Gabe had had many strange photography assignments for the eccentric, but very rich Mr. R, an avid collector or erotica, but this was perhaps the most challenging. The money was better than good, however, and when he'd put a little thought into it, Gabe saw little problem in the execution of the assignment. It was something different. He might even enjoy it.

When Ms. Tulip came off the stage at the Bourbon Street female impersonators' club and swished into her dressing room that Saturday night, Gab was waiting for her. The meta hunk had worn a muscle shirt barely covering the firm bulges of his torso and a silky pair of shorts that barely held the bulge of his ten thick inches. So, when he asked her if she'd come pose for him for photos, her quick answer was, 'Honey, you can take me anywhere you want and do anything you want to me.' She would have cause to reconsider that comment.

They went straight out to the alley and Ms. Tulip hiked up behind Gabe on his motorcycle, stiletto heels and all. 'She' wrapped her arms around Gabe and hugged him tight. By the time they reached the plantation house on the Mississippi, Ms. Tulip had fully examined every curve and hard muscle of Gabe's torso under his muscle shirt and had determined for herself that everything in that bulging basket at his crotch was the real deal. She was purring when they stopped in front of the old mansion.

Gabe had a room set up with still cameras pointing from different angles at a floodlit ivory chaise lounge backed by a white curtain. These cameras were set to automatically fire off photos at seven-second intervals. He had another handheld camera for close-up shots.

Ms. Tulip hadn't liked the idea that Gabe wanted to photograph her as she was rather than the image she wanted to display, but she made only one demand in compensation as she stripped down to black silk net stockings, garter belt, and stiletto heels and wrapped herself in a red silk lounging robe.

'If I show it all, Dear Boy, you must as well. I want you to be nude for the photo session as well.'

And then, when Gabe had stripped down, her response was. 'Holy, Mother, Jesus, Joseph, Herod, and Pilate, you stud you. Is it legal to be as beautiful and big . . . everywhere . . . as you are? Love the rings in the ear, nipples, and navel, and, Oh my God, there too. Come to Momma, you horse-hung beauty, you. I gotta have me some of that, Baby.'

'Photo shoot,' Gabe answered. 'Concentrate, woman. You can keep the pout if you want, but drape yourself on the chaise, please. Back to me. Yes, like that. Robe off your shoulders and look back at me. Yes, just like that. A beautiful woman; soft shoulders, beautiful face, brunette hair flowing down your back. Work it for me, and I'll work it for you.'

Click, click went the cameras.

'Okay, same position, but let the robe all the way down to your waist. Beautiful rounded shoulders tapering down to that tiny waist, and glowing, golden tan skin. Right.'

Click, click, click.

'Half turn around, now. Show that nice perky tit. Yes, that's nice. Now full around and lean back into the chaise. Arch your back to me; give me a full frontal on those nice tits. Now, fingers to tits and work them. Luscious red nails against the glowing skin and big, pink taut nipples. Wonderful. Make love to the camera.'

Click, click, click.

'I'd rather make love to you, Sweet Cakes,' Ms. Tulip said, as she blew Gabe a kiss. 'You're making me all hot and bothered, Honey. Come over here and cool Ms. Tulip off, won't you?'

Gabe just laughed. 'Now, move your hands slowly down your torso and slit the robe so that we can see the nice long line of your legs in those silk stockings.'

Click, click, click.

'Yes, that's nice. That's hot!'

'I sure can see that, Honeybun,' Ms. Tulip purred. 'Don't look now, but you're getting hard. I can take care of that. Although I may need help from the rest of the girls in the show, because I've never seen such a big and thick one.'

'OK, now, slowly open the robe the other way. Show the cock.'

'Sweetie, Ms. Tulip doesn't like to show Mr. Albert. He destroys the illusion.'

'Depends on what illusion you want to make. It was a deal. I stripped down, and you show it all.'

'Oh, very well,' and Ms. Tulip slowly uncovered 'her' cock, although then 'she' arched 'her' back even more, trying to draw the attention of the camera back to the melon-sized breasts that had cost her so much effort and a small fortune to acquire.

Gabe started clicking away with his handheld camera, coming closer and closer to Ms. Tulip until he was straddling the chaise at the level of her hips and taking close-ups of her beautiful woman's face and those nice breasts.

Ms. Tulip writhed sensually below him. She reached up and took his huge cock in both of her hands. 'Ooooh, uncut. And that divine gold ring in the foreskin. Wonderful.' She slid the loose foreskin off and on the bulbous head of his cock, and his eight-inch half hard stiffened right up and went to a full ten inches as he clicked away with his camera. Some of his shots were straight down his flat belly to the hand job Ms. Tulip was giving him. But then she pulled his hips up and had those big ruby-red lips opening wide. She slid the foreskin off the helmet of his cock and took the head in up to the rim and sucked and tongued him there.

Click, click, click.

Gabe pulled the robe off her back and turned her over on her belly.

'Up on all fours, he said. Rest the side of your head on the top of the chaise and look into the camera over there. Show it how much you are enjoying this.'

He widened the stance of her legs and gave her breasts a little pat, sending them shimmering as they hung down from Ms. Tulip's chest. Her dangling cock could also be seen by the camera. Gabe pushed her butt cheeks apart and kissed and tongued her asshole for a few minutes. She wiggled her butt and sighed and moaned for him.

Click, click, click.

He got out a tube of KY and lubricated her ass real well and then slicked down his own cock with the lubricant. Then he took up a six-inch length of small beads and attached them to the ring in his cock.

Click, click, click.

'What's that, Sweetie?' she asked.

'Pearls. Every woman loves her pearls.'

'Well, I don't . . . Oh, my Gawd!'

He had come up close behind her and entered her to the rim of his glans.

'Oh, you big, big, naughty boy,' she moaned. 'God, I've never had it this big. And that ring. I can feel that ring. Oh, I love this.'

Gabe worked his way in a couple of inches. The cameras caught the shine of the ruby-red lipstick encircling his cock head and the beads as they disappeared into Ms. Tulip's ass. Ms. Tulip was writhing around, her tits and cock quavering.

'Ahhh. That ring and those beads,' she moaned. 'Nobody's given it to me this good.' She rotated her butt in appreciation.

Click, click, click.

Six thick inches in, and Ms. Tulip was moaning and grunting. She had her knees off the chaise now and she was standing on the floor straddling the chaise, her stilettos digging into the carpet, and trying to get her ass canal as open as possible.

Eight inches and Gabe had stopped drilling to do some slow pumping at this depth. Ms. Tulip's tits were jiggling as her chest and belly heaved. He was still holding a good two inches in reserve, and he undulated his hips, rotating his cock in her hole and dragging the golden ring and the string of beads around her ass canal walls. She was giving little yipping sounds. Her cock was standing at attention, and she was stroking herself off.

'Yes, yes. Fuck me deep. And, Honey, those beads are driving me crazy. I'm going to have an orgasm!' And she did.

Click, click, click.

Nine inches and Ms. Tulip had adjusted. Her eyes were dreamy, swimming in Gabe's precum, which had given her an energy boost. It had helped widen her ass canal and strengthened her to take him deep. She arched her back up and managed to swing an arm around his neck and bring his lips to hers. She was stroking her cock, which was hardening again. Gabe cupped her breasts in his hands, his thumbs stroking her big nipples, as he kissed her deeply. Her knees and arms buckled. Without losing purchase in her hole, Gabe brought her down on the chaise on her side, stretched in front of his body. His pelvis was cuddled under her buttocks. He had his left arm under her chest, with his hand still cupping and squeezing a breast and his right hand was lifting a long, lean mesh-stocking leg in the air and pointing the toes of her stiletto heels toward a corner of the ceiling.

Stroke, stroke, stroke. Side-split pumping her at the depth of nine and a half, and then over ten inches. She was sighing and purring for him. Deep strokes, almost pulling out all the way and then plunging back in to the hilt and undulating his hips in rhythm with hers.

Click, click, click.

Gabe pulled out and flipped her over on her back before he came all over her breasts. He slowly licked his cum off of her melons as she moaned her satiated pleasure.

After that, Gabe rose from the chaise, gathered the wilting body of Ms. Tulip up, walked out into the hall, and mounted the stairs to the second floor.

'Where we going, Hon?' Ms. Tulip murmured in his ear, not sounding as if she really cared where they were going, her free hand tracing the star-burst tattoo encircling his nipple.

'Your evening's not over, Sport,' Gabe answered. 'Mr. R wants to meet and greet you. He's got a few tricks to show you.'

'Loved the pearl beads,' was Ms. Tulip's only response, as they mounted the wide staircase toward the candlelight flickering through the open door at the top of the stairs.



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