Shaun Jacob Mason was obsessed. He thought about it his every waking hour, and sometimes in his dreams. It became a fetish, the way he craved it.

Shaun lived in a small town, a place where nothing happened; not ever. It was a town surrounded by rural countryside which grew to its tiny size by the mere fact it sat at a crossroads, far from any major city. For Shaun, it was home, and he eked out a living working at the only grocery store in town. He worked early mornings Tuesday through Saturday and when he was off he hung out with his friends, played video games, and went to his secret places to get what he wanted, the thing that obsessed him, something his friends couldn't know. He went to find men who wanted their cocks sucked.

He had fantasies about sucking cock for years, thought about what it would be like to suck his best friend's cock, one he had seen many times in P.E. and on camping trips. It was one he'd never get. It was right after graduation when he finally got brave enough to go somewhere to satisfy this craving and his online search amazed him at his options, one of which was in his tiny town. The town sat at the intersection of two truck routes and had two truck stops, one on the east side of town on Highway 58 and one on the north side of town on State Road 47, and it was this one, the oldest, on a route used mainly during the day for local routes that was his best option.

The best night was Sunday night and on this particular Sunday he slipped on his usual attire. A t-shirt and a pair of gym shorts with no underwear was all he wore. At first he wore his jeans but over time, as he grew more confident, less afraid to go to these places where it was obvious what he was doing, and he started wearing less, first jeans sans underwear, then just the gym shorts. It was late at night and there was nothing else open, no where he would be going to be seen.

He drove his old sports car around to the back side of the truck stop, across the rough gravel lot to the very edge, out of the way and in the shadows, out of sight of prying eyes. It was around ten when he arrived and he sat in his car, music playing low, just watching the few tractor-trailer rigs pull into the stop, a few just refueling and heading on their way, and others pulling to the rear and parking for the night. He watched the drivers head inside, some for only a few minutes, but others stayed inside for a long time. He saw a man drive up with out of state plates on his car and he fueled up, paid then drove to the opposite side of the parking lot. He parked under a light affording Shaun the ability to watch him lock up his car and head back inside. The man was nicely dressed and appeared to be middle age, with a nice build and dark hair. Shaun shut off his car and got out, locking the door. He ambled across the lot and inside through the back door. The guy who worked Sunday nights ignored him, for he too within the last couple of weeks taken advantage of Shaun's talented mouth when his shift had ended at four. Shaun had seen his name tag and knew it was Adrian and when he had sucked Adrian's cock it had seemed different, not like most other guys, and he thought it was because Adrian had been so shy at first, so timid in letting him suck his off.

The bathroom and showers were in the back just off the rear entry corridor and Shaun slipped into the two rooms that made up the toilet and shower. The smell of cleaners and deodorizer attempted to mask the scent of the old toilet and bath, with its humid mildew smell. He moved through the small foyer that sat between the showers and the toilet area. He went in the toilet to the familiar row of stalls, three along one wall, wider than usual with old wood partitions in need of repainting. From the stalls, through the large gap in the doors, he could see the lavatories and urinals on the opposite wall.

Shaun saw the last stall door was closed and a truck driver was at one urinal looking back at that stall. Shaun went to the middle stall, the one that afforded him the most cock, one from each side at times and he closed the door and latched it. He lowered his gym shorts, letting them drop to his ankles and tugged on his cock which was already showing his arousal. As he sat there, the room silent, no one making a sound at first, he heard the showers from the opposite side running. He let his eyes roam over the graffiti on the walls, so much of it familiar, some of it his own, looking for new comments, new images of cocks, references to sucking and fucking and he scanned down to the holes in each side wall. The holes had been cut out larger and larger over time till a man could nearly get his head through them, which afforded Shaun the ability to get all of a man's cock into his mouth, let it push to the back of his throat and slip down it if it was long enough.

He stroked his cock slowly, having learned it kept his desires ramped up if he didn't get off too quickly, and he leaned forward to look into the last stall. He saw the bare knees with fine dark hairs covering them then he saw a hand moving up and down the man's cock. It was average length, but thicker, and it stood up rigid in the man's lap. Shaun leaned closer to the hole so he could look up higher, at the man's dress shirt which was unbuttoned all the way up revealing his upper body, a lean torso with dime size nipples and Shaun watched the man's other hand rub over his chest increasing his arousal. Shaun couldn't see his face, but in reality didn't care, for it was the man's cock he was interested in and he went to this knees and turned to the hole. He held his mouth to the hole knowing the man could see his lower face and below the stall his legs. There'd be no mistaking his intentions and he didn't have to wait long. The man put his cock to Shaun's lips and pushed forward, urgently sinking his cock into Shaun's mouth.

Shaun took it, sucked it, run his tongue around it as it moved in his mouth. The man was in a hurry to get off, and he worked his hips back and forth, pumping his cock in Shaun's mouth fucking it. Shaun put his hands on the partition wall and let the man fuck his mouth faster and faster and all too soon he felt the cock flex in his mouth, felt it swell up fatter and then gush cum down his throat denying him a taste of it until the man was nearly spent and pulled back enough to let Shaun suck the last of the cum from his cock.

Shaun slipped back on the toilet and soon heard the man leave. He looked through the gap in the door and saw he had an audience, the trucker from the urinal, and he was groping himself, tugging on his cock, and once the other man was gone he took it out and let Shaun see it through the gap in the door. It was long, thin, with an arrow shaped head and it was already hard. Shaun dropped to his knees and turned to the hole putting his mouth to it, waiting. He heard the man enter, latch the door and quickly had his cock in Shaun's mouth. The trucker was in no hurry and he let Shaun to do all the work, holding his body tight to the partition, giving Shaun access to all of it and he soon felt it going down Shaun's throat.

Shaun sucked on the shaft, at times focusing his attention on the head, running his tongue over it, bore it into the slit and fisted the shaft as he worked the head in his mouth. The trucker began to breathe hard and his hips began to move, instinctively, until he was soon pumping his cock vigorously in Shaun's mouth, clinging to the old wood partition as he banged his hips against it.

"Oh fuck" the trucker said through gritted teeth and cum flooded Shaun's mouth and when the trucker shoved his hips forward sinking his cock into Shaun's mouth once again cum pumped out around his lips and trickled down his chin. Spent, the trucker stood still and let Shaun clean off his cock, suck every remnant of cum from it and once he was sated he pulled back and pulled his jeans and boxers back up and left.

Shaun sat on the toilet, slowly sliding his hand up and down his cock keeping his arousal high, a state of agitated need, not bothering to wipe his chin clean, letting the cum drip from it onto his shirt and slowly dry. The shower had stopped and he saw movement and looked through the gap around the door and saw a man at the urinal with just a towel around his waist. Shaun watched him pull the towel free and drape it over his shoulder as he moved up to the urinal. Shaun listened to him piss then saw his arm movement knowing he was shaking the last drops from his cock. The man didn't bother to wrap the towel around his waist as he turned and came toward Shaun's stall. Shaun saw his uncut cock, the way it dangled over his sac on his appraoch. The man didn't go into one of the adjacent stalls instead he came to Shaun's and rattled the door.

"Why don't you let me in? I like to watch" the man said in a casual tone and Shaun reached up, his hand shaking with his excitement mixed with nervousness and unlatched the door. The man was average height and build, a week's beard growth on his face and very short hair. Shaun didn't look at him long as he sat and watched the uncut cock come closer till it was in his face.

"Suck me...suck my cock ya cum whore" the man uttered as he took Shaun by the back of the head and pulled him forward.

The man didn't so much as let Shaun suck his cock, instead he fucked his mouth; aggressively thrusting his cock making Shaun gag at times. The man grabbed a fist full of hair and pulled Shaun's mouth onto his cock as he shoved forward, pumping Shaun's mouth on it, fucking it. The man's cock grew thick, the vein lined shaft filled Shaun's mouth and the loose skin moved with their fucking.

The man backed up till he stood just outside the stall and he pulled Shaun off the toilet making him drop to his knees and follow. Shaun braced his hands on the man's thighs as he took each forward thrust, the cock sinking into his throat. Drool dripped from his chin, and his breathing was erratic as Shaun held on letting the man fuck his mouth, using it for his own pleasure. Shaun's own cock rubbed against the man's hairy calves and he struggled not to pump his hips and work his cock along the man's leg knowing he'd get off, and cum too soon.

Shaun heard the door open and tried to get the man to step back into his stall but the man held him in place as he forced Shaun's mouth back and forth along his cock. There was movement to the side of them and Shaun glanced over and saw two men watching them.

"Goddamn, look at that will ya" one uttered as they stood watching.

The man fucking Shaun's mouth obviously liked to be watched as he grew more aggressive, his grunts and moans louder, and he began to thrust harder, short jagged movements and when he was close he pulled Shaun's head back holding his cock just in front of Shaun's open mouth and fisted his cock a few times till cum spewed from the slit, thick wads that hit Shaun across the nose, in his open mouth and across his t-shirt as the man's ejaculation grew less and less till he was spent. The man shoved his cock back into Shaun's mouth letting him clean it off and then he roughly pushed Shaun off and walked off.

"That whore is all yours" Shaun heard the man saw to their two voyeurs. Shaun quickly moved back into his stall latching the door and he leaned back against the tank breathing hard. He looked down and saw the spatter of cum and his own drool on his t-shirt and he breathed in deeply smelling the cum that covered his face. His gym shorts were still around his ankles, smeared with the grime from the floor and he slipped his feet out of them spreading his legs as he stroked his cock. He knew the two men were watching him through the gap around the door and he glanced up to see each one take his cock out, stroking their hardening shafts till they couldn't wait any longer. One went to Shaun's left and one to his right and soon all three stalls were occupied.

Shaun watched the two holes, waited to see which one would move first, which needed to get off the worst and soon he saw a cock enter from his right. Its head flared out wide, a flaming red in color with a fair skinned shaft holding it up and soon the man's dark reddish brown pubes were visible as he moved up close to the partition. Shaun eased down on his knees and took the cock in hand as he ran his tongue over the head, swirled it around the flared head making the man gasp and pump his hips. When he sank the man's cock into his mouth he heard the man push roughly against the partition. Shaun sucked hard, wanting to draw the cum out, as he took charge of the man, manipulated his lusts, his desires, sucking the sensitive cock deep into his mouth.

Shaun was down in front of the toilet, his body bent over slightly for the best angle and soon he felt the other man rub his ass, run his calloused hand over the smooth skin of each cheek. Shaun rose up, let his legs spread a little more and he felt the other man's fingers slide down between his cheeks. They probed along his cleft, scratched along the deep crevice stroking Shaun's arousal and Shaun pushed his ass back against the fingers as he sank his mouth down the cock in front of him.

"Nice ass" Shaun heard the man behind him utter as he pushed a finger against his hole, pressed against its tightness. Shaun felt every move of the fingers on him, felt the way they probed him, tested the tightness of his hole and when a finger sank into his hole stretching him open he moaned loudly around the cock in his mouth. The finger worked his hole open, worked around inside him, and when the man pulled it out he moved back in with two fingers and stretched Shaun open more, loosened his hole, made him aroused. When the man pulled his fingers free Shaun got up on his feet and braced his body with his hands on the stall in front of him as he moved his ass up against the opposite stall, the opening to his body aligned with the hole in the partition.

Shaun pulled back on the cock in his mouth, felt the flared head in his mouth, the way it filled it and he hesitated, held still a moment and soon felt the other man at his hole, the blunt cock head at his hole and suddenly, with one push the cock entered him, breached his hole, stretching him open further and sank into his depths shoving him forward forcing him to swallow the cock in his mouth. Shaun braced himself as best he could, keeping his mouth aligned with one partition hole and his ass up tight to the other as each man used him, used the holes he offered up to their needs, their need to sink their cock in something warm and slick, to fuck through it, and each one began to fuck, to fuck hard. The partitions squeaked with their exertions and each man grunted, moaned, and uttered guttural profanities as they drove their cocks into Shaun.

The man Shaun was sucking came first. He shoved his cock into Shaun's mouth and pumped cum down Shaun's throat, the thick wads coating it as they slid down. The man finally pulled back and let the head of his cock rest in Shaun's mouth letting him suck the last of the cum from it. When he stepped back and pulled his jeans back into place Shaun kept his hands on the partition, as he sucked in air to regain his breath, moaning loudly with every deep penetrating thrust into his ass. The man behind him was fucking harder, faster, and Shaun knew he was close. Shaun heard the man in front of him leave the stall and go to the one behind him and heard the door squeak open.

"Goddamn, Will, fuck that ass. Look at the lily white ass take that cock...shit..." the man uttered to his friend as he watched Shaun get fucked. "Let me see ya shoot."

The man hammered Shaun's ass a few more times then he pulled out and Shaun held still knowing what was to come and within seconds he felt it, the man's cum spatter his ass cheeks and pool at the top of his ass just above his hole.

"Fuck, that's a nice load, Will" the first man uttered and Shaun felt his fucker rub cock over his ass and down the cleft between his cheeks smearing cum over it, then he felt him push his cock back in sinking his slimy cock slickly back into him, pumping his hole a few more times.

"Fuck...that feels good" Shaun's fucker said in a low voice and the first man laughed wickedly. When Shaun felt the cock pull free of his hole he quickly turned and sat on the toilet for he was weary from the bent over position he had been in and he listened to the men get themselves together, wash up at the lavatories and leave. Shaun felt cum leak from his hole and he let it drip into the toilet as he sat back waiting on his breathing to settle back down.

The toilet was quiet for several minutes and Shaun sat in his stall, stroking his cock slowly, watching the beads of lube form at the slit over and over and he used each one to lubricate his hand, smear the clear liquid over his cock head and down the shaft as he kept himself in a state of arousal.

When the door opened again Shaun sat up and watched through the gap to see who was coming into his lair. He saw a tall broad shoulder man come in wearing leather pants and a vest, his arms bare, their muscular forms covered in tattoos. The man laid a motorcycle helmet on the counter by the lavatories and went up to a urinal. Shaun listened to him piss, the silence in the room making the sound of it seem loud and when the man pulled back he turned with his cock still out and Shaun gasped. It was long, one of the longest he had ever seen and the man looked over at the stall Shaun was in suddenly realizing he was being watched and he grinned as he stroked his cock making it grow hard, rise up parallel to the floor.

Shaun moved to his knees and faced the partition on his right knowing the man could see his legs and realize he was willing, waiting, with his mouth at the ready. He heard the man approach, the door to the stall close and latch and soon he felt it, the man's cock touch his lips, rub over them slowly, teasingly, wetting them with his lube. Shaun became anxious, stuck out his tongue and swiped it over the head and the man inhaled sharply. Suddenly he had his mouth full of cock as the man pushed forward. Shaun took it, every inch as it moved into his mouth, pulled back and pushed in again, and again, and again. Each time a little further inward till Shaun felt it push at the back of his throat, then down it cutting off his air. The man was slow in his movement, deliberate with each swing of his hips till he suddenly pulled back, just the head in Shaun's mouth and he stopped.

"Work the head with that mouth...whore" the man commanded and Shaun sucked on the head, worked his tongue around it, and he pumped his mouth on it as he fisted the shaft. Soon the man was pumping his hips with the movement of Shaun's fist and Shaun tightened his lips around the cock when he felt it swell larger, filled his mouth with its girth, and soon his mouth was flooded with cum, thickly it filled his mouth.

"Ohhh..." the man moaned as he pushed forward ejaculating the last of his load into Shaun's mouth. He let Shaun clean his cock, suck every drop milked from the shaft till he was spent and too sensitive for further manipulation and he pulled back leaving Shaun with his mouth full of cum which he swallowed as he watched the man tucked his large cock back into his leather pants.

"Thanks" the man uttered as he left and Shaun was alone again. He had to piss in the worst way and eased out, wearing only his t-shirt, naked from the waist down, and went up to a urinal and pissed. He was just finishing when the door opened and a man came in. Shaun knew he was caught but he rushed back to the middle stall as he saw the man round the corner coming into the room. His heart was racing and he sat on the toilet afraid the man would be someone who would complain, maybe even call the police, but as the man came in and moved to a urinal Shaun heard him sniggering.

"You got a nice ass" the man said aloud without turning around, "and your cock looked good too. You gotten off yet...or have you just been getting everyone else off?"

Shaun couldn't believe his luck and he eased the door open letting the light in the room illuminate him sitting on the toilet, his legs spread and his fist working his growing erection.

"I've not gotten off yet" he said in a low voice, almost afraid to say it, wondering if the man was tricking him.

"'ll want it more that way" the man replied and he turned toward Shaun, his cock still out with his hand tugging on it. Shaun saw a reflection, just a spark of light from the man's cock and when the man was at his door he saw it, the thick gauge ring through the man's cock. He'd seen them online, these piercings, along with others, but this was the first one he'd seen in person and he saw how it hung from the head of the man's cock, rocked back and forth with his manipulations and Shaun eased upright on the toilet, spread his legs wide holding his hard cock out, stroking it, as he waited for the man to come to him.

The man approached casually and when he was standing between Shaun's legs he put his hands on his hips and looked down, watching how Shaun stared at his cock, tentatively reached out and held it, fisted the shaft and finally leaned forward and ran his tongue over the head feeling the warm metal protruding through the soft spongy head. Shaun moved toward the man, parting his lips letting the cock slide into his mouth and he felt the metal slide over his tongue. Shaun worked his mouth along the man's cock always aware of the metal piercing through the head, always sensing it over his tongue or bumping against his teeth. He was careful with this cock, didn't try to push it from side to side in his mouth instead he keep it centered over his tongue and pushing to the back of his throat. The man's arousal grew and he grabbed Shaun roughly by the head and began to swing his hips. He fucked Shaun's mouth, pumped his cock faster and faster and Shaun put his hands on the man's thighs and took it, every push inward.

"Can I fuck that ass?" the man asked when he pulled Shaun's mouth off his cock and forced him to look up into his face.

"No...I only take it in the mouth" Shaun lied, knowing in his ass he'd not sense the metal, it'd become just another fuck, and he wanted to keep sensing the metal that dangled from the man's hard cock. It shined wetly in the dim light of the toilet as it hung from the man's erection until it sank back into Shaun's mouth, sliding over his tongue and pushing at the back of his throat.

The man was ready to get off, needed to get off, and he pumped his hips with a rough rapid rhythm that pumped his cock in short thrusts keeping the sensitive head on Shaun's tongue. Shaun held on to the man's thighs, kept his eyes closed and let the man use him, pump cock in his mouth until he felt the first wad of cum hit the back of his throat. His mouth was soon filled with cum and he kept his lips tight around the man's cock as he sucked hard, swallowing the cum and drawing out the last of the man's load.

"Jesus...yeah, suck it all out" the man uttered as he finally held still and watched Shaun milk his cock running a fist along the shaft and sucking hard on the head.

The man pushed Shaun off his cock and tugging him by the hair pulled Shaun's head back as he leaned down and kissed him, roughly, pushing his tongue into Shaun's mouth. Shaun was surprised, for this was a first, for all the others only zipped up and at best said thanks as they walked out.

When the man was gone Shaun sat in the stall stroking his erection, keeping his arousal high and he grew more reckless, leaning forward and tugging his t-shirt off and tossing it over the tank of the toilet. He ran one hand over his stomach, upward over his chest and over each nipple, rubbed his smooth skin, felt his warmth, the softness of his skin and at each nipple he felt the hard center rake over the palm of his hand.

The door squeaked open and Shaun heard two guys enter joking around, sniggering, and they sounded inebriated. And their voices were familiar making Shaun check to make sure his stall was locked as he sat up and kept watch through the gap around the door. As he watched the two guys come into view going up to the urinals he saw he was right. It was Rusty and George, two guys he had gone through school with but wasn't really friends with either. They had been the type that were a bit obnoxious, too much the bragging jock, Rusty the quarterback and George a receiver on the football team and now they were off to college, pursuing a degree. Shaun watched the two of them wondering why they were here so late in the night and not in college. He assumed they had been up in Atlanta and on their way home and it dawned on Shaun it was early June and the two of them must be finished with their second year of college.

Rusty was talking loudly, joking about some girls they ran into at a club and Shaun watched the two of them banter back and forth as they pissed. He watched them through the gap and when he put a hand up to brace himself the door squeaked on its hinges. Rusty and George turned to the stalls and Shaun pulled back and sat in the middle, hidden in the darkness of the stall holding his breath. He heard them snigger.

"Hey someone is in there" Rusty said loud enough for Shaun to here.

"He's really quiet to be shitting" George attempted to whisper but Shaun heard him and the way they laughed.

"Ssssshhhhhhh" Rusty shushed George and the room grew quiet. Shaun couldn't tell what the two of them were doing but he knew they were still in the room. He sat quietly and in the middle of the stall not daring to lean over and look out. Then he heard the stall doors on each side of him open and saw their feet as they entered.

'Oh shit' Shaun thought wondering if the guys were really going to try to get him to suck their cocks and he let the idea form in his mind and ultimately he wondered if he would do it, knowing he would if they gave him the chance. He saw how the two of them just stood in the stalls their feet turned toward the toilet and he leaned forward, slowly, moving down so he could see through the holes and he looked in the stall on his right first and saw it had to be George, for he was stroking a thick dark skinned cock and for a moment he watched as George stroked it, worked his hand along the shaft getting it hard and Shaun watched as the cock he had seen many times in the past in the showers after P.E., one that hung tantalizingly long over his sac, curve upward, grow thicker and the head flare out wide. It didn't get much longer but did grow fatter and it curved beautifully, arching upward.

Shaun finally pried his eyes from the hole and turned to the left and he saw Rusty stroking his cock, and it was straight till just before the head and then it bent down slightly. Shaun wondered what it felt like to take a cock with that bend at the end of it and he wondered if it made it better for Rusty.

"Do you think he wants to suck our cocks" George whispered, still too loud, and the two of them sniggered as Rusty once again shushed him.

Shaun knew the next move was his if he was going to get to suck George's cock, the one he really wanted of the two of them and he dropped to his knees careful to not let them see his whole face as he moved to hole on his right and held his open mouth up to it.

"Goddamn" George whispered and Shaun soon felt George's cock touch his lips. George was tentative in feeding his cock through the hole and Shaun pushed close to the partition and sucked hard on the head of his cock.

"Fuck" George exclaimed as he slowly pushed his cock into the suctioning mouth.

Shaun let George push into his mouth, the curved shaft causing the head to rake over the roof of his mouth as it filled it. George pushed forward till his body was tight to the partition and he held still. Shaun realized he was to do all the work and he worked his mouth on George's cock, tongued it, ran his lips over the shaft and sank it back into his mouth, pumping his head back and forth. It aroused George till he began to pump his hips, to fuck his cock through the hole and into Shaun's mouth. The partition squeaked noisily with his efforts and Shaun placed his hands on the partition to brace himself as he let George use his mouth, fuck it with his cock. All too soon George grew frantic, thrust his hips faster, banging them up against the partition and he was breathing hard, grunting with his exertions.

When George's cock swell up larger in his mouth cum soon filled it. George didn't shoot cum from his cock so much as have it pour from the slit, thick streams that filled Shaun's mouth. When George was finally spent and pulled back from the partition Shaun wickedly held his mouth to the hole and opened it, sticking out his tongue letting George see his cum that coated it thickly.

"Shit" George exclaimed and Shaun was surprised to feel George's cock touch his tongue and push over it smearing the cum pushing some back into his mouth. George pumped his cock in Shaun's mouth till cum drooled out and down his chin.

George finally pulled back again and Shaun leaned back without turning to the left side, as he sat up afraid Rusty would be looking through and see it was him. When he looked to the hole on the left he saw Rusty had his cock pushed through it waiting eagerly for his blow job. The head was wet and slick and Shaun leaned to it watching as another bead formed at the slit and he licked it off making Rusty's cock flex up and down.

Shaun put his lips around the angled head and moved down the shaft letting it move across his tongue. He worked his mouth back and forth a few times and was surprised when Rusty began to fuck, to swing his hips hard, pushing inward then pulling back, over and over. Shaun held his head still and let Rusty fuck his mouth. As Rusty pumped cock into Shaun's mouth George came out of the far stall and moved to Rusty's stall opening the door.

"Let me watch you feed that cocksucker your load" George uttered and it seemed to drive Rusty to fuck harder, to push against the partition roughly. Rusty's rhythm grew erratic, and he suddenly pulled free and Shaun held his open mouth to the hole as he listened to the noisy fisting of cock, knowing Rusty was stroking himself off so George could watch. Shaun wanted this load as bad as the last, wanted George to watch him take Rusty's load and he held his mouth and nose right in the hole. He could smell Rusty's scent, could sense his impeding ejaculation and he stuck out his tongue.

"Fuck...he wants it bad...shoot that shit...shoot it in his mouth" George stammered as he watched Rusty fist his cock.

Suddenly a rope of cum spattered over Shaun's nose, then a second wad hit him on the upper lip, and a third in his open mouth. George was trash talking, telling Rusty to pump that shit out and feed it to him and Rusty moved forward and put his still ejaculating cock into Shaun's mouth letting him suck the last of the cum from it.

Rusty pulled back as soon as he was spent and it was only a minute or so and George and he were gone. Shaun sat on the toilet, naked, stroking his cock and he felt cum drip onto his chest and he realized it was dripping down from his face and he licked what he could off with his tongue letting the rest stay on his face or drip down on his chest. He inhaled deeply and caught the strong smell of the cum that covered his face.

Shaun looked at his watch and saw it was nearly four and it excited him, made him anxious for Adrian would be getting off soon. The woman who took the next shift was oblivious to her surroundings, always had her nose in some romance novel and therefore never noticed Shaun leave, or realized he was even in the men's toilet, and it was this lack of recognition of her surroundings that probably allowed Adrian the comfort to come into the men's toilet and let Shaun suck his cock. At four in the morning it was the quietest time, rarely anyone stopping for another hour and Shaun waited excitedly, hoping Adrian would come back and let him suck his cock.

He waited patiently, slowly moving his fist up and down his cock, so eager to get off after a long night but holding out, waiting, for Adrian to appear. He looked at his watch nearly every minute until, at four minutes after four, he heard the door open. He daringly opened his stall door and dropped to his knees in the opening, his hard cock in hand and watched for whoever had entered to round the corner and come into the room, knowing it had to be, hoping beyond all measure, it was Adrian.

Adrian rounded the corner wearing a simple plaid shirt and cargo shorts and his bare arms and legs looked so smooth with his dark skin and the light brown hair that lightly dusted his lower legs. Shaun watched Adrian come into the room and stop suddenly surprised to see him out in the open for all the times in the past they played the anonymous game, let Adrian have the comfort, the privacy of the stall, but not tonight, for Shaun wanted to push things further, wanted to see Adrian's face as he serviced his cock.

"'t be out in the open" Adrian said nervously and Shaun realized Adrian didn't even know his name.

"It's okay. No one ever comes in at this hour" Shaun replied as he watched Adrian stand there, processing the scene before him, Shaun completely naked, on his knees, slowly stroking his cock.

"I have to piss first" Adrian replied and he quickly went to the first urinal and soon Shaun heard the piss hitting the inside of the urinal. He watched Adrian at the urinal thinking about how similar in build they were, tall and lean, and he looked at how Adrian's ass filled his cargo shorts, curved out seductively and he scanned down Adrian's legs wanting to feel them brush up against his body when he sucked Adrian's cock.

When Adrian turned Shaun saw he had put his cock back into his shorts and it amused him knowing he'd soon have it back out. Adrian came toward him and stood a couple of feet away.

"Why do you let them cum in your face" Adrian asked, his voice soft and imploring.

Shaun didn't know how to respond at first as he saw Adrian was serious but he knew he probably looked a mess, with cum on his face and chest, his knees dirty from being on the floor and he looked down trying to determine how to get Adrian to be with him, the one he truly wanted, of all the men he'd been with tonight, it was Adrian he thought of the most. It was Adrian's cock, nice and ram rod straight when erect, thick enough his thumb and forefinger just touched when he held it, that was perfect for sucking and he knew if giving the opportunity, perfect for fucking. It was Adrian's cock he fantasized about the last couple of weeks when he masturbated.

"I don't know...I just wanted to please them...and it was what they wanted" Shaun replied.

Adrian just stood there not saying anything in response.

"What do you want? I'll do anything you want Adrian, anything. I want to please you more than any other" Shaun added and he saw Adrian's eyes grow big with surprise. "You want me to shower first?" Shaun asked.

Adrian nodded his head yes.

"Will you shower with me?"

Again Adrian just nodded but Shaun saw it, a faint smile form on Adrian's face and he stood up and reached out his hand, slimly with his lube, and took Adrian's and led him to the far side, to the small open room with shower heads down one wall and a shelf ran the length of the opposite wall with hooks were mounted above. Shaun began to unbutton Adrian's shirt, working each one through its hole till he could open it up revealing the smooth chest. Shaun ran his hand over Adrian, rubbed the smooth warm skin and felt each nipple grow hard and erect. He ran his hand downward and let his fingers comb through the thin trail of hair that formed at Adrian's navel and disappeared into his shorts. Shaun began to undo the cargo shorts as Adrian slipped his shirt off hanging it up.

Shaun dropped to his knees and guided the shorts and boxers down Adrian's legs and helped him step out of them. He laid them on the shelf and took Adrian by the hand leading him to the last shower head. He got the water warm and eased under the spray, holding his head underneath it, then turning with this back to the spray and he ran his hands down his chest, over his stomach and took his cock stroking it as water cascaded down his body.

"See what you do to me" Shaun said in a low voice and Adrian stood watching him, his cock beginning to rise up. Shaun reached to the soap dispenser and pumped a handful out and ran it over his chest and stomach, soaping them up. He soaped up his hair and face and finally he soaped up his cock, stroked it a few times with his soap slick hand, and he tugged on his balls, pulled the sac tight looking up at Adrian seeing how Adrian's cock continued to rise up. Shaun turned to the shower and rinsed the soap out of his hair and from the front of his body. He looked over his shoulder at Adrian.

"Do my back" Shaun whispered.

Adrian moved to him, reached out pumping a handful of soap from the dispenser, and began to soap up Shaun's back, rubbed gently over the shoulders, down along the curvature of Shaun's spine and down to his round ass. Adrian ran his hands over each cheek, slipped the fingers of one hand down between them, soaping up Shaun's ass, probing it with his fingers. It felt good to Shaun and he moaned pushing his ass back. Adrian ran his hands around Shaun's waist and moved them up and down his body as he moved his own up against Shaun's back and ass. Shaun felt it, Adrian's cock, almost fully erect, as it pressed against his ass and he reached over his head and ran his fingers through Adrian's thick brown hair as he felt hands move over his torso, run along his sides up to his armpits. One hand took Shaun by the chin and turned his head sideways and Shaun lowered his arm as he turned back to Adrian and saw him move closer till their lips touched, gently, Adrian's kiss tentative.

Adrian pumped his cock against Shaun's ass, letting it slid upward along the cleft with soap cascading down its length. Shaun pumped his hips against it, as he felt Adrian's hands move over his chest and he knew Adrian was going to give him the pleasure he really wanted, the sex he desired more than any for he knew Adrian wanted to fuck him, wanted to penetrate him with his cock. Shaun reached back and took Adrian's cock, pushed it down between his legs and he moved his ass back and forth feeling it stroke him, stroke over the flesh along his ass. Adrian hugged him tightly, clung to him as he pumped his cock between Shaun's legs, nipping at his ear, moving his lips over Shaun's neck, along the edge of his hair and back to his ear.

"Can I...put it in you?" Adrian asked, stammering, his voice nervous.

Shaun moved to the wall, put his arms against it at head height, his body leaning forward, his ass pushed back, open to Adrian, ready, waiting, eager for the penetration.

"Yes...please...fuck me Adrian" Shaun whispered and Adrian moved to him, put his cock against his hole and soon he felt it, his hole stretching open letting Adrian slip inside him.

"Oh fuck" Shaun cried out as he pushed back meeting Adrian's push forward taking all of him, every inch. Adrian wrapped his arms around Shaun's waist and began to drive his hips, to move them back and forth, fucking Shaun, driving his cock deep within him. Shaun felt lips on his neck, felt them kiss his flesh as Adrian clung to his body and thrust cock into his hole. The penetration had been so easy, not like others that initially hurt, for Shaun wanted Adrian, wanted to feel their bodies locked together, Adrian's cock deep within him and he moved his body with Adrian, the two of them undulating with their fuck, flesh against flesh, hotly rubbing over each other till Adrian began to breathe hard, to fuck harder and Shaun pushed his ass back and took it, the faster pace, the way Adrian thrust into his hole. Adrian reached down and took Shaun in his hand and stroked in rhythm with his fuck, his fist pounding down hard as he drove his hips forward slamming his cock into Shaun's depths. Shaun couldn't take it, not this final stimulation and he came, hard, shooting wads of cum against the wall and finally the last of his load down on the floor as Adrian continued to stroke his cock, keeping it hard, keeping Shaun wound up, sensitive to every touch, every thrust of cock in his hole. Adrian put his head in the nape of Shaun's neck, his breath hot on the skin, and he drove his hips hard into Shaun's ass.

Shaun knew this was different, the way he wasn't on his knees sucking Adrian, instead he was taking his fuck, letting Adrian hold him, their bodies locked together, moving as one.

"Oh..." Adrian uttered and he grunted hard with every forward thrust as he pumped his cum into Shaun. He slowed the swing of his hips as the last of his load dribbled out inside of Shaun and his cock smeared its way through it with his final strokes till he was spent.

"Goddamn that was hot" a voice boomed out, echoing in the shower room and Adrian and Shaun jerked around to see a man standing at the entrance to the room, cock in hand, slowly stroking it as the last of his cum drooled down to the floor.

Shaun was at the middle stall holding his t-shirt looking for his shorts, about to panic at the thought someone took them. He looked in the left stall and saw them on the floor, wet with cum and smeared with the grime of the floor. He was alone in the room and could hear the shower running of the voyeur who had watched Adrian and him fuck. Adrian had dressed quickly, worried at being caught, but when he saw the man was turned to the wall he had leaned toward Shaun and kissed him quickly before running out. It pleased him the way Adrian had gave him such a good fuck.

Shaun  held the gym shorts and t-shirt hating to put the dirty things back on but he slipped the gym shorts up his legs and let them ride low on his waist, the smell of cum rising up to his nose reminding him of his antics. He held up the t-shirt and decided to just carry it and he eased out of the toilet and through the back door. He heard the trucker fueling up laugh as he moved away from the building to his car. He was exhausted, ready to get home and to bed.



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