frozen.

I said, 'Oh shit man, get in there and get warm.'

He shook off the excess snow and stepped into my room.

I just looked at him sorta sadly and said.'Shit man I never gave any thought to the delivery boy in this kind of weather.'

'Ye-ye-yes sir, i-t-t- it's quite cold and nasty out there.' he said with a studder.'

'Well to make matters worse,' he said. 'I slid off the road into a ditch about a quarter of a mile back and It's there to stay untill I can get a tow truck. And I won't be able to do that till morning. So I just walked up here with your order.'

I felt so bad for this cute kid.

'Well Why don't you just stay here with me tonight and we'll see what we can to in the morning with your car, you don't feel like walking home in this weather do you?' I asked.

'Not really sir.' he smiled

'Hey wanna share my pizza and some pepsi?' I said.

'Hey man, sorry, My name is Ken, and what's yours?' I asked him.

'I'm Kyle,' he said. 'Well Kyle sorry I got you out here tonight, but I am glad to meet you.' I said.

He smiled and he took off his coat and got settled in.

He was a doll, young looking, very nicely built, not overly muscular, not skinny either, but nice.

He was warning a pair of those wide bottomed denim pants with chain handing down on the side, they looked like they were about to fall in the floor, and an oversized sweatshirt. His hat was turned around backward, and he just screamed virgn sex appeal,he was very cute, almost black hair, dark brown eyes, thick black looking eye brows and a little beardy thing on his chin, so cute.

I just said, 'well Kyle, spend the night and we will just enjoy each others company O.K with you?' I said.

I for some reason just happened to think about George the mechanic and me, all of a sudden.

I got to talking about having girl friends and such with Kyle, he didnt' have one, never had sex either, and he was actually blushing a few time when I asked certain questions.

At first when we decided to go to bed he didn't want to undress. I finally told him that is was a proven fact that if we got naked or almost naked we would get warmed and keep each other warmer.

I got him to undress down to his boxers, we both climed into bed and began to snuggle.

You will never know just how turned on I was Having this almost naked young man in bed with me snuggleing, feeling that tender young flesh rubbing my body, my cock was like a brick.

I wanted to ravish this young dude with a passion.

Kyle had his back against me, and I was doing my best not to let him know that my hard throbbing, almost aching cock was laying right under his ass, hard as a brick, I wrapped my arms around Kyle and was surprised at his not being offended, I had slid my hand up under his undershirt and I was rubbing his chest and stomach with my right hand and he leaned his head and said 'Damn that feels good,' and he just let me continue.

I had rubbed around on his body, and was wondering what his reaction would be to me reaching down and taking his cock into my hand, when he turned his head around and whispered, 'Ken you have give me a boner rubbing on me like that,'

'Well Kyle, if you'd like I would love to rub your boner for you too, have youever felt it when someone else rubs it?' I said.

'No Sir, but sure, I would love it, I think.' His youth and innosence was fantatic and warming.

Kyle reached around and placed his hand against my hardon, 'Wow, Holy shit Ken, your's is hard too,' he said. 'The truth is Kyle I find you exciting and sexually attractive, would you like to make love with me, I would love to teach you how it feels,' I said.

Kyle rolled over to lay on his back and I leaned down and slipped his boxers off, and this kid, was sporting a very thick, long cock, he was really big, I was surprised this kid had a good eight inches of thick cock.

I just said, 'Here Kyle Try this on for size and see how you like it.'

I leaned down and took this kids beautiful cock to the balls and began to do my magic with his privates,massaging his balls and sucking his cock, this kid almost went wild with the pleasure that I was giving him.

I had sucked his cock for about five mintues when he almost threw me off him as he bucked his cock upwards and shot a thick huge load into my waiting mouth, he never said a word, just groaned and squeeled like a banshea.

He was breathing very heavy,like there was no more air in the atmosphere, almost gasping for it.

I got a mouth full of the sweetest tasting cum I had had in a long time.

Kyle laid there and finally settled down and I thought I might just talk him into maybe jerking me off, since this was his first time.

but instead, he looked over at me, and said, 'is there more?'

After just draining his nuts he's wanting more, so I said, 'Yes Kyle there's more, want to try some?' I asked. 'Fuck yeah man, that was awesome.'

I said, 'have you ever been fucked Kyle?'

'No Sir! but Im willing to learn.'

I just smiled and said, 'You'll never learn any earlier.'

I Leaned his legs up and dove into his beautiful hair little ass and had a tongue deep inside his love hole in a flash, he was going balliastic with the sensations, and before you could say 'fuck me', I had my seven inch cock buried into Kyle's asshole and he was hurting a little from it but I could tell he was liking my cock inside him.

I guess we had been fucking for about ten minutes and this kid started acting like a baby Monkey grabbing onto its mother, he grabbed my body and just started ass fucking me like mad, god this was awesome feeling, I just stayed still and he was going wild slamming onto my cock with his hot, tight asshole, bringing me to the edge of cumming myself, this kid was a fucking maniac. and I loved it.

By the time we got finished that night I had shot a load deep into his asshole and he had shot off another load after the blowjob I had given him.

We got to sleep about three a.m. and woke up to a snow covered world, but it stayed hot inside the motel because I woke up with Kyles mouth working my morning wood over, My father was right, you always want to pay it forward,you never know when it will come back home to you.



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