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Chapter 2

One week had passed since our visit to the sex store and the gloryholes inside it, Philip and I didn’t talk anything else about that day and we didn’t even have a chance to meet since then. I’m not sure what it meant, if it was just lack of free time or he was as shy as I was about it. But, this Saturday, he wrote me so we could go to the gym together at the afternoon. And there we went.

“Hey, Phil! Nice to see you!”

“Hey, mate! Same to you! This was such a crazy week at the university, I didn’t have time to anything.”  He explained.

“Well, good to know, I was kind of afraid it could be related to the last time we saw each other.”

“No, definitely not. But, well, maybe. I really have been busy, but I also didn’t know how to behave or what to talk after that. I hope we can talk about this later, maybe after we finish here. But, first of all, one thing I have for sure… I don’t regret it.” Phillip told me.

“Me neither.” I said to him, smiling a little bit relieved. And he smiled too.

We started exercising, trying to act as normal as always and all the fear about his reactions after that melted away. Then, ten minutes before leaving the place, Phillip looked weird.

“Well, Jesse, I guess you have a new fan here at the gym…”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“There is a new guy here, and he can’t stop looking at you. Like, he is basically staring at you. That one in the corner.” He showed me discreetly.

In fact, the guy was looking to me directly, and he seemed somehow familiar, but I couldn’t tell from where. We just considered it to be an intense flirt and continued with our exercises. Phillip went to the bathroom before leaving and I just decided to wait him outside the gym. While I was there, the guy left the place too, looked at me and came directly in my direction. This direct approach made me freeze, especially because he was really handsome, and it was a hell of a bad timing considering I was about to talk with Phillip about last weekend at the sex store. That moment was when it hit me: that guy was the unknown sexy man from the gloryhole!

“Hi! I’m Owen. Nice to meet you. I’m new in town.” He presented himself.

“Hey, I’m Jesse. Nice to meet you too.”

“Well, I was wondering if maybe you remembered me…” He said.

“Yeah, it took me some time but I did recognized you now.”

“Good, I couldn’t forget that view through the hole… It was beyond hot. I wasn’t expecting to see you again, but then I saw you here today and decided to say hi and present me, just in case. I hope I am not embarrassing you with your friend, or boyfriend… I wasn’t sure he knew about you.”

In that exact moment, Phillip came out and saw me there. He came closer to us, smiling and I could see he was having fun by seeing a guy apparently making a move on me.

“Hey, Jes, will you present your new friend? Hehehe.”

“Sure! Phillip, this is Owen. Owen, this is Phillip. Apparently, the three of us met last week in the cabins of a certain sex store…” I said with a grin while they opened their eyes wide in surprise, as they haven’t seen each other’s face at that opportunity.

They looked at each other surprised and Phillip got all blushed by remembering that guy had fucked him through a gloryhole.

“Nice to meet you, Phillip, I have to say, you have a spectacular ass. It’s a genuine pleasure.” Owen said.

“Nice to meet you, Owen, it was nice that day.” Phillip answered, with his face turning red of embarrassment.

“Well, it was definitely unexpected to see you here today, but I loved it happened. If you like, I’d love to meet again, have a drink, know you better. I could use some good friends in town as I’m new here. If you are free tonight, would you like to come to my place? I live around here. I give you my number, you two think about it and text me. It can also be another day if you prefer.”

He gave us his number and left right away. We stayed there not knowing what to do, but both of us filled with temptation.

“Well, I guess we better go home and think about it.” Phillip said.

“Yeah. This encounter messed with us, I suppose.”


Two hours later, Phillip started sending me messages about it.

“Hey, mate. Have you thought about that invitation?”

“Yes, it’s tempting, I admit.” I responded.

“I think the same. And remembering that day, it made me a little bit horny too. And curious about that guy. I guess I would go, if you were up to it too.”

“Well, let’s give it a try then. I’ll answer him”.


There we were, in front of the address he gave us, in a mix of nervous and excited. After announced, we went up to his apartment and ringed the bell.

“Hi, guys! I’m glad you accepted my invitation! Come on in!”

He offered some wine and we sited on his living room, still feeling kind of weird about this situation.

“So, are you guys boyfriends?”

“No, we are just friends, for a while now.” I said.

“I love this kind of friendship! You were enjoying yourselves really well that day! It was incredibly hot to watch Jesse sucking you and hear you moaning with it!” Owen commented.

“Actually, that was our first time doing something like this. You know, gloryholes, and making out with each other.” Phillip said to Owen’s surprise.

“Well, I could see you were enjoying, so it’s nice that you’ve opened yourselves to this possibility. And you are both really cute, you would make a good couple.” Owen commented but soon realized it was a subject to talk another time since it was clearly something not absorbed by us, so he changed the subject.

“I suggest that tonight we just stay opened to do whatever we want, questions, actions, without worrying about labels or whatever. You’re in?”

“Sounds nice.” I said.

“A toast to that.” Phillip agreed.

“So, and you? Are you in a relationship?” I asked Owen.

“No, not right now, I have been single for a couple of years, enjoying my life, meeting people, fulfilling my desires. It has been nice. What about you that day? How did you start to make out?”

I blushed with this question.

“Well, we were only watching through the holes, when I saw you enter that cabin, extremely sexy, and after you put your nice dick inside the hole, I suppose we both liked it… So, we both started to suck it together, and, eventually, our mouths met and the kiss happened.”

“Wow, that’s hot!! I’m glad I somehow helped this to happen. Hehehe. And did you like the kiss? Like, would you do it again?” Owen asked looking to one and then the another.

“I did. And I guess I would repeat.” Phillip said and looked at me.

“Me too.” I said looking at him too, then I stood up and went to grab another glass of wine.

“It’s too sad I couldn’t watch your kiss at that time… But, if you liked, why don’t you kiss now so I kill my curiosity?” Owen said grinning.

Phillip looked at me after Owen’s request, desire in his eyes, then he stood up, grabbed me by my waist and gave me the kiss I’ve been waiting all week to taste again. I kissed him back and the world seemed to disappear around us. Then, we both felt a hand on our waists and there was Owen enjoying our kiss. We invited him to join us, first the three of us together, and then he kept kissing me while Phillip kissed my neck, and after that he kissed Phillip. Any shyness or embarrassment seemed to disappear, we were again in pure lust.

Owen stopped kissing us and said breathless.

“I guess I should return the favor from last week.” And then he put himself on his knees and opened our pants, grabbing our cocks, first licking our shafts, and starting to alternate sucking Phillip and me soon after.

He kept sucking me, but Phillip went to my back, kissing my neck and striping me while I was getting that amazing blowjob. I noticed he got rid of his clothes too. Feeling his body touching mine, and his cock poking my ass was driving me crazy. Suddenly, Phil started licking my back and going down towards my ass, and there he started licking and eating my butthole, making me moan loudly. Owen realized my behavior and stopped to see.

“Nice, man! Eat his ass, lick it well, leave it wet and wanting.”

Owen stood up and started kissing me, grabbing my ass and opening it to Phillip’s mouth.

“Do you like his mouth in your ass?”

“I love it.”

“Well, boys, let’s go to my bedroom. It’s more comfortable there.” Owen led us there and laid down on his back.

I climbed on his bed and started to suck his dick, being in all fours myself. Phillip went and kept eating my ass, massaging it with his fingers too. He kept licking and poking my hole with his tongue while pressed it with his fingers, It was driving me crazing, and my ass was all relaxed and asking for more, so he inserted one finger, fucking me with it, then two fingers, and three. Suddenly, he started to poke my ass with his knob, slapping it with his cock head, then poking. I couldn’t wait anymore.

“Phil, fuck me now! I need that dick in my ass!” I said and stopped sucking Owen.

“Are you sure?”

I looked at him signing positively. Owen went to take some condoms and lube.

“And I want to lay on my back to see your face doing it.” I told Phillip.

Phil put his condom, lube up his cock and my hole, opening my legs. And then he started penetrating me slowly. It hurt a little but I got used to it really fast, enjoying my friend’s cock in my ass. He started fucking me slowly.

“So, now I got to see how is your face when you’re getting penetrated… It’s hot.” Phil told me with a grin, referring to last time when I watched him getting fucked.

I smiled and grabbed his waist so he fucked me deep, all the way.

“Now you saw… and by your expression, I guess you like my hole.” I teased him.

He grinned and kept fucking me, slowly at first, but faster after some time. Owen was watching and jerking off his fat dick close to my face, I couldn’t resist and pulled him closer so I could suck it while I was being fucked wildly by Phillip.

Phillip saw me sucking that dick and looked at Owen, who grabbed his neck and kissed him while he fucked me. Owen pulled his cock out of my mouth and stood up on the bed so Phillip could suck him now.

“Sorry, handsome, but your boy also deserves his share of this dick.” He said smiling at me and enjoying Phil’s mouth.

That was a great view, getting fucked, watching Owen’s muscled legs and butt, such a hot man, and his big dick getting sucked by the stud who was fucking me.

After a few minutes, Owen climbed off the bed and went to check Phillip’s ass, the one he got so mesmerized with and fucked the week before. He started to play with Phil’s butt while he fucked me and I could see this was making Phillip even hornier.

Owen put a condom and lubed up Phillip’s ass, putting himself behind him. Phillip slowed his rhythm when he felt Owen fingering him and so he kept slowing down until he stopped, then I recognized his face from being fucked. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth. He separated my legs wider with his knees on the bed and I could feel the impact of Owen stocking he deeply for some time. After he got used, Phillip started to fuck me again, going deep and then almost pulling his dick out of my ass, enjoying the pleasure of fucking me and at the same time make himself get fucked from behind. He opened his eyes and looked at me.

“Wow, this is fucking hot, this was one of my craziest sexual fantasies. A dream coming true. Love that you are a part of this experience…” Phillip kissed me deeply while fucking me.

Phillip kept fucking me and getting fucked until he couldn’t hold it anymore.

“This is fucking amazing, I can’t hold it anymore, I’m cumming! Aaaaaawwwww”

It felt amazing to feel his dick swelling and throbbing. By Owen’s expression on his face, he also seemed to be enjoying the contractions of Phillip’s hole during orgasm. It led us close to the edge, but not there yet. Phil pulled out his dick from my ass, and Owen’s dick from his ass, laying down by my side still catching his breath. Owen and I looked at each other, both of us still horny as hell, Owen took another condom and shoved his dick in my ass as fast as he could. His dick was bigger, but my swollen hole got used to it really fast and Owen pounded it as if there was no tomorrow, deep and fast, seeking the release that both of us desired now. It didn’t take long before I felt my orgasm coming while I jerked off and got fucked so intensely.

“Oh fuck! I’m getting close!”

“Yeah, babe?” Phillip got closer.

“Yes, now, I’m cumming!” I said. Then, Owen fucked me harder and Phillip put his mouth in front of cock, and I blew my load, almost entirely at Phil’s mouth.

Phillip sucked my dick after that to take the rest of my load, swallowing just like I did with his load the other day.

Owen pulled his dick out of me and came jerking off towards us.

“Do you want my load in your face, boys?”

I looked to Phillip and we both said smiling: “Yes!”

“I’m cumming!” Owen announced and came a huge load, all over our faces and chest.

While he was still breathless, we licked his shaft together, then his cock head and finally started kissing with his cock between our mouths.

“So, I finally got to see this incredibly hot scene of how you first kissed, with my dick between you… It’s fucking amazing! Dudes, you two make good partners… I would say you’re a match! This sex was amazing… I definitely want more!” Owen said still catching his breath, laying down by our side.

Phillip and I looked at each other, smiled and kissed deeply, with both of our faces all cum covered...


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