Before Tim could suggest any other payment plan ideas, I retreated from the shower, quickly toweled myself off and went into the bedroom. I pulled my pajama bottoms on, set my clock, turned off the light beside my bed, pulled the covers up to my chin, and tightly shut my eyelids. When I opened them again sometime later, the room was dark except for the glow from the TV set. Tim was draped out on his bed, his torso propped up by pillows in front of the brass headboard, his legs opened wide across the satiny bedspread, and his hand slowly jerking off his hard cock. He was also smoking something, and it didn't seem to be a cigarette. There was a sweet smell in the air, and I was feeling woozy. But, I couldn't help myself. I watched him until after he had cum with a sigh and gone back to the bathroom. My attention then half focused on the nightstand between us, and I registered that he put some rather peculiar things on there from his backpack, including a couple of thin leather belts and a roll of masking tape. But the strangeness of that didn't really register. I was really, really drowsy, and the walls of the room seemed to be swaying a bit. When Tim returned, he turned off the TV set, stubbed his weed out in a plastic cup on the nightstand, and then all was dark.

In the wee, dark hours of the morning, I was awakened by something heavy coming down on the mattress of my bed and the covers being lifted. Tim had come into my bed and was stretched out behind me, his body stretched along mine. His pelvis was cuddled into my ass. His left hand was fingering my hair and my ears and neck, and his right hand was slowly exploring my chest, abs, belly and crotch. As I drowsily came awake, I could feel his cock beginning to rise in the small of my back.

'No, Tim,' I managed in a sleepy voice, fighting with drugged sleep, exhausted from the road. But he put his right leg over mine then and pulled me toward my back. My pelvis was pointed at the ceiling, and his hand unsnapped my pajama shorts and took a grip on my cock.

'No, no.' I turned toward him and fought him weakly because I still wasn't awake and because whatever the smoke of Tim had been puffing was still drifting around the room. We rolled around in the bed, entwining our legs, chest pushing at chest, cocks flopping against each other, bellies heaving, which only served to excite us both and to make me lose my control. My hands stopped trying to push him away, and, instead, pulled and prodded and glided and squeezed. I was exploring him just as much as he was exploring me and just as sensually. These were my sighs and moans I was hearing; they weren't all his. He had pulled my pajama shorts down to my knees, but I pulled them off my legs and tossed them aside myself.

'In the dark,' he whispered through heavy breathing. 'Nothing is real; nothing counts in the dark, Chad. You can pretend tomorrow that this was all a dream. We'll both pretend it was only a dream.'

'No, no,' my mouth was saying, but my body was showing that to be a lie.

'You will be paid in full, Chad. I can't stand owing anything to anyone. I pay as I go in life.'

I was hard as a rock now and found myself trapped under Tim. He was sitting astride my belly and he had the two leather belts from the nightstand in his hands. He grabbed for one of my hands, but I tried to power myself up. He had a wild look in his eyes and slapped me hard across the face, which stunned me long enough for him to tie both of my hands off on the brass rods of the headboard. Then his mouth came down on one of my nipples and he bit me there. I thought I was screaming, but everything was in a fog, and I didn't hear any sound come out of me. He became less rough but more methodical, as he nipped and tongued his way down my torso. His long, silky hair was streaming across my body, tickling me, but soothing me around the edges of the attack of his lips and teeth. I saw his long, lean torso raise up before me, and he was coming down into my lap, skewering me with his asshole. It was both painful and pleasurable as he enveloped me. He was too tight at the beginning, and my sensitive glans chafed against the walls of his ass canal. But he opened to me, and I felt a powerful surge as I was drawn upstream into the darkness.

'Fuck me, dammit,' He yelled. 'Get your feet under your butt muscles and pump me. I'm paying the bill for this room, dammit. Fuck me.'

I dug my heels into the mattress and found that I could, in fact, get enough leverage to work my cock up and down in his ass, so I languidly pumped him for a while. But I was still woozy. So woozy that I didn't even feel indignant that my hands were tied off or that he'd slapped me. I wasn't pumping vigorously enough for Tim, though, so he started wildly pumping me himself, moving his ass up and down and rocking back and forth. I came, deep inside him, and he stopped pumping and stretched out on top of me, keeping my softening cock inside him.

I went back to sleep then and I assumed that he had too. But I awoke again sometime later, with light just beginning to creep in around the edges of the curtain. I had been flipped over onto my stomach, although my hands still seemed to be tied above my head. I was still woozy, and I was beginning to think that it wasn't all the weed Tim had been smoking, that something may have been slipped into the coke I'd drunk the night before as well. I felt oh so drowsy. And I felt something else too. I felt wetness and coldness at my asshole. It took me a while to realize that Tim was kissing and tonguing me there. It took a while even to realize what this was and where it was leading, as nothing like this had ever happened to me before. I felt his fingers at my ass, and I let out a yelp when he pushed one in.

'Awake, Chad, are we? Keep it down. We don't want to wake the neighbors.' But I couldn't help it and told him in no uncertain terms what I thought about his finger the next time he entered me.

'Oh, very well, Chad. This is for breakfast, though. You've finally got around to experiencing what a man does to a man, so you might as well get the whole load.'

'Man does to a man,' I idiotically thought to myself. Then embarrassment set in. What would I say, what could I say if someone found us here now. What would they think of me? That shut me up real fast. Didn't want the neighboring rooms reporting what we were up to. But I was too late. It was then that I found out what the tape on the nightstand was for. Tim ripped off a length of the tape with his teeth and then leaned down and scooped up one of the socks I'd been wearing the day before and stuffed it in my mouth. The tape went on over my mouth, and my yelling mood was doubly stifled. Tim went back to slobbering up my ass and opening it with his fingers and muttering to himself.

'Up on your knees, Chad, and spread those legs.'

I was slow to respond.

'Do it, Chad. Believe me; you'll want it that way.'

I went up on my knees and moved my legs as far apart as I felt I could without collapsing. He pushed my butt cheeks apart with his hands and entered me, slowly, with his cock. He waited for me to open to him and he slid in up to the root. Fortunately he wasn't all that well endowed. He started to pump me and I felt both pain and pleasure. As both he and I got into a rhythm, though, the mix of pleasure went on the ascendant. When he started not to be able to control his twitching, he pulled out of me and shot his load across my back. My knees gave out and I sank down on the bed. He lowered himself on top of me, stretching along my body.

When I awoke the next time, I was under the covers again and was wearing my pajama shorts. Tim was dressed in a T-shirt and those cut-off jeans and flip flops, and he was looking out between the curtains at the parking lot. The air-conditioning was on high, and I only faintly could detect any unnatural scent in the air. Everything seemed so normal. I might have written the night off as some sort of gigantic guilty wet dream connected with letting Tim blow me in the car at the restaurant, but my wrists were sore, as was the area around my mouth and, of course, my ass. I still felt a little woozy and disoriented.

'Tim . . .'

'Man, did you ever sleep deeply. And toss and turn. Never saw anyone toss and turn like that, Chad.'

'Tim . . .'

'Yes, Chad?'

'Pick up your gear and get out. This ride is over.'

'I don't think so, Chad. Not until we've had breakfast and you've gotten me up the road a ways. I forgot to tell you,' upon which he flipped out his wallet, showing me some sort of fancy badge. 'I'm a vice cop. I'm cruising the highway because there are too many reports of someone out here picking up young guys and raping them.'

'And you thought I . . . ?'

'Sure. Why not? You fit the pattern.'

'But then when you found out . . .'

'I like my job, Chad. It gives me some incentives I otherwise wouldn't get. You had such a nice big cock. And it would be my word against yours, wouldn't it? And I'm the one with the badge. So how about breakfast, then?'

'Yes. Right.'

When we started off in the SUV, I told Tim I wasn't feeling real well yet, and Tim asked if he could drive a spell after breakfast. Said he'd never driven a big fancy SUV. I wasn't in the mood to argue with him.

'I'm taking off south on the next highway we come to, Chad. You going that way or continuing east on this road?'

'What? Oh, I continue east on this road.'

When we were almost at the ramp to where Tim wanted to head south, he pulled over to the left shoulder and onto a graveled median cross-over road. It was a long, windy one, and Tim pulled up to where the SUV would be very hard to spot from either direction.

'What's this for, Tim? You could have pulled right off to the exit ramp. I'd have let you off there. You don't want to be crossing the highway from here.'

Tim took the keys out of the ignition and palmed them. 'You can have these back, if you do exactly as I say.'

'Excuse me?'

'Get in the backseat.'


'Get in the backseat now.'

Tim stripped naked as he moved to the backseat. We both got in and sat down on the seat.

'Kiss me, Chad,' Tim said. I just looked up at him, and he dangled the car keys in front of my face, opened his window and tossed them out. then he pulled me to him by the front of my shirt. He kissed me on the lips, and I found myself responding. He opened my lips with his, and I let him And when his tongue entered my mouth, my tongue was there to greet it. All thoughts of his gender and his vice copy badge had flown out of my head. My hands were flying over his body, and one of them wound up wrapped around his dick.

He came away briefly. 'Now, Chad, if you ever wonder whether you like doing it with another man, you do.' Then back into a lip lock, while he started pulling my clothes off me. When I was a naked as he was, he pushed me down sideways across the seat and then reversed over me and started sucking my cock. He had his cock pushing at my face, so I started doing to him what he was doing to me. When we were both hot and hanging heavy, he reversed on me again. He grabbed up his backpack from the floor and stuffed it under my back and buttocks, raising my butt in the air. I was stretched up against the passenger door much the same way he had been stretched the afternoon before in the front seat when he had offered himself to me and I had refused him. Tim turned toward me, his right knee dug into the seat behind my left buttock and under my left thigh and his left foot on the floor of the car, giving him leverage for thrust. He pushed my left leg up across the seat back and my right foot toward the steering wheel in the front seat.

I was whimpering, 'No, Tim. No, not again . . . No.'

He plunged his cock into me and pulled it out nearly all the way and then plunged in again, repeating this, going deeper with each dive.

'No, Tim . . . No!'

In. Out. In deep, revolve hips, rotate cock. Out, dive!

'Ahhhhh. Yes, yes, y-e-s! Fuck me Tim, Harder, deeper. Ahhhhhh!' I put my hips and pelvis into motion, meeting him stroke for stroke, grabbing for his buttocks with my hands, trying to add to the velocity of the strokes into me.

As he pumped me, he muttered to me. 'Remember when you feel you want to talk to someone about this that this is a vice cop's cock in your nice tight ass. By law, I could arrest you, saying you thought I was underage, and have your name printed across the front page of your hometown newspaper for doing this with me. But this is all because I like you. All I want to do is to pay as I go, and you've been extra special nice to me, and you've got an extra special nice ass and cock, so you've gotten extra special nice payment.'

When he was finished, he pulled his backpack from underneath me and got out of the car. He quickly pulled on his jeans and flip flops and tossed his T-shirt over his shoulder. By the time I'd gotten disentangled and dressed and had found the keys and gotten the SUV turned around and back to the road, Tim had already managed to cross the three lanes of traffic. He was up on the shoulder of the ramp to the other highway and was facing me with his thumb out. A Lincoln Navigator with one male occupant had already pulled over several yards up the ramp. Tim saw me and waved and then turned and walked briskly up to the Navigator. Before I could get back on the road, he'd opened the back door of the SUV, thrown his backpack in, and then had climbed into the front seat. As I passed the exit heading east, the Navigator was gliding back on onto the exit ramp heading south.



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