I have always loved music, just about any and all kinds, I wasn't into 'Heavy Metal,' But I did like some of the softer Rock, I was really into Country Rock, I had learned to play drums when I was about twelve and had been playing for about seven years, I guess. I had met up with this guy at a sort of 'Battle of the Bands' concert. His name was Mike, and he was the lead guitarist for a band called 'Texas Gold Rush,' that was the beginning of a relationship that has lasted quite a few years.

Mike was talking to a couple other dudes at this Bands concert, there in Dallas, and I over heard him say that the drummer was leaving the band, his wife was going to divorce him if he didn't and there was a couple of kids involved, Anyhow, Mike said 'I have got to find a replacement that knows our arrangements', I walked over to him, knowing full well that I had purchased all their CD's, and I knew their songs by heart, I had even played the drums along with their CD's for a good while now, So I knew their songs and arrangements and I could play drums as good as their drummer anyday.

I heard Mike say that they were in a pinch, that they had several gigs lined up and really needed a drummer quickly, I walked over and said, 'Mike', he turned around and smiled and said, 'Yes' held out his hand really politely and said, 'can I help you?' I said, 'Hi!, I'm Barry Nolan, I'm a really good drummer and I know all your songs and arrangements,' He just looked astonished and said 'really?' He said, 'Can you audition with the band right now?' I said 'sure,'

He said 'awesome dude' and he called over to the other guys in the band.

I auditioned for them, and they were awed by my ability to play their songs just as if I had been part of the band for years or something, to make this tale a little shorter, I got the job as band Drummer and I was to meet them at a certain place In Dallas four days later, we were leaving for a Tour of several cities and one three month tour in England.

I arrived got onto the tour bus and we headed out from Dallas our first stop was St.Louis, we played a big Show with several Bands there at the big Convention center downtown St.Louis, I was enraptured, it was awesome thousands were there listening to us, play our music, it was a dream come true.

We were on the bus heading for another gig in San Diego, Calif. When I started feeling so friken horny,I hadn't gotten a nut for several weeks now and things were building up so to speak, the bumping of the bus, feeling the vibration of he motors coming thru the seats, I was sporting a raging boner in my jeans, I even noticed a wet spot coming thru my levi's from the pre-cum, and here the bus full of guys, I just looked at Mike the lead Guitarist, and he was noticing my plight, He said 'Barry, I want you to know something, what happens between us guys, stays just between us guys, alright', I smiled and said, 'Okay' not really knowing what he meant. Mike slid across the isle on the bus, and set in the seat beside me, I was a little startled at first, but when he reached over and layed his hand on my boner, I liked to lost my breathing ablility, He said 'Lay back and close our eyes,' I did just as he told me, I felt his hand as it rubbed my cock thru my jeans, and god it was feeling really good, I then noticed his hand slide under my shirt and start rubbing my chest and nipples, fuck that felt awesome, here was my all time Idol musician, rubbing on my cock and chest, I was floating away into dreamland, Fuck My nuts were aching, Then Mike leaned over a little and undid the buttons on my levi's and opened them up and worked my cock out of my briefs, I just moaned and I was thinking 'right here on the bus in front of god and everybody' and know one thinks anything about it. I just let the feeling go, I was feeling heat in my cock, and Mike just wrapped his hand around my almost seven and a half inch cock and started intently staring at it as he worked majic with his hand, God I was getting closer, the feeling was awesome, and my cock ws getting harder than I ever remember, this was the first time with a dude doing anything, but damn, I was enjoying every little part of it, after about ten minutes, my cock was like a peice of steel, leaking a droplet of pre-cum onto the head, it was nice and shiny from being so friggen tight, and hard, and Mike took the full length and shaft into his mouth, I let out a gasp and moan, loud enough for a couple other guys to hear, they turned around and saw what was happening and just smiled and winked at me and turn back around, they knew, they fucking knew, damn man, this was aweseome, Mike just kept up the sucking and slathering his tongue around the head of my very hard cock and he was really likeing it, he was grunting, I felt his tongue like it was a gently flicking little lambs tongue working my cock over, and especially the underside of the head, It was like fire in the end of my cock, I didn't know just how much more I would be able to handle and then I felt that awesome feeling down at the base of my cock as It started to pulse, and pump, and I knew that Mike was getting a huge load of cum into his mouth, It felt like it pumped a shot at least twelve or thirteen times, That feeling is something I will never forget, the most unbelieveabely awesome feeling I have ever had, I had not gotten off for almost four weeks and It was built up.

When I finally released my tensed up muscles, from the climax. Mike, looked up at me, and said, 'now there man, that should keep you a little relaxed for a while, I had never been more relaxed in my life, I was totally drained of all my energy, and I felt totally exhausted, I looked down at Mike and his cock was like a huge pipe laying down his leg, hard and thick, I said, 'Mike you want me to take care of that for you,' I reached over and felt it and it felt like a fence post, Mike looked up and said, 'not right now kid, we'll get to that later.

Well we got to San Diago and got set up at the 'Collesium' and did our show that night, at least our portion of the show.

After the show we had gotten motel rooms, Mike said,'Hey Barry, You stay with me in my room tonight,' I said, 'Sure thing,' I was pretty sure what that was gonna entail. I had noticed that the guys had rooms that they were sharing and that was not a problem to me.

Well I got my things off the bus and we went into the Motel rooms, I had just gotten undressed planning to take a shower and I had gotten into the shower and in walked Mike, Naked, stepped into the shower with me, and said 'now little darling, we are going to really make some music,' and he grabbed my head and started kissing me, I almost swallowed my tongue, I probably would have too, If Mike hadn't had it sucked into his mouth, God his kissing was fenominal, I loved it, and I reached down to feel one of the biggest uncut cocks I had ever seen, Mike had told me later that he was born in London and they didn't circumcise boy's there, unless the parents demanded it.

My hand wouldn't reach around the shaft it was so thick, and I slid back his foreskin, I'm not cut and the feeling of a foreskin was awesome to me, and saw a beautiful pinkish purple head, he was stroking my cock like a madman, and it was feeling awesome, I was looking forward to a repeat of what had happened on the bus. We both got friggen turned on like mad in the shower We dried off and crawled naked into bed,.

I layed over while Mike was on his back, my hard on was throbbing, and Mikes was too, I took his awesome tasting cock into my mouth and I was really loving the feeling of a hard, thick, awesome tasting cock in my mouth, a true first for me,I had never sucked on some dude cock before, not even as a kid, but I loved it.

Mike was playing with my cock, which was standing tall, hard and proud too, and I was sucking, doing my best, when Mike stopped me and said, 'man I know your a virgin to man sex, but I want to fuck you,' I said, 'for you Mike, anything,' I really didn't know what I was getting myself in for, Mike got up over me and was licking my balls and raised me up and for the next twenty minutes he brought me to where I felt like climbing the walls, he was rimming my ass and sucking on my little love opening and sticking his hot tongue into my canal, God I was in a state to be fixed. When he got done doing the ass eating thing, he raised my ass up and lubed me up and stuck three fingers in and I got used to the feeling and then he stuck four in, it was really tight but My ass adjusted and he finger fucked me for about ten minutes to make sure I was ready and then, I was hooked, I wanted him, I was feeling something up inside my asshole that felt awesome, I felt it as he pulled my legs up with his arms and leaned over my ass, then Oh Fucking God then, I felt that nine inch monster cockhead as it punched thru and he slid about three inches of monster meat into my love canal, HOLY FUCK! I felt like someone had hit me with an axe, I thougt I would split, the pain was astronomical, I wondered why anyone would put themselves thru this for a little pleasure, and he just stopped and held his cock there for a few minutes, I could feel his hard cock thobbing with his hearbeat, It was starting to feel good, and the longer it was there the more I like it, and I finally came to my senses and he had all nine fucking inches of that thick, hard, hot, throbbing cock in my turd hole, I felt so filled up fuller that I had ever felt, since this was the first cock that had been in my ass, I finally said 'Hit it man,' and He did, I thought we would have to go to the emergency room before the night was over, I thougt My asshole would have to be sewn back up to close it again, but it came back natural, I started feeling good about it and then I was feeling like I wanted more as he fucked me, Damn man, I couldn't believe I would have ever like something like this, Mike was grunting and moaning and saying 'you like this big cock, don't you? you little bitch' and I couldn't believe that I was saying, 'fuck me man, give me all you got, I can take it,'

After about twenty minutes of being hammered by this stud piledriver. I finally let out a loud grunt and shot a load up across my face, I had never shot a load with out touching myself before, but that feeling of his huge cock touching whatever it is up inside me, that did it.

Mike was still pumping his hot cock into my ass and he finally jammed it balls deep inside me, and flooded my ass with sitcky hot cum, I felt it as he unloaded, we just layed back and said nothing to each other for about ten minutes, as we caught out breath, Then Mike spoke up and said Kid, 'Your one hell of a dude, you know that?' He said, 'your the first to be able to take me to the hilt without yelling out in pain, and your the first guy to cum while I fucked them.'

I don't know why I did what I did, but I leaned over and started kissing Mike, and I said, 'Mike, I want you to fuck me anytime you want,' He just smiled, and said, Man, Your gonna be with my band for a long time to come, And you will always be my room mate, whereever we stay. I felt so proud, I was the new Kid on the block, so to speak, but I had made the leader and head guitarist a happy man. Now, even several years later, I have just loved every minute of my time on the road with the band.



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