While Locus was whoring himself out on Suktamimus, Cam was busy himself. During his planet-to-planet search for a way to return his lost Sektan lover to him, he paid his way by stripping in the clubs. Though his once smooth body and uncut penis had made him rather popular before, his newly-altered physique, his hairy masculine muscles and his cut cock, courtesy of the excruciating procedure given by Dr. Pupae, made him even more so! Every night he performed, there would be a line of horny men that went down to the end of the street, all of them eager to get an up close viewing of the hot hung Felinoid prancing around onstage.

One night, during a dance, Cam had noticed a most unusual member of the audience sitting right in the front row. It was a Caninoid, a species descended from dogs, like the Felinoids were from cats. This was definitely strange, as the Caninoids and Felinoids almost never interacted well together, and in fact had engaged in many a war in the past. But Cam himself had never met one, so he was interested in seeing one for himself.

This Caninoid was clearly a Lupine, a wolf-descended Caninoid and by that definition more primal and stronger than any other breed. His coat was a short but thick gray fur, while his military-style crew cut hair on his head was silvery-white that went down the sides in thick sideburns, and his eyebrows and the beard on his chin were a dark ashy gray. His ears were pointed and furry, his right one torn, and his eyes were gold. Under his chair, Cam could see his long bushy tail, white, but with a couple of gray stripes. He was also dressed in a black jumpsuit that was like a second skin, fitting against his bulging muscles so tight it looked like with one wrong move, the fabric would tear itself apart. The suit was sleeveless so that his powerful muscular arms were on display, big enough that he could probably bench-press Cam without breaking a sweat.

'Damn!' Cam swore in his head as he gyrated on stage in nothing but his skimpy white thong, 'He looks like he should be on this stage!'

Cam's eyes had locked with the Caninoid's, and when they did, the wolf gave him a lustful grin, a single sharp fang poking out over his bottom lip. Cam smiled back as he crawled across the stage on all fours, his long orange striped tail swishing behind him, feeling hands groping him and stuffing dollar bills into his G-string along the way.

"I've never had a Caninoid come in here before," Cam said to him once they were face-to-face, "In fact, I've never seen one at all before. What brings you here?"

"I saw yer flier," the Lupine replied, a slight gruffness to his voice, "Wanted to come 'nd get a good look fer myself."

"And do ya like what you see?" Cam then said, getting up on his knees and body-rolling sensually, his toned abs flexing beautifully, which drove his audience wild.

"Oh, I most certainly do, kitten," the Lupine answered, grinning and licking his protruding fang while his hands felt Cam's thighs. "So, how much will a night alone with you cost me?" he then asked.

Cam was not surprised by this. Almost every night men would pay for him to give them a "private dance"; when you're in this business, and when you look like him, it's typical. Cam told him his price, and though it was pretty high, the wolf just laughed.

"Haha! Hell, I'll pay ya double!" he told him, "A hot little tomcat like you, it's worth every penny!"

After Cam was finished with his performing for the night, he changed out into a white tank top and a pair of blue and orange bike shorts, and met back up with the Caninoid. As they walked together, both with one arm draped around the other's waist (even as the Lupine stood over a full head taller than the Felinoid because of his extended dog feet), the Caninoid told Cam more about himself. His name was Mallor, and he was a forty-year-old retired Caninoid soldier, and he was currently living alone with his twenty-year-old adopted son. Though, forty was merely his age in Caninoid years. In reality, he was approximately two-hundred and eighty years old! The Caninoid race age similar to Earth dogs, but reversed; instead of aging seven years for each one, they in fact age one year for every seven!

Also, as they walked, Cam had noticed that Mallor had a mane of thick long white hair that led from his head, down the back of his neck and down his spine to his tail. Unlike the hair on his head, which was cut short and flat in the typical military fashion, his mane was left long the whole way down, looking almost like a great mullet.

The two soon came upon Mallor's transporter vessel, a small white ship which inside contained a plush red sofa, a bar, a lavatory, and a telecommunication screen on the wall. Actually, the sofa doubled as a bed. As they had entered, Mallor told Cam to press the button under the arm. When he did, its suddenly extended into a fabulous king-sized bed.

"I know it's a bit cramped," Mallor said as he fired up the engines, "but I had ta leave my home ship in orbit; I'd rather not leave my kid to wander around in the big city by himself. Too dangerous."

"Overprotective dad, much?" Cam chuckled, draping his arms around Mallor's shoulders, his lips brushing his neck just under his ear.

Mallor smirked in response, "He's young an' real good-lookin', like you. And you oughta know how dangerous it is to just go traipsin' through the city unawares."

'He's got a point there,' Cam thought to himself. He knew firsthand what it meant to be a hot young piece of ass wandering through a city, alone and defenseless.

The ship then took flight and once it was out through the planet's stratosphere, Mallor set the autopilot and undid his safety straps.

"Well, it'll take us a couple hours 'til we reach my place," he said, turning his head up to look Cam in the face, "Whatsay we help make the time pass?"

"Sounds good to me," Cam replied.

With that, Mallor reached his arm around behind him to hold Cam by the back of the neck, pulling him in closer so that their lips met. A Caninoid's tongue was new to Cam; it was longer and wide and flat, and it tasted... different than anything he was used to, but not in a bad way. In quite a good way, actually.

During the kiss, Cam's hand roamed down Mallor's muscular torso and began rubbing along his fully-grown hard-on that was pointed down along the inside of his left thigh, stroking it through the fabric of his jumpsuit. This caused the horny wolf to begin panting inside the Felinoid's mouth and his white, bushy tail actually began to start wagging!

"Heeheehee, that makes you happy, does it?" Cam tittered against Mallor's lips.

"Heh," Mallor panted, grinning, "Oh yeah, sure does."

"Let's get that tail a-waggin' a little harder then."

Mallor then arose from his chair, still continuing his heated make-out session with Camili-Cat, sitting his feet flat to the floor so that their heights could meet at last. Cam's hands moved from Mallor's swollen member to feel the rest of his body, getting a good feel of the former soldier's massive muscles.

Mallor followed suit and broke their kiss for a brief moment so that he could pull Cam's tank top over his head, tossing it aside to the floor. Once it was off, Mallor kisses Cam's lips once, then moved his mouth down, leaving wet kisses as he got a good taste of the Felinoid's taut furry muscles.

"Ahhhh!" Cam gasped sharply, his eyes going wide, when he felt Mallor's lips fastening on his right nipple, licking, suckling, nipping it with his sharp teeth. His hand clasped around the back of his neck to push him harder into his chest muscle encouragingly.

"Mmmmhh," Mallor moaned around Cam's nipple as it grew stiff between his lips. "Ya like that kitten?" he asked, his voice even more gruff from lust. His eyes rolling up to meet Cam's as his tongue flicked against Cam's hardened sensitive nipple.

"Ahhh," Cam sighed from the feel of the Caninoid's tongue, "Heh, yeah."

"Yeah, I can tell," Mallor sighed against Cam's chest, his voice low and husky. He then moved over to Cam's left tit, suckling and nipping at it, while Cam was pinching the other one himself, tossing his head back and moaning to the ceiling from the pleasure. As Mallor worked his nipple, his right hand was rubbing Cam's erection through his shorts, while his other hand moved behind Cam, sliding up the back of his thigh under the fabric to get a good handful of his ass. While he squeezed and kneaded Cam's glute, his mouth kissed down his abs. His hand on Cam's boner moved up to hook his fingers into the hem of his shorts and pulled it down to just above his cock. His mouth trailed down Cam's V-cute lines, moving down to teasingly lick and kiss the hard slab of muscle there just above the line of his pubes.

"Let's get a look at that hard Felinoid cock now," Mallor panted as he rose to his feet, pushing Cam down so that he landed on his back onto the bed with his knees on the edge so that his legs dangled over.

Barely a second after he had gone down, Mallor removed Cam's tennis shoes and was pulling down his shorts until they were off, leaving Cam in the white thong he had still worn from his performance earlier. Mallor chuckled and gave Cam's boner that was stretching the fabric a couple soft squeezes before lowering his head and took the thong between his teeth, tugging the skimpy piece of underwear down Cam's legs. He flared his nostrils and gave a playful growling, "Grrrrr," noise as the thong came off of Cam's ankles, shaking his head, releasing his jaws so that it flew to the floor along with the rest of his clothes.

He gave a low whistle when he saw Cam's cock, huge and hard and throbbing on his chiseled washboard stomach. He was also fairly impressed by the fact that, even though he was circumcised, the shaft of his penis was totally smooth, as if he never even had a foreskin. Already his swollen red mushroom head was oozing out drop after drop of precum onto his skin. 'This is one horny cat,' Mallor thought, smirking to himself.

"Whoooh, fuck man," he sighed as his hands rubbed up and down Cam's thighs. "That's a biiig hunk o' meat ya got between yer legs," he remarked as he took the prick up in his hand, which could barely wrap around it, it was that thick; his eyes remained fixed on it as he spoke, seemingly mesmerized by the size of it, "You Felinoid guys sure are hung big, aren't ya?"

"Th-thanks," Cam replied, his body and voice shuddering from the feel of the Lupine Caninoid's rough dog palms around his throbbing cock, "I g-guess we a-are... Ahhhh!"

Cam gasped when he felt Mallor's hand squeezing his cock, pumping it, coaxing out more precum so that he could lap it up from his cockhead. He continued to gasp and moan as he felt Mallor so very slowly pumping his precum out and lapping his dickhead, at the same time feeling him rubbing his balls in his fingers. Mallor's eyes then looked up to meet Camili-Cat's as his mouth slid down, enveloping his cock completely, not stopping until his lips were in Cam's pubes and the head was in his throat.

"Ohhhh fuck... Oh Mallor... Awwwh!"

The hot and horny Felinoid laid and moaned and moaned and moaned as the older Lupine deepthroated his cock, pulling back until the head was left between his lips, then slurping it back down into his throat. Several times when he swallowed Cam's cock, he would swoop his tongue out over his bottom lip to lap at Cam's balls, which he still had in his fingers. He always looked Cam straight up in the eyes when he did this. Cam was on the verge of cumming at least five times, but Mallor wouldn't let him get off that easy; each time he sensed that Cam was about to blow, he would pull off him and just hold his cock in his hand, lapping at his balls and gently kissing his head. Then when Cam had come down from his peak, Mallor would start again.

After the tenth time or so of edging Cam off, the Felinoid couldn't take anymore. His body, dripping with sweat, thrashed and arched under Mallor. "Ohhhh f-fucking G-God... Please!" he pleaded, his claws digging and tearing apart at the sheets, "...Mallor... please... I can't... I c-c-can't t-take anym-more... of this!"

Mallor respected Cam's wish and straightened his back, letting Cam's cock slip out from his mouth, making a low 'pop' sound, and fall with a wet slap against his stomach.

"Alright," Mallor panted, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, "Let's do something else then. Turn over."

Cam obeyed and turned his body over so that he was on his knees and elbows. From behind him, Mallor's hands each grabbed hold of a buttock, squeezing them and spreading them open to expose the tiny hole hidden between them.

"Now," Mallor moaned, his nose already pressed in the crack of Cam's ass, "let's find out if that ass tastes as good as it looks."

Immediately after, Cam was groaning, "Awwwwhh, fuck! Ohhhh... Uhhhhh..." as Mallor's hot, wet, dog tongue started licking at his hole. After getting the outside wet enough, Mallor dug his fingertips into the outer ring of muscle (luckily his nails were kept filed short and rounded) and pulled it open. He lapped at the pried-open hole some more, working up his saliva, then spit a whole mouthful into Cam's gaping ass. Before it could run down, Mallor buried his face between the hairy buns, and drove his tongue up into the warm velvety insides.

Cam's mouth fell agape and sweat was rolling down his face from his forehead as he felt Mallor's unbelievably long tongue sliding up inside him, far deeper than any tongue had gone before. He could even feel the tongue waggling around inside, tasting him. But still, Cam just could not get enough; the Caninoid's tongue felt wonderful in his ass, and he wanted more.

Cam rose up from his elbows so that he was on his fists with his spine arched back. Driven mad by pure horniness, he pushed his ass back against Mallor's mouth, driving more of his hot tongue up in his asshole.

"Awww fuck yeah Mallor! Eat my ass! Tongue my ass reeeal good! Get it good and wet! Fuck!... Awwwh!"

Cam's cock was bouncing to and fro as he humped Mallor's tongue, slapping up against his stomach and squirting out copious amounts of precum all over the sheets. Still desperate for more tongue, Cam stood up on his knees, keeping his back curved to jut his butt out, then grabbed his own ass cheeks in both hands and helped Mallor to spread them open even further.

"Aww, fuck YES!" Mallor growled into Cam's ass when it was pulled open even more, allowing him to shove his face further into the Felinoid's hot ass. His tongue was able to go in even deeper now, and Cam threw his head back and hollered out when he felt it sliding in and out of him, tongue-fucking him like he'd never had it before.

Eventually, Mallor had to pull back when his tongue began to grow tired from its exertion. A string of saliva was left connected between Cam's asshole and his lips. "Fuck!" he grunted in a near-growl, wiping the spit-string off with his knuckles. "That tastes even better than it looks!" he proclaimed, giving the hole a couple extra licks.

After the tongue was extracted from his ass, he collapsed forward, panting, back onto his fists with his head hanging, sweat dripping off from his chin. He actually had to fight himself not to whine when he felt it slip out of him.

"Shit..." Cam wheezed, "No one's... ever... gone... that deep... before."

"Heheheh, the beauty of a dog's tongue," Mallor chuckled, running a finger along Cam's wet crack, pausing to rub around the inside of the hole. When Cam looked back, Mallor had his tongue hanging out of his mouth, dangling clear past his chin. Cam's ass quaked from the sight of it, almost as if it were crying, 'Oh please, slide that back inside me, pretty pretty please!'

"God you got such a hot ass!" Mallor whispered as his finger rubbed over Cam's wet hole. He brought his finger up to his mouth and slipped it between his lips, wettening it. He held Cam's ass cheek open with his free hand, while Cam held the other with his own. Mallor then extracted his finger and, in one quick easy motion, slid his wet finger inside Cam's slick hole straight down to the knuckle.

"Owwhhh fuck yeah... Uhhh..." Cam groaned, his head hanging.

Mallor then unexpectedly removed his hand from Cam's butt. In a near-reflexive act, Cam reached back his other hand to spread the cheek himself, allowing his head to drop so that it laid atop the mattress on its side.

Mallor slid his long finger in and out of Cam's hole, nearly pulling it all the way out before sliding it back in, then stopped to lick two fingers, and slid them both inside. Cam sighed into the mattress at the feel of Mallor's two fingers pushing into his ass, stretching his tight anal muscles out exquisitely. He slid both fingers in and out of his ass, pausing when he was down to the knuckles to scissor his fingers inside him.

Cam's cock was leaking like a faucet now, creating a pool of precum on the sheets (good thing they were already white). As his head laid on the bed's soft surface, his mouth hung open and a string of whispered moans were emitted from him: "Ohhhhh... Ohhhhhhh... Yeahhh... Ohh God yesssss... Ahhhhh...," and so on.

When Mallor pushed in a third finger, it appeared to also push out a harsh, pained gasp from Cam's lungs. But though it sounded as if he were in pain as the Caninoid was stretching him, his dick swelled and twitched under his belly. Mallor saw this and, as he continued to work Camili-Cat's hole with his fingers, he reached under him with his free hand and stroked up and down the length of the throbbing organ.

"Geezus, yer fuckin' tight!" Mallor groaned in a whisper as his finger bones were nearly crushed by those sweet inner muscles contracting around him. He nearly jizzed his suit when he thought of how that tightness would feel on his huge cock.

"Ahhhh... Awwhhh fuckkk... Owwhhhh..." Cam hissed and moaned from the literally blinding mixture of pain and pleasure he was experiencing. "Ohhhh fuck... Ohhhh God, Mallor... Ohh you're gonna make me cummm," Cam had warned the Caninoid who was working his body like a fine instrument.

Reluctantly, Mallor had to pull his hand away and extract his fingers, relishing in the tiny little yelp that the Felinoid had made for him when his digits were pulled loose from his tight, crushing sphincter. He then stood up and, gripping Camili-Cat's slender waist, pulled Cam's body back and pushed his own hips up against the Felinoid's butt so that his hardness that was straining to be let out from the confines of his suit was pressed up into Cam's crack.

"Ya want me to fuck you now?" he whispered huskily into Cam's ear as he dry-humped him from behind, "Huh kitten?"

"Ohhh yes," Cam whispered, almost whimpered, back, pushing his ass back against Mallor's groin, "Ohhh God yes."

He then realized how he was beginning to sound, not just sound, but act, like a bitch in heat. And he felt like it too! He wanted this hot canine stud to shove his cock into his ass and plow him good and hard! And he knew then that that's what the Caninoid wanted, to make Cam his bitch. And if that's what he wanted, that's what he was gonna get, even if he wasn't paying for it.

Mallor walked around to Cam's front and unzipped his suit and slipped it off his body, revealing his large Caninoid body in all its muscular glory. Abs like set bricks, wide, strong shoulders that curved down to a waist that was even smaller than Cam's, legs big enough they looked like they could run a hundred miles with a tank tied to each ankle, and the biggest pecs Cam had ever seen. In the crevice between his chest muscles was a mat of dark gray fur that continued in a thin trail down the middle of his stomach in between the ridges of his abs, going all the way down leading to the dark patch of pubic hair above the Caninoid's huge cock. It wasn't exactly the biggest penis Cam had ever seen, but it was still quite impressive nonetheless. It was as long as his thighs and thick as his arm, and under it was a pair of heavy balls, each as big as his fist.

His body was also covered nearly fifty percent in scars from battles past, though they hardly did anything to reduce the Caninoid's sex appeal.

The Caninoid got up onto the bed, standing on his knees before Cam, who was now back up on all fours. One of Mallor's hands clasped around the back of Cam's neck while his other grabbed his cock at the base, pulling his foreskin back to uncover the swollen gray head. A clear drop beaded out from the piss-slit.

"Show me how good a cocksucker ya are, kitty-cat," he moaned, slapping it against Cam's cheek.

'You're about to get the head of your fuckin' life!' Cam moaned in his mind as his mouth parted open. His tongue flicked out to capture the drop of precum, moaning in his throat from the taste of him, then licked around Mallor's cockhead to get him wet before taking him into his mouth. Thanks to Pupae, Cam was now minus a gag reflex and was easily able to take the entire massive cock no problem, even so far as being able to swallow around the thick shaft.

"AWW-ha-ha-hawhh, fu-huck yeaaahhh," Mallor moaned, tossing his head back as he felt his cock being enveloped in the Felinoid's hot, wet throat. "Yeah! Take my cock, boy!" Mallor grunted as he tightened his grip on Cam's neck and brutally fucked his throat, his balls smacking Cam's chin, "Fuck yeah, that's it! Swallow that shit!"

Cam quickly found himself thoroughly enjoying feeling the horny wolf's cock royally fucking his throat. His own cock was as hard and throbbing as ever. As he continued his deepthroating, one hand wrapped around his cock and gave it a few light strokes, enough to satiate his horniness, but not enough to get him off.

However, as much as he was truly loving swallowing Mallor's cock in his throat, he wanted it in his ass even more. The hand on his dick moved up to wipe at the saliva that was dribbling down his chin. With his fingers wet with spit, Cam reached behind him and slid his fingers into his hole.

"Awwwhhh, fuck yeaaah," Mallor moaned in a whisper as he watched Cam fingering his own ass. "Ya want it that bad, huh?" Mallor chuckled, leaning back and looking down at Cam's face, watching the cat's lips stretched around the shaft of his prick as it slid more slowly in and out of his mouth.

Cam's eyes rolled up to meet Mallor's as he moaned an, "Mmm-hmmm," around his cock as he left it buried down his esophagus. The vibration from Cam caused Mallor's whole body to respond in kind. "Hurrrrgh," Mallor growled as he pulled his cock free, "Turn over."

Cam turned his body over so that he was lying on his back. Mallor crawled on top so that they were in a 69. He shoved his cock back down Cam's throat and resumed fucking it, using the whole length of it from tip to base, feeling it gliding down a little easier and slightly deeper than before. As he did this, Mallor took up Cam's throbbing cock and began licking up the precum that was oozing down the length of his shaft, kissing the head when his tongue reached it.

Mallor then moved from Cam's cock down to his balls and went to work grabbing them in his fist, stretching them out and licking and slurping them. When he did this, his cock had been pulled free from Cam's mouth, so Cam decided to return the favor and helped himself to the Caninoid's heavy hairy nuts.

A low growl arose from deep inside Mallor as he moved his arms so that Cam's legs were raised and widened, pulled back with his thighs under his armpits, raising Cam's ass up for him.

"Aww, fuck," Mallor sighed, watching the feline's glistening pink hole contracting and puckering. His fingers dug into the ring and spread it open, and he shoved his tongue inside.

"Ohhh fuuuuckkk," Cam moaned into Mallor's balls as he felt his tongue probing his tight, quivering hole, his dick pulsing as it was pressed between his stomach and Mallor's pecs.

Again, Cam decided to return the favor and give Mallor the same treatment he was giving him. His lips popped off of Mallor's testicle and he licked his way up his perineum. He slipped his arms out from under Mallor so they were behind his thighs and he clasped his hands on his round glutes that were hard as stone, spreading them apart so that he could see his tiny puckered hole. His tongue extended to graze it with the wet tip, eliciting a rough moan of approval from Mallor. Cam proceeded to lick the hole, rapidly flicking it with his tongue, getting the outside of it good and wet before spreading it open further and prodding it, pushing his tongue little by little inside.

"Awwwh, fuck yeah kitten," Mallor groaned into Cam's hole, grinding his ass back against Cam's probing tongue, "Eat my ass!"

The two males continued eating out each other's hot holes, licking, probing, fingering, stretching, while their engorged members swelled and throbbed between their sweaty torsos.

"Ahhh, alright kit," Mallor sighed, raising up onto his fists, while Cam was still licking and pumping his two fingers in and out of him, "Time for ya to fuck me."

With that, Mallor rose up off of Cam's body, his fingers sliding out from his ass, and moved over to the head of the bed, positioning himself on his hands and knees, his tail wagging eagerly back and forth over his arched back. Cam rose up to his knees, standing behind Mallor and casually stroking his hard-on while he stood back for a moment to admire the Caninoid's ass, all wet and open and waiting for entry. 'Geez, this wolf has got to have the hottest ass I've ever seen!' Cam thought, squeezing his own balls.

"Come on Camili-Cat," Mallor grunted, looking back up at Cam, one hand reaching back to rub his butt seductively, "Show me how good ya are with that big Felinoid cock o' yers."

"Used to doin' it doggy-style, are ya?" Cam joked as he moved in closer, "Why doesn't that surprise me, ha ha ha ha!"

Mallor merely rolled his yellow eyes and smirked back at Cam. "Eh, just shut up and fuck me!"

"Customer's always right," Cam said, winking. He hacked up a wad of spit into his hand and pumped his fist down the length of his cock, getting it wet.

Once it was nice and lubed up with enough spit, he spit another wad directly into Mallor's hole, aimed his dickhead at its target, and shoved it through, pushing in inch after inch until his balls were pressed up against Mallor's. The two males both uttered a harsh groan, Mallor from the fat cock stretching his ass, and Cam from the Caninoid's wondrously tight anal muscles squeezing him.

'Good God!' Cam hollered out in his head, "His ass is so fucking TIGHT!'

"Goddam you're tight!" Cam groaned aloud as he began pumping his cock in and out of Mallor's ass, his hands holding him by his hips, his thumbs in the dimples above his butt.

"Goddam," Mallor echoed between pants, smirking back at Cam, "you're big! Heh heh... Ahhhh!"

Cam quickly went into long, hard strokes, sliding his dick out until his head was trapped inside Mallor's flaring sphincter, then shoving it back in balls-deep. He would spread Mallor's furry ass muscles so that he could look down and watch his wide cock stretching him apart.

Mallor should have been crying like a baby from what his ass was being put through, but he was loving it! Actually it wasn't nearly enough for him; he was a wolf and he liked it rough!

Each time Cam would push into Mallor's ass, the horny Caninoid would shove his ass back to meet his thrusts.

"Grrrrrr, come on kitten," he growled as he fucked himself on Cam's cock, "Fuck me harder! You can do better than that!"

"Heh, ya want it harder?" Cam smirked. He fulfilled his client's request and fucked him good and hard, gripping him by his shoulders to pull him back as he plowed into his ass. The two of them had quickly worked up a real sweat from their exertion. Their bodies made loud wet slapping noises as Cam's hips met with Mallor's ass.

"Awwwhh fuck YES!" Mallor growled, "Fuck yeah!... That's it!... Plow my ass!... Give it to me good!... Harder, come on, HARDER!..."

Cam picked up speed, threatening to tear Mallor's ass apart as he fucked him harder and faster just as he continued telling him to, grunting and growling like the primal creature he was, "Harder!... Come on!... FUCK me!... Harder!... Come on, harder!... Harder!... HARDER!"

And Cam did just that. He fucked him at all kinds of angles: pushing down into Mallor's lower back with his fist and pulling back on his mane to arch his back up, shoving his face down into the pillow and pulling back on his arm while he railed him, cocking one leg up and cork-screwing him in long strokes while he pulled both Mallor's arms behind him, then finally crouching on his haunches so he could fuck into him in a more downward angle while pinning both the wolf's shoulders down to the mattress, grunting into Mallor's ear while biting on it. Clearly he was enjoying it from him moaning out, "Ohhh!... Onnhhh... Fuck... Yeah... Ohh... yeahhh!... Give it to me... Nnnnhhh! God...damn... you can... really... fuck!... Shit!"

After a couple more minutes of hardcore fucking, Mallor turned his head so he could kiss Cam. As their tongues pushed into each other's mouths, Mallor pushed himself up so that they were both standing upright on their knees. Cam's hands clasped Mallor's hips, while Mallor held one of Cam's hands on his side while his other reached behind him to pull his face harder against his own. The two continued kissing each other passionately as Mallor was slowly grinding his ass around in circular motions with Cam's cock lodged up inside him, his cock standing tall and erect with precum flowing down from his slit. Cam reciprocated and gyrated his hips, stirring his rod around deep inside his ass.

In the middle of it, Mallor removed his hand from Cam's head and moved it behind Cam.

"Ya still want me to fuck you?" he panted into Cam's mouth, his fingertips rubbing into Cam's still-wet hole.

"Oh hell yeah!" Cam answered back, giving Mallor's cock a good squeeze to couple his verbal response.

Mallor fell back forward, resting his weight on one hand while his other held his ass cheek open as Cam slowly pulled his cock free. As soon as Cam was out, Mallor turned facing him and pushed Cam down onto his back. The two males chuckled lightheartedly as Mallor took hold of Cam's legs by his knees, pulling him closer to him before bending them back. Cam assisted by gripping his hands around the underside of his knees, pulling his legs back until his ankles were nearly behind his ears. Mallor gave himself a moment to gaze into Cam's gaping hole, wide open for him.

"Fuck kit," Mallor sighed, his hands feeling Cam's tight, stretched thighs. He worked up a mouthful of spit and let it fall into Cam's hole, working it in with his two fingers before he aimed his cock and slid it inside.

"Holy fuuuck," Mallor moaned aloud, tossing his head back, as his cock slid balls-deep in one singular slick thrust, "Awwwwhhh daaammmnn!"

He allowed his cock to sit in Cam's ass for a minute, savoring the feel of his warm, wet velvety insides around his cock, along with the sweet panting moaning noises that Cam was making as the huge dick throbbed so deep inside of him.

After his minute of heaven passed, Mallor held Cam's ankles, stretching his legs out straight in a giant V, and he began to thrust in and out of him. His eyes roamed over Cam's body as he laid under him with his arms stretched lazily above his head, starting at his rock-hard cock, twitching and pulsing out squirt after squirt of precum, up his muscular torso glistening with sweat, his thick chest expanding with heaving breath before finally locking in on his face that was dripping with perspiration. Cam's lids were closed as his eyeballs were rolling back in his skull and his mouth was hanging agape, soft moans of pleasure escaping from between his full lips. This Felinoid was every man's wet dream, he decided.

Cam's eyes opened partway and met with Mallor's. Mallor then bent down, putting his hands on either side of Cam's head with his legs on Mallor's shoulders, and kissed him deeply.

"Ohhhh fuck, Mallor..." Cam moaned when their lips parted, looking back up into his face that was nose-to-nose with his own, "Ohhh yeah, fuck me... Fuck my ass! Uhhhh... Yeah, give it to me... harder!"

Mallor grinned down at Cam as he switched gears and began pile-driving his ass good and hard. His eyes remained on Cam's face the whole time, watching how his eyebrows pulled up in the middle and his lips curled to reveal his fangs when he cried out: "Owwhhh God!... Owhhh fuck yes!... Ohhh God YES! AHHHHH!"

But Mallor didn't stop there, oh no. In less than a second, he pulled out and flipped Cam over flat on his stomach, pressed his palm into his back to keep him pinned down, and pushed back in.

"Bet yer used ta takin' it this way, huh puss?" Mallor growled into Cam's ear, biting on the back of his neck as he was thrusting into him, keeping his arms pinned down by his wrists.

"Heh... heh..." Cam chuckled with each exhale that was forced out of him, realizing that he was imitating the little crack Cam himself had made earlier. "M-Maybe," he responded, "I'm... u-used to... ta...taking it... a lotta ways."

Mallor smiled with a piece of Cam's skin between his teeth. He continued to fuck Cam just like a cat for a few more minutes before he raised his body up onto his fists, pounding Cam's ass with long thrusts (which in his case were very long). He then raised Cam up onto all fours and proceeded to fuck him from behind with as much strength and roughness Cam had given when he fucked him, making him scream out loud, "Unhhhh! Ahhhhh g-god Mallor! Yeah, fuck me! Fuck me h-hard! Ohhh geez yer cock f-feels so f-f-fuckin' GOOD! Awhhhh, god, so good!"

After fucking him doggy-style after a while, Mallor cocked one leg up and held Cam by his waist while he cork-screwed him, stretching him open even more. He then pulled his cock out, taking a pause to see Cam's once-tiny hole now gaping wide open from being stretched by his massive meatstick, then slid it all the way back inside. He repeated this, pulling out and shoving it back in, causing Cam to utter a sudden yelp with each reentry. He would also slide his cockhead in and out through the hole, muttering, "Fuck that's so hot," under his breath. This made Cam whimper out pleading little "Oooooooooh oooooooooh oooooooooooh" noises, before the thick cock working his hole was slid in.

When Mallor was balls-deep in Cam again, he left it embedded inside him, kissing the back of his neck as he wrapped his arms around his ribs and lifted his body, holding him to him as he sat back on his haunches, resting back on his elbows. Cam laid his back atop Mallor's chest with his arm going behind his head to prop his hand against the mattress while he rode Mallor's cock.

Mallor's mouth was hanging open in a wde pleasured grin as The hot young Felinoid was riding him like a real cat in heat. His eyes remained fixed Cam's cock, bobbing up and down with his humping. It was so swollen and purple by now it looked painful; he was ready to cum, and so was Mallor.

So, Mallor wrapped his hand around Cam's cock so that he would thrust through his fist himself as he rode him.

"Ohhhh yeaaahhh," Mallor sighed. "Ya ready ta cum baby?" he asked Cam as he began thrusting up into his ass each time he rode down on it.

"Yeeaahh," Cam answered, whining from both the tension in his body form his impending orgasm and the amazing sensation of his sensitive cock pushing through the rough, leathery texture of Mallor's hand, "Oooohhh yeaaahhh."

"Yeahhhh, me too," Mallor sighed. He then fastened his lips around Cam's nipple and nipped and sucked on it while he began jackhammering his cock up into Cam's ass. "Cum for me kitten," he moaned in a whisper, "Come on, shoot that load for me."

"Ahhhhh... Uhhhhhh... Ohhhhh fuuuuuckkkkk," Cam babbled on as Mallor's cock was pumping up into him with such great force that he didn't even need to ride him any more; Mallor was thrusting up into him so hard that his hips were shoved up into Mallor's hand at a rough rapid pace.

In a matter of seconds, it all became to much for the aching Felinoid, and soon he could feel his balls tightening,

"Ohhhhhahhhhfuck... Aohhh Mallor!..." he moaned as he felt it surging up through his penis, "Ohhhh I'm gonna... I-I'm g-gonna... OhhhhHHHH I'M C-CUMMING!" And his cock bucked and jerked in Mallor's hand as it exploded in a fountain of cum, shooting out over a dozen powerful streams of jism that coated Cam's body, his stomach, chest, and face, some of it even landing on Mallor on his chin.

"Mmmmhh, yeahhh baby, that's it," Mallor moaned as he licked the spot of stray jizz from his face. He released Cam's cock and laid back on his elbows, still pounding up into Cam's ass from under him. "Awwwhhh, fuck... Fuck yeah I'm gonna cum!" Mallor warned, "FUCK, I'MA... I'MA... AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!" At the last second, he pulled his cock loose from Cam's asshole just as he went off, shooting out thick ropes of cum that splattered all over Cam, mixing in with his own.

After a couple minutes of exasperated panting, Mallor lifted Cam by his thighs and set him down on the bed beside. Cam collapsed into the mattress, resting his hands behind his head, trying to catch his breath, feeling totally spent. Meanwhile, Mallor slithered down Cam's body to suck the last couple drops of sperm from his dickhead, then proceeded to lap up every last drop of semen from Cam's body.

When he had finished licking Cam's face clean, he lowered himself so that his body rested on top of Cam's and held his face in his hand as he kissed him slow and deep.

"Mmmmmhh." Cam moaned into Mallor's mouth, his arms wrapping around his wide back, as he tasted his cum mixed with his own on the Caninoid's soft wet tongue.

Mallor gave Cam's nose an affectionate lick with the tip of his tongue before laying his head on Cam's chest, using his pectoral like a pillow, while his arms wrapped around underneath Cam's back.

"Whoo, damn," he breathed into Cam's chest, "That had ta be the best I've gotten in a long fuckin' time!"

"Hmhmm," Cam chuckled, petting Mallor's head while his other hand was behind his head, "Another satisfied customer."

When Cam scratched Mallor's head just behind his ear, he nearly laughed when he saw Mallor's foot thumping vigorously against the bed as it twitched, his tail simultaneously wagging.

"If I scratch your belly, will that make your leg twitch too?" Cam asked him, only half-joking.

Mallor chuckled in his throat and rose up on his hands, looking down at Cam with a smirk on his face, while his hips remained between Cam's legs. "Well, one of 'em will," he answered with a wink, pushing his hips into Cam's, his dick, which was already beginning to harden again, rubbed up alongside Cam's. Cam gave a soft moan as he felt his blood flowing back into his penis. He reached down and grabbed a hard cock in each hand, rubbing their swollen leaky heads together.

"So how 'bout we go for round two?" Cam suggested, waggling his eyebrows up at Mallor.

But sadly, this was not to be; just a second after Cam had spoken, the ship's computer gave a sequence of three long and loud beeps.

"Shit. We're almost there now," Mallor explained, crawling off of Cam and off the bed. "How 'bout a shower before we dock?" he offered, holding out his hand for Cam to take.

"Thanks," Cam replied, taking Mallor's hand and getting pulled off the bed onto his feet, "I sure could use one to scrub all this dried cum off."

Mallor led Cam by the hand into the lavatory and into the shower, which was able to fit both of them inside, though it was a bit snug, but a good kind of snug. They started up the hot water and went to work cleaning each other, soaping up each other's muscles and scrubbing the dried sweat and cum out of each other's fur. They also took the opportunity to stroke each other's cock in their soapy fists and finger each other's assholes, which had already completely closed.

After they had gotten out, Mallor shook his body dry before toweling himself dry, then patting Cam dry for him. Cam pulled his clothes back on, while Mallor opened a concealed closet compartment and slipped into a pair of black boxer briefs that left nothing to the imagination.

Mallor returned to his captain's chair and switched off the autopilot as the ship approached his home vessel. "We're here," Mallor announced with a smile.

Cam looked out and his jaw hit the floor when he saw it. It was easily the greatest, most gorgeous home ship that he had ever laid eyes on!

"My God!" he gasped at the sight of it. "And I thought people with large houses were just tryin' to compensate for their smaller fortunes," he said as he squeezed Mallor's dick through his briefs.

"Hahaha! Well, not in this case, kitten," Mallor laughed.

He pulled the transporter into the vessel's dock, then turned to Cam after shutting off the engines. "Now the real fun begins," he told him with a wide, somewhat mischievous grin.



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