There is no true way to pretend to be helpless. It's a feeling that is mixed with guilt, shame, curiosity, excitement, nerves, and vulnerability. I mean you are helpless. Anyone can simply come to you, in any way, demand things of you and take them, with or without your consent. And I mean anything can be asked of you.

Well I was turned on by this feeling so much that I am here. Helpless in my neighbor's house. Without my key I cannot undo the bondage that I have placed on myself. I can't move because I am tied in restraints on both wrists and ankles. My key for my ankle restraints is tied to string, which is tied to my balls, which is under the white briefs I am wearing. The key for the wrist restraints is in the hands of the surprise visitor I had in my neighbor's house. I am literally his helpless slave. He also has taken photos of me in this bed, with a pair of his brothers cum stained briefs tapped in my mouth like a gag along with a blindfold securely on blocking all vision of my new surroundings. I am screwed. If he tells anyone, including my neighbor, I will have to move from this area from sheer shame. I am pretty sure this thought went through Steve's mind as well because he came back with a look in his eyes that told me he had some plans for me.

Steve walked through the door determined. I could hear it in his voice.

'Ok buddy. Seeing as how you are blindfolded this whole thing might seem a little scary. But that's what you wanted right?' said Steve.

It's also pretty hard to answer someone with a gag in your mouth!

'So, we are going to have a little fun with you. My brother told me he was out of town this weekend and seeing how I lived in an apartment I figured I'd just come by and have a little party. Now the party was mainly going to feature the hot tub. There is nothing like hot guys fucking in a hot tub and then skinny dipping in the pool. It's the best. But now we have some indoor play I see. So those pictures we took of you is hitting craigslist. You are about to be an internet sensation. So hang tight and we'll get back to you in a few. Bye!'

And he was out. I moaned and strained and worked as hard as I could, or at least until the restraints started to really wear on my ankles and wrists, to try and get away. Now I was to become some kind of sex slave? Oh what had I done?

I was laying there for quite some time. My hard-on was noticeably gone, and I was sweating. The door would open suddenly every once in a while. It was probably Rick, Steve's friend, checking in on me. But still I was laying there helpless so nothing seemed to change my position at all. Then the door opened completely differently. I could hear a noticeable difference. Then the door quietly shut. The only thing I could hear was the faint giggling of either Rick or Steve outside or downstairs. I wasn't really sure of anything else.

I could feel the energy in the room changing. My breathing began to quicken and get heavier. I could also feel eyes roaming over my body. I began to whimper, moan, and struggle against my bonds. I wanted this person, whoever they were, to know I was here against my will.

Without warning, I felt figures traveling my legs and inner thighs. They roamed from my calf to my groin. My cock instantly misinterpreted this as the climax it had been promised in the beginning of this expedition. My raging hard on pleased this person because there were moans and grunts of approval emanating from him. Then his fingers traveled around my cloth covered genitals, and traveled to my sensitive side and then up and down my stomach and pecks. He was drinking in my body with his hands. I felt so dirty. Then the fear really began to take hold. He began to travel the waistband of my underwear. Tracing the line as though he was marking a shelf for cutting or something. He slowly moved his fingers in through the fly and found my cock at full raging attention.

It really is hard to argue with someone who is giving you pleasure. But then his hand left my body. I suddenly had a feeling of foreboding. I heard a sound as though someone had a back of tools they were digging through. Then my nipples were pinched together and then clamped. A rush of agony and uncomfortable pain swept my nipples. It wouldn't kill me but it wasn't pleasant at all. I just wanted to be free of them. Then I hear more movement and I feel metal on my sides, a quick snip here and there. Then as though a window had been opened, my briefs were ripped off of me and cool air blew my privates. My underwear was torn, cut, and taken from me. I was now helpless and naked.

Then I heard a sound of pleasure. His hands almost attacked my balls and I knew immediately what he wanted. The key I had tied around my balls. Well that was his now. And then for the first time I heard his voice.

'What does this key go to?'he asked.


'What does this key go to, I asked?' he said again.

I moaned into my gag.

He untapped me from my gag but told me that if I started to yell or make any noise other than answering his questions he would make me pay. I, helpless and afraid, stayed quiet. He undid my gag letting air come to my dry mouth. He took a second to admire my gag I imagine because...

'So who's cum is in this underwear?' he asked.

'The man who lives here left his underwear in his dirty hamper. I found them like this and used it as a gag.' I said.

'What does the key go to?' he asked again.

'My ankle restraints.' I said.

'Who tied you up like this?' he demanded.

'I did.' I replied.

'You tied yourself up like this?' he said in half disbelief. 'Ok they were right to call me then.'

Before I had a chance to ask what that meant I had my jaw being pulled open. A device of some kind was placed on my mouth. It was a gag but I could breathe through it. As he tightened the restraints on my head, the gag became immovable. My tongue trashed all around it trying to figure out its purpose. Then some water was poured into my open mouth. It was like the most refreshing thing in the world to me at that point. I was so sweaty and hot being kept in my bondage all day and then the gag, which was old underwear, had sucked all the moisture out of my mouth. This was a blessing. I think the man sensed I was enjoying the water because it stopped pretty quickly.

'I am giving you a pill next. I am going to drop it in the back of your throat and you are going to swallow it when I pour water in your mouth. If you do not take this pill I will force it inside you another way. Nod if you understand.' He explained.

I nodded and the pill was placed in my mouth. The cool refreshing water came again and I lapped it down swallowing the pill as instructed.

Then what felt like cold water in a stream was being squirted between my legs. LUBE! Why was he lubing me up? The moment his fingers began probing the inside of my rectum I felt the first real fear I had experienced here. Up until now, I was scared but in a very erotic way. This was something new and terrifying to me. He began to finger fuck me with one of his long thick fingers. It was not something I was prepared to have done to me and I was tight and frightened. There were one then two fingers fighting for my hole. It was painful as he began to stretch me out. Then a metal ring slid over my shaft, which for as terrified as I was, was extremely hard. In fact, this was the hardest I had ever felt before. And just before I could even finish that thought my balls were pulled through the hole. This metal cock ring had me. And then I felt pressure on my ass. A metal ball attached to the cock ring slid right into my ass. I could feel my prostate throughout my entire body. This thing was pressing right on it. My entire body was quivering. Nothing was touching my cock but the cock ring but it felt like a thousand hands were inside my body jerking me off. Every move and wiggle sent this feeling through my body.

Sensing my pleasure, I'm sure, he slapped my balls. Hard. In an instant I could only think about the pain rushing to my stomach. He slapped them again. I yelled through the gag. Then he slapped them again and I moaned a bit quieter. Then he slapped them one last time and a forced tear escaped through my blindfold down my cheek.

'That's better,' he said. 'The only time you get to have pleasure is when I tell you. The rest of the time you are here for my pleasure. You will do what I say, suck what I tell you to suck, drink what I tell you to drink, and you will be fucked. Oh yes, you are going to get exactly what you wanted from this little self bondage trip of yours!'

I was panicked. And still my hard on raged like never before. The man in the room slapped my chest open handed and the sting was immediate and quick. I heard him walk to the door and open it.

'Come and get it boys!' he yelled out into the house.

A stampede of feet came up the stairs and into the room. I could hear sounds of delight as man after man took my sight into their possession. I was a prisoner of the house and they were the captors.

I heard the man that had prepped me say into my ears, 'You suck what they give you and don't spill a drop.'

Well I didn't have time to even give an understanding moan before a man was crawling on top of my helpless body. Then I realized what the hole in the gag was for. In slid a dick. It was just the head at first but I could feel him getting positioned. Then it flew full throttle into my throat. Over and over it pounded. I gagged and gasped for breath but nobody cared. He plunged over and over into my mouth till his balls were bouncing on my chin. Then he crawled on top of me, as though to sixty-nine me, and began to fuck my face. He humped and humped my mouth till warm and unavoidable cum ran down my throat. Then my balls were grasped and I knew this was the man from the beginning reminding me of my real bondage. I immediately began to clean the dick that had degraded me into a cum receptacle. I had one load in my belly and a clean soft dick in my mouth. The moment the man was satisfied the dick was removed as he climbed off. Then a new dick entered. Sometimes the cocks were smaller; sometimes they were so big they couldn't fit in the gag all the way. However one thing they all had in common, they all came A LOT! Load after load was emptied into my mouth, and each time a man was done cumming my balls were slapped or my nipples were pulled to remind me to clean clean clean. I must have sucked, swallowed, and cleaned fifteen cocks before I was ever moved in any way. But they definitely moved me.

The bed I was on was a metal canopy bed, and taking the key that had once been on my balls, my ankles were released, but not for long. They were hoisted up and tied so my legs were in the air and my hole more available. The metal anal plug was removed and more lube applied. Then a pain much worse than the fingers overwhelmed me. I yelled so loud they covered the hole in the gag to keep me quiet. A cock was entering my ass. It went slow at first but in no time at all, I was being fucked, and fucked hard. Without any warning I could feel warm liquid spraying my guts inside. Suddenly it was a train. Cock after cock entered my body, over and over again till I was moaning in complete ecstasy. I couldn't help it. It was so sudden and so very powerful. I moaned and came all over my stomach. I could feel it running down my belly and down my sides. As this happened I could feel hands collecting my cum and transferring it to my helpless mouth. My cum was being force fed to myself. As soon as the cock that was in my fired his load into my body and pulled out I heard the man who seemed to be running my room whisper in my ear, 'I told you not to cum.'

And even after I had cum harder than I had ever done so in my life.........I was still harder than before.

Just what did this mystery man have planned for me now?



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