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Chapter 1

Phillip and I knew each other since high school, although we weren’t too close then, only classmates. Not long after graduation, though, I got shocked by seeing him at a gay bar in our town, he always seemed so straight that I never could have imagined.  He saw me there too. Curiously, once we unfroze, he same to say hi to me. It was great, we had such a nice conversation and, from that night on we became good friends and got increasingly closer. At that moment, we were both in relationships and, perhaps because of that, we have never wondered or thought about sexual interest in each other. This way, our friendship grew and we became good partners in life, kind of inseparable, especially after our relationships came to an end.

Phillip is a 23-year old stud, 5’9 feet tall, with short black hair, dark eyes and fit body. His beautiful masculine face and body make both guys and girls to flirt with him, but he was like a free spirit and seemed not to be interested to engage a new relationship for now. I can’t say anything, I’m not looking for this either. I am Jesse, by the way, Phillip and I have basically the same height and fit, well, perhaps he is a light bit more muscular. I have light brown hair and hazel eyes. Also, people usually say I have kind of a childish look yet, as if I were younger than Phillip, but we have the same age, actually. Possibly it has something to do with my clean shaved face, while Phillip liked to maintain a small trimmed beard. Being different as we are, I guess we have each an attractive look, each one in your special way, at least we had no problem in finding someone to make out when the lust came on.

We always go out to some party, every weekend when our classes on university allowed, but this weekend, we’ve decided that not any of the parties and plans in town seemed worth and only movies and friend’s meetings took place. A light weekend comes handy sometimes, we thought. And Sunday we had lunch at Kate’s house. She is a good friend of us and invited a small group of friends to celebrate her birthday, all of them were really nice and sympathetic people that we’d already met before. Except by this one guy, he was really hot, tall, muscular, dark blond, the entire package you could expect from a jock at college, in this case from Kate’s university, and straight, Kate assured. Phillip couldn’t stop staring at him, either. And the afternoon went well as everyone enjoyed the meeting, ate and drank. Phillip and I were chatting a lot and, between us, whispering to each other all the things we imagined doing with that blond jock. Maybe it was because of that guy, or perhaps as a consequence of lowing low this weekend, but I finished this meeting quite horny, and I could tell Phillip was too, by the things we were sharing, horny and a little bit drunk.

Before that explosive mix could put us into some weird situation, we decided to leave the Kate’s place, a great share of the group had already left too. However, I was feeling really horny by then and some kinky plans passed through my mind.

“You know, Phil, I heard rumors about a sex store downtown, some guys on internet said it has lots of cabins, and… gloryholes at them.” Horny as I was, I teased Phillip with the idea.

 “Really? I never saw one, I admit I’d like too, but I’m not sure it’s a good idea” Phillip tried to resist.

“Come on, I saw it before on movies, always wanted to try, and horny as I am now, I guess that’s the time. Let’s go, I know you’re curious about that too.” I kept saying and eventually Phillip’s curiosity was bigger. So, we went there.

Once we entered the shop, we realized it seemed small and full of sex toys and porn DVDs, just like any other sex store. In the back, however, we could see a door to a darker part of this shop, accessible only after paying a little fee. Behind this door, it had a soft red light and there was a small table with a bowl full of condoms to grab and some stairs heading to a basement floor. Curiously, down there it was much bigger than we could have imagined, with rooms appearing one after another, inviting us to explore the place. Indeed, there were gloryholes in one of these rooms, a big one, with ten cabins organized in two lines of five and gloryholes connecting them with all the neighbor cabins, and lots of guys were waiting for their turns inside them.

Looking to all of this only made us even hornier and the huge wait to get a free cabin gave the hint that things were really exciting inside them, some cabins were occupied with one guy, others with a couple and even more crowded cabins as they could note when guys exited them. In our turn, though, it took a lot of time waiting for one of them to be available. So, once one turned empty, I jumped in, looked at Phil and said: “Come on, it’s taking forever, enter here and we can give a look at the holes at least.” And so came Phillip, my partner in crime this evening.

We both got in our knees and looked through the holes to see what was going on at the neighbor cabins. There were lots of action everywhere. Except that one of our joining cabins became empty and immediately I saw a guy entering it, and this was quite a guy, tall, toned, dark hair and eyes, masculine, with body hair, probable in his mid-thirties. He saw me staring through the hole and smiled, I could only smile back before he opened his pants and showed a beautiful 8-inch thick uncut cock. Horny as I was, I didn’t mind Phil was there and in no time I had it in my mouth. After a minute sucking it intensely, I could hear his moans and then I saw Phillip admiring this view, I could tell he was feeling his own mouth getting wet, so I stopped and invited him to come suck it too. Phillip wasted no time and started sucking it with me, he was licking the shaft while I had the glans in my mouth. We kept licking and sucking, each in one side, and not minding with each other’s presence, we just kept savoring that beautiful cock, eyes closed and then our tongues met, both reaching the piss hole together seeking for its precum. We froze, opened our eyes and then, something weird happened, we enrolled an intense kiss, our tongues caressing each other’s and the glans at the same time, hearing a loud moaning coming from the other side of the stall.

We got apart eventually, and all I could do was look to my friend, realizing how good that kiss was, so I took that dick in my hand and started kissing Phillip intensely while jerking that stranger’s dick in my hand. I put my other hand at Phillips’s bulge, feeling his pulsating nerve, he stopped kissing me, looked in my eyes and started to open his pants so I could have his cock in my hand, which I responded opening my pants too so he could also feel my dick. There we were, kissing again, jerking each other and the dick from the man from the other side of that gloryhole.

“Stand up, Phil.” I said and, as soon as he was standing on his feet, I started sucking that beautiful 7-inch cock that I desired so much right now.

Noting his cock was lacking attention, the hot man at the other side got in his knees to see what was going on. At some moment, I could see him admiring as I sucked my friend, a hot scene to watch, I suppose. Then, I noted what caught his attention the most was Phil’s hot muscled masculine ass I would see later, so he put his hand through the hole to caress it. Phillip jumped slightly when he felt that hand on his ass, but I admit it got me hornier to see that, I hold Phillip’s hands and started sucking more intensely, giving such a kinky look to Phillip that he didn’t even mind with that intruder’s hand touching his ass and getting closer and closer to his butt hole. The man spitted on his fingers and started caressing there, rougher and deeper. I could realize Phillip felt a finger starting to enter his hole and, by his face, I guess the sensation of having his cock sucked and being fingered at the same time drove him crazy. Phillip closed his eyes and enjoyed that sensation, and this one finger turned to two and then three. I was horny beyond words by realizing how excited was Phil. Then, the hand left through the gloryhole and less than a minute later it was replaced by that amazing cock, already wearing a condom. I spit at my hand and lubed Phil’s hole. Then I stood up, kissed Phil and opened his ass to meet that cock. Phillip could feel the thick knob poking his butthole from behind, looked at me and I hugged him, looking him in the eyes.

“You know you want him inside you. He is already with a condom” I grinned, extremely horny. “This is really hot, I want to see you bottom to him with me here”.

Phillip agreed and relaxed as he felt that dick starting to enter his hole, holding me tight. I hugged him and jerked his cock frenetically. Phillip got used with that dick inside his ass and I could see in his eyes he enjoyed the feeling. I kept kissing him some time, but then he lowered his mouth to my dick and started sucking it. I moaned loud feeling that hot wet mouth around my dick, and saw that cock coming in and out of my friend’s ass.

I was enjoying a lot that, but eventually I felt like I should retribute him for accepting that idea of getting fucked through a hole with me there, so I got to my knees and started sucking hard Phil’s dick again, as he had that cock fucking his ass at the same time. He closed his eyes and his expression was like he was in heaven. He held my head and started moving his hips, leading his cock in and out of my mouth and doing the same with that dick in his ass. He was extremely excited, I could feel lots of precum coming out of his cock.

“Oh, man! Come up here, I want your lips on mine! I’ll cum already if you keep down there.” He said grabbing me and as I stood up, he hugged me tight and kissed me hard. I kissed him, hugging and pushing him against the stall and against that dick fucking his ass. We could here the louds increasing at the other side, I grabbed Phillip’s cock with one hand and mine with the other, jerking both of us at the same time. The hot man at the other side started fucking faster and deeper, making the partition to tremble and Phillip to moan a lot more as he held my neck with his hands and looked at me directly in my eyes. I could see he was close to climax.

I jerked our cocks faster and harder than before, Phillip started opening his mouth as he was getting closer and closer. A huge grunt came from the other side indicating our unknown friend was cumming.

Feeling his hard strokes, Phillip’s said with a sigh: “Oh, shit! I’m cumming!”

I didn’t think twice and got in my knees, swallowing his throbbing dick as he cummed and fed me with his load. At the same time, I started cumming, with my mouth full of my friend’s seed.

I stood up and looked at him, as he felt that cock leaving his ass. I could still feel the taste of his load in my mouth, and I liked the taste of his. Suddenly, it hit me, I realized all I had done with my friend, suggesting all this and actually doing it. I felt a little ashamed, after all, we have been just friends for years. More than that, I was afraid of how would he feel now that we had left that horny state.

I guess Phillip saw that sudden perception in my eyes, because he came close to me and said: “Hey, mate. I guess I have to blame you for one of the most exotic, hot and best sex experiences and orgasms of my life… So you better put a happy smile on that face, because that… wow… was fucking unforgettable…” And then he kissed me, a long and gentle kiss.

After a few minutes, we were leaving the sex-store, without saying any words. But, before we took separated ways to each of our homes, we gave a  hug, looked at each other, with a soft smile in our faces, knowing we had shared an intimate kinky moment, one that we would never forget, like partners in crime... or better said, partners in lust…


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