This shit has been going on for over 2 months now, and I'm getting sick of it! Jamie is becoming very controlling, and very possessive. I could leave him, and live with my grandmother, but she is in Illinois, over 1,000 miles away. I have nowhere to go if I leave him; I'm sure he's just protecting me or something. 

"who are you texting, Alec?!" Jamie asked assertively. "just my... Grandmother..." I said as he snagged my phone from me. "hey! Give it back!" I protested as he read my texts. He saw my texts to Grammy, and got furious.

"you're going to leave me?! Don't you EVER leave me!" he said throwing my phone against the wall; breaking it. "that's a $400 phone!! Jamie, what's wrong with you?!" I scream as he picked up my broken phone. "my damn phone..." I whispered. "what has gotten into you, Jamie?! You're being very controlling. I don't want to be with you if--" 


My eyes go wide with fear and I rub my cheek tenderly. Jamie stood over me fuming. "say. that. again!" he said with burning eyes and gritted teeth. "I-I'm sorry, Jamie.... I-I'll never leave you, I promise..." I said out of fear. I see his smile creep across his face, and he knelt down next to me, and wiped my tears. "I'm sorry too, baby... I just have a slight temper, and I got scared... I can't lose you, Alec... I'm sorry..." he said with a smile.

"You're always 'sorry...'" I muttered under my breath. I see his fists clench, and he punched me in the face. "what was that?!?! Care to repeat that, you little Fucker?! You're lucky I'm letting you stay with me! Consider yourself lucky, and grateful..." he said kicking me while I'm down. He suddenly stopped and laid down next to me, "are you grateful?" I hear him whisper. I'm in too much pain to respond. "are you?!" 

"y-yes... I am grateful...." 

"it doesn't seem like it..." he said getting up off of the floor. "what do I do to prove it to you?" I asked.

That was a mistake....

He laid behind me, and reached around for my jeans button. I felt him slip them off with my underwear, and I feel his cock poke against my asshole. "make love to me..." he whispered. I sighed to myself, and relaxed.



I woke up the next morning with a throbbing headache, and a black eye. He was wrapped around me, with his cock still in my butt. I can't believe I let him do that to me, and I don't know why I let him. He's so abusive, and I guess I wasn't thinking straight when I said 'ok', and now I have to suffer the consequences. I slowly sneaked out of the bed, took a shower, got my clothes on, grabbed my backpack and made my way to the door. I slowly crept over to the bedroom, Nd peered inside; he's not there. 

I turn back around, and there stands Jamie. I gulp nervously, and look straight in his eyes. "going somewhere, Alec?" he asked as he folded his arms over his muscular chest. I struggled to find the right words, "I-I'm going to w-work... That's why I'm wearing m-my swimming shorts..." I said as I directed his attention to my shorts. "you're not wearing those..."

"b-but Jamie, I-I have to..." 

"Wear these..." he said as he retrieved my baggy, plaid-patterned cargo shorts. They were white with grey and light blue stripes and lines. "those are too revealing... They grip your ass too much." he said as he threw my cargo shorts at me. I knew it was a lost cause, so I slipped them on. Jamie walked over to me, and gripped me tightly and gave me a passionate, loving kiss. "you know I'm only trying to protect you, right?" he said looking down at me. "y-yeah... I know...." he smiles slyly. "good, now get your sexy little ass over to work." he said grabbing my ass. I blushed a little, and headed down to work


"dude, are you alright?!" another lifeguard, Bobby asked as I put on my lifeguard shirt, and grabbed my rescue tube. "you look like you got the shit beaten out of you..." he said as he checked my black eye. "im fine... I just fell last night, that's all..." I said looking at the floor. "are you sure? Because I was talking to Ryder a few weeks ago, and he said that you fell then too. Are things ok at home?" he asked putting his hand on my shoulder. I hesitated, because I want to tell him so badly, but I love Jamie, so I decide not to tell him. "yeah... Apart from my mom being...." I froze mid-sentence. What would she do if she found out my boyfriend is abusive? She'd fucking kill him, that's what she would do! 

God, I miss her....

"that's good... I'd hate to see you hurt, Alec. It would kill me, because there are a lot of people that care about you, and care about you a LOT more than you think." he said smiling a he headed for the other end of the pool. "wait!" I said as he turned back around to look at me. His darling blue eyes shone brightly, and looked beautiful. Bobby wasn't a bad looking guy, really. He is around my height and built like a football player! He has thick, but not bulgy arms, definitely tight abs, tanned skin, a heart throbbing smile, he has a tattoo on his left shoulder, along with straight, short blonde hair that is always covered by a backwards baseball cap. He definitely pulls off the 'hot jock' look pretty well, I'll give him that. "there is something..." I said nervously. "b-but, we have shift, it'll have to wait, ok?" I asked. He nodded in agreement, and headed back towards his end of the pool. I meandered my way over to my chair, and sat down; watching, waiting for someone to get hurt. But, even as I'm working, I start to steal glances at Bobby every now and again; admiring his perfect skin, his big muscles, his winning smile, his hair, everything. I couldn't stop staring!

I'm thinking dangerously... I have a boyfriend... Well, it's more like Jamie has a boyfriend, and I have a bully. Maybe Bobby's gay, maybe he likes me? I hope he does. It's not every day you find yourself someone like Bobby.

Once shift was over, Bobby sat down next to me as I put my feet in the water; I watch as I swish them around, and make small whirlpools with my feet. "so, what's going on, Alec?" Bobby asked as he slid over a little closer to me. "w-well, m-my boyfriend.... He...." I feel tears swell in my eyes, and my voice falls silent. 

"does he hurt you? Like hit you?" he asked as he looked at the pool, then at me. Not being able to speak for whatever reason, I nod slowly. "you need to leave him. It's only going to get worse, Alec. He might...." I looked at him with confused eyes; begging for an answer. "kill you...." he finished as looked at me again. "you deserve better..." he added as I felt a strong hand on my knee. "someone who will love you, and treat you like a prince, someone...."

"like.... You?" I finished as I looked into his gorgeous blue eyes. He put an arm around my shoulder, and pulled me in slowly for a strong, passionate kiss. It's nothing like when I kiss Jamie; his are more lust filled, and Bobby's are more sensual, and loving. I close my eyes, and begin to return it. His lips were so smooth, and his mouth was so warm as I slip my tongue into his mouth. Our tongues met, and thrashed around each others mouths; fighting for dominance. I soon remembered that I had to be home in ten minutes, and I rip off of Bobby. He looks at me full of confusion, and I stand up. He stands up too. "don't go back to him, Alec. You deserve better..." he said as he put his strong hand on my shoulder. "I have to... He's the only person I can stay with, and if I leave him, I'll have nowhere to go..." I said walking back into the lifeguard office. Bobby followed, "you can stay with me, Alec." he said with pleading eyes. I quickly got dressed, and made my way past him. 

Maybe he was right....


"why are you late, baby?" Jamie asked as I walked through the door.

Shit.... Busted.... "who is he, Alec?!" Jamie screamed as he slammed the door with his fist. I gulped nervously, "n-nobody... I didn't see anyone... I-I just had a long day at work..." I said as fear gripped my heart. "why don't I believe you? Who did you see, you little WHORE!!" he said as he punches me right in the face. "Jamie... S-stop!!" I pleaded as tears welled I'm my eyes, and more blows hit my chest, and stomach. "you think I LIKE hitting you!? Do you LIKE making me hit you?!? You stupid whore!" he yelled ferociously. My body feels like it's going to cave in on itself, and as I beg and plead, I see him pull out something from the kitchen drawer, and I couldn't see what it was. I get up quickly, and he chases after me. I run into the bedroom, and lock the door. I brace a chair up against the doorknob to buy me some time, and I ripped off my backpack, and stuffed it with many clothes, my keys to the aquatics center, and all the money I have: $344, plus another $2,200 in the bank. I slip on a hoodie and make my way over to the fire escape window. "open the FUCKING DOOR, ALEC!!!" I hear Jamie pound on the door. I slip out of the window, and run down the metal steps to the ground. I hear the door finally give way, and I hear Jamie scream from the window. "I WILL FIND YOU, ALEC, YOU'RE DEAD! DEAD!!!!" 

don't stop running, Alec....

I soon arrived at the aquatics center, and a text to Bobby. "you up? Need your help. -Alec."

"where r u?" he sent back.


"B there in 10..."

He wasn't kidding; he was here in less then ten minutes. I see him jump out of his car, and run over to me. He crashes into me with the biggest hug I've ever had since the ones my mom would give me. " you're right, Bobby... He... Tried to..." 

"shhhh...." he said holding me and rubbing my back lovingly. "I'm so sorry, Bobby... I should have listened... I deserved what i got earlier..." he pushes necked of him, and then looks me right in the eye. "don't ever say that! None of it was your fault, Alec; None!" He said with a serious look on his face. He took off my backpack, and put it in the car. I climbed in, and so did Bobby. He started the engine, and took me to his house. 

What if Jamie finds me? Will he hurt me? .....kill me?




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