Being gay in the 21st century in the United Kingdom is certainly more relaxed that even a few years ago. When two guys who want to be together are ready they can 'get married' and have all the legal perks that is entailed. Of course guys have lived together in the U.K. for years but at last we can feel comfortable intermixed with the rest of society. That's how I was with Simon. We were both 33, both good looking (at least we thought so) and both earning well. When we saw the house in suburbia we fell in love. It wasn't some gay man's dream (i.e. period house full of original features), it was a straight forward small detached three bedroom house in modern development with an integral garage and neighbours who were also all in their thirties only heterosexual!!

If we stuck out, we didn't notice, and to be honest, we didn't care. We were just like them in many ways, minus the kids. We nodded to neighbours as we drove home; we chatted about the weather and local gossip and got on with life. The first to speak to us properly were Jeff and Miriam who lived two houses up from us. I have to be honest and say that Simon and I had clocked Jeff already. He was one heck of a gorgeous guy with the looks of a clothing model. He was around six feet tall, well built and he gave off a kind of sex appeal in whatever he did. His dark short hair and six o'clock shadow only added to that appeal.

I think at this stage I need to confess something. Simon and I hade been together since we were 23 and had been legally together for 2 years. I said we were just like any other married couple which isn't strictly true as we did like to have a little fun from time to time. It might be a threesome or two when on holiday, or meeting with some like minded guy or guys while staying at home. It certainly added spice to our life and actually made our relationship stronger. So talking about Jeff and how hunky he looked was a great time-passer. Jeff certainly paid attention to himself. He only wore designer clothes and was always immaculately groomed whether going to work or digging the garden.

So we enjoyed looking and, to be honest, chatting about what he might be like in bed, when we needed some stimulus added to some late night sex romp together. Of course we were far too nice to be predators, especially to some sweet married couple. It was far too close to home for us.

Anyway back to Miriam and Jeff. Miriam was the first. She came up to me in the front garden one day in the height of summer and introduced herself properly.

'Hi I feel I really should say hello properly,' she said. 'I'm Miriam and you?'

'Oh hi, I'm Stephen but answer to Steve,' I replied.

'And your..em..friend?' The hesitation was noticeable and her face reddened slightly.

'Oh you mean Simon. We both begin with 'S',' I said.

'We don't - he's Jeff,' she replied nodding to the person washing their car. 'We're having a few other couples for a barbeque tomorrow afternoon around 3.00pm so would you and Simon like to come and meet the neighbours?'

'Might be an good idea after being here three months,' I said.

'See you tomorrow,' she waved as she walked back to the hunk stripped to the waist washing the car.

He looked up, wiped his forehead with the back of his hand, nodded and smiled and my knees gave way. I couldn't wait to tell Simon.

It took us two hours to dress down enough to look really cool and smart but still, when we arrived, Jeff stood there coolly pouring wine, his teeth dazzling us in the sun, dressed in fabulous Abercrombie and Fitch from head to foot.

'If he was gay, he'd be a queen,' whispered Simon.

'Bitch,' I sneered back and we both stifled a giggle.

Jeff strode across as soon as he saw up and tried to pull both our right arms out of their sockets with a manly hand shake before we made the introductions. We were then taken around the assembled group of some twenty or so people and introduced. Most were in their thirties or forties and all upwardly mobile. Jeff was by far the most handsome though there were a couple of quite pretty things including the 18 year old son of the oldest couple there, who gave us a very curious look which verged on a Gaydar signal!!

Miriam loved us. She fussed over us, she chatted with us, and she dragged us around everyone all over again. Within two hours she was asking advice on her interior decoration (why do straights think that every gay has a decorator gene just waiting to be exploited?). The decor was stunning and far in excess of anything we could have done.

'It was mainly Jeff's ideas,' she said. We both looked at each other, eyebrows raised.

Two things came out of that afternoon. Miriam and Jeff became our closest neighbours and hardly a day went by that we weren't in their house or Miriam was in ours and we managed to have a very embarrassing afternoon two weeks later with young David, the 18 year old who on the pretext of offering inexpensive gardening services, inveigled his way into our house one Saturday afternoon and through the process of sitting with his legs open so we could see clearly up his shorts (no underwear), then a visit to our toilet where he left the door open and started to masturbate openly, we decided to put him out of his misery and stripped him naked, threw him on the bed, then as Simon fed his cock to him, I took his cock in my mouth and was rewarded with a stream of thin teenage ejaculate. The session lasted under ten minutes and young David was down the driveway two minutes after that. I think he thought he had seduced us because he kept well away after that.

As the four-way friendship developed, the fact that we were a 'couple' became less of a secret. We didn't 'come out' as such but the information more or less 'leaked out.' Before long the gay innuendoes from Jeff followed. They were never offensive and we gave back as good as we got. They had no children which we found strange in a couple who were in their early thirties but we didn't discuss it initially. Miriam did say that they had tried and failed and they had had tests which, apart from a slightly lower than normal sperm count in Jeff, didn't explain why there were no babies yet. They were going to try 'other methods' soon but in the meantime, sex had become more of a routine than fun. All this leaked out over a few conversations with Miriam usually with a glass of wine in hand.

Jeff started to 'flirt' a bit more with us. Not for a minute was this 'I want to go to bed with you' flirting, but more the 'I want you to find me attractive so that I can have the satisfaction of telling my mates you fancy me,' kind of flirting. I got the feeling he would enjoy telling the other guys at the estate agency where he worked that the gays next door were keen to get into his pants. Sadly, we were, but were not going to let on to him, plus we had too much respect for Miriam, even if he was ever to come on to us.

The next phase with Jeff, when we didn't rise to his bait, was to be stripped to the waist, band of Armani briefs showing above his trouser/jeans waist band (if there is something that gets my juices going then that's it). Still we ignored it.

One Friday after dinner, and Miriam's retiral to bed, a slightly drunk Jeff asked us what we did.

'What do you mean, what do we do?' I asked.

'You know, in bed,' he asked boldly.

'What do you think we do?' I threw back at him. 'What do you and Miriam do?' I asked.

'Not enough,' he said.

A silence ensued.

'I'd like to know what gays do in bed?' he continued.

'Surely you can guess some of it?' I said to him.

'Who takes it up the bum, you or Simon? He said.

'Jeesus you're getting personal,' I retorted.

'Sorry, I just felt we knew each other by now.'

I said, 'At the moment it's not really something I want to talk about to strangers.'

I think we was offended and slightly miffed so he went on to tell us about the baby thing and the sperm count and the fact that they had not been having as much sex, partly because Miriam had slightly lost interest, but so had he. He did say that he couldn't ever look for another woman as he couldn't two-time her. I was pleased to hear it.

It was well after 2.30 am when we finished our fourth bottle of Chablis that night. Jeff looked over at us, sitting together on the couch opposite and said, 'Are you still doing things regularly?'

I answered that one and told him we were.

'How do you keep it interesting?'

Simon gave me 'the look' and I just smiled and said, 'This and that.'

We were all very mellow when Jeff again said, 'What do you actually do?'

Simon suddenly said, 'We fuck, where we can find a hole to fuck, just like you and Miriam, except we have the flexibility of taking turn around.'

Jeff absorbed that one and we both noticed him adjusting the front of his jeans. He was turned on.

'Don't you ever look at anyone else?' he asked.

'All the time,' I coolly responded.

'Don't you get jealous of each other then?' he continued.

'Not if we share the person we both fancy,' I answered without actually thinking.

The ensuing reaction and detailed questioning became rather embarrassing as I tried some damage limitation, suggesting it was only an isolated time or two.

He still let out an amazed, 'Wow, you sluts!' a smile widening across his face.

It was time to go so we made our excuses and left.

A lot of conversation followed between us, about Jeff. We decided he was just a little lost and randy and was seeking solace in people close to him. We decided it was Miriam we should feel sorry for. We could not even pursue Jeff's curiosity out of respect for her.

That was until the day I saw the plumber back at Miriam and Jeff's house for the second time that week. When I saw her, I asked if they had some problems and she said it was a leak in the bathroom. Strangely, when I asked Jeff if they had managed to get the leak sorted, he said it had been repaired three weeks previously. The plumber next visit the following Monday, started to raise my curiosity. Sometimes working from home can be a curse!

I walked out and around to the back of the house, then down the service lane and, sure enough, their bedroom curtains were almost closed. As I looked again from behind a tree, a hunky, hairy plumber, naked to the waist, reached up and closed them fully. Miriam was getting her satisfaction elsewhere.

When I told Simon, he smiled and said, 'That changes the rules doesn't it?' His wicked grin suggested we should, perhaps, push Jeff's curiosity.

Of course nothing did happen. I didn't see the plumber's van again though I did see a dark saloon car parked near her house and what looked like the same guy going inside, on a couple of other occasions. Miriam seemed much perkier than usual but, having seen the plumber, I would have been perkier if he had been sticking his cock into me on a regular basis. Jeff was happier because Miriam was happier and we weren't going to spill the beans.

Jeff heard that we had been using a gym in the town centre and said he was thinking of moving to it. We arranged for a guest pass and he came with us. After our exercises I was aware, in the showers, that Jeff was taking an interest in me while I soaped. Simon was already getting dressed.

We showered alongside each other and Jeff suddenly said, 'Do you take Simon or the other way around?'

I was slightly taken aback but told him that I usually took Simon.

'He seems well blessed so how can you get it all inside you?' he continued while washing away quite nonchalantly.

'Patience and experience,' I said. 'I can take a lot bigger than Simon if I have to.'

Jeff looked down at his cock and cupped his hands under his balls to make it rise up. 'Even this, if you had to?'

'Particularly that if I had to,' I said smiling.

'Slut,' he said with a smile and changed the conversation around to whether we should go for drink afterwards.

We ended up in a semi-gay bar where many local gays met for a drink on weekday evenings. The gayness wasn't that obvious so we weren't troubled at taking Jeff. After a few pints, Jeff went to the toilet and I updated Simon on the conversation in the showers. When Jeff returned, he sat down with a smirk on his face.

'Christ you gays are well blessed,' he said. 'The guy next to me at the urinals flashed a fucking massive dick at me, brick hard as well. Nice to see I can pull both sexes.' He looked over at me and said,' And I bet you would have had problems taking his cock up your arse.' He then nodded to the guy coming out of the toilets.

I looked across at the attractive thirty-something coming out and smiled as I glanced over at Simon, then Jeff and said, 'I have!'

Jeff spluttered, 'You two are just too much.'

The odd innuendo on evening sessions with him and Miriam was all that followed. We saw little further evidence of Miriam's plumber fling but her constant good nature suggested he was still keeping her happy and Jeff, from what he said, was still not getting enough.

A hen party for one of Miriam's old schoolmates took her to Dublin for three nights and prompted a suggestion from Jeff that we have a wild lad's weekend at home. His emphasis at the two words 'wild' and 'lads' suggested to me that he wanted to tease his sexuality further.

Simon was a bit awkward at first. 'What happens if we end up naked in bed with him? And then what happens afterwards?'

'You know Simon,' I said, 'I'm so fucking hot to have his cock in me that I don't fucking care.'

'Randy cunt,' he said with a smile.

Night one, Friday, went as most drunken lad's night do and we ended up, after a pub crawl, back at ours. All slouched on relevant couches and talking about life. We found out that Jeff had gone to a well heeled boarding school and he told us that, though there were many 'faggots' he had never indulged as it hadn't been his scene. After a suitably long and embarrassed silence he then told us, his attitude had changed. In what way, we didn't know!

'How many guys have fucked you?' he suddenly asked me.

'Don't know, probably around 60,' I said.

'Holy shit,' he responded.

'How many guys have you fucked?' he asked Simon.

'Around 60,' he said, 'but I have sex with many more whom I haven't fucked.'

'Jeesus Christ and here's me thinking having 10 women was amazing and daring. I'm missing out somewhere and certainly now when Miriam thinks sex is a once a month thing!' he said.

He started to ask a few more personal questions about how I kept it clean for fucking and both Simon and I got a very clear feeling that that was one of his aversions had clearly been swept away. At around 1.00am he clambered to his feet and said he was horny and going to bed and with that, he stumbled out of the door, leaving Simon and I with brick hard erections and the need for some quick mutual masturbation.

He invited himself for supper the following night and though we did not want to push him towards sex (and suffer recriminations when his guilty conscience kicked in), we were determined to be slightly more proactive and responsive to his questions this time.

After dinner, beer and wine, we ended up in an almost identical scenario on the couches. Jeff nursed a Remy Martin and pointed out that he had had to wank twice the previous night.

'Miriam's away and you two can fuck each other whereas all I have is this,' he said holding up his right hand.

'Oh poor Jeff. If we had known, we would have helped you,' I said.

'Yeh a real dick in you would have made you less cocky,' he slurred.

'Did you fuck last night?' he then asked quietly.

'Yes,' Simon lied, 'he took my cock right in him and I shot gallons of cum up his arse.'

We both saw the lump grow in Jeff's jeans and he made no attempt to cover it.

'I bet that looked awesome,' he said. 'I would love to see you at it.'

Silence ensued.

'Have you ever done it in front of someone?' he asked.

'Yes and also in a group,' said Simon.

'Fucking Hell'I don't suppose''?' his voice faded.

'Don't suppose what Jeff. What is it you want to see? What do you want us to do Jeff? Tell us?' I splurted the words out.

'No it's pervy,' he said. Then he quietly continued with, 'I just thought it would be awesome to see you two actually doing it. At school, I never had any of the faggots but sometimes I could hear them having each other after lights out and I used to lie in bed and quietly wank, wondering what faggots actually did. I would try to time cumming to when I heard them groaning and I knew they were cumming too but I never did anything else.'

'We do something, you don't cast it up and you don't go all saintly on us because it's you asking us and not us faggots asking you.' I actually spat the word 'faggot' out as it was the one he had used throughout.

'Would you, honestly? Fucking Ace! It would so turn me on and, you never know, I might even get excited enough to do something if you would let me.'

I quietly thought, 'That's what we're hoping too.'

We were already well-prepared for sex on the off chance, so when Simon took me and started kissing me as we stood in front of Jeff, I was horny as Hell. Simon was breathing heavily, his tongue down my throat and his hands all over me. He pulled my t-shirt out and lifted it up to suck my nipples. It was pulled over my head and he unclipped my belt. I pulled Simon's top off to bring his to the same state of undress as I was. We had choreographed well with shoes and socks being discarded next. Simon knelt in front of me and unzipped my jeans. He opened them discreetly pulled down the front of my white Armani's and took my cock in his mouth, ensuring that Jeff couldn't see it.

Jeff was wriggling on the sofa trying hard to see my cock but Simon ensured his mouth covered it all. Jeff was openly gripping his very visible erection. My jeans slipped to my ankles on their own and Simon stood up and slipped off his own, leaving us both naked except for white briefs. Our cocks were both straining.

'It would help us both, if you relaxed and felt free to expose your own cock,' said Simon.

Jeff grunted a non-committal response which sounded like, 'maybe.'

Simon pushed me to my knees on the edge of the sofa in a doggy position and pulled my briefs down to expose my arse. He buried his mouth into me and started to lick me out. His tongue entered me and I had to grip my own cock and stroke gently as I was so horny. My briefs were removed and Simon rolled me out, flat on the floor, my six inches sticking proudly and firmly straight upwards. He slid his mouth fully over it, slipping the foreskin back as he did so then licking down to lick my balls.

The sharp outtake of breath made me look over to see Jeff's jeans around his thighs along with his blue boxers and a very sizeable erection in his hand. Simon saw it too.

'Don't you dare fucking cum until we're done and we don't fancy fucking in front of a spent audience, ok?' said Steve.

'Don't worry,' said Jeff, 'I can spin it out for hours.

'Just long enough to fuck me,' I thought.

Simon pulled off his briefs and sat astride me, defying natural law by trying to push his extremely hard cock downwards and into my mouth. I sat up and engulfed the head. His sweet tasting precum assailed my taste buds and left a trail from my mouth each time it slipped out.

'Some size of a cock Simon,' said Jeff, nodding in the direction of Simon's eight inches.

He was right, of course. One thing I loved was Simon's big cock which more than satisfied my desire for size of cock, if not for quantity of cocks! By now, Simon had slid down over my prone body and was sucking my dick again while I lay back, my hands behind my head. Jeff had pulled his jeans and shorts off and was stroking his cock on the sofa.

'Would anyone suck mine?' I heard him say.

'Bring it here,' I said as he rose from the sofa to kneel facing the top of my head, placing his balls on my face and his wonderful cock, at last, entered my mouth.

It was smaller that Simon's in length but the width, that wonderful width. It was almost a rectangle, so bulk was it's width to length ratio. I figured he was just short of seven inches but so, so thick. He, too had foreskin, as did Simon and I, and the skin had peeled partially back to reveal the pink head like a flower waiting to blossom. My tongue was in behind his skin and the faint musky smell of man hit me. He had obviously been clean earlier but his few trips to relieve himself had left a trace of manliness which was addictive. I giggled inwardly when I thought of the number of cock washes Simon and I had done that night 'just in case.'

'That's fucking brilliant,' he said as I used my expertise to get him hotter still. 'You're the first guy to touch my cock and certainly the first to suck it.'

Simon leaned upwards and shared Jeff's cock with me. Both out mouths shared licking the sides and we took turns in sucking it in its entirety. I then took to ball-licking. His hairy balls were bigger and heavier than Simon's as they lay on my face and my tongue enjoyed exploring them.

'Let me see Steve being fucked,' he said. 'I so want to see a guy being fucked.'

I so wanted to let him see be being fucked too!

Simon decided on doggy fashion. I knelt on all fours as he lubricated my arse slowly. Jeff knelt to my side watching his every move. Simon handed him the lube and pointed to my arse. Jeff squirted some on his finger and gently worked first one, then two fingers into my arse. I was in Heaven.

'That is awesome,' said Jeff.

Simon handed Jeff the lubricant and asked him to spread it on his cock. After a moment's hesitation, he did. We didn't use condoms with each other so this was going to be a bareback entry. Simon persuaded Jeff to slide under me, his head between my legs and a perfect view of entry. This meant I had full access to his wonderful thick cock with my mouth. Simon slowly entered me to a chorus of gasps from Jeff. I wasn't sure if it was what he was seeing or what I was doing to his cock with my mouth.

It must have looked amazing to him to see Simon's big cock slide fully in and out of my hole, pulling the flesh around my ring with it on each exit and back in with each entry. He held my hips as he thrusted in and out and I gave Jeff's cock a full service with my mouth, slowing when I felt him head for climax and speeding up when he wasn't. He was shuddering with excitement.

Simon and I stayed locked with Jeff's cock in my mouth, for a round 5 minutes before Simon withdrew his cock and stood up. 'You now, Jeff,' he said.

'I've never'I don't know if I'..' he spluttered his half hearted excuses for NOT doing it.

'For Christ's sake, fuck me!' I said.

Like a meek lamb, he crawled behind me where Simon handed him a condom, took his cock in hand and lubed it, before taking the opened condom back and gently rolling over his thick dick. He then lubed the latex covered flesh and aimed it at my hole with his own hand (something that always turned him on). Jeff took my hips in hand and started to push in. I felt my arse really stretch with this monster and it took about four attempts before the head of it reached the point of no return and he slid into my arse.

As this thick tube made its way upwards, it almost took my breath away. It felt at though it was never going to stop and even though I had been finger stretched and cock stretched, it was still quite a colossal amount of man flesh to take.

'Oh my God, oh my God,' he kept saying as his upwards thrust was replaced with its first pull back and the real fucking began.

It was one Hell of a fucking. Jeff had been holding back for some time I think, as he really threw all caution to the wind. He gripped my hips so hard I had bruising for a few days afterwards, and he started hammering at my arse. Simon was attempting to rim him as he did it but such was the speed of his fucking that I felt sure he would get a broken nose if he kept up the attempt. Everything was ignored by Jeff except whatever sensations was powering up his cock and I knew he was going to shoot his load inside me.

His orgasm was almost frightening and if his wife had been at home she would have heard it two houses away. When he came, the thrusts were violent probes, with second-short silences before another two, or three short thrusts inside my arse. He slid off and rolled on to his back, his cock still erect and the condom, its exceptionally full load, dragging the sac at the top to the side. He left it there, looking lusciously sexy as Simon, once more entered me.

There is nothing Simon loves more than fucking my well fucked bum so his onslaught didn't last too long. I gripped my own cock and jerked it a few times waiting for Simon's orgasm which was quick and explosive. His warm spurts of cum jetted into me giving me that wonderful warm feeling only a healthy load of sperm can give. When he finished, I rolled on to my back and finished myself off spraying a healthy coating of my own seed straight into Jeff's shocked face.

'Another first for him,' I thought.

There was little embarrassment afterwards and in fact we stayed naked for some time and Jeff let me suck him off later which was a lot more leisurely and extremely selfish and enjoyable. He stayed the night and slept between us and we had another, non-fucking session in the morning.

'Where does this leave me now?' he said over breakfast.

'That's easy,' I said. 'You're a married man with a lovely wife who loves some man sex now and then and can get it on tap when he fancies it.'

'Mmm, that's sounds about right,' he said.



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