Paul was one who would do anything. Tall, attractive, with thick wavy dark hair and his skin tone light which made his red cheeks such a highlight, giving him a boyish innocent look. But looks can be deceiving. He would get girls to do things they wouldn't do with the other guys, the way he talked to them, caressed their bodies, and rubbed his body against theirs, letting his hard cock leave a slick trail wherever it moved over the girl's skin. The girls would suck him off, swallowing every drop. They let Paul fuck them in the ass, the penetration painful as his thick cock squeezed through the tight ring of their opening, but they took it, every stroke, as he whispered in their ear how much they meant to him. One girl stayed at his apartment one Saturday tied to his bed, naked, letting him fuck her for hours on end till his cock was sore and red and he couldn't cum any more.

Paul viewed sex as a pleasure everyone should indulge in whenever the mood struck. It was something that was human, a release from the daily grind and a way to feel pleasure. He indulged often.

Paul sought every opportunity for sex, sometimes in ways his friends wouldn't understand. Ways they would not approve. Paul felt his attractions, his desires, toward not just the females on campus, but the males too. At times it was the males he was more attracted, the way the sex could be so physical, a little rougher, with the whole encounter with another guy all about enjoying the sex and getting off. No request for phone numbers or wanting to get to know him. Just 'thanks for a good time' and they were gone.

How many times he had fucked some girl in his apartment in the early hours of the evening, got her to leave so he could study, only to dress as soon as she left and go out looking for sex with a guy he couldn't say, for he did it often. With the girl he got off the hardest, felt the way cum surged through his cock with force, but later, with some guy, the fuck lasted longer, his need to cum not so urgent and he could fuck for a long time. Or take a fuck for a long time, his cock pinned underneath him or between him and the guy hammering away at his hole.

Paul was a junior, and it was just turning spring and the semester was getting underway and he found himself on his bed, alone, just letting his mind wander back to his past escapades. He smiled as his eyes stared up toward the ceiling not seeing as his mind shifted through the scenes of the last few years when he became fully aware of his sexuality, the way it wasn't defined by some societal norm or preconceptions. He tugged on his cock, his gym shorts worn soft, the fabric frayed and thin and he felt his cock thicken with his arousal.

He thought of the first time he let a guy suck him off years ago back in his hometown. There was a carnival in the nearby city and he had gone with a couple of friends. It was late, the night hot and humid, and he had begged off going again on some ride and found himself roaming among the stalls of games, then back around among the rear side of the tents and vans away from the crowds. He had no idea why he went back there or where he was really going but it was darker, the noise of the crowds muted and he walked with his hands in the front pockets of his jeans. He remembered how his jeans had rode low on his waist, and with his hands pushing downward in his pockets, they slid down further, till the t-shirt he wore slipped free and his lower abdomen was visible. He remembered how he felt, sexual in a bawdy way and he had felt his cock grow thick in his jeans and push obscenely outward till he had to tug on it, shift it over so it didn't feel pinched within his briefs.

"You're not suppose to be back here" a voice had said out of the darkness and a young guy, not much older than Paul stepped out of the shadows.

"I'm sorry...I...was just getting out of the crowds for a moment" Paul replied as he looked at the guy, the apparent roughness of him, his tank top loose fitting, dirty, and the jeans he wore were frayed, the knees blown out, a hole near the crotch. The guy was nearly as tall as Paul, but his body leaner, all long arms and legs, and his blonde hair was just over his ears, roughly cut, uncombed, and a goatee surrounded his mouth, a mouth Paul saw part slightly as he licked his lips.

"Maybe you're looking for something" the guy said as he tugged on the crotch of his jeans and Paul saw the button was undone, the jeans gapped ever so slightly, only the zipper holding them in place and in the gap he saw the fine light hair that trailed along the guy's abdomen. Paul felt embolden and he tugged on his own cock, felt his arousal, a state he didn't think about, not in this situation, for he just let it happen away from prying eyes. He wanted to see where this would lead.

"Maybe I'm just looking for someone to suck my dick" he boasted in a cocky manner, suddenly sensing an opportunity.

"You think I suck dick?" the guy replied with a grin on his face.

"And probably a lot more" Paul added and he boldly moved toward the guy who was backing between two large box trucks, the few lights in the area blocked and the space dark, concealed. Paul moved up to the guy, only the white tank top really visible and he felt the guy touch him, felt fingers manipulate his cock, squeeze it, and trace its outline.

"You're aroused already" the guys said sniggering.

"Yeah...take it out why don't you" Paul said as he stood there letting the guy fondle him.

The darkness didn't allow Paul to see everything the guy was doing, but he felt it. Felt the way his jeans were undone and opened up, felt the way his briefs were tugged down under his balls and the warm night air as it touched his bare cock and balls and not quick enough for Paul, felt the guy take his cock, firmly in hand, and stroke it up harder. The guy moved down onto his knees and Paul put his hands on the guy's shoulders and felt the fabric of the tank top and some bare skin that was warm to the touch and he inhaled deeply as he felt his cock slip into the guy's mouth. The guy wasn't timid about it, wasn't doing it because Paul wanted it, like the girls he had gotten to suck him off. The guy sucked the head hard as he fisted the shaft, he swirled his tongue over it, and probed the slit with the tip of this tongue making Paul struggle to stand still. The guy removed his fist and sank Paul's cock all the way into his mouth till his nose touched Paul's abdomen holding there an incredibly long time, the feel of him swallowing and sucking to get air into his lungs was stimulation Paul had never felt before and he placed his hands on the guy's head feeling the way hair combed through his fingers. Paul was so hard his cock ached for release.

The guy began to fuck his mouth on Paul's cock, worked it back and forth, faster and faster until Paul couldn't take it anymore. Paul held the guy's head firmly and began to pump his hips, to drive his cock into the guy's mouth, fucking it. He wanted to get off, needed to, and felt the surge of cum race through his cock, felt his cock surge up thicker, harder, more sensitive to every touch, and he came, came hard, pumping his thick cum into the guy's mouth, pumping his cock through it till he shoved it down the guy's throat and pumped some back out. Cum trickled down the guy's chin as he took every thrust and he stroked Paul's legs with his hands, encouraging Paul to finish himself off, to shoot all of it into his mouth. Paul staggered as he pumped the last of his cum out and the guy held his legs firmly to keep him upright. The guy pulled off Paul's cock and held it up, licking off all traces of cum till it glistened in the dim light penetrating the darkness.

"Fuck" Paul whispered as the guy sat back with his head turned up toward him. Paul couldn't make out his face very well in the darkness but he swore the guy was smiling.

"Thanks" the guy finally said as Paul got his jeans back in place and by the time he had them buttoned the guy was gone.

Paul lay on his bed remembering how he had been so wound up afterward, obsessed with the way that guy had wanted to suck his cock, sucked it till his mouth was full of cum. Then the way he had swallowed it, all of it and then cleaned his cock off was just unbelievable to Paul at the time. He knew better now, but back then it was a shock, one he couldn't get out of his mind. He knew the carnival was to leave after the next weekend and he had gone back the next Friday night, alone, with one goal in mind.

It had rained the night before and part of that morning so the ground was wet, but it hadn't deterred anyone from going. The carnival was packed that night and Paul had roamed around awhile, somehow sensing he was too early to be looking for that guy again. He played a few of the games, went to a couple of attractions and whenever he saw someone he knew he made his way around them, wanting to avoid getting caught up with any of his friends.

It was late when he had made his way to the place he had gone before, the place where he cut off the public path and made his way to the back side of the vendors and gaming booths and once again he found only a few people moving back and forth through the dimly lit area. He had moved slowly, looking in every dark nook and cranny searching for the guy. He had walked twice as far as last time and didn't see him and began to think he should get back to the public side. But he couldn't give up and turned and slowly made his way back the way he had come, cutting around trucks and tents, stepping over cables as he went until he was near the place. As he approached he saw the guy come from between two trucks carrying a box to one of the booths. Paul eased forward till he was standing at the trucks where he waited for the guy to emerge from the booth.

It was only a short time and the plywood door opened up and the guy came out. At first he didn't notice Paul standing there but when Paul stood up away from the truck the guy noticed the movement and realized it was Paul. Paul looked at how the guy was dressed, a white t-shirt, smeared with dirt and grime and the same jeans from last weekend. The guy smiled and came up to Paul, so close Paul could smell his scent, the sweat of his exertions, the cigarette smoke, and something else, some masculine scent.

"Funny to see you again" the guy said.

"I...well..." Paul stammered.

"Looking for a little action?"

"Yeah" Paul whispered and the guy reached out and ran his hand over Paul's crotch making his cock come alive, begin to thicken and stretch out. Then the guy surprised Paul, reached out and took Paul's hand putting it on his own crotch.

"Feel me" the guy whispered. Paul ran his fingers over the guy's crotch, felt the soft worn denim give easily under his ministrations and he felt the guy's cock, the way it lay to the side. Paul let his fingers slide down the flap of fabric that loosely covered the zipper till he felt the hole, the one he could only see the edge, and he slipped his middle finger into it and quickly felt the bare soft flesh, the skin of the guy's sac and Paul slipped his index finger into the hole too, rubbing them around, feeling the guy's nuts slide around loosely. The guy leaned forward and put his lips to Paul's neck, nipped at the skin and ran his tongue upward till he was rimming Paul's ear. Paul tried to slip a third finger into the hole and he heard the ripping of the guy's jeans.

"You can undo my jeans and take it out" the guy sniggered as he continued to grope Paul squeezing his cock making him grow hard. Paul reached for the zipper knowing the jeans weren't buttoned pulling it down. He felt the hard cock brush by his hand as it slipped free of its confinement and the jeans fell to the guy's ankles. The guy sniggered again and pushed Paul into a dark area between trucks short stepping along with him with his jeans around his ankles. In the darkness, concealed from prying eyes Paul took the guy's cock, felt the hardness of it, the way it curved upward, and he ran his hand roughly along its length, stroking it, letting it fill his hand with its girth. Paul realized his own jeans were open, his cock out in the open when the guy pushed downward on them getting them to slip down to mid thigh. The guy stroked Paul as Paul did to him and suddenly Paul felt the guy kiss him, roughly, the contact so physical, and Paul returned the kiss letting a moan escape showing the sense of his urgency.

Then everything changed, Paul's expectations, what he had sought out was turned around and he found himself going to his knees, the guy's hand on his shoulder encouraging him to drop down. He held the guy's cock in his fist and put his tongue to the head and when he tasted the clear liquid beading up at the slit it surprised him, this odd sweetness, and he put his lips to the head and let it slip between them and into his mouth. He felt the way the cock moved over his tongue as it sank into his mouth till it pushed at the back of his throat. He did the best he could, working his mouth along the shaft, sucking the head, licking it, stroking the shaft with his fist as he did it. He heard the guy moan, then whisper to him, encouraging him onward.

"Suck it...yeah...suck my cock...fucking punk bastard..." the guy whispered and Paul did it, sucked harder, worked his mouth faster back and forth till he felt the guy's hands tighten on his shoulders, felt the rocking of the guy's hips as he began to pump his cock into Paul's mouth gagging him occasionally. "Shit...I'm going to cum...take it...take my load...cocksucker..." the guy stammered as Paul felt the cock flex in his mouth, swell up larger and suddenly his mouth flood with cum, thick, odd tasting as the guy's cock pumped through it, pushing some down his throat and some back out letting it dribble down his chin.

The guy grabbed Paul by the hair and pulled his head back as he leaned forward, kissing him roughly. The guy's tongue swirled around in his mouth tasting the load he had just dumped into it. Then he was gone. So quickly Paul found himself still on his knees, his own cock so hard it was drooling a long thin strand down to the wet ground. Paul didn't get up but stayed in the darkness as he took his cock in hand and with only a few strokes blasted his cum on the ground, thick wads flying everywhere as he stifled a moan and inhaled air in short gasps. When he finally got up he wiped cum from his chin and got his jeans back in place realizing his knees were soaking wet. He didn't care as he strolled back out into public area of the carnival heading for the exit.

That had been the first time he tasted another man's cum and now lying on the bed he thought of how many guys he had sucked off since, the way each was different, the shape of their cock, the way they liked to be manipulated and finally, the way their cum tasted. But he found something about it enticing, desirable and had to admit he even liked licking his own cum off his hand when he masturbated. And he especially liked doing what that carnival worker had done, getting someone to suck him off so he could kiss them, run his tongue in their mouth and taste his own load they were savoring just before swallowing it.

Paul felt his cock stir, felt the way it elongated, stretched out, hardening with his thoughts of sex. He let his fingers trace over it, moved it around till the head slipped under the stretched out waistband of his gym shorts and he could let his fingers stroke over the exposed flesh. The sensitive head flared up as he ran his fingers over it and he let the memory of his first time fucking a guy surface and how surprised he was when the opportunity literally lay before him.

The summer before leaving for college he had been hanging out with his friends, partying in town or going to the nearby city to movies or concerts, and over the course of those few weeks he pulled away from the girls who he had went out with in high school, the ones he got to suck him off or let him fuck, for he told himself he was going to soon be busy hooking up with college girls, but it was more complicated than that for he also thought often of the man at the carnival, the guy who sucked him off with such enthusiasm and then on his return trip, he was the one to suck cock, the one to take a load and swallow it, and he let those desires confuse him, make him question what he really wanted. For those few weeks he masturbated constantly and each time it was the image of that carnival worker and his cock that Paul would let take over his fantasy as he jerked off.

Sex remained just below the surface of his thoughts, constantly haunting him, and when the guys began to joke around about girls and sex Paul would feel a sudden bawdiness, the sense of a rebel in their midst. And he looked at each of his closest friends in ways sexual, what ifs, imagining them naked, in a setting other than the showers from PE or football practice. He looked at Ryan, short, stocky, blonde and thought of his fat cock, he looked at Matt, a solid build, average height, average in so many ways, except his personality, one outgoing, playful, with a suspicious allure and finally there was Jack, tall, strongly built but not bulging, with reddish brown hair and freckles over his shoulders and the faintest line over his nose and cheeks making him, like Paul himself, boyish in his appearance, a certain naïve charm, one so misleading.

And it was Jack who would lead Paul to discover other pleasures.

The two of them had been in Jack's room playing video games as they talked of their plans in college, the latest gossip among their friends all the while egging each other on as one, then the other, took some advantage and scored. Jack's parents had been gone and Paul recalled it was a Wednesday, or was it a Thursday? He couldn't remember, but it had been raining, which was why they were inside, Jack on the floor leaned back against his bed and Paul lying across it, his arms over the side where he could shift and move with his manipulation of the controls. Jack was wearing only jeans and Paul was wearing, he now recalled, a pair of Jack's gym shorts and t-shirt, for they had gotten caught in Jack's Jeep, the top down, doors off, when it had started to rain.

It began with Jack cheating on a reset and they began to wrestle around on the floor, laughing, calling each other names. Paul had lost his grip on Jack's arm and found himself pinned to the floor on his back, Jack on top of him. Jack's bare chest, heaving up and down, was warm against him, both worked up with their exertions and Paul felt Jack press down on his crotch and suddenly Jack realized Paul was hard, his cock bulging upward in the flimsy gym shorts and Jack looked at him with raised eye brows.

"You've got a hard on" Jack said in a low voice and Paul at first acted shocked but he looked at Jack's expression and pushed upward with his hips, lewdly.

"You are too" Paul whispered and he felt Jack run his hand downward, fingers grazing over his stomach and down between them till he felt Jack grasp his cock through the gym shorts.

"You're..." Jack began but he let the sentence remain unfinished as he leaned down and kissed Paul, quickly, just a quick touch of lips, then he jerked back, shocked at what he had done. "I'm sorry...I..." and Paul grabbed him by the back of the neck and pulled him back down, pressing their lips together, firmly, mouths opening quickly, tongues dueling, and Paul pushed his hips upward pressing his cock into Jack's hand.

Paul ran his hands over Jack's back, ran them down the smooth curve to his waist and let his fingers glide underneath the waistband and feel the bare cheeks of Jack's ass. He pulled their bodies together feeling his own arousal press against Jack. Paul knew he would have to take the lead, would be the one to keep things going, for Jack would have probably backed down, and stopped anything from going further if his anxieties were allowed to take control. Paul rolled Jack onto his back and sat up over him pulling the t-shirt off. Jack's hand rubbed over his stomach and up his bare chest, and Jack sat up, grabbed Paul by the neck and pulled himself up till he could kiss Paul, pressing their lips together. Paul ground his ass down on Jack's crotch and felt Jack's cock, hard, thick and rock solid, and he rocked over it, rubbing his ass over it, the idea of taking it, letting Jack fuck him, suddenly the only thought he could form. Jack's hand moved down and his fingers slipped behind the waistband of the shorts and freed Paul's cock, let the flared head stick up over the waistband where he manipulated it with his fingers, stroked them over the soft spongy head till it began to feel slick, wet, the precum beading up in the slit.

Paul rolled off Jack and sitting on the floor next to him, he pulled the shorts off, letting his cock flop out free, the wet head slapping up against his abdomen leaving a slick smear on his skin. Jack was working his legs free of the jeans, the soft reddish brown hair on his lower legs brushing up against Paul's naked thigh, ticklish the way only the hair touched him. For a brief moment they sat on the floor facing each other, looking at the other's erection, the way their bodies seemed to be tensed up, eager for release and Paul watched as Jack tentatively reached over and ran his hand over Paul's leg, up his bare smooth thigh till Jack's fingers brushed against his sac, combed through the small fan of pubic hair and ran lightly up the hard shaft till they were smearing the clear slick liquid beading up at the slit and Paul gasped at the touch, sitting still, watching every move of Jack's hand, savoring each touch.

"What do you want to do?" Jack asked, his voice anxious with his desire and fear all mixed together.

"What do you want?" Paul asked in reply as he let his own hand move up Jack's leg to the thick hard cock standing straight up, the shaft ram rod straight, and Paul watched the clear liquid bead up at the slit and trickle down the head thickly and he moved his hand to it quickly, grasped the head and twirled his fingers around it smearing the slick liquid over it and down the shaft. Paul looked at Jack's cock, thought about it penetrating his hole, spreading him open and every inch sinking into his body, but then he saw the look on Jack's face and suddenly everything was different. He watched Jack roll over and get on his stomach, the long body stretched out before him, the curve of his spine cascading down to the round cheeks of his ass and Paul watched as Jack spread his legs letting him see his sac squeezed out between them. Jack propped up on his elbows and looked over his shoulder back at Paul.

"Go easy...okay?" Jack whispered.

Paul moved over Jack's thigh on his knees. He held his hand under his cock, it so hard it flexed up and down in front of him as he let saliva build up in his mouth like a response to a hunger and he let it drool from his mouth and down over his cock pooling in his hand below. He rubbed it over the head and down the shaft and quickly moved over Jack, afraid to tarry for he didn't want his cock to dry and he didn't want Jack to have time to reconsider. He saw Jack turn his face toward the floor and hold his head down waiting as Paul's cock nudge up to his hole, rub over it slickly smearing spit and precum over it. Paul shifted his body into position and bore down on the virgin hole, slowly breaching its tightness, the head of his cock penetrating into the hot soft recess of Jack's tunnel. Jack rose up, cried out and Paul saw how his body shivered and the skin glisten with the sweat that beaded up on its surface. Paul held still a moment as he felt the tightness of Jack's opening squeezing his cock finally loosen, its grip slacken slightly and he pushed forward sinking inch after inch into Jack.

When Paul had his cock buried into Jack, every inch, he lay on Jack's back feeling the heat of his body, the way he quivered beneath him and he brought his mouth to the back of Jack's neck and kissed the bare skin softly, gently pressing his lips to the warm flesh.

"You okay?" Paul whispered with his lips grazing over Jack's skin.

"Yeah..." Jack whispered and Paul felt Jack push up with his hips and knew he was ready. Paul began slowly, pulling upward only an inch or so as he worked his cock in Jack's hole, slowly building up his pace, pulling upward more and more, feeling the tight ring milk his cock as it moved through it. Paul laced his fingers through Jack's and pushed down, pinning them to the floor as he rose up and began to fuck, to drive his cock into Jack, hammering away at his hole.

"'re tight..." Paul uttered as he swung his hips, every downward thrust smacking hips against ass cheeks. Paul felt Jack undulating underneath him, felt the way he moved his ass, rising up to meet his downward plunge, over and over, till both of them were sweating, breathing hard, and Paul kept up his pace, thrusting inward harder and harder till he felt his cock swell up, grow so sensitive every move consumed him. Cum surged through his cock and he shoved inward, all the way and pumped it deep into Jack filling his hole with cum. He pumped his hips a few more times feeling the way his cum made Jack's hole so slick to his sensitive cock. When he pulled out he quickly rolled Jack over and saw the wet spot on the rug and Jack's cock growing flaccid with the head slimy with cum. For a brief moment they looked at each other, and when Paul began to ask if Jack was okay they heard his parents drive up.

Paul remembered how they hadn't had a chance to talk, how for days afterward he couldn't get Jack to take his call or respond to text messages and then it was only brief replies, avoiding all mention of what they had done. It was the next summer before he was to see Jack. So for his freshman year, the way he felt thrown into this new environment and the way it suddenly took over his life in ways he hadn't considered he found himself dating girls, his mind preoccupied with his courses, making new friends, all the social activities, and so many opportunities at new experiences he couldn't filter it all nor had he acted on his sexual attractions of other guys. It had been there, always, and he found himself looking at the guys he hung out, guys on his floor of the dorm and those he passed on campus daily, but it would be half way through spring semester before he acted on this sexual attraction.

Paul pushed his shorts down his legs, worked his legs to get them to slide down to his ankles and he kicked them off, sending them flying across the room. Naked, he lay there, slowly stroking his cock, his hand moving smoothly up the shaft and over the head and he pushed his head back closed his eyes and savored the feel of his hand on his cock and the sensation triggered his memory of that spring semester, his first time with a guy in college. It was a guy in his English class, this guy with an Australian accent, in the states on some kind of scholarship studying microbiology and he was one of the guys Paul watched with desire.

Oliver Martin, about Paul's height, nice build the way his t-shirts fit tight to his upper chest and hung loose around the waist, his hair long, down to his shoulders, typically pulled back into a ponytail and when he stood his jeans were tight showing off his round ass and Paul had noticed, noticed all of him. Paul fantasized about fucking Oliver, fantasized of having him on his hands and knees taking cock up the ass as Paul pulled on that ponytail.

Paul thought he was discrete, thought the way the girls in class swooned over Oliver would hide the fact he was just as attracted to him, had the same desires, but midway through the semester Oliver caught him looking at him in such a daze Paul hadn't realized Oliver was looking back at him. Oliver smiled and winked and Paul realized he had been caught and turned away, blushing at his recklessness. But he felt relieved, a sense that if something was possible it could now happen and he found himself glancing over at Oliver and from time to time he met Oliver's eyes.

After class Paul lingered behind, put his books away slowly as he watched out of the corner of his eye the usual antics of one girl or another trying to get Oliver to ask them out or to agree to come over to their apartment and Paul suddenly realized Oliver was always begging off, never committed to any proposal. It seemed futile to wait for Oliver to get free of the girl who had him cornered that day and he headed to the door thinking he'd try to catch him before their next class. He was almost out the door when he heard his name called out in that familiar accent.

"Paul, wait up will you?" Oliver said across the room.

"Okay" Paul replied as he tried not to smile, thinking 'not this time bitches'.

They had spent the rest of the day together, first at a little tavern near the campus and finally going to a popular restaurant before they ended up back at Oliver's apartment. There were no cat or mouse games, no rituals to act their way through, for as soon as they got inside and the door barely latched Oliver had Paul against it, lips pressed to lips, hands roaming over bodies, tugging on clothes till both were naked and Paul was stroking Oliver's cock in the same slow rhythm Oliver was using on him.

Paul remembered how he knew this was it, the moment he would get his ass fucked and it'd be by this Aussie and the long thin cock he had held in his hands, stroking it till the clear drool fell from the head and down to the floor.

"I wanna fuck you."

Oliver had said it, stated what he wanted, and Paul found he wanted it too, felt an inner desire that wanted Oliver to penetrate him and he followed Oliver to his bedroom, watched him throw back the bed covers, then playfully toss him down on it. For Paul everything happened so fast, the touching, the kissing and fondling until he was on his back Oliver holding him by the ankles bending him over double till his ass was upturned and Oliver's long thin cock was rubbing along the valley of his ass, moving over his hole and stroking his desires. When Oliver's cock centered on his hole, pressed against its tightness Paul inhaled deeply and took Oliver, took every inch as Oliver eased his cock into him till Paul felt their bodies come together. Oliver fucked with a steady rhythm, unhurried for a long time, just pumping his cock into Paul, deeply sinking into his hole on every downward thrust. Paul lay back, holding his ankles for a long time feeling every inch of Oliver move through his hole.

"Fuck me" Paul uttered as he let his legs slip around Oliver's waist and his arms around Oliver's neck, hugging their bodies together, feeling the movement of each one as they undulated in their fuck. Paul's cock was so hard every rub of Oliver's body against it made it leak more. Paul pushed his ass upward taking Oliver's cock, all of it, pushing for every inch, and Oliver began to pump his hips faster, to drive into Paul harder till the bed rocked obscenely, banging into the wall and squeaking with the motion of their fuck.

Oliver opened Paul up, bore into his soul, and Paul threw his arms over his head, closed his eyes and savored every sensation, every move on top of him until he couldn't take it any longer and he came, pumping cum between their bodies, the thick wads smearing between them slickly as Oliver suddenly began to hammer his hole, to jam his cock in short hard thrusts into him and he rose up shoving his cock hard into Paul.

"OHHH FUCK...I'm coming" Oliver cried out and he pumped his hips a few more times emptying himself into Paul.

Paul stroked his cock as he remembered how the rest of that spring was so incredible with many afternoons spent at Oliver's apartment getting his ass fucked. He often wondered why things didn't develop further between them and if it was he who moved on first or was it Oliver for in hindsight it seemed as if the two of them just drifted apart and one day the next spring he saw Oliver with another guy heading across campus and it amused him, made him realize how he had moved on too.

The summer was half over before he finally ran into Jack and it was awkward at first but Jack finally admitted his sense of guilt at what they had done, how he had been dating since then, Shelley who was a year behind them in school. Jack couldn't admit how he liked what happened, how he had wanted it and in the end he made it clear, unspoken as it was, he didn't want to have anything to do with Paul and made Paul promise not to ever tell.

Even now he felt that knot in his stomach at what Jack had said and how he had walked away and Paul reflected on how the rest of the summer he became bolder, went in search of other guys who wanted to hook up. He found the social sites that gave him the avenues he was seeking and he soon found himself meeting guys regularly, getting sucked or doing the sucking and on occasion going further, bending some guy over and penetrating him, thrusting his cock into their hole, screwing around till he thought he was satisfied but within days he was in search of sex again. He hooked up with some of the girls in his hometown, took them out to the old logging road where he fucked them the way he liked to be fucked, hard, physical and he scared some of them and others he made cry out and cling to him as they tried to catch their breaths afterwards. After weeks of going from one person to the next he found he was more than ready for his sophomore year to begin.

Paul lay there remembering how his sophomore year was just a blur of events. His classes were the toughest, making him spend many hours at his desk or in the library and he found he was partying with the guys in the dorm more than before, and his new roommate, Nick, was the kind of guy Paul found no sexual attraction. Nick was attractive but something about his attitude was just too much, the way he carried himself, the way he went on about partying and girls. Paul thought about how it was probably a good thing for if Nick had been game with the attitude he had at the beginning of the year he knew it could have gotten out of hand. So when spring arrived Paul found himself dating Kathy and for a while he thought maybe, just maybe she could be the one. The one to tame his wild side, to provide him a stable life and they dated for a month. But he was restless and knew Kathy really wasn't the one and he began to go out late at night and to places on campus he knew were risky. The park behind the agriculture department just before closing, the men's room in the basement of the library, the one tucked in behind a stair shaft and he even went out to a porn store in the city, one with video booths in back. In the park he reciprocated, sucked the other guys off and even bent over once for one guy who's cock reminded him of Oliver's long thin cock. In the library he fed one hungry mouth after the next and on a few occasions found himself on his knees sucking each cock that came through the hole. It was the porn shop that scared him, the type of guys who came into the place, and when he had been inside roaming the narrow corridors and looking into booths where guys left the door open he saw everything; cock sucking, guys pushed up against the wall, pants down around their ankles taking it in the ass and he saw guys just standing in the booth, pants around their ankles stroking their cocks till they shot cum across the floor. He had gone to the store a few times and each time would eventually go into a booth and let some anonymous mouth suck him off. But by the end of the semester Paul realized he was looking for more, needed it to be more than just a fuck and he wondered if he could really accept the realities of what that entailed.

Paul ran his hand over his bare chest as he thought of last summer and how it was the worst. He heard about Jack getting married after the fact and was hurt not to be invited and so he spent the rest of the summer just hanging around his home watching movies, playing games and going out occasionally with one of his old buddies from high school. He had wanted the summer to end as fast as possible and instead it dragged on for an eternity. By the time he got back to college he was wound up tight and he went on a tear, fucking everything in sight; boy and girl. When his new roommate was gone one weekend was when he hooked up with the woman who wanted to be tied up. He couldn't remember her name but he'd never forget how much she wanted him to dominate her, to use her for his pleasure and he fucked her till the bottle of lube was empty and his cock was sore.

After several weeks the fog in his mind lifted and he found himself lying on his bed watching his roommate study. Justin was a sophomore who was in art or graphic design or something similar. Paul wasn't sure for they rarely talked. Justin had been in one of the other dorms, one across campus in an older section of student housing, but for some reason he was in their dorm now. He was gone most of the time in some studio class. Justin was quiet, didn't have any friends in the building and Paul wasn't sure if he had any at all for he seemed to always be alone and never talked of any social life on campus.

Paul had studied Justin, like he was a case study or some exhibit, something to analyze. Paul at first didn't think much of him, not sexually anyway, for Justin was so slim, and being tall, taller than Paul or most of the guys on the floor, being skinny made his height seem more pronounced. Justin was fair skinned with some natural tone, and when Paul had seen him getting dressed he couldn't help but notice how boyish his body looked, the lack of definition along his torso, the lack of body hair, his underarm's practically bare and his legs and arms were so smooth it made Justin look like he was in his early teens, not someone who recently turned twenty.

But as the semester progressed Paul found himself trying to include Justin in his social life, inviting him to movies, dinner or just hanging out in town and slowly, over time Justin began to go along, to open up about himself. He was from Little Rock, the youngest of three and Paul learned other menial aspects of Justin's life. But Justin always avoided anything personal, never seemed to be dating anyone, never joked about sex, or messing around, or even commented on what some of the others said in their bravado. And this intrigued Paul, made him want to know, caused him to be friendlier. But through the fall semester Justin kept a wall up around himself, never letting Paul, or anyone else, get really close. For Paul, it made Justin enticing, a growing allure about the guy, someone he began to let into his fantasies when he masturbated.

Paul lay on his bed letting all these thoughts ramble around in his head, he filtering through them, bringing himself to understand how he had felt about Jack and how it had hurt to be rejected and then see Jack move on with his life, and he remembered the girls he dated, the ones he had been serious and how it always seemed unfulfilling in the end. Then he thought about the sex, just the sex, and he began to masturbate his hard cock, to stroke it with a tight fist, it slickly sliding up and down his cock. He thought of the guys he had had sex, the things they had done, and he lay back, eyes closed and he found himself picturing Justin, tall, skinny, never letting him see him completely naked, always wearing boxers, but he visualized the many times he had watched the crotch of Justin's boxers, watched the movement within them as Justin moved, slipping his legs into shorts or jeans and he let the fantasy of touching Justin take over his thoughts as his hand moved vigorously on his cock.

Paul hadn't heard the door open, lost in his fantasy, lying naked on his bed stroking his cock.

"OH SHIT" Justin exclaimed and Paul suddenly realized he wasn't alone.

"Oh...I'm...." Paul stammered as he rolled upright and put his hand over his cock trying to conceal this erection.

"I'm sorry...I should have knocked...or..." Justin was stammering.

Paul began to snigger, as he shook his head.

" caught me and you don't have to knock to come into your own room, and I hope you don't feel weird about catching me" Paul said as he saw Justin slowly ease the door completely closed. "I mean...we all do it, right?"

Justin at first just stood there and slowly he nodded his head and then he smiled, knowingly.

"Although when you have the opportunity with your schedule I have no idea" Paul said sarcastically.

"Ahh...well..." Justin stammered and he bent over and picked up Paul's gym shorts. Paul thought Justin was going to toss them over but Justin just held them, his fingers kneading the soft fabric and Paul suddenly grew bold. He lay back and let his hand run up his partially erect cock, tugging on it seductively. Justin watched him wide eyed and Paul noticed how Justin was raising his hand with the shorts.

"You wouldn't care if I finished what I started would you?" Paul asked and he saw Justin shake his head. "You want to join know...give yourself some relief?" Paul asked and he saw Justin just stand there for a moment, then slowly he brought the shorts up to his nose and Paul watched Justin inhale the scent within them and it made his cock grow fully erect.

"Come here" Paul said and Justin eased over to the side of his bed, his arms held straight down, the gym shorts still in one hand. Paul saw the timid nature of Justin's shyness and he reached out slowly and ran his hand over the front of Justin's jeans, over his hips and crotch, squeezing, fingers digging into the fabric manipulating the growing erection confined within them. Paul sat up swinging his legs around and pulled Justin up between them as he began to unfasten the jeans, slip the button free and pull the zipper down till he saw the bulging boxers beneath.

"Is this okay?" Paul asked and Justin nodded his head as he watched Paul fondle his cock through the boxers. Paul leaned forward and put his mouth to the bulge and he manipulated it from head to base, worked his mouth over it till the boxers were nearly transparent in their wetness. Paul lifted up Justin's shirt and looked at him imploringly and Justin understood, taking his shirt by the tail and lifting it over his head. Paul ran his hands over the slim torso, rubbed over the small nipples feeling the erect center slide over his palm. Justin inhaled deeply as Paul caressed his skin, ran hands over his chest, stomach and down his sides. Paul brought his hands down Justin's sides feeling how thin he was, the way Justin's torso fit within his hands and when he got down to Justin's waist he grasped the jeans and boxers and slipped them down his legs till they fell freely to the floor.

Justin's cock stood up at a rigid angle, the arrow shaped head pointing up at Paul and slowly, as it flexed up and down, a bead of clear liquid pooled at the slit. Paul grasped Justin's cock by the base and licked the head, swirling his tongue over it. Justin moaned at the touch as he balled his hands into fist and his body tensed up. Paul brought the spongy head to his lips and let it slip between them.

"Ohhhh..." Justin exhaled as he felt Paul's mouth slide down his rigid cock. Paul knew Justin was close and he worked his mouth up and down Justin's cock only a few times before he pulled off. It was too soon, and Paul wanted it to last. He slid over on the bed and holding Justin's hand led him to follow, getting Justin to lie next to him. Paul moved on top and he felt Justin shift his legs, spread them apart letting him slip down between them as he ground his rigid cock along the side of Justin's cock. Justin's legs wrapped around his legs and Justin's arms came around his neck hugging him tightly. Justin suddenly came to life, was no longer rigid, timid in his movements, and he undulated beneath Paul, pushed up with his hips clinging to Paul, desperate, aroused, wanting Paul's sex.

"Do me...put it in me...please..." Justin pleaded, his voice hoarse. Justin wrapped his legs around Paul's waist turning his ass upward. Paul barely moved and found his cock nestled against Justin's hole, pressing against it, feeling its tightness. "Please" Justin moaned and Paul pushed forward and felt his cock penetrate the tight hole, felt how it squeezed his cock as he pushed inch after inch into it.

Paul fucked slowly, pulled his cock slowly upward and sank it back in gently, over and over, hearing how each time Justin grunted, moaned and clung to him. Paul felt how Justin shivered with every penetrating push inward and felt the way Justin pushed up with his hips taking every inch. Justin's body grew hot beneath Paul, his movements more animated and Paul began to fuck harder, increase his rhythm and Justin took it, every thrust, pleading, begging for Paul to fuck him.

Paul rose up over him and began to piston his cock with urgency, to drive it into Justin hard, their bodies slapping together until he felt cum surge through his cock and he shoved inward hard pumping his load deep into Justin. Paul jabbed his cock inward over and over, each ejaculation pushed in deep until he was spent and he collapsed on top of Justin, heaving for breath and he realized he was sweating, his body hot against Justin.

Paul leaned up and kissed Justin, lips pressed firmly to lips. Justin wrapped his arms around Paul and rolled him over, put him on his back. Justin slipped down between Paul's legs, put his arms underneath Paul's thighs and lifted them up and pushed forward folding Paul in half raising his ass, turning it upward. Paul was surprised at Justin's sudden aggressiveness and he lay back grabbing the head board as he pushed his ass up offering himself up, encouraging Justin to take him. Paul felt Justin nudge up to his hole, felt him press against it and when he pushed back he felt Justin penetrate, felt the way he was stretched open and Justin sliding into him.

Justin held Paul down on the bed as he pumped his hips, driving his cock into Paul's hole. His long skinny body moved aggressively, hips moving up and down faster and faster, his fuck urgent. Paul felt the drops of sweat rain down on him, felt the heat between them, the way every touch was slick, wet and hot.

"Fuck me...fuck me..." Paul urged and he closed his eyes and savored the way Justin was moving over him...and in him. Justin was soon breathing hard, driving his cock inward in hard thrusts and when he cried out he came, pumping his load until he was spent and his cock was so sensitive he couldn't fuck another stroke and he slipped out of Paul and fell down next to him. They lay for a long time, their breathing slowly returning to normal and their skin feeling the cooling effects of their sweat evaporating away. Paul caressed Justin's arm, ran his hand over the flat chest and down the undulating stomach and he realized how much he had been wanting this.

Only a couple of days had passed when Paul found himself lying on his bed watching Justin study at his desk, as he had so many times before, but this time was different. Paul laid on his bed naked, his cock flaccid and his hole still tingling with their fuck and Justin sat at his desk naked letting Paul scan over every inch of his tall lanky body, the smooth skin, the angular aspect of his frame, and his long arms and legs. Paul lay there thinking he'd let Justin study for a couple of hours or so and then he'd lure him back to bed. He'd be ready by then, ready to feel Justin's cock in his mouth and in his ass, ready to feel Justin take him, suck his cock and then take his fuck, each feeling the pleasure of the other.



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