Mallor's home was even more impressive on the inside than it looked on the outside. It was two-stories, and in it was a home-theater system, a fully equipped gym, and even an Olympic swimming pool that was on the outside under an indestructible glass dome.

Cam followed Mallor through the ship on the search for Mallor's son.

"Venn!" Mallor called out, his hands cupped around his mouth to help carry his voice, "Where are you?"

But there came no answer.

"What the hell?" Mallor muttered, "Something's not right here."

And he was right about that. As soon as they had entered the living room, which had a screen that made up the whole wall and a crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling, they were both struck over the head, rendering them unconscious.

After an unknown amount of time later, Cam awoke face-down on a cold hard floor in a pitch dark room, his hands cuffed together behind his back. Judging by the low roar of engines, he could tell he was on a ship that was flying at high speed. He attempted to get himself up to his knees, but as he tried, his head throbbed from the blow to the head he had received.

After groaning from the pain, he heard a voice calling to him from inside the room. "Cam? Is that you?"

"Mallor?" he called back, "Are you there?"

"Yeah, urgh, I'm here."

"Where are we? What the hell happened?"

"I don't know, and I can't tell where we are; my hands are tied up."

"Mine too."

Just then, a door opened, pouring light inside, allowing Cam the ability to see in his small cell. Mallor was on the opposite end of the room, sitting back against the wall with his hands behind his back, stripped naked the same as Cam. A tall lean-bodied Reptilian male in a maroon-colored uniform was standing in the doorway.

"Good, you're both awake," he said, his voice monotone, "Time to go."

Two more uniformed men, identical to the first one, then entered and pulled Mallor and Cam to their feet, pushing them forward and leading them down a long hallway into a vast room, the control room, to be exact, where they were forced onto their knees. Standing before them with his arms behind his back, dressed in a maroon-colored uniform, that of a commanding officer, was an eight-foot tall, large-muscled Reptilian male. His entire body was covered in an armor of green scales, except for his face and abdomen, which was smooth yellowy-green skin. His face was frighteningly handsome, perfectly chiseled features and a strong square jaw, adorned with a number of gold piercings, two in each brow and three in his bottom lip.

"Mallor," he said, his smooth lipless mouth twisting into a malevolent grin, "What a pleasure to see you again."

"General Zaxxon," Mallor responded in a near growl, glaring up at the man from under his thick eyebrows, the yellow of his eyes glowing like fire, "This is hardly a pleasurable visit, seeing how we're here against our will and all. And besides, I thought I killed you."

"So you thought," Zaxxon chuckled, "But I'm glad to disappoint you."

"Where's my son?" Mallor barked, "Where's Venn?"

"Your son?" Zaxxon responded with a snarl, delivering a swift kick to Mallor's stomach that was so hard that it knocked the wind right out of him, "He was supposed to be mine, but you stole him from me the day you and your comrades left me for dead. You thought you could take him and go into hiding and keep him all to yourself, didn't you? You would have probably succeeded too, had you not left your ship unattended, allowing me to lock onto its coordinates."

"Where is he?!" Mallor growled, wheezing.

"He is safe, for now," Zaxxon answered, his wicked grin returned to his face, "He is in my home now, still sleeping soundly, I'm sure, from the sedative I had given him. He certainly put up quite a fit. He's become quite a strong young man. It will give me all the more pleasure to break him."

"You will keep your filthy, scaly fucking hands off of him!" Mallor roared. His arms suddenly broke apart his chains, his rage fueling his already great strength, and he leapt through the air straight for Zaxxon.

Cam followed suit and used his tail to grab the guard behind him, wrapping it around his throat, and hurl him across the room. He then quickly was able to pull his cuffed hands under his legs to bring them to his front, enabling his to punch and bash every single guard that came at him.

At the same time, just as Mallor was mere inches from Zaxxon, the giant lizard nonchalantly dipped his hand into a small leather bag that was tied around his waist, scooped out a small amount of glittering purple powder on his fingers, and blew it free from his hand, expelling a thick cloud of dust directly in Mallor's face. The dust temporarily blinded him and caused him to fall to the floor at Zaxxon's feet, groaning and gripping his head, suddenly feeling strangely disoriented.

In the midst of Cam's fighting off his captors, he didn't see as one of them snuck up and was able to knock his feet out from under him, sending him crashing down under his own weight. Before he could get back up, Zaxxon strode over to him and blew some of the purple dust into his face as well, flooding his nostrils and bringing tears to his eyes. Since neither Zaxxon nor any of his men had any nostrils, they were completely unaffected by it.

"What..." he coughed, choking slightly on the noxious puff, "What is that shit? My head... cough... my head feels..."

"Obedience gas, my dear young Felinoid," Zaxxon replied, "This will allow you to be a little bit more, shall we say, agreeable. Now, cease your resisting, and allow my men to cuff your hands back behind your back."

One of Zaxxon's men then unlocked the cuffs around Cam's wrists, pulling his arms behind his back and re-cuffing them again. To Cam's amazement, he was completely unable to fight back against them. Zaxxon was right, he was totally compliant, no longer having the ability to resist.

"And since you've proven yourself to be such a nuisance," Zaxxon continued, taking a seat in one of the empty chairs available, "I think it only fair that you repay us the old fashioned way, with your body. Men, set the autopilot. Do with him all you wish."

Zaxxon's men did as commanded. They turned on the ship's autopilot and eagerly stripped themselves of their garbs, swarming in around the bound and helpless Cam.

"You," Zaxxon then said, pointing to Mallor, then curling his finger in a beckoning sign, "Come here."

Though reluctant to obey any orders from this man, Mallor was forced to do so. He began to push himself up onto his feet, but was stopped.

"No!" Zaxxon interjected, "Do not walk! Get on your hands and knees, and crawl on over to me."

Mallor's body acted on command, and he growled at his inability to fight back as his legs buckled under him on their own accord, bringing him down on all fours, then moving him forward until he was at Zaxxon's feet.

"Good puppy," Zaxxon snickered, scratching Mallor's chin with his index claw, "Now be a good boy, and sit by my feet, and enjoy the show."

Mallor did as he was told and sat on the floor between Zaxxon's legs, the man's sharp fingers petting his head, though it felt more like he was clawing at them, forced to sit idly by and watch as the horny horde of males had their way with Cam.

They had him face down on the floor. One held his head by his hair while another shoved his dick into his mouth.

"Goddam!" he grunted, "This guy's got such a hot mouth!"

"Let me try!" another one standing beside him said.

So the two took turns fucking Cam's mouth, even trying to shove both in at once.

Behind him, a guard pulled his rear up by yanking up on his tail until he was on his knees with his ass up in the air.

"Fuckin' great ass too, hehehe," he chuckled. He then pulled Cam's butt cheeks apart while another fell to licking and probing the tiny hole with his snake tongue, getting it wet before sliding the first two fingers of both hands in at the same time, stretching the tight orifice open unmercifully until it gaped.

The ones that weren't holding or fucking one of Cam's holes had their hands all over the rest of his body, feeling and squeezing the hard furry muscles. There were a few hands that were rolling and torturously squeezing his balls, and were grabbing and tugging on his cock, rubbing their thumbs along his already leaking slit.

"See how many more fingers you can get up there," the one holding Cam's ass open suggested.

The one stretching him went to using one hand and slid in a third finger, then a fourth going up past his knuckles.

"Come on! Let's see him take a fist!" one of the men fucking Cam's mouth bellowed.

And he did just that. He was able to add his thumb and soon had his entire fist inside Cam's ass.

"Fuck yeah!"

"Look how fucking hard he is!" one exclaimed, grabbing and twisting Cam's cock, which was now hard as a rock. He hated to admit it, but he was truly enjoying all this rough physical treatment he was being forced to endure.

"He really likes getting his ass stuffed, doesn't he? Hahaha!"

"Keep fisting him, I wanna see him cum!" the one with Cam's cock in his hand said.

"My pleasure," the fister grinned, pumping his fist deeper and deeper inside Cam's stretched hole while the other guard jerked and slurped on Cam's cock, his other hand grabbing and pulling on his balls. Cam was grunting and groaning around the two dicks stuffed in his mouth, his face dripping with sweat, as one guy was shoving his enormous fist up his ass almost halfway up his forearm while the other was sucking him off. All of it was quickly getting him worked up, and it didn't take long before he finally shot off.

"Aw fuck yeah!" they all shouted, "Hell Yeah!"

Just as Cam began to cum, the guy sucking him pulled off so that it could shoot all over his face, his mouth hung open so as to catch some in it. A couple others moved so as to get a taste of the Felinoid's hot load as well.

Seeing Cam shoot plus the vibrations his moans sent through his cock, the guy who was fucking his mouth felt his own orgasm building up as well. He held his head by the back of his neck to keep him still as he shoved his dick balls deep in his throat, flooding his esophagus with warm semen. Cam swallowed down as much of it as he could, taking quick, rapid gulps, but it came in such heavy torrents that he began to choke, drowning in it. Panting and spent, the guy pulled his cock out of Cam's mouth. He was only able to get a couple of breaths before the other guy finished fucking his mouth as well. Luckily for Cam, he pulled out at the last second so he could cum all over his face, while the one who had just finished held his mouth open, forcing him to eat it as well. After he was done shooting, the guard slid his soft dick back into Cam's mouth so he could suck the last of his cum out, then stepped aside so that the next ones who wanted his mouth could have their turn.

"Damn, look how open he is!" one of the guards proclaimed as the one fisting Cam pulled his arm free, leaving Cam's hole a wide, gaping crater.

"I guess I better fill him back up," the fister chuckled as he rose to his knees and slid his thick cock in Cam's ass down to the hilt in a single easy thrust.

"God DAMN!" he grunted as he brutally pounded Cam's sore, stretched hole, gripping his shoulders and bowing his back at a ninety degree angle so the three who now stood before him could take turns with his mouth, "Even after taking a fist and a whole arm, he's still nice and TIGHT!"

One of the guards undid Cam's cuffs so that he could use his hands to jerk the dicks that he wasn't occupying his mouth with. The guard fucking him removed his hands from his shoulders so he could widen Cam's mouth with his fingers, allowing the three men to shove all their cocks in his mouth at once.

While Cam's holes were getting stuffed, another three guards were below, two sharing his cock, licking up and down the shaft and slurping the swollen purple head while the third was squeezing and sucking his heavy balls, bringing him to another climax. The two who were sucking on his cock caught it in their mouths and swapped it between each other's mouths and the third as they kissed.

Feeling Cam's ass muscles constricting around his cock from his orgasm, the guard fired off a load deep in Cam's guts. He gave a couple final pumps before pulling his cock free, allowing the next guy access to shove his dick in Cam's hot, tight ass, the semen left by the previous guard providing the perfect lubrication.

Meanwhile, Zaxxon sat idly back in his seat, enjoying the sight of the gorgeous Felinoid male getting gang-banged by his men. When he looked down at Mallor, he saw that the man's cock was standing fully erect and throbbing.

"Come sit on my lap, pup," Zaxxon told him, patting his right knee in an invitation.

Mallor obediently crawled up onto Zaxxon's lap, positioned so that his back was against Zaxxon's chest, his head on his shoulder.

"And keep your hands behind your back," he was next ordered.

"Are you enjoying the show, soldier?" Zaxxon asked him. But Mallor refused to give him any reply. His impertinence was responded with Zaxxon painfully twisting Mallor's nipples, causing him to howl at the top of his lungs.

"When I ask you a question," Zaxxon hissed in his ear, "you answer me. Now I'll ask again: Are? You? Enjoying? The show?"

"Grrrr," Mallor groaned, unable to resist him, "Yes. I am."

"Heh heh, yes, I can see that. Your cock is already oozing," he remarked as Mallor's cock began to leak precum that beaded forth from his piss slit, running down the length of his penis. As much as he needed to touch it, Mallor was utterly incapable of moving his arms from behind his back.

'Son of a fuckin' bitch!' Mallor swore in his head, 'Fucking obedience gas! I'm so fucking hard but I can't move my fucking hands! Damn it!'

"You want me to touch it, don't you?" he then whispered in his ear, his voice low and husky, one hand stroking and tweaking Mallor's stiff nipple while his other was very slowly rubbing up his inner thigh.

As much as it sickened him to admit, this lizard bastard, whom he despised with every fiber in his being, was turning him on big time. The way he was touching him and his sexy-as-hell voice whispering in his ear, coupled with Cam getting the fucked silly by fifty guys at once just a few feet in front of him, it was giving him the hard-on of his life, and he needed to get off badly! And as much as he hated himself for saying it, he needed to get off, no matter who was doing it for him.

"Y-Yes," Mallor groaned, "Yes, I need you to touch me."

Zaxxon chuckled maliciously at Mallor's complicity as he continued to slide his hand up his inner thigh, moving up until he made it to Mallor's balls, rolling them around in his hand and tugging the skin between his fingers.

"Mmmmhh!" Mallor moaned, tortured by Zaxxon's hands playing with his balls instead of what he needed him to, "Come on, jerk me off already! I told ya you can touch me!"

"Was that an order?" Zaxxon asked as he torturously squeezed on Mallor's nuts, "Because you are certainly in no position to be giving any. Now, if you need me to jerk you so badly, just say please, and I will consider it."

"Urrrgh!" Mallor groaned at the thought of actually having to beg the son of a bitch, but he was right, he was in no position, "P-please."

"What was that? Say it again, dog."

"P-please, jerk me off! Please! I need to fuckin' get off so fuckin' bad! PLEASE!"

"Since you said please..."

With that, Zaxxon wrapped his hand around Mallor's swollen member and began to slowly pump his fist up and down his shaft, while before them, things were getting rougher for Cam. While one of the guards was fucking Cam's ass, another grabbed a hold of his tail and stuck it into his hole as well, double-penetrating him with his tail plus the guard's dick. This inspired the guard fucking him to hoist him up by holding him under his thighs so that another could step up and stuff his cock up into Cam's ass alongside his fellow guard's cock and Cam's tail.

"AHH! P-Please, no!" Cam cried out in complaint, "Not at once! I ca... I can't...!"

"Shut the fuck up!" the guard adding his meat to Cam's ass barked, "You can take it!"

Cam's complaining was further silenced by a guard gripping his hair and twisting his head to the side and shoving his cock down his throat. His cries and choking and gagging only served as further encouragement for the horny reptiles. The sight served to get Mallor even hotter, and it felt good having another person's hand beating his meat while he watched, even if it was the hand of his mortal enemy.

"Such an impressive hunk of meat you have, soldier," Zaxxon commented on the penis in his hand, "So long and thick. I particularly love the sight of your foreskin peeling and retracting over the head. It's as gorgeous as the rest of your body, especially when erect. It feels good having my hand stroking it, doesn't it?"

"Uhhhh, yeah," Mallor answered in a moan, "Yeah... it does. Your hand feels so fuckin' good jerkin' on my cock."

"I bet you want to cum, don't you, pup? You'd like me to jerk you and milk your cock dry, wouldn't you?"

"Oh god, yes! I wanna cum so bad," Mallor moaned, already feeling his balls tighten, his load already building up, "I want you to make me cum! I'm so fucking close already!"

"Mmmh, but don't cum yet though," Zaxxon purred in his ear, his hand on Mallor's cock slightly tightening its grip, slowing its pace to a near snail-pace, his other hand sliding down Mallor's ridged stomach to rub his balls, "You will not climax without my permission. Not ever."

"Ohhhh fuuuck," Mallor groaned, "I'm so fucking close! The way you keep fuckin' touching me like you are... I'm gonna fucking blow! Aohhh FUCK!"

Just as Mallor reached that peak, Zaxxon ceased his stroking and merely held his cock by the base, not allowing Mallor to shoot just yet. This continued on for what felt like days.

While Cam was still getting fucked by two cocks at once, the guy fucking him from behind lied on his back, pulling Cam down with him so his back was lying on his chest, his legs raised up and his ankles on the shoulders of the second guy fucking him. The guard beneath him raised Cam's still-hard cock so that it stuck up in the air, while another guard threw his legs so his feet stood at either side of Cam's waist. That guard then bent his legs into a crouch, sinking his ass down on Cam's cock, while another straddled Cam's chest and fucked his mouth. Another guard joined in by sucking off the one riding Cam's cock; this mass juncture thus created one giant sex machine.

As Mallor continued to be forced to watch Cam get his brains fucked out, Zaxxon kept edging him off, jerking and pumping his cock at varying speeds depending on Mallor's closeness to orgasm, his spare hands roaming all over the rest of his body, feeling his hard, well-formed muscles, rubbing and squeezing and stretching his hairy balls, stroking and pinching his nipples, all while he licked his neck and ear, sometimes snaking his tongue inside. This had to be the most exquisite torture that Mallor had ever been put through. He himself had often enjoyed getting the guys he fucked worked up like he was being now, but he never really got to experience anything this truly mind-blowing before. His testicles were beginning to grow sore, and his cockhead was practically gushing precum like a fountain now; being witness to the massive orgy being enacted before him further magnified his need to ejaculate.

"Ohh god, Zaxxon, please," Mallor wheezed, his body hunched and tense, his cheeks soaked with tears brought on by this sweet agony he was enduring, "I can't... I can't... take... any... any more! I'm begging you... please, PLEASE... let me cum! PLEEEASE!"

"Does my puppy need to shoot his load?" Zaxxon whispered, low and deep and seductive in his ear, "Hmmm?"


"Very well. Since you clearly need it so badly, I will allow you the satisfaction. Now, go ahead and stroke yourself," Zaxxon told him, "Jerk your cock and play with your nuts to your little heart's content. But do not cum until I say so, understand?"


'Oh thank fucking GOD!' Mallor practically shouted inside his head as he took hold of his cock and began squeezing and jerking himself, his other hand rolling and squeezing his swollen, aching balls.

"Look at me," Zaxxon then ordered him, "Look me in the eyes, dog."

Mallor did so, turning his head so that he could look straight into those dark slits inside the yellow orbs. Zaxxon then pulled Mallor back against his chest, his hands holding him by his waist, pulling him close so that he could feel Zaxxon's enormous hard-on pressing up through the fabric of his uniform against Mallor's ass.

"Do you feel this?" he purred, almost growled, his eyes burning into Mallor's as he spoke, as he humped up against him, "When we arrive at my home, I am going to make you my personal slave, my own little puppy dog. I will perform all manner of perverse sexual acts on your perfect body. I will stuff your sweet ass with my giant cock every day and every night. At first you may not enjoy it, but in no time at all, you will long to be able to service me. You will plead and whine and beg to have me inside you. You will learn to love every single moment we share together. Now, CUM!"

Mallor was both mortified and enraged by Zaxxon's words. He was no one's bitch, and never would he become one, least of all to him of all people.

Despite his revulsion, Mallor was unable to stop from shooting his load that had been built up for the last several hours.

"That's it," Zaxxon whispered with wicked approval as Mallor's cock expelled stream after stream after stream of hot jizz, "Cum for me, my puppy."

Mallor was quickly painted white from head to toe with his own juice. A couple spare globs hit Zaxxon's own face. His long tongue extended to lick it off himself.

"Mmmh," he moaned, "My, your sperm is quite delicious. It will make it all the sweeter to own you.

"Now, get the fuck off of me," he then ordered, shoving Mallor off his lap, leaving him to collapse in a cummy heap on the floor beneath his feet, "Be a good dog and lie there until we arrive at our home. In the mean time, I'll continue to enjoy the sight of your Felinoid friend being violated by my men. He certainly is a fine specimen. Though, not as fine as Venn. Now that is a beautiful young man; the model of perfection, he is. It won't be long before I turn him into a greater cock-hungry slut than this one here. It will give me great pleasure to break him in. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

As Mallor lay on the ground, soaked in cum, listening to the sound of grunts and moans and slaps of Cam getting gang-fucked by Zaxxon's men, his whole body shook. Zaxxon presumed to think he was trembling from fear and sorrow of the knowledge of his and Venn's fate, but it was truly out of pure, unadulterated fury. It was one thing for him to become enslaved, but when it came to his son, he was not going to sit back and allow this sadistic lizard freak to get his claws on him, much less in him. No matter what would happen to him, he was not going to let the boy he rescued, cared for, loved more than anything else in the universe, fall into the hands of the very man he had saved him from. He didn't know how yet, but he was going to get Venn, Cam, and himself out of this, no matter what the risks.



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