Befuddled, slightly drunk, Matthew found himself going down the hall on the second floor trying to remember where the bathroom was located. 'What time is it?' he kept asking himself as he stumbled along, one hand on the wall for balance. The party had been off the fucking hook, as his friend Ian had said earlier, sometime back around midnight out on the back deck where most of the people were congregated. Of course there had been people all through the house. There had been so many in the living room several had to sit on the floor, the dining room had the chairs taken away giving better access to the food on the table so everyone in there had stood around the table as they ate one appetizer or another, and in the kitchen people crowded into the small galley kitchen leaning or sitting on the countertop. And upstairs where there were three bedrooms and a bathroom, each bedroom had had a group of people lounging on the beds or sitting on the floor and the bathroom had a line at its door. The place had been packed. Had been.

It was late, very late, and most of the people were gone and of those still inside the house nearly half were passed out, on the sofa, in a chair, or where ever the person found themselves.

Matthew pushed open the first door and saw it was one of the bedrooms. There were three people passed out across the bed, all three lying perpendicular to the correct position. One was a woman and her head hung over the side with her hair hanging down concealing her face. None of them were Ian and Matthew suddenly realized he had not seen his friend for some time now. He eased the door closed not bothering to turn out the light and went to the next door.

'Finally' Matthew uttered to himself as he stepped into the bathroom. He had to piss in the worst way and he stumbled over to the toilet, fumbled to undo his jeans and eventually gave up and undid them completely. He pushed them down till his cock was free and he aimed recklessly at the bowl while he felt he relief of emptying his bladder.

He washed his hands and face trying to sober up some with the cold water and when he looked in the mirror he saw how his light brown hair was standing up randomly, all messed up where he ran his wet hands through it. "Fuck" he uttered out loud and heard the hoarseness in his voice.

In the hall he stopped and focused on trying to remember the last time he had seen Ian. He remembered when he had been sitting outside on the deck earlier in the night and Ian suddenly standing up telling him he'd be back later. Matthew hadn't seen him since and when he had stumbled around the downstairs rooms before coming upstairs he had not seen him. 'He has to be up here somewhere' he thought as he turned to go to the next door.

"HEY...what the FUCK" some guy yelled out as he and a woman struggled to cover up. They had been fucking, the guy on top and Matthew had the image of the guy's ass pumping up and down when he had walked in on them seared into his mind.

"Sorry...sorry..." he stammered as he backed out of the room. He pulled the door closed and stood in the hall, momentarily embarrassed then he sniggered. "Shit" he let drawl out in his southern accent.

The last door was slightly ajar, just enough to see through with one eye and for some reason Matthew looked through the gap. He struggled to focus at first, but soon enough realized what he was looking at in the room. There were two guys standing by the bed and another on the other side holding a fourth's legs against his chest as he fucked him in the ass. All of them were naked and Matthew could see the two guys on the opposite side with hard cocks angling out from their bodies. One of them stroked his cock then moved to the bed. Matthew knew whoever was getting fucked was now sucking cock too. Matthew watched, watched as one guy pumped his hips back and forth driving his cock into the ass of the guy on the bed and watched the guy on the opposite side of the bed reach down and stroke his cock, his hand sliding along the thick shaft and over the wide flared head.

Matthew had never seen guys have sex before and he couldn't take his eyes away from the door. He felt his own arousal, his cock stretch out in the confines of his jeans. The guy fucking was tall with a lean build and a round ass with the cheeks flexing with every thrust forward. Matthew looked at the way the guy moved, the swing of his hips back and forth. He looked at the way the guy's skin shone, shiny with the sheen of sweat over his torso and Matthew admired him, looked at him with a feeling he couldn't admit to himself, a longing to be in the room with him.

Matthew looked at the other two guys, the one getting sucked and the one watching, looked at their bodies, the differences and the similarities. One was average build, long dark hair, and a dark trail of hair going down his stomach to his crotch. He had a tattoo on his chest and one on his arm. The other was lean, almost skinny, and the only visible hair on his body was the light blonde hair on his head, short on the sides and long on top hanging down over his eyes. He stroked his thick cock while he watched the other two use the guy on the bed.

"Jesus...fuck that ass" the blonde exclaimed and Matthew wondered what it would be like to push his cock into a guy's ass, to feel his cock squeeze into him then he thought about taking cock in his ass, wondered how it would feel to have a cock penetrate him, to sink into his body and he felt his cock grow fully erect, painfully so within his tight jeans.

Matthew pushed closer to the gap watching intently the action on the bed, the way the two guys used someone and the third watched jacking his cock. All he could see of the guy getting fucked was his left leg and some of his lower body, the rest hidden by the bed covers pushed roughly at the foot of the bed. Then he saw the guy's right leg come into view and the guy push out and it slipped further out into view behind his fucker. The toes curled and it shivered as the guy took this rough fuck his legs held up with cock pumping into his hole. Matthew watched the way the guy fucking repositioned himself and let the legs wrap around his waist. The legs wrapped around the guy's body as he moved down over the prone body he was fucking, and he began to drive his hips harder, faster, roughly fucking the guy underneath him. At first Matthew didn't register the tattoo visible on the right leg but when he let his eyes scan along the legs, the light dusting of hair on each calf he saw it.

The tattoo circled the right ankle, some decorative pattern that was so familiar to Matthew, one he'd seen so often over the last couple of years. The tattoo that circled Ian's ankle, the one he saw on the guy getting fucked. He gasped and stumbled forward accidently pushing the door open. It squeaked open and the guys turned toward him. For a moment no one moved, no one said anything as they stared at each other. Then Ian sat up and saw it was Matthew. For a moment he looked panicked as Matthew and he stared at each other.


"Ian..." Matthew muttered and unselfconsciously he reached down and tugged on his cock, felt the way it was so confined within his jeans, hardening to full erection. Ian smiled at him and leaned over on one elbow while he trailed the fingers of his other hand over his bare chest.

"You want to come on in?" he asked.

Matthew didn't respond at first but he reached back and slowly pushed the door closed as he nodded his head yes.

Matthew approached the bed where the three guys stood around the bed, one fucking Ian's ass, one letting Ian suck his cock and the third stroking his cock as he began again to egg them on.

"Fuck...Jesus...fuck that ass" the blonde uttered then turned to Matthew, "Look at Ian suck that cock. You want him to suck your cock? Come on...take it out" he said with his voice trailing off into a whisper, a devious mischievous tone that caught Matthew's attention. The blonde moved next to Matthew.

"Come on...take off your clothes" he said as he reached out and began to unbutton Matthew's shirt, his fingers moving quickly from button to button until Matthew's shirt fell open revealing his lean torso. The blonde ran his hand over Matthew's chest, raked it over both nipples then upward pushing the shirt from Matthew's shoulders letting it fall to the floor.

Matthew couldn't take his eyes off of Ian, stared at the way cock pumped in and out of his ass, wet, slick, thickly moving back and forth. He watched Ian's fucker increase his pace, his hips move faster and faster till he slapping up against Ian's ass. Skin on skin contact that smacked with every inward push rocking Ian violently, his body moving with their fuck and every inward push shoved Ian's mouth down the cock in his mouth. Drool leaked from Ian's mouth as he held his head at the perfect angle for the cock, letting it sink deeply in his mouth and throat. Matthew couldn't believe the way Ian took those cocks, the thickness of the one in his ass pumping back and forth and the one in his mouth sinking inward at an impossible depth. Matthew didn't move as the blonde opened his jeans and pushed everything downward letting Matthew's cock flop out hard. It angled upward and the wet head drooled another drop that ran down the underside thickly. The blonde moved to Matthew's cock and let his tongue rake up the underside scooping up the clear liquid letting it pool on his tongue until he came to the head and he shifted his position and the let the head slip over his tongue and between his lips.

Matthew inhaled deeply as he felt his cock sink into the blonde's mouth.

The guy fucking Ian was thrusting his hips in short swift movements, jabbing his cock deep within Ian. He was close and he hammered his cock hard as he held Ian's thighs tightly. He smacked against Ian's ass noisily, roughly, till he cried out and slammed inward all the way and held still.

"Fuck...I'm coming" the guy uttered as he emptied himself in Ian's hole. The dark haired guy, the one Ian was sucking pulled free of his mouth and stroked his cock, his fist stroking it's full length hard and fast until he spewed, thick wads flying from the head of his cock and spattered over Ian's chest, neck and finally his face the last wad landing in thick ropes across his nose and cheeks.

"Jesus" Matthew uttered as he watched the two guys use Ian for their release, watched as Ian became covered in cum as his own cock was being sucked. Ian looked up smiling and Matthew watched him wiped the cum from around his eye and hold his hand out in for a moment. The thick cum began to drip from his fingers and Ian brought them to his mouth sucking the cum off of them.

"You want to fuck me?" Ian asked Matthew when he turned back to him.

Ian had known Matthew since last year because they were in the same dorm and every since Ian struggled to read Matthew, to understand him all the while having a desire for him. But Matthew had been so clueless to his innuendos, the small advances done as jokes and Matthew had made it all seem futile when he would go out with one or another of the women he met on campus. But now, Matthew's cock being sucked by a guy and his eyes glued to him, Ian knew there was ways to arouse Matthew he himself was just beginning to understand.

Matthew pushed the guy off his cock and moved to the bed. He got in position between Ian's legs where they were draped over the edge and he leaned over and ran his hand along Ian's thighs, slowly letting each hand move upward, and he let one run over Ian's hard cock, his fingers slowly wrap around it before he began to stroke it slowly. His other hand moved over Ian's stomach, slow circular movements that felt the firm flesh with its slick wet surface and it was ticklish to Ian and he was breathing hard, his stomach moving up and down with each breath.

"Oh shit" Ian whispered as Matthew let his hands move upward over Ian's chest, over his nipple raking over its hard central nub. If Matthew only knew to pinch down on them Ian thought as he felt Matthew's hand move off his chest, take each leg lifting them up till they rested on Matthew's shoulders. Matthew moved forward till his cock nudged at Ian's wet slick hole and he hesitated for a moment.

Matthew took his cock and rubbed the head in circular motions over Ian's opening then he raked it up and down Ian's ass before centering it back at the opening. He pushed forward, slowly, gently, feeling Ian open to him. His cock penetrated the loosened opening but it still felt tight to Matthew, the way it gripped at his cock head then milk his shaft as he pushed inward sinking inch after inch until his hips pressed tightly to Ian's ass.

"You're all the way inside me...Matthew" Ian whispered as the blonde moved to the other side of the bed, his cock dripping with need. "Fuck me Matthew...fuck my ass" Ian commanded then he leaned back angling his head to take the cock of the blonde.

Matthew had fucked five women before this night and each time it had been fast and quick to the climax. Unfulfilling for both the woman and him each time and he knew there were other desires he didn't want to consider, and now his cock was inside Ian, someone he had known for over a year, someone he had had thoughts, wondered about the possibility only to push it aside, afraid to pursue the notion. He looked down as he worked his cock outward, pulling back slowly as inch after inch came back into view and the sensation of Ian's gripping hole on his shaft drove him to pull back till only the head remained inside and he drove back inward. Over and over, Matthew worked his hips back and forth till he was in a rhythm, his hips moving in a familiar primitive way. He began to fuck. To fuck Ian, his friend, and he leaned over Ian, folding him in half as he moved up on the bed digging his knees down in the mattress for purchase as he drove his cock into Ian harder and harder. Matthew was lying over Ian, his ass rising and falling with his fuck and he kissed Ian on the neck tasting the cum that covered the skin and he tongued up along Ian's chin feeling the way Ian was moving slightly with the blonde's cock pumping his mouth. Matthew was so close he could see the veins that lined the blonde's cock as it moved in and out of Ian's mouth, glistening with wetness. Matthew moved closer and pressed his lips nest to Ian's feeling the blonde's cock move over them, back and forth, and he soon found his own fuck falling into rhythm with the blonde, each one pushing inward then pulling back at the same time. Matthew stuck out his tongue letting it wrap around the blonde's cock and he moved closer putting his lips to the shaft.

"OH FUCK" the blonde exclaimed at the feel of Matthew's mouth next to Ian's. The other two guys watched intently, each one up and hard again, their cocks dripping with their aroused state.

"Jesus" the darked haired guy muttered as he watched the other move behind Matthew.

Matthew didn't sense the guy move up between his legs for he was lost to the sensation of his cock working within Ian's hole and the feel of the blonde's cock against his mouth as it pumped in and out Ian's mouth. He jumped when he felt the guy touch his ass, felt fingers move down between his ass cheeks and rub up and down slowly centering on his hole, one finger rubbing it in circular motions till Matthew cried out at the stimulation.

Then the finger penetrated him, breached the tight ring and sank into his hole and Matthew pressed his lips against the blonde's cock to stifle his desire to cry out. Ian hugged their bodies together as he slipped his legs down into the crook of Matthew's arms. The finger worked Matthew open, stretched his hole open and twisted around till Matthew was pumping his hips roughly, out of rhythm and when a second finger pushed into his hole he found himself trying to push his ass back on the fingers more than he was trying to shove his cock into Ian's hole.

The blonde watched what was happening and the way Matthew mouthed his cock as it moved out of Ian's mouth. It was too much and he pulled out of Ian's mouth and stroked his cock till cum spewed from the head raining down on Ian and Matthew. It landed on Matthew's back, in their hair and faces and they caught what they could with their open mouths. When the blonde guy was spent and stepped back Ian pulled Matthew to him, kissing him on the mouth, their tongues quickly dueling with the taste of cum on their lips.

"Fuck me...fuck me Matthew" Ian whispered in Matthew's ear and when Matthew pulled his hips back he felt the cock at his own ass sink into his hole, penetrating deeply making his body shiver then he pushed forward, felt the cock inside his hole slide through the tight ring of his opening as he drove his own cock back into Ian. Matthew increased his pace, drove his body harder and harder, fucking his cock into Ian and his ass on the cock behind him. He body heated up and his skin grew slick, hot to the touch and he undulated on top of Ian roughly as he pushed himself, drove his cock into Ian and his ass back on the cock in his hole till he ached for release, his body so tight with its exertions, his breathing ragged he began to grunt, to cry out and he fucked harder, rocking the bed noisily.

"Goddamn" the blonde whispered as he watched them fuck, watched Matthew work his body powerfully between the two guys.

Matthew felt his need rise up quickly, suddenly, his cock swelling up for release and as he drove inward hard the guy behind him pushed down on his back hard and drove into his hole roughly.

"I'm cumming" Matthew heard his fucker cry out and he felt the guy jab cock into his hole in short hard thrusts filling it with cum. He pumped his hips and felt his own cock unload deep inside Ian. Wad after wad he ejaculated into Ian as he felt the cock in his own hole work roughly back and forth. They pumped their hips till spent and their cocks grew too sensitive to take anymore before finally falling still.

The sun was just above the horizon as Matthew followed Ian back into their dorm. It was silent, no one stirring at this early hour and they made their way up the stairs to their floor. Matthew followed Ian without saying anything, afraid to break the spell of this moment. He wondered if Ian would go to his own room and he to his, letting the moment pass, letting it become just some silly foolishness of their partying, but when Ian walked past his own dorm room and continued down the corridor Matthew smiled knowing Ian was heading to his room. Ian stood to the side letting Matthew unlock the door, push it open revealing the two unmade beds and a room in slight disarray. They both knew Matthew's roommate was out of town and they had the room to themselves and Matthew stepped back letting Ian enter first.

When Matthew moved into the room, closing the door behind him, Ian reached out and pulled their bodies together. Ian hugged Matthew tightly for a moment before pulling back looking him in the eye.

"You okay with this?" Ian asked.

Matthew smiled, nodding his head, and Ian moved to Matthew kissing him on the lips, gently, softly, then he took Matthew's hand and led him to the bed. They were exhausted having been up all night, drinking too much, then the exertions of their sex and they didn't bother to undress as they eased down on the bed next to each other. Sleep came quickly, a deep dreamless sleep that would last for hours.



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