My name is Mark Aldrich, I own and operate a restaurant diner, in the business district of a large city. I have done quite well with my restaurant since opening almost five years ago.

I cook, clean and just do whatever else needs to be done.

I have a young man about my same age, named Rock Olson, that washes dishes on the night shift from 5 to midnight and two waitresses and an assistant cook.

Well to give you some background, I had saved my money from the military, and with what my father left me at his death, after I got out of the Marines I did something I had always wanted and loved doing, cooking, I bought this closed down little place on the lower side of the downtown business district.

I invested my cash in opening a restaurant cooking home cooked meals, and sort of Diner, and had done pretty well.

I was able to pay my help well and really get the thing going and off the ground, making a tidy little profit.

Well the one thing that makes life different for me is that I'm Gay, I love men., but at this time I didn't have a regular dude on the string. I guess you might say that my main Squeeze was 'Ole Rosie and her four sisters.' and that was getting old hat, I hadn't been getting much action lately.

I knew it was not suppose to be a good thing for a boss and an employee to be having sex but It all started one Saturday night, we had been unusually busy at the Diner, what with a convention at the downtown convention center keeping us hopping.

It seemed like it was a constant, steady stream of customers, I was jumping around there like a chicken with his head cut off all day long, I was tired, exhausted, and with the cleanup, after we finally closed, we were all dragging.

We finally finished and all the employees had left except The dishwasher Rock, and me, and we were setting at the little employee's table in the back room.

I had gotten a cup of coffee and Rock had gotten a

coke, and we sat there almost exhausted.

'Fuck man, that was one hell of a day, hey?' he said.

'You damn well got that right. Whew shit man,' I said.

Now Rock was a young, good looking guy, fresh out of the Navy when I had first given him a job, he had worked for me almost three years now.

Rock was just sorta splayed out, laying with his hips on the edge of the seat leaning back, drinking his coke.

'Man you know what I need right about now?' Rock asked.

I looked over and smiled at his sorta cute, sexy smiling face, 'No Man, what would that be?' I asked.

'Well we been so fucking busy, I ain't busted a nut in almost a week and I would give anything for a good blow-Job,, I ain't had a good blow-job in a couple years. You know that kind where you don't have to exert any energy, you just lay there and let them work on your cock, bringing you to heaven with their hot, wet mouth, Now that's what I'm talking about,' he said.

'Damn just thinking about it is giving me a boner.' he said.

I looked over and he was squeezing his crotch and sure enough he looked like he had a radiator hose laying down his leg, swollen up and wanting.

I smiled at him and said. 'Fuck Dude, I had no Idea you were hung like that man, Holy shit dude.'

How fucking big is that thing anyway?' I asked.

Rock smiled 'Well the last time I measured it was almost 9 and a half inches long, and about six inches around, but that was a couple years ago.'

Here man,' Rock unzipped his jeans and pulled out one fucking log of a cock, its a beaut, ain't it?' Rock asked with a smile.

'Holy Fuck Rock, DAAUUM that's some serious meat there man.' I said.

Rock Smiled and gave it a few strokes.

My mouth was watering, it had been so long since I had touched any cock, much less one of that size, it was gorgeous. His cock was thick, nicely shaped head, thick veined, and a circumcision scar running around the shaft about three inches back from the crown, it was one gorgeous cock.

I couldn't help myself as I watched Rock flip it up and down with his hand, I wanted it bad.

'Well Rock tell me Did you ever have a guy suck you off before?' I asked.

'Fuck yeah man, once there was this young Ensign in the Navy, aboard the ship I was on, he saw it in the head one day and couldn't take his eyes off it. He invited me back to his room and I got the best suck job I had ever had, no chick could compare with his expertise, and I had to pull his ass off it to get him to stop after he had swallowed my load.

I got up and walked over and Rock looked up with wonderment in his eyes as I knelt down before him between his legs and took about six inches of his cock into my mouth and began to work my magic with my tongue.

'AW FUCK, Mark, SHIT!!!!! I had no Idea you like to suck cock, or we would have been doing this for some time now.' he said.

I looked up and said, Just shut the fuck up and enjoy it O.K., cause I sure the fuck am.'

I pulled his jeans and briefs down to his ankles enjoying and savoring the taste and aroma of his crotch, it was like an aphrodesiac to my nostrils.

I was enjoying his thick nuts and his cock with rapture, it was the first cock I had sucked in a long time and I wanted it to last, I felt like a conisour of find wine as I tasted his pre-cum leaking out of the tip and enjoying the flavor or each gulp.

I was taking his thick cock to the balls, enjoying an relishing each suck. I was in my zone with a cock in my mouth.

I was enjoying all of Rock's gorgeous body.

He wasn't built like a body builder, but he was tall, mildly muscular, lightly hairy and his legs were muscular, with a very muscular hairy appearance.

I adored his little tuft of hair at his navel leading a treasure trail of dark hair down to his thick pubic bush.

I hadn't realized Rock was this good looking, but that cock was the main attraction for me, and I knew this wasn't gonna be the only time I would pleasure Rock's cock.

I had been working on his cock for several minutes, massaging his nuts in the sack, totally enjoying myself, and felt his legs begin to open and close and he began to lift his ass upward, thrusting his cock into my mouth.

I knew by his breathing and moaning he was getting close, 'I sure the fuck hope you swallow because I am about there and I'm sporting a good load man, Oh FUCK MARK,' he said.

I felt my hands go around behind his ass, squeeze his cheeks,and pull him tight into my mouth and I felt his cock firing off as he began grunting and almost yelled out with pleasure and he was holding my head tight against his body, as I drank down my throat his load of cum, I had wanted it and I got every drop of his love essence.

Finally after his cock quit its little jerks and I had licked every little drop of his white pearly love sauce from its tip.

He lay back, let his arms drop straight down, and just lay like that for several minutes as his wet cock lay to the side and glistened in the light. Rock was truly good looking.

Needless to say Rock and I both enjoyed ourselves that night, Rock even sucked me off after he got his composure and strength back, and it began a regular thing of us taking care of each other in the back room of our restaurant, and we even began spending the night at my apartment, where thing got more heated up even more, we began enjoying each others cock in anal sex,

Holy shit, that first night I thought Rock took my cherry, and although I had been fucked before, with Rock it was like the first time.

Rock and I enjoyed each other for several months before the Robbery.

It was a Saturday night, we had just closed and I was in my little office in the back room when I heard something, Two men came crashing through the back door that I had forgotten to lock, they had Rock with a knife to his throat, and I was standing there with a loaded thirty eight stuck in my temple, they demanded the money I had all of the week's receipts laying out on my desk making the weekly bank deposit.

They took the money, left the checks and charge receipts and stormed out the back door, threatening us, that if we were smart we would not follow them, which I knew would be a very foolish action in the first place.

Rock had a scrape from the guy's knife on his throat where the guy had threatened to cut his throat if he moved.

I had almost pissed myself, I had never felt so scared and violated, and upset in my life.

I never knew the fear that had come from knowing that I was only one second from dying, I had never felt that before in my life.

Well of course we called the city police, who came almost immediately. Then and investigator came and we answered many, many questions, and gave a discription of the two men.

They did all the usual things, looked for fingerprints, and then as luck would have it I had had security cameras installed in the restaurant and the back kitchen area of the Diner. I also had installed one behind the restaurant in the alley just in case.

I was able to give the videos over to the police.

It was almost three thirty in the morning when they had finished up with there investigation, most of the police left, I let Rock go on home and I was there alone with his very handsome young Police officer, He had said he would stay with me to make sure of things till I left to go home.

I told him I would have to call a cab I usually took the bus but they stopped running at midnight The young officer said, he was off Duty in ten minutes he wouldn't mind taking me home, I told him I didn't want to be a bother to him, he said, 'It would be no bother, actually he would enjoy the company, it get's rather lonely going home to and empty apartment.'

I said 'Well then if you don't mind I would love it.'

He held out his hand to shake mine, 'I'm Doug, Doug Cauldwell,' he said with a pleasant smile.

AS we shook hands I felt this funny feeling as we held each others hand longer than just a usual handshake.

I looked into his gorgeous dark eyes. He smiled. 'Do I call you Doug then,' I ask.

Yes, that would be awesome' he said with a smile.

Well Doug, I'm Mark,' I said.

I locked the doors front and back and we got into his cruiser.

Doug looked over and smiled, 'Would you mind if I told you that I would like to get to know you.'

'Not at all, I would like that too, Doug.'

But to be honest with you, I would really like to have sex with you. Does that surprise you?'

'yes and no,' that's really what I was hoping for. Want to come to my apartment and have a late night drink, I have some wine and beer if you would like a drink.' he said.

I kept looking over at Doug, his military style police hair cut, his nice build, beautifully handsome face, and his build was fantastic.

I knew by looking at his waist he was built, that he worked out to keep fit for his job.

We had a few drinks and we began to just acquaint ourselves with each other.

We sat on the sofa and I reached over and undid his tie, then started unbuttoning his shirt.

His smooth hairless chest was a chiseled work of art, I smiled when I saw his gorgeous bronzed body, it was magnifiscant and I couldn't keep my hands off his torso.

I leaned over and started kissing this god of a young officer, he lay back and let me enjoy his awesomeness.

I found myself stroking his thick cock through his trousers and then undoing them and releasing the monster within them, he was not as big as Rock but he was awesome, I leaned over and took it to the balls in my mouth and he almost went wild, giving out explatives as I serviced his manhood.

Doug, I found out later was a learner, he had know n he was gay but never had done anything before, he was for all intents and purposes a virgin, and I was breaking him in.

He was a very willing student and before the night was over I had sucked his cock until he pulled a couch pillow over his face and a huge virgin load down my throat.

I slept with him at his apartment that night and we had one night of unbridled passionate love making and pure raw man sex.

I guess the most awesome thing about Doug was his facial expressions as I took his manhood to the balls in my asshole, and wrapped my legs around his body and felt his whole body in ecstasy as he filled me with his man-seed. That awesome look on his beautiful face was priceless. He is definatly one of our city's finest, and he damn sure is the finest to me.

And yes Doug and Rock and me have had three-ways together too. Damn life's good now day's



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