The campground was for gay men and, of course, was clothing optional. It sat in the foothills of the mountains, the property having open grass areas for campers and the main buildings, one a lodge and dining hall and the other an open space building used for showing movies, parties and at night a dance club, but no one came for the movies or the parties or the dance club. They came to meet men, to cruise each other, to hook up, to play out their sexual fantasies or, in the darker recesses of their desires, the fetishes that really aroused them. The sites for tent camping were in the surrounding woods, along narrow trail roads so narrow traffic was restricted to one direction. At night the woods filled with the smoke of camp fires, the warm humid air heavy, holding the smoke under the tree canopy giving it a surreal feel, primitive, a tribal feel, one with rituals about to take place; rituals of sex, of domination, and submission.

On a camp site at the edge of the woods, away from most of the others, a low fire burned, only a few pieces of woods placed on the hot coals at any giving time. There were four tents on the site, two on the left side and two on the right side and in the middle a picnic table, a tarp stretched between the trees for a cooking area and the fire pit. Camp chairs sat sporadically around the site and in the early evening, the sun having just dropped below the horizon, three of the campers sat around sated from dinner, drinks in hand, talking quietly among themselves.

Elijah sat near the cooking area, the group's designated cook, sipping bourbon and talking about his latest project. Elijah was a contractor and looked in every way the big tough foreman for a job site. He stood nearly six foot three, a big muscular man for he worked out at the gym three or four days a week after being on a job site all day. He had tattoos on his upper arms, one on his chest and one on his back and he kept his reddish brown hair cut short and his goatee neatly trimmed. He sat in just gym shorts which revealed his fat cock as it pressed against the thin cotton fabric, and no shirt revealing his tanned muscular upper body.

Reid sat on the bench at the picnic table leaning back against the top with his elbows propped on it. His long legs were stretched out in front of him, muscular, cleanly shaved, like the rest of his body. He was a little under six feet tall and his lean trim body was on complete display for he stayed naked while at the campground. His hobby of riding a bicycle and hiking, and his job of teaching yoga classes kept him in shape. His cock lay long and thin over his sac, such an extension of his entire body and he absentmindedly tugged on it on occasion or when their talk turned to sex, to things they had done, his cock rose up putting his arousal on full display.

Daniel came out of his tent wearing a pair of frayed and torn cargo shorts. The holes around the back pockets showed he was not wearing underwear. Daniel was shorter than Reid and Elijah, a few inches shorter, but like Reid he was lean and muscular, in fact he first met Reid in a yoga class. His red hair was kept short and his fair skin seemed to glow in the fire light with the smattering of freckles over his shoulders and down his arms. He moved to a chair near Elijah and Reid and asked Elijah to toss him a beer.

The three of them hadn't planned to come this weekend for they usually planned their trips around certain holidays or special events the owners set up, but this weekend was different for they were here for a different reason. They were here for Wesley.

Wesley wasn't in a tent or sitting around the camp fire with the others. He was at the back of the camp site, on his knees, naked, his wrists bound together with rope that was thrown over a limb and tied off keeping his arms pulled up slightly, his hands just above his head. Wesley was twenty-four and at five foot ten a little taller than average and his body was muscular, his broad shoulders and narrow waist classically proportioned. He played baseball in high school and college and now kept up an exercise routine of bicycling, paddling and working out at the gym. Like Daniel he had fair skin that shone in the dim light of the fire and except for a couple of moles near his neck, one on his back, his skin was blemish free. His jet black hair, slightly long, wavy, unruly, contrasted sharply with his skin but he only had hair on top of his head, the rest of him completely shaven.

His knees were sunk into the soft leaf covered ground and he felt the warm night air over his skin and his cock had stayed half hard every since he had been told to strip and 'get the fuck on your knees' as Elijah had demanded. He felt hot, his skin slick and he could feel rivulets of sweat trickling down his sides from under his arms. His heart was still racing with his anticipation, his fear of going too far this time; of setting himself up for something he wasn't ready.


Four months ago if someone had told Wesley he would be at a gay campground he would have either laughed in their face or slugged them. He had been in the city since graduating college, working at a job he liked, living in an apartment in the part of town known for its shops, restaurants, galleries and bars and he was in a relationship with a woman he had met shortly after moving to the city. Sharon was an interior designer, tall, blonde and beautiful and they had been dating for two years. She was beginning to hint at wanting to get engaged and suddenly Wesley realized something really wasn't right, that he was going through the motions. He realized he wanted something else and had started to get Sharon to stay at her place a couple of nights a week so he could 'get some work done he had to bring home' because he really wanted time to himself. To think about what he really wanted.

Sharon had gone along with some of his desires, the light bondage play during sex, even agreeing to spank him and it was her who suggested he let her shave him, so one night he stood in the shower and watched her drag the razor over his cock, down his legs and arms and even made him raise his arms and let her shave the sparse hair from there. He had resisted at first but once it was done he kept his body shaved, liking the feel of it this way, this sense of total nakedness when he was undressed. But in the end something was still missing and he thought back to college and the few times something different happened, times when he and Matt had done things, sexual, gay, and how it had begun as horsing around with bondage and trying it on each other. It was Matt who first made Wesley suck his cock, rubbing it over his lips telling him to open his mouth. Wesley had opened his mouth, and then he had bent over and let Matt penetrate him. They pretended it was just messing around, nothing serious but were it not for Matt graduating a year before Wesley they would have probably continued until neither of them could say it was nothing.

Wesley had pushed it out of his mind, tried to go back to the way he thought of sex prior to the experimentation with Matt but in the last few months the idea of sex with another guy, being submissive to him, kept coming to mind until he found himself online in chat rooms and then three months ago, after he ended it with Sharon, he found himself going to gay bars, the ones with guys in leather, the role playing evident when he looked for it, but he had trouble expressing what he wanted, to be able to find someone who would lead him along. Then he met Reid riding his bicycle and over the course of a few weeks, finding out Reid was gay and then about the camp ground and what went on there and suddenly the opportunity was before him.


Elijah looked over at Wesley, then back at Reid and Daniel, smiling, nodding his head it was time to play.

Elijah moved up in front of Wesley, grabbed a handful of hair and pulled his face into the crotch of the gym shorts, rubbing Wesley's face roughly over it and Elijah felt his cock begin to grow erect. He pulled Wesley's head back and forced him to look up.

"You want my cock?"

"Yes sir" Wesley grunted and Elijah pulled the gym shorts down letting them drop to his feet. His cock rose up half hard, the thick shaft swelling up thicker, the head flaring out and Elijah pulled Wesley's head down to it and rubbed it over his face. Wesley opened his mouth and tried to capture Elijah's cock, wanted it in his mouth, to feel it slide through his lips, over his tongue and push to the back of his throat gagging him, cutting off his air and Elijah gave it to him, let his cock come to Wesley's lips and he pulled Wesley's head down the length of it till it was lodged into his throat cutting off his air and his face turning red. Elijah let go and Wesley pulled back gasping for air, tears streaming from his eyes and snot pouring from his nose but he instantly opening his mouth and took Elijah again, pushing his mouth down the thick shaft, taking it again, easier than before and he would keep working his mouth on it. Drool ran down Wesley's chin and dripped onto his chest as he worked is mouth on Elijah's cock. Back and forth he moved, over and over, till Elijah felt his arousal become too great, the sense he could cum at any time, and he pulled back leaving Wesley gasping for air.

Elijah looked at the guy, the way he was heaving for breath, his flat stomach undulating in and out, and the way he tugged on the rope fighting for balance, the muscles in his upper body and along his arms flexing and pumping up. Elijah normally didn't care for guys who were so clean shaven but Wesley was different, his body so well proportioned and the way he was so aroused by what was happening that his cock was half hard and leaking even though no one had touched it.

Reid was stroking his cock watching and Daniel was stepping out of his shorts, his own cock rising up erect. Daniel moved to Wesley and stood just in front of him, his cock just out of reach as he stroked it, brought it up hard and Wesley strained against his bonds to reach it, his mouth open, ready to suck. Daniel stepped forward and let his cock slide straight into Wesley's mouth till he had nose buried in pubic hair. Daniel took the rope and pulled upward stretching Wesley's arms up as he began to pump his hips, thrusting his cock back and forth through Wesley's lips.

Reid moved around behind Wesley dropping to his knees and hugging his body up to Wesley's feeling the slick warm skin against his own. He ran one hand over Wesley's chest, over his nipples, pinching each one while his other hand moved down, over the smooth skin, feeling the contours of his muscular body and just above his rising cock Reid felt the short stubble of pubic hair just beginning to grow back and he let his fingers scratch over the skin teasingly, so close to Wesley's cock. Wesley pumped his hips trying to get Reid to take him in hand, to stroke his cock as he sucked Daniel's. Reid teased him some more, running his hand around and down to Wesley's sac, it hanging long and loose in the heat of the night and Reid tugged on it, painfully, pulling down till Wesley's balls were squeezed down into the bottom of the dark red sac, and Wesley moaned around Daniel's cock as he pushed inward again.

"Fuck his ass" Elijah said and Reid and Daniel laughed as they continued to fuck with Wesley, to make him gag on Daniel's cock, to have Reid play with his body. Reid moved back and pushed his cock down letting it slide under Wesley's ass and stroke him along the cleft and to the back of his sac. Reid pumped his hips slowly, rubbing his cock along Wesley's ass, stroking his desires and Wesley pushed his hips back till he lost balance and Daniel held tight to the rope holding his upper body upright as he shoved inward again making Wesley gag till drool ran over his chin.

Wesley pulled against his bonds, not to try to get away, but to try to regain his balance. He knew he couldn't get away and he also knew he didn't want to. He felt Reid's cock slide along his ass, felt it rub over his hole and bump into his sac and it inflamed him, made his heart race with an anxiousness he didn't understand. Daniel's cock gagged him, pushed to the back of his throat over and over but it couldn't distract him from what Reid was doing; it only made everything more intense. Outdoors, in the open, it night and the air filled with smoke and he naked, on his knees with two men using him, touching him and he wanted more, he wanted Daniel to cum in his mouth and he wanted Reid to breach him, to penetrate him and he pushed back again.

Reid pulled back till he felt his cock nudge at Wesley's entrance and he pushed forward till he felt the head of cock squeeze into Wesley, the tight ring of Wesley's opening milking his cock as it slide inward. Reid watched Wesley's body, the way it quivered when he penetrated him, the way the skin glistened in the dim light and when he ran his hand down Wesley's back he felt it, the hot clammy skin, sweat forming on its surface, and the tautness of it, the way Wesley was taking the penetration. Reid pushed inward, felt every inch squeeze through the tight ring, felt the way it milked his cock and he couldn't stop, instead he kept pushing as Wesley shivered with every penetrating inch.

Wesley kept his eyes closed, let the sensations consume him, the way Daniel's cock moved in his mouth, filling it, cutting off his air on occasion and he felt his body's initial struggle to accept Reid's breach of his hole, the stretching open to accept Reid's cock and the feel of it sliding inward, slowly, inch by inch till he felt Reid's body press up against him and he knew he had all of it inside him, their bodies locked together.

Daniel's pace increased and Reid knew he was close, real close and he reached out and grabbed Wesley by his hair, pulled his head back a little and held it for Daniel to fuck Wesley's mouth, to thrust freely into the slick warmth, and Daniel's body tensed up, his breathing became ragged and he shoved inward hard, one, two, three times and this time Wesley took each push, controlled his breathing, let Daniel slide into his throat till he felt the wads of cum hit the back of his throat, thick wads that slide slowly downward making him swallow. Daniel pulled back letting the last of his cum dribble out on Wesley's tongue allowing him his first taste of Daniel.

Daniel backed up next to Elijah and the two of them watched Reid fuck Wesley, watched the way Reid held Wesley by the hair pulling his head back. Wesley's mouth hung open as he exhaled hard and let his moans and grunts escape from his throat. Wesley's chin was wet with his drool and a string of it fell toward the ground as Reid hammered his ass, his pace now furious, hips slapping against his ass. Reid let go of his hair and grabbed him by the waist. Wesley fell forward his arms stretched upward holding him up and he rocked back and forth with Reid's fuck.

"Goddamn...I'm cumming...take it...take my cum...fucking whore..." Reid cried out as he slammed his hips into Wesley's ass over and over, shoving inward hard, and he pumped his cum deep into Wesley, thrust his cock through each ejaculation and added to it and when he was spent, his cock still hard, he kept pumping slowly, feeling the way his sensitive cock let him feel every inch. He pumped slowly into Wesley's stretched out hole till he felt his cum pump back out trickling down Wesley's ass and inner thigh.

"Nice fuck Reid" Elijah said as he watched Reid pull out and his slimy cock finally became flaccid.

"Yeah...it was. Are you going to get off?" Reid replied.

"Nah...I'll wait for the party" Elijah said and the three of them laughed knowing Elijah planned on letting a lot of the campers watch for he planned to fuck Wesley in a very public manner.

Wesley sat back on his heels exhausted, his own breathing slowly returning to normal. He felt Reid's cum drying on his inner thigh and ass, he felt his chin drying in the warm night air and he felt the lingering sensations of when he was touched, when Reid had pulled his hair and stretched his hole open and he looked down at his own cock, unable to touch it and it was curved upward, hard, fully erect and it flexed as a clear bead of liquid formed at the slit as he thought of Elijah's declaration of a public fucking.


It seemed like an eternity to Wesley, the waiting. He watched Elijah, Reid and Daniel sit around the camp fire, drinking, laughing as they talked amongst themselves. No one paid any attention to him and when they talked about him it was if he wasn't there. Reid had brought him something to eat and drink, loosening his bonds enough to use his own hands shortly after they had their initial fun, but now he just sat on his heel or sat up on his knees, waiting...just waiting.

It was Daniel who came for him, his baggy cargo shorts barely hanging on to his waist as they sat so low Wesley could see the edge of his fiery red pubic hair. Daniel untied the rope and coiled up the loose end till only a few feet were left between him and Wesley's bound hands.

"Get up" Daniel said and Wesley slowly climbed to his feet and Daniel watched the muscular body stretch out, stand up straight, the fair smooth skin shiny in the dim light, reflecting every curve of his body and his cock was still half hard with the anticipation of things to come.

They led Wesley around the camp grounds taking a circular trail that let them pass by many of the camp sites. Elijah was in tight jeans, harness and black boots, Reid was naked and Daniel was in just his shorts. It was Elijah who led Wesley along, naked, hands bound by the rope. As they passed some of the camps Wesley heard the comments, the remarks about their boy, the slave, and he found it curious how he was the target of all the comments even though Reid was naked too. But it was he who was tied at the wrist and being led to the party. His awareness of his nakedness aroused him and he felt his cock, still half hard, flop with every step, back and forth.

The party was in full swing, guys in various states of dress, or undress as they stood around an area framed in by two campers. Music played from speakers set up on a deck at the entry to one camper. Wesley followed Elijah's led as he and the others moved through the crowd, greeting several guys, stopping to talk on occasion, and they kept moving up till they were at the edge of the deck. Elijah turned to Wesley and nodded. Wesley knew what was expected and he sank to his knees right next to Elijah, with his legs spread apart. Elijah pulled the rope upward and back pulling Wesley's arms up and over his head spreading them out, making him sit up straight, his body fully on display. He heard Elijah and the others talk about him, tell the others what he wanted, and it embarrassed Wesley, the public announcement of his most private desires. The party progressed, the patrons drank, laughed and time and time again someone came over to Elijah and as they asked about Wesley they would touch him, run their hand over his chest or through his hair as they told Elijah how they would like to fuck his ass or suck his cock and it kept Wesley aroused.

"Who wants to watch?" Elijah suddenly called out and Wesley watched as guys moved in around them and glancing up into their faces he saw the anticipation, the eagerness to see the public display Elijah was going to give them. Elijah moved in front of Wesley, up close to his face he stood and Wesley leaned forward putting his mouth on Elijah's crotch feeling the thick growing shaft with his lips. He worked his lips over it, moved along its length as it grew, pressing against it as it stretched out in the tight confines of Elijah's jeans. He blew his hot breath through the jeans and he mouthed it till the jeans were wet and Elijah's cock pushed against them thick and hard.

"Take. It. Out." Elijah demanded and Wesley used his teeth to undo the button, to struggle to get a hold of the zipper and pull it down. The zipper slipped from his teeth twice and he struggled to get a new hold of it as he worked it down till he could open up Elijah's jeans enough to see the hard shaft lying sideways, and he ran his lips over it, tongued it as he pushed his mouth into the tight confines of the jeans trying to get to the head. Elijah offered no assistance as Wesley struggled with his jeans, struggled to get to his cock, to get his mouth on it and the men surrounding them watched intently to Wesley's every move. Wesley finally worked Elijah's jeans down, slowly, pulling down on different parts of the waistband till they were down to mid-thigh and fell the rest of the way down till they rested in a loose pile around Elijah's boots. Elijah pulled Wesley up, made him stand with his arms still back over his head and pulled down, and Elijah turned him to face the crowd, let them once again look upon his nakedness, his fair skin, the muscular form of his body, so broad shouldered and narrow waist and his cock rising up, growing erect, and a clear drool fell from its head trailing down toward the ground.

"Fuck he wants it bad" someone uttered in the crowd and Wesley knew they were right, he did want it bad, real bad and when Elijah pushed him to bend over he did so willingly, without hesitation, with Elijah holding him steady by the rope with his arms over his heads and he had no sense of balance, for he felt like he could pitch forward at any minute. Then he felt Elijah move up behind him, push his legs further apart and he quickly felt Elijah's blunt cock head push against his opening, his tight ring resisting Elijah but Elijah was persistent and he pushed harder against Wesley. Wesley tried to relax to Elijah, to let him in, but he couldn't get past how thick Elijah's cock was, nor how long, and his fear, his anxiousness made him resists for he knew it was going to hurt and it would hurt worse with him unable to relax.

Wesley felt Elijah tug on the rope, pull his arms painfully back and then he felt his hole stretch open, painfully as the head of Elijah's cock breached him. He heard some of the men gasp or comment, as he held his breath, clamped his jaws shut fighting the urge to cry out. He knew his body was showing the effects of the penetration, the way he was shaking, quivering with every move inward by Elijah and he was breathing hard, sucking air in rapidly as Elijah bore through the tight ring of his opening.

The men around Wesley watched Elijah penetrate him as he shook with the initial pain till his skin glistened with sweat. They watched as Elijah held still a moment, and then watched in aroused amazement as Wesley backed onto Elijah's thick cock, slowly, inch by inch stretching himself open for the thick cock letting it sink into his depths. Elijah let Wesley set the pace, his body slowly impaling itself and the men around them, the ones who were naked or had their cock out, were beginning to masturbate as they urged Wesley to take it all, to let them see all of Elijah buried in him. It seemed to take forever for Wesley to work his ass back, to stretch himself open taking Elijah all the way in his hole. Elijah felt the tight ring squeeze his cock and he pulled back slowly feeling it milk the shaft as inch by inch pulled free. Then he bore down and pushed back in and Wesley rose up and cried out, moaning at the penetration. Elijah pulled back and once again sunk all the way back into Wesley and he slowly began to fuck, to work his hips back and forth till he was swinging his hips with a steady rhythm driving his cock deep into Wesley over and over.

Wesley grunted, whorishly, on every penetration and it spurred the men around them on, drove their fantasies as they watched stroking their own cocks. Elijah looked up and scanned his eyes over the crowd until he saw Reid and he nodded his head at him. Reid was hard, his cock arced up and leaking, and he moved to Wesley, right up into his face and Wesley didn't hesitate to open his mouth and let Reid slide his cock into him. Elijah began to fuck harder, driving his cock back and forth faster, and each forward push would force Wesley's mouth down Reid's cock.

Elijah and Reid kept Wesley impaled on their cocks as Elijah fucked harder and harder driving Wesley forward sinking Reid deep into his mouth. The men watched as Elijah's slick glistening cock would emerge then sink back in, they watched Reid's cock slip noisily out of Wesley mouth covered in spit then watched it slide back in as Wesley was pushed forward and they watched Wesley's own cock flop back and forth, it hard and leaking. A master pushed up toward the front, his slave boy in tow who was wearing only a pair of cut off jeans, boots and a dog collar signifying his status and they moved up next to Elijah admiring how Wesley was taking Elijah's cock.

The master held his boy by the neck and pushed him forward and over till he could see Elijah's cock pumping in Wesley.

"You wish that was your hole being fucked, don't ya?" the master taunted his boy.

"Yes, sir" the boy replied.

"You don't deserve it but you should have to suck this slave's cock" the master commented and he looked over at Elijah who just nodded his head in approval. The master pushed the boy down on his knees and under Wesley.

"Suck!" the master commanded and the boy moved to Wesley's cock, held it steady and sank it into his mouth. Wesley bucked his body at the feel of the mouth on his cock, pushed his ass back and then pushed forward, fucking himself as he pumped his cock into the mouth below him. Elijah was fucking faster, urgent to cum, he was so wound up and he slammed into Wesley hard, one, two, three times and pumped Wesley's hole full of his cum. He pumped his spent cock a few more times feeling Wesley's tightness milk the last of his cum from his cock and the men surrounding them watched at the slimy cock moved in Wesley's ass. When Elijah backed away from Wesley he let go of the rope allowing Wesley's hands to come forward Reid backed up and let them fall in front of him and when Reid pushed his cock back into Wesley's face, Wesley braced himself on Reid's thighs as he sank his mouth back down Reid's cock. The boy underneath Wesley sucked his cock, then sucked each nut into his mouth and tugged painfully on them, then the boy shifted around and sucked Elijah's cum leaking from Wesley's hole.

For Wesley everything began to happen fast, too fast to contemplate, as Reid fed him another load, pumped cum into his mouth till it drooled down his chin and the boy underneath him moved back to his cock and sucked till he too came, pumping his cum into the boy's mouth till he was spent, his cock too sensitive for anymore stimulation and he begged the boy to stop.


Wesley looked at the time on his computer screen a hundred times frustrated at how slowly the day was moving, his sense of being trapped at work till five o'clock. The week had been a long one for he had a project to finish by Thursday and then Friday was a day of meaningless tasks, things that made time seem to stand still and it was worse with his mind constantly on what had happened last weekend. The way he had been kept naked all weekend, used by Elijah, Daniel and Reid, over and over and over till by Sunday morning the three of them couldn't get hard any more, but Wesley could, for he stayed aroused all weekend and only allowed to get off Friday night and then Saturday night. His cock leaked so much the head stayed wet. He hadn't wanted the weekend to end.

He had told Elijah he wanted to do it again, practically begged for it, but Elijah had remained noncommittal, and during the week he had heard nothing from Elijah or the others. He found his eyes wandering over certain male co-workers wondering which ones would go for it, the opportunity for a blow job or an ass to fuck. He had fought the urge to follow Ryan, one of the guys in his area, to the bathroom. He wanted to check him out, he wanted to sit in a stall and have Ryan come to him, use his mouth, and it made his heart race and his stomach knot up with the thoughts of what could happen. But he refrained as he wondered what he could do tonight, where he should go and he knew he'd be on his computer as soon as he got home surfing for that one opportunity that scared him, aroused something inside of him that made him feel his sexuality.

He got home to find a message in his computer that had arrived while he was driving home. It was Elijah.

"I'll be by around ten."

That was it and yet it was everything for he didn't care what Elijah had planned for he was ready, the anticipation so great his cock ached in the confines of his khakis. He prepared dinner, stripped off his clothes and shaved till his entire body was smooth and soft to the touch and then he took a warm bath. His cock was hard, arced up out of the water and he struggled not to touch it.

He stayed naked, ready and when his doorbell finally rang out at ten after he brazenly opened the door and saw the grin form on Elijah's face at the sight of his naked body. Elijah had a small gym bag with him and he came in and tossed it on the sofa turning to Wesley, pulling his body against his own. Elijah roughly kissed him, the first time he had done so, as his hands roamed down Wesley's back and squeezed each round ass cheek pulling Wesley tight to his body. Wesley the soft denim of Elijah's jeans and the shirt against his bare skin as he was hugged tightly.

"Boy are we going to have some fun tonight" Elijah said as he backed away from Wesley reaching for the gym bag. "Here, put on the clothes inside it."

Inside the bag were a pair of jean and a dog collar; nothing else. Wesley knew what it meant and he opened up the jeans and saw they were his size, a pair that were worn, frayed, the knees busted out and holes around the back pockets and one in the crotch which was worn so thin the fabric was white. He knew he wasn't to put on underwear or a shirt, instead he was to wear only what was in the bag. He dressed in front of Elijah, slipping the jeans up and he zipped them up only to realize the button had been cut off. They hung on his hips the waist band open and he sensed how quickly he could be naked. He struggled with the dog collar but eventually secured the buckle feeling the collar tight around his neck.

Wesley looked down at the boots Elijah was wearing, thought of all the men last weekend who wore some type of black boot and he looked up at Elijah.

"I don't have any boots to wear."

"That's okay, just put on some old running shoes or whatever you have" Elijah replied.

When Wesley had a pair of his old sneakers tied he stood up wondering where Elijah was taking him. Elijah told him to lock up and come on that he was parked downstairs. In the parking lot Wesley saw the familiar truck and he was soon in the cab with Elijah and he wondered what the few people who were in the parking lot thought when they saw him shirtless with a collar on getting into the truck with Elijah.

Elijah drove out of town, took an old two lane highway that eventually came to the river that circled around the outskirts of the city and they went over the old concrete bridge to the opposite side where Elijah turned into a narrow dirt lane that went into the woods. They drove along for about a hundred yards and Wesley saw the cars and trucks parked among the trees then the small building sitting to one side. The windows on the front were boarded up and its painted walls were faded and peeling. Elijah parked and they made their way to the building and Wesley could hear the muffled music coming from inside.

"It use to be a fish camp but over the years it was a lot of other things but for the last five it has been a bar" Elijah said as they came up on the narrow front porch and to the door.


The interior was dark and the place was fairly crowded, men of all ages but all having the look of men who liked to play hard, some wearing leather gear and some bare-chested showing their muscular upper bodies with pierced nipples and tattoos. The bar ran along the back wall with pool tables down the middle of the room and Elijah led Wesley to the bar telling him to sit. Wesley sat on one of the stool, his feet on the brace causing his knees to spread out. He didn't realize his cock and balls were lying visible in the hole in the crotch and he sat still, not saying anything, fear, anticipation, an anxiousness working inside of him and he felt the eyes of the men on him, saw the grins, the nods of approval and a few went up to Elijah and they talked amongst themselves laughing and looking over at him. Elijah brought Wesley a beer and stood next to him, towering over him, this big muscular body seemed to control the air around them and as Elijah talked to other men Wesley sat quietly and drank the beer.

Wesley was in a daze having sat so long when he realized three guys were standing in front of him saying something to Elijah. Elijah suddenly moved on him, slipped a finger through the ring of the collar pulling his head back stretching out his body, the fair skin shiny in the dim light of the bar, every muscle visible, the curve of his pecs, the washboard stomach that narrowed seductively down into the loose jeans and his legs spread open further till his cock slipped through the hole out in the open, thickening, growing erect at his arousal.

Elijah pulled back roughly on the collar and leaned down and kissed him, shoving his tongue into his mouth. Wesley felt Elijah's other hand slide down his chest, rub over his stomach and then grope his crotch and he felt the touch, Elijah's hand on his bare cock, felt it rub over the head, felt it take him firmly, squeezing him, making him fully erect. Elijah stood up and pulled up on the collar and Wesley stood up and he knew his cock was sticking out of the hole, knew without looking it was sticking straight out for everyone to see.

Elijah reached into his back pocket and pulled out a leash, one Wesley had not seen, and hooked it into the collar. Then he led Wesley to the back of the bar to a door Wesley had seen men coming and going through all night long. As they moved through the door Wesley saw it was a patio area enclosed by an eight foot fence and it was lit by a few scattered lights strung up along the fence or the back of the building. The very back of the area was darker, with only the faintest of light penetrating into its recesses and it was here Elijah led Wesley, making him walk by all the men standing around on the patio. At the back fence Wesley saw a bench was built along the base of it and Elijah had Wesley sit down.

Wesley looked down and saw his cock, half hard, sticking out and he pulled his knees together out of some sense of false modesty. Elijah saw him and shoved a foot between his legs and kicked them apart.

"No" was all he said and Wesley knew he was to keep his legs spread open, to keep his body on display.

How long he was forced to sit there he didn't know but Wesley saw the crowd thin down and when he knew it had to be closing time and most of the men were gone, a few men came out of the bar including the bartender and Wesley sensed it was time, that what Elijah was going to do was going to happen now. Elijah moved to him, pulled him up and out in front of where he was standing. Wesley was facing the other men, and he felt Elijah move up close to his back and reach around his body. Elijah had a section of rope, a short piece only a couple of feet long and he tied Wesley's wrists together. Then he pulled them up and over Wesley's head and secured them to a ring in the back of the collar. Wesley stood in front of the other men, his upper body stretched taunt, every muscle on display and his arms were stretched over his head revealing his clean shaven armpits and the bulging muscle of his arms. The jeans hung low on his hips, and Elijah reached around his waist and pulled the zipper down, slowly, inch by inch till it was all the way down and when he released it the jeans fell easily down Wesley's legs into a heap around his ankles.

He was naked, his body fully exposed to these men, and the dim light reflected off his fair skin, it shiny, wet with his sweat, the hot humid night air and his anxious anticipation making him feel hot. His cock rose up with his arousal, his submissiveness and the head was wet at the slit as the clear liquid beaded up and trickled down the shaft.

Elijah opened his jeans and let his cock fall out into the open, the thick shaft thickening and rising up hard and he gave the leash a small tug and Wesley knew what he was expected to do and he stepped of his jeans and moved in front of Elijah going down on his knees. He struggled to maintain his balance but once he was in front of Elijah he moved to the thick long cock in front of him, mouthed the head, ran his tongue up the shaft feeling the smooth skin that wrapped the hard shaft as he moved along its length and he leaned down further and tongued Elijah's balls, sucked one then the other into his mouth and he tugged on them, pulled till the sac was tight in his mouth and he knew it had to be painful and Elijah moaned loud enough for him to hear and he eased forward releasing them. He ran his tongue up the shaft till he came to the head again and he moved up letting his lips slip around the head and lowered his mouth taking the thick cock into his mouth.

Wesley sucked on Elijah till his jaw ached and drool wet his chin and dripped down on his chest. He was a sloppy cocksucker, noisy, sometimes rough and it aroused Elijah more than he would admit. Elijah felt his cock grow achingly hard, felt the urge to cum begin and he pushed Wesley off his cock and let the thick long shaft bob in front of him, glistening with Wesley's spit. He pulled Wesley up and turned him sideways to most of the men watching. He put his hand on Wesley's neck and bent him over.

Wesley knew what Elijah wanted...what he wanted, and he bent over struggling to maintain his balance with his arm stretched over his head and he felt Elijah grab the loose end of the rope and help hold him up. Elijah moved up to him, pressed his wet slick cock to his opening and pushed against it. Wesley pushed back and he cried out as the head of Elijah's cock stretched his hole open and penetrated him. Wesley felt Elijah push inward, felt his hole stretch open to accommodate the thick cock, inch by inch and he glanced over to the men seeing some of them with their cocks out stroking them as they watched Elijah sink into his hole.

Elijah began to fuck, to push in and pull out, slowly, sinking into his hole a little further each time till he was pushing all the way into him. Elijah fucked him with full strokes, pulling back till his cock was almost ready to slip free and he would shove forward again, sinking his cock back into Wesley, over and over. Wesley grunted with every penetration, and he soon found himself pushing back to meet Elijah's forward thrusts slapping their bodies together.

"Fuck me...fuck me harder" Wesley uttered, the first time he had begged Elijah, to give voice to his desire while he took Elijah's fuck. Elijah's hips smacked against his ass, over and over, as he pummeled Wesley's hole. There was movement to their side and Wesley glanced over and saw the bartender drag a young guy out from the back of the crowd. The young guy was skinny, his brown hair long, and he was wearing only a pair of boxers, some cheap white brand that were dirty and torn, that looked like he had been wrestling in them and the bartender held the guy by the arm and looked at Elijah. Then, on cue, he reached down and ripped the boxers from the guy, roughly tugging the fragments from his body until his was naked, his flaccid cock flopping back and forth and Wesley looked at the guy, at how young he looked, with sparse hair under his arms and a little thin fan of hair over his cock. His arms and legs looked completely bare, as well as his flat chest and stomach.

The bartender pushed the guy down on his knees and shoved him toward Wesley. Wesley watched the guy crawl on his knees to him, slip underneath his body and he soon felt the guy take his cock and suck it. Wesley pumped his hips forward shoving his cock into the guy's mouth harder as he took Elijah's fuck, every deep penetrating thrust. The guy sucked him till he thought he would cum and suddenly he felt his cock out in the open, the warm air blowing over it and the guy had worked himself back to Wesley's face and was kissing him, and he held Wesley's upper body up letting Elijah let go of the rope and hold Wesley by his waist. Elijah began to fuck harder, to swing his hips faster and faster till he came, pumping cum into Wesley, everything he had, shoving his cock through it smearing it all along his hole till it pumped back out and trickled down his ass and one thigh. Elijah pulled out and Wesley felt the air hit his stretched open hole, he felt the cum trickle out slowly and he suddenly felt the guy beneath take his cock and give it a few strokes.

Elijah came to Wesley's side and released his wrists from the collar and Wesley quickly put his hands on his knees to stabilize himself as the guy below him played with his cock. Wesley looked down on the guy, his skinny back, the way his spine was so noticeable down its length. When the guy let him go Wesley watched him move out in front of him and down on his hands and knees. He looked back at Wesley, his eyes pleading, wanting Wesley to take him and Wesley looked over at Elijah, looked for permission and Elijah nodded his head once.

Wesley moved on the guy with a vengeance, his desires making him mad, and he kicked the guy's legs apart and moved quickly into place. He pushed his leaking cock to the guy's hole and he hesitated for a brief moment, hesitated at the sight of how small the guy's hole looked wondering if he could take a rough fuck. Then he felt it, the guy push back against his cock and he took him by the waist and shoved forward, slamming his cock through the tight ring of the guy's opening penetrating him in one hard thrust. The men watching urged him on, told him to fuck the guy hard, to bust his ass open and Wesley began to drive his hips with an urgency he had not felt before, drove his cock into the guy over and over, his hips slapping the guy's skinny ass hard.

Wesley was too aroused, his cock too hard, and he didn't last long as he hammered the guy underneath him, drove his cock into the guy's ass so hard he had the guy pushed over on his shoulders with his ass upturned a little higher, his ass opened up a little more, taking each penetrating thrust till Wesley couldn't hold back any longer and he came.


Everyone went back into the closed bar and had one on the house. Wesley sat naked on a stool next to Elijah listening to men come up and tell Elijah how hot it was to watch them tonight. The men would touch Wesley on his shoulders, or run a hand down his back or rest it on his thigh, close to his flaccid cock, each just wanting to touch him, to feel his firm smooth skin and the strength of the muscle underneath. Wesley felt like he was on a pedestal, something just for show, for none of the men spoke to him directly, and after a few minutes he wondered where the guy went he had fucked and he let his eyes scan the room, look through the crowd of men around them. Then he saw the guy across the room, up on a pool table, still naked, taking another cock in his ass, letting someone else pound his hole and Wesley let a small smile spread across his face knowing how the guy felt, this desire to submit to another man, to give yourself to him, and he glanced over at Elijah and saw him give him a small smile and a nod.

He'd done well tonight.



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