I have always loved bondage. Always. The feeling of being tied up and helpless has always gotten me hard. So in my exploration of this love I found that sometimes I needed to tie myself up before jerking off. The orgasm was always much better and I seemed to cum a lot more, which always feels nice. Lately, however, just feigning being tied up wasn't doing the trick. I really needed to BE helpless for a little bit, in order to get the orgasm I was looking for. So every so often I would find myself with an evening or afternoon of free time and I would really tie myself up. I think the idea of being caught strapped down in my white briefs completely helpless to whoever came my way was the thing that did the trick for me. Well one of those times was coming up. I had an entire weekend with nothing planned. This was the first time in a long time and I was almost giddy with excitement to put my fantasy into action.

I lived in a quiet neighborhood but we, as neighbors, were pretty trusting of each other. Well one day my next door neighbor asked me if I would watch his house for the weekend. Yup, there very same weekend I seemed to have free. Well my dick twitched with the anticipation of this one. I would tie myself up in his house for my longest duration ever. I had devised that I would be completely helpless but I would put a key in an ice cube and weight for it to melt before I unlocked myself just enough to masturbate. And to make sure I didn't cheat I put the ice cube that had my key in it in an entire bowl of ice so I would have to wait for the whole bowl to melt before I could retrieve my key and freedom.

So the day finally arrived. My neighbor gave me the keys to his house and I watched as he drove off. I near immediately got my stuff from my closet and headed over to his house. I knew my neighbor but had never spent much time with him before. He had a cool house, but it was very much a single bachelor pad. I went straight to his room and found he had a four poster bed. Well this was a spread eagle dream. So I began to set up. I put restraints on all posters of the bed. My legs would be locked and only able to be freed by a separate key I had. I put that key on a separate bit of string and tied that to my balls. Then I got my own white briefs on covering the key. I opened his closet to find clothes hamper filled with underwear. WHITE BRIEFS! I couldn't believe that he was a brief wearer too. And what was more, the top pair of briefs lying in front of me had cum in the fly. He had blown a load before he drove off. The cum was still wet and sticky. Well I knew how to use these. I grabbed them up and headed over to the bed. I had my bowl of ice with the key somewhere in the bottom of the bowl lying on my chest. I then put the cum stained briefs on my face and tapped it in like a gag with some nutrition on it. I blindfolded myself and secured it with an ace bandage for extra measure and then slipped my hands into the wrist restraints and flipped the lock. I was completely helpless. And quite uncomfortable. The bowl had gotten colder than I thought it would and though it was hot in the room, my chest was getting chilly making my nipples really hard. And because of the heat, the bowl would sweat and trickles of cold water would run down my sides and to my back which was now sweating. I was completely helpless. My only salvation was for the ice to melt quickly and then I would bounce the bowl to my side with my chest and get the key.

I left myself like this for what was probably an hour or so. Struggling against the restraints but being careful not to knock the bowl off and lose they key at the same time. It was like bondage within bondage, and I loved it. My cock was so fucking hard and being held captive in the white briefs I was wearing. Not to mention the man scent was driving me crazy with the briefs taped in my mouth and near my nose. It was hot. I just kept thinking this would be really hot to have a guy walk in and then I would really be helpless.

It's in these moments when one must ask themselves why they even think this way. I am sure that just by thinking it, it was the catalyst that started my down fall but there you have it.

I am straining and hard and getting hornier by the second. I decide, in a moment of weakness, that I am going to get out of this stuff and jerk off. I can already feel my earned orgasm, and I can't wait any more. So I carefully begin to work the bowl towards my side. I know that the cold is really going to surprise me when it spills over but my elbow will catch anything, mainly the key, from falling and then it will be a matter of time and determination and I will finally get the key and release my hand from the bondage straps. I have done this several times now, in my own home. Other doms that have played with me have called me a Houdini, which basically means I am really good at escaping. Now this is all routine until the most unexpected thing happens. I hear the door downstairs and someone walk in to the house. I went numb. I mean, it is bad enough that I am into all this, but to get caught tied up in someone else's bed while I am supposed to be watching their house from intruders, much like myself, and then to top it all off but having my neighbors briefs in my mouth is just too much.

I, in my moment of panic, decide to get the key immediately and maybe I can free myself before whom-ever is here, goes up stairs. So I bounce and wiggle. And finally the bowl spills over. There is water and ice mixed all together. Now my side is in shock, and I am hunting for the key. I wiggle and wiggle trying to locate it. I even manage to get other pieces of ice to start melting because of the heat I am putting off because of this. But my stomach is dropping even more than it had already. I cannot find this key anywhere. I huff and puff and wiggle some more, struggling against everything I had done to myself. Then I stopped and listened. There was more than one person in the house. I could tell because I could hear someone in the cabinet getting something in the kitchen while another sound was coming from the stairs. My heart stopped. There was someone coming up the stairs.

'Oh my brother left his place for the weekend so he won't even know.....'Said the man as he opened the door to the bedroom finding me. 'Holy shit! What the fuck is going on here?'

At this moment I could hear the person downstairs was also a man when they called up, 'What do you mean? What are you talking about?'

Suddenly the boy in the room says, 'Well looky looky at this. A clearly stranded prisoner of my brothers all bound and gagged. But my brother isn't gay, so that must mean this is the guy that is supposed to check the mail and shit from next door. HA HA HA! Hey Steve, get up here quick. Are you going to die when you see this!'

As he yells this I can hear the footsteps running at full pace up the stairs so that Steve could get a closer look.

'Holy Shit dude, there is a guy tied up in the bed. And look at his hard on. He's totally into this. HA ha ha ha, this is so fucking funny.' says Steve. 'What should we do with him Rick?'

'Well, we could call the cops? That would teach this pervert a lesson. But then again calling the cops would only put him in handcuffs and it's clear he likes that. So prison isn't the answer. I know, get the camera.' says Rick.

There is a scrambling of feet, which I can only assume is Steve given my position and blindfold. Then suddenly I hear the little click and ping sound of a camera going off. Picture after picture is being taken of me and I am helpless, though while all this is going on I am continuing my search for the key. I just keep telling myself that if I can get out of this I'll think of something and explain my way out too. I did wish my hard on would go away though. It was making it so hard to think because this was like my complete fantasy coming true.

Suddenly I felt the key. I was sure of it. It was lying inches from my hand. If I could just get my hand on it and get out then I would be ok. I started to slyly work my magic in getting the key when suddenly it was gone.

'Looking for this,' says Rick.

'MY KEY!' I thought.

I moaned loudly into the briefs that were tapped into my mouth. I couldn't even ask for the key. They just laughed at me in my predicament. I mean who wouldn't though right? Then I heard them quietly whispering to each other. Then there was the sound of footsteps leaving and the door shutting. But I needed the key to get out of all this. I began to struggle and moan loudly against the bonds I had placed on my arms. Maybe I could slip out of them. But no, they were on really well and there wasn't anything I could do about it. I was trapped, truly helpless by the predicament that I had put myself into.



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