One Degree of Separation


Charlie Sherman entered the gay bar and furtively surveyed the premises. He was looking for some action. It was 3:30 PM on a Friday afternoon, and the place was practically deserted. Charlie was no youngster. He was in his late thirties. He stood only 5'9", and he was a bit on the plump side, but pleasingly so. His round face had a pug nose, which made him look as cute as a puppy. He had fair skin, dark blond hair, and blue eyes. Charlie used both an after shave lotion and a cologne, which smelled like lavender. As soon as anybody around him became aware of his aroma, they were drawn to him, as if his cologne was an aphrodisiac.

A lone man was sitting at the bar. Stan Brady was the opposite of Charlie. He stood 6'1" and was very swarthy, with a full, black, well-trimmed beard and mustache. His eyes were almost black also, giving him a brooding aura. His body was lean, hard, and obviously athletic. He appeared to be in his late thirties as well. He was sipping his drink and staring straight ahead.

Charlie sat down right beside him. The man looked up. Charlie smiled at him, but the man turned away quickly. Charlie was into smells, and was disappointed that the man had no scent at all. He smiled at the man, and lied, "My name's Bill." He held out his hand to shake Stan's. Stan was forced to look at the smiling man seated beside him.

"Do you come here often?" Charlie persisted.

"No, I just moved here. This is my first time."

Charlie's hand was still extended. Stan was literally forced into shaking it, and he murmured, "I'm Stan Brady." The two men shook hands cordially. Then silence once again.

"I came in for a drink," Charlie explained. "I'm getting married tomorrow, and I'm scared shitless."

"First time?" Stan asked.

Charlie nodded, and Stan started to laugh. "You have every right to be scared. I was married once for a short while, and it was a disaster. I like being single, thank you very much."

It seemed to Charlie that Stan was loosening up, so he attempted to engage him in conversation. "What brings you to our town?" he asked.

"I just secured a position at Whitney Prep. I'll be teaching history and social studies starting Monday."

"That's great," Stan said. "I own a Ford dealership on Sycamore St. If you need a car, new or used, I can make you a good deal."

"Thanks, but I'm all set right now. By the way, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure. Shoot."

"You say that you are getting married tomorrow, so what are you doing in a gay bar?"

"Shit. I had no idea this was a gay bar. Like I said, I just came in for a stiff one."

"If you hang around here long enough, Bill, you'll get a stiff one all right."

They both broke out laughing. Finally, Charlie looked seductively at Stan. "Well, that's something I haven't tried before," he lied again. "Would you like to show me what it's all about? This might be my only opportunity to experience what all the fuss is about."

"What makes you think that I'm gay?"

"You told me that we're in a gay bar."

""Yeah, but I found out after I wandered in. I told you. I'm new in town. Some guy came on to me just before you came in. I shooed him away. He was disappointed, and wanted to know what I was doing in a gay bar. That's how I found out. I was just going to finish my drink and leave."

Now it was Stan who was playing games. Actually he was giving Charlie a bad time. He knew the man was lying to him, and that he was gay. He sincerely doubted that his name was Bill. He just thought he'd play hard to get for a little while, and see what would happen.

"Then we're both straight, and neither one of us has ever been with a man before?" Charlie asked.

"I guess so," Stan smiled back.

"Have you ever been curious as to what it would be like?" Charlie asked. He was not about to end the conversation.

"No, never."

"I have," Charlie said, and he laid his hand on Stan's thigh. Charlie was pleased that Stan did not push him away. "Haven't you ever wondered what it would be like to fuck a hot, tight ass? Besides that, we all know that gay guys give the best head. I wouldn't mind finding out for myself."

"I know what it's like because I have fucked a few hot, tight asses. Occasionally one of the women I was with, would beg me to do it. At first, I thought it was icky, but eventually I learned to enjoy it. As for blow jobs, some of the women I've been with, hold master degrees in the subject. I don't see how a dude could do better."

"Well, neither of us is going to find out if we don't try."

"No thanks," Stan said adamantly. He took a final sip of his drink, and stood up.

"Are you leaving?" Charlie asked. He was very disappointed. "Stay and have another drink on me. You said you were new in town. I don't imagine you have any place else to go."

Stan sat down. "Well, just one more," he said.

By their third drink together, Charlie's hand was caressing Stan's package, and Stan was bursting through his jeans. Charlie started to fumble with Stan's zipper, so Stan stood up. "I gotta go now."

"Where are you going?" Charlie asked.

"There's a cheap hotel across the street. They rent by the hour. I'm too drunk to drive home. I'll sleep it off there."

"That's an excellent idea," Charlie agreed. May I join you?"

They entered the hotel room, and Charlie said, "There's only one double bed. I thought there would be two of them."

"Bill baby, don't sound so disappointed. This is exactly what you wanted, so don't even think of shitting me with coyness."

Stan started to undress, and Charlie undressed so fast, he beat Stan to a condition of nudity. Charlie fell on the bed, waiting for Stan to join him. Stan decided to give Charlie a show. He stood at the side of the bed so Charlie could get a good look at him, and Charlie happily did. He loved what he saw.

Stan was very hairy. He was uncut and was presently erect. His cock was near eight inches, and quite plump around. Meanwhile Stan was busy taking in the sight of Charlie, who was not so well endowed. Charlie was cut, and quite average in size and girth. It was good enough for Stan. Charlie was substantial enough to fill up his mouth and his ass hole. His chest was moderately hairy, but his arms and legs were nearly hairless.

Stan fell into bed right on top of Charlie. He assumed a sixty-nine position, and he immediately started to suck Charlie's prick. He went straight at it. Usually he teased his partner a little, but this time he devoured Charlie's cock, attempting to swallow it whole. He didn't want to waste any more time. They had wasted enough in the bar.

When Charlie felt himself being devoured, he grabbed Stan's cock and took as much of it into him as he could. He began to slide his tongue all over the shaft and the crown, while his lips pumped steadily on the outside.

Neither of the men had intended to cum this way, nor so fast, but they were a little bit tipsy and a whole lot horny. They couldn't stop themselves, and they came in each other's mouths almost at the same time. There was no mess. They both swallowed everything. Charlie turned and lay side by side with Stan. They smiled at each other and fell asleep.

Sometime in the middle of the night, Stan felt a hot wet tongue sucking his cock. He awakened fully and said to Charlie, "Fuck me now, Bill. Fuck me hard."

Charlie laughed and pointed to his cock. He had on a condom, and it was well greased. Stan was on his back. He raised his legs, and Charlie positioned himself for entry. He went in rather easily and began to stroke immediately. Stan picked up the rhythm and worked with him. It was going to take a lot longer to cum this time. Still, after a few minutes, Charlie's breath grew shallower. He began to thrust harder, and his moaning increased. He gave out a yell, and came shooting into the condom.

They lay quite still for a while, until Charlie's cock slipped out of Stan's ass. He ripped off the condom and turned on his back. "Your turn," he said. "Condoms and lube are on the dresser." Stan jumped out of bed to get ready. When he returned, he found Charlie with his legs up, and spreading his plump ass cheeks. Stan was so turned on, he dove right in. He hurt Charlie more than a little.

"Fuck," Charlie yelped.

"Sorry," Stan said, "but you see what you do to me." The pain subsided and Stan started pumping. He came so fast that he was shocked. He expected it to have lasted longer, seeing as it was just a short while ago that he had a more than satisfactory orgasm.

When they were through, Charlie jumped out of bed, and headed for the shower. "I gotta get home," he said. "This is my wedding day."

After he dried off and started to dress, Stan said. "We're both full of shit. We've both done this before."

Charlie didn't answer. He just laughed. "Can I see you again?" he asked.

"You mean after you get married?"


"Sure. If that's what you want."

"That's exactly what I want."

Best wishes on your wedding," Stan said, as Charlie started to leave. "I'll take care of the room. Consider it a wedding gift." He got out of bed and handed Charlie a card with his address and telephone number on it.

Stan didn't have to wait long to hear from Charlie. Two weeks later his phone rang. "Hey fella, it's Billy. I'm just back from my honeymoon, and I'd sure like to see you."

"Sure when are you free?"

"Anytime, big guy. Remember I own the dealership, and it's open until ten every night. All I have to do is tell my ball and chain that I'm working late."

"That's great," Stan replied. "I'm busy tonight, but I'm free the rest of the week."

"Fantastic. I'll come over tomorrow. What time do you come home from work?"

"No later than 5 PM."

"I'll see you tomorrow, handsome."

After that Billy (Charlie) visited Stan a couple of times a week. After four weeks, Stan felt comfortable enough with Billy to give him a key to his apartment, but he made it perfectly clear that Billy had to call first before just barging in. Billy forgot to call every once in a while, but Stan didn't mind. He was generally free. He only had time to see other men on weekends, when Billy was never available, due to his marital status.

 Stan and Calvin

On his first day at Whitney Prep, Stan entered the staid halls of the all-male school, and headed straight to the Headmaster's office. Dr. Willis greeted him cordially.

"I won't keep you but a moment," he said. "Class will start in about five minutes. I just wanted to wish you good luck, Mr. Brady, and fill you in on the type of students who attend this school. They are all very wealthy, and come from good families. They are generally good kids, but they delight in playing pranks on their teachers, especially those they like, so keep eyes in the back of your head."

"Thanks for the heads up, Dr. Willis. I'll try to stay alert to the possibility."

They shook hands and Stan headed for his first class of the day. It happened to be a senior class in Ancient History, Stan's favorite subject. He hesitated outside the door. He could hear lots of noise and laughter coming from the classroom. He opened the door and entered quickly. A hush came over the room. He put his brief case on his desk, turned to the board and wrote his name. Finally he turned back to face his class.

Twenty bright eyed seniors looked at him expectantly. They each had a sort of blank look on their faces, except one. In the very last row, dead center, a young man was smiling at him. It was not a smile of "pleased to meetchya." It was a smile Stan knew well. It was an invitation smile, the kind one gay man offered another to let him know that he was interested. Looking straight at the student, Stan smiled back.

The student was drop dead handsome. He had curly black hair, which was cut relatively short. His eyes were blue and framed a straight nose. His chin was square and prominent. Stan could tell that the boy was tall and well built. He would get a better picture in a moment.

"I know you all grabbed a seat which you find comfortable, but I am going to reseat you alphabetically until I know all your names," Stan informed them. "I'm not a purist. In a week or two, when I know you, I'll allow you to sit wherever you want to."

For some reason all the boys smiled at that statement.

"Stand up now, please. As I call your name start sitting in the first row on my left."

Stan was half through with his roster, when he called, "Sean Lassiter." At last the boy with the inviting smile started for the next seat. Stan had been correct. The boy was about six feet tall, an inch shorter than he was. Before he sat down, he looked at Stan, and ran his tongue along his upper lip. There was no doubting this was a come-on.

Or could he doubt it? Dr. Willis had warned him about pranks. This could be a prank. He decided to take it nice and slow. Besides Sean could still be jail bait.

After his last class of the day, Stan went to the administrative office and looked up Sean Lassiter. The first thing he did was to check the boy's age. He would turn eighteen exactly four months from that day, a couple of weeks before the end of the fall semester. Good news! It would give Stan plenty of time to find out if the young man was serious, or developing a prank on him.

Over the next few months, Sean tarried after class for a few moments and chatted with Stan. He would ask a question related to that day's lecture, but he wasn't fooling anyone. It was just an excuse to get to know the teacher better. Then one day instead of asking a question about the lecture, he asked, "Would you have a cup of coffee and a piece of cake with me after classes today? It's my eighteenth birthday, and I can't think of anyone else I'd care to share it with."

"I'm flattered," Stan smiled at his student, "but don't you have family to celebrate the event with? After all it isn't every day one turns eighteen." Stan knew full well it was Sean's coming of age day. He had been counting every day and marking it off on his calendar at home.

"Sure, I'll celebrate with family. My step dad is taking my mom and me out to his fancy country club Saturday night. I just wanted to celebrate with you on my actual birthday."

"That's terrific. I'm honored. Where shall we meet?"

"How about Mac's Coffee Shop? It's right around the corner.

"OK. I'll be there at 4 PM. Is that good for you?"

"Perfect," Sean said, and he ran out of the classroom. He had developed a huge hard on, and he hoped Stan had noticed.

Once they were in the coffee shop, they both dropped all pretenses. They began to grope each other under the table.

"I've waited for this a long time," Stan confessed.

"Me too. If I call home and tell my mom that I'm playing basketball after class, will you take me home with you? I know you live close by."

"Did you think that I would wait patiently for you to turn eighteen and then not take you home? Now let's enjoy your birthday cake, and then put a move on."

While they were sipping coffee with chocolate layer cake, Stan turned off his cell phone. He didn't want any distractions, until he and Sean had totally satisfied each other. He did not own a land line.

When they entered Stan's apartment, they wrapped their arms around each other and started to kiss with open mouths. Their dueling tongues turned into sabers.

"Where did you learn to kiss like that?" Stan asked when he came up for air. "I thought I was going to be the teacher tonight."

"I'm sure there's lots you can teach me, teacher, but you should realize that I'm no virgin."

"I didn't think you were. Let's get into bed."

They ran to the bedroom, and undressed rapidly. They began to sixty-nine each other immediately, but Stan was so turned on, he felt an orgasm developing. He stopped the action, and begged Sean to fuck him. Sean was happy to oblige. Stan got condoms and lube out of his bedside table and handed it to Sean.

"Lube my ass good," he said. "You're very well endowed, young man." Sean was indeed. He was almost eight hard, fat inches of uncut cock. Add to that an athletic body that wouldn't quit, and Stan was more than turned on.

He turned over on his back, and watched Sean don the condom and lube it well. He expected Sean to lube his ass, but instead the young man leaned over and gently began to rim his teacher. His tongue was soft and sensuous and very full of saliva. Sean tried to get his tongue into Stan's ass, and he managed a few centimeters. Stan was very amazed, and pleased, at Sean's expertise at love making.


As Sean slowly entered Stan's ass in a missionary position, Charlie was inserting his key into Stan's door. He had tried to call twice, but both times he was put through to Stan's voice mail. Sean was all the way in now, but he was loathe to start pumping. He didn't want to cum fast. He intended to enjoy every moment of his fantasy come true. He was completely oblivious to the fact that someone had just entered the apartment.

Charlie got the picture immediately. He certainly wasn't disturbed by what he saw. In fact, he couldn't wait to join in, and make it a threesome. He undressed rapidly in the living room, took a lubricated condom from his pocket, and started into the bedroom. Sean could not see him, but Stan saw him over Sean's shoulder. He would have preferred to have been alone with his student, but there was nothing he could do about it now.

Charlie put his finger to his lips indicating that Stan should be quiet. The room was darkened because the drapes were drawn. In the semi-darkness, Charlie could tell that Stan was being fucked by a very young man, and his lust was growing by leaps and bounds. Sean's bubbly ass was making his mouth water. He fell to his knees and began to rim the young man's crack.

Sean froze. He stopped his pumping and gasped.

"Keep going," Stan whispered in his ear. "It'll be just fine."

Sean resumed his pumping as Charlie entered him easily. As soon as he did, he picked up on Sean's rhythm, and they both pumped in time to their synchronized moaning and groaning. Sean's cock was massaging Stan's prostate and Charlie's was massaging Sean's. Stan came first. His cum squished deliciously between him and Sean.

Sean came next, unloading into his condom. Charlie had been holding back, but when Sean came, he let loose, wailing like some animal being tortured. Sean fell on Stan, and Charlie fell on Sean. The three men lay this way totally exhausted until Sean's cock fell out of Stan, and Charlie's cock fell out of Sean's. Still, they did not move. They were too exhausted.

Finally Stan said, "You guys gotta get off me. I can't breathe."

Reluctantly, Charlie got off first. He went into the bathroom and flushed his condom down the drain. Sean was still straddling Stan. "You too, sport," Stan said. "I need to breathe."

Sean got up, and he too started to go into the bathroom, just as Charlie was leaving it. Stan was still in bed. He heard Sean and Charlie gasp at the same time. He looked up, and could see that Sean's mouth was wide open.

"This is Billy," Stan said sheepishly. "Since he just fucked you, I hope you'll be friends."

"Billy, my ass," Sean said. Charlie dropped his jaw in utter surprise, and stared at Sean.

"He's not Billy anybody. He's Charlie Sherman, my stepfather, and he didn't just fuck me, he raped me," Sean whimpered. He turned his attention to Charlie, who was struck dumb. "How could you do this to my mother? You're a fucking bastard."

Both men started to weep, and Stan was at a loss what to do. All he could do was mutter, "Unbelievable!" over and over again. Finally he put on a robe, and led them out to the living room. Get dressed," he ordered, "then let's discuss this in an adult manner."

He sat both men on his sofa and threw their clothes at them. They both started to dress while Stan went into the bathroom to clean up. When he came back into the living room he was wearing a pair of trousers, and nothing else. He sat down on a club chair facing the two men he had just made love to.

"Billy," Stan started to say.

"Charlie," Charlie corrected him.

"Whatever the fuck your name is, take your son's hand."

"Stepson," Sean corrected him.

"I don't care," Stan yelled. "Take his hand, Charlie. Now talk to each other. Explain yourself, Charlie, just like you explained it to me. I knew your stepfather was married, Sean, and I questioned him also. Now I want him to tell you, what he told me."

"What did he tell you, that he married my mother for my late father's money?"

"Sean, Sean," Charlie whimpered. "I have way more money than your mother, and you know I never asked for a pre-nup. I really love your mother. Will you at least let me explain?"

Sean sighed in resignation, so Charlie began to speak.

"Yes, son. I'm a homosexual."

"Don't call me son."

"Please Sean, let him speak," Stan admonished his student.

"I met your beautiful mother at a country club social. A mutual friend introduced us. The strangest thing happened to me when I took her hand. The simplest way to put it is, that for the first time in my life I desired a woman. Specifically, I desired her. I asked her to dance. She pulled me tight to her and I started to erect. She kept rubbing against me, and I nearly came so I told her we'd better get out of there. We went to my apartment, and I could not believe how easy it was for me to make love to her. She was the first and only woman who ever aroused me. She doesn't know it but she took my virginity that night. A few months later, I asked her to marry me. I knew it was selfish of me, but for the first time in my life I envisioned myself leading a mainstream life. I pictured your beautiful mother on my arm as we attended social events and theater together. I wanted to have what I had missed all my life. She accepted my proposal, and when my lease was up, I moved in with you guys. I vowed I wouldn't cheat on her, but when I met Stan, and he was willing to keep my secret, and satisfy my urges, I succumbed to my desires. I swear, Stan and I always use protection, and I am never with anyone else. Tonight was the first time I broke that rule, but you must admit the situation was unusual. I beg of you not to reveal my secret. I love your mother, and I would never want to hurt her, but I need Stan to keep me on an even keel."

The room grew very quiet. Charlie was still holding Sean's hand, but he began to squeeze it lightly. "I love you too," he added. "I am so sorry if I hurt you." He started to cry. Stan went over and put his arms around his buddy.

"Billy, I mean Charlie, was the first friend I made when I moved to this city," Stan said to Sean. "I really am very fond of him, Sean, but I love you. I fell in love with you the moment I walked into that classroom. I love you both, and I don't want to lose either of you. We've got to come to some kind of solution to this dilemma."

"You love me?" Sean asked incredulously.

"With all my heart."

"I love you too."

"You're old enough to be his father," Charlie objected.

"I know, but I can't change how I feel, any more than you can."

"Well," Charlie said, "I'm not the one to give you my blessing, but I can intercede with my wife when she finds out about you guys, and your age difference. But my blessing comes with a condition."

"What's that?" Sean asked with concern.

"You can't abandon me, Stan. I need you. I don't want to have to run around looking for one night stands. I love my wife too much to endanger her health. I think maybe it's your decision, Sean, even more than Stan's."

"I've been thinking," Sean said. "I'll be leaving for college in a few months, and I'm afraid Stan might find someone else, and forget all about me. Promise me that you'll keep him so busy that he won't have time for anyone else, and I'll give you guys my blessing in spades."

"That's the easiest promise I ever had to make."

"Hey guys, don't I get to vote on this?" Stan quipped.

"No," Sean and Charlie yelled out at the same time, and broke out laughing.

"I've got a great idea," Charlie said. "It's your mom's canasta night with the girls. She won't be home until about 11:30. What say we send out for Chinese, and then have another round of love making? I'd like to be in the middle this time. Sean can't have all the fun."

"No fair," Stan protested. What about me?"

Sean wrapped his arms around Stan. "Don't worry, honey. You'll have many opportunities to be in the middle."

He looked at Charlie. "Come on, Dad," he said. "Group hug."



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