Having grown up on a farm in the rural area of southern Missouri, I learned at an early age about life and things a lot of city boy's never get that awesome pleasure of learning.

It was back in the middle seventies that I came of age.

I learned the ways of the country, raising cattle, chickens, pigs, growing our own foods, planting and raising the crops, it was a life of hard farm work, never a lot of time for wasting, and it was a time of learning about life, which I was quickly becoming very fond of.

It was in the early summer of '1975' when I had just turned 17 that a new neighbor boy had moved into the Farm house down the road from us, I had heard about his family buying the property and moving in at the local feed store in town.

Mr. Dennison, owner of the feed store ask me if I had met the son of the new family that had moved into the farm house.

I told him I didn't even know there was a new neighbor boy at that House.

I was told he was about my age, I needed to go over and make myself aquainted with him

I ask my paw if I could walk over and meet this new guy my age, and maybe have him over for a visit, I was all in for making new male friends, but little did I know just how much a good friend he would be.

I went over that afternoon, after finishing my chores at home.

I saw this young guy in the back of the house chopping wood for fire, something I was use to doing for our home too.

I walked up and he smiled at me, all I could think was how good looking this kid was, he looked about my size, dark complected, kinda Spanish looking, or maybe Italian, definately Latino, but his hair was sweaty and windblown looking, his eyes were dark and he looked like he needed a shave, he was wearing these Bib overalls, that were faded, no shirt under them and his body was awessome looking, thick chested, no fat at all, his arms were thick and muscular, from hard farm work, tanned from weather, and his chest had a slight splattering of hair, My eyes were locked on his beautiful body, hell I didn't even know I was attracted to other dudes, and for the most part, I wasn't sure if I was or not, I just was liking what I was seeing.

'Hey man, I'm Ken, and your ?' I asked.

He lay down the ax he was chopping wood with and took out a red bandanna style hankercheif and wiped his forehead of the sweat that was forming on his brow.

He bent down to take a drink of water from his cup that was setting on the ground and I noticed one awesome looking ass in those tight Bib's he was wearing.

I was feeling things that I had never felt before. As I stood there admiring what I was hoping to be my best friend.

He smiled and walked over, held out his hand and said, 'Hey Ken, glad to meet you, My name is Jacob, Jacob Meyers, guess I'm your new neighbor.'

I took hold of his hand and felt a sort of electricity shooting through my body as he held onto my hand a while longer than normal.

My cock sprung up in my trousers and I felt weak in the knees as Jacob kept shaking my hands.

We make small talk and got to know each other. I learned that Jacob had been raised in Arkansas, down near Little Rock, out on a farm and was also used to hard work, and being an only son in a family of four sisters he had to make his own boy type fun.

Over a period of several weeks I began to get close to Jacob as we bonded and began to becoming good friends.

There were times he would finish his duties at home and come over.

Then one afternoon I went over and helped his Father and him put up about eight hundred bales of hay, it was hot miserable work, after it was over Jacob asked me if I wanted to take a rinse of in the creek down on the back of their farm, I had not known of a Creek back there, Jacob told me of a hole that was deep enough to swim in.

I told him sure, I'd love too.

We walked back to the hole in the bend of a big creek, there was a rope swing where someone had put there for swinging and haveing a good time in the pool of water./

I mentioned to Jacob that I hadn't brought any trunks for swimming, 'Your kidding right,' he said with a laugh. 'Down home we go in the creeks and pools like this,' and he began stripping down to his bare skin, there stood Jacob like a god glistening in the son, naked as a newborn, then I smiled, 'well if you can do it so can I.' I said.

Jacob's body was like something out of a body builders magazine.

But when he turned around to face me I almost swallowed my tongue, I couldn't help myself, I looked down between and My eyes froze on the biggest cock I had ever seen, I had seen my uncles, my Dads, some guys in Gym class in school, but Jacobs was something to write home about.

As I slipped out of my trousers and shirts and got naked, Jacob was staring at me, I wasn't sure he wanted to compare our size but without a doubt he would win the contest, hands down.

I'm not saying my seven and a half inches are that small, he was just that big.

He smiled at my nakedness, I smiled back, because by this time my cock was starting to spring upward, getting like a piece of concrete.

We jumped into the cool water and my cock got like a rock from the cool water brushing and swirling over my cock and thick balls.

Jacob began to jumping and horsing around with me and that's when I noticed his cock looked like a baseball bat, sticking straight out too.

I looked down at Jacob's wrist thick almost eleven inches, 'Wow,' I said.

As we stood in the water Jacob reached down and lifted his thick long cock upward, slid his foreskin back exposing a dark red, swollen head, and smiled as he said. 'Well it looks like we both have that same problem here.'

'Back in Arkansas when us guys were together, we would usually beat our cocks until we milked them dry, then they would go down.' he said.

'Did you ever do that with another guy?' he asked.

'No, but I would like too' I said.

Jacob gut out and lay on the soft poolside grass, I watched as Jacob looked over at me and we both began to stroke our cocks. I can't tell you what a turn on it was to be next to this awesome kid, with a cock like a breading horse as we lay there watching each other stroke our harder than rock cocks.

Jacob was working his cock over like a pro as I was stroking, sliding my foreskin back and forth, I could feel the pre-cum begin to flow.

Jacob saw the clear liquid forming and stopped stroking his cock and leaned over and licked the tip of my pre-cum wet cock off, 'Sorry, I cant' help it, I love the taste of pre-cum,' he said.

'Truthfully I love the taste of cock,' he said.

Up to this point I had not heard of a gay or homosexual person, I only know that what he did felt so fantastic.

'Did you like that?' he ask.

'Oh yeah man, that was fantastic feeling,' I said.

'Here then let me do this,' and Jacob leaned over and I felt his hot mouth take my cock to the balls into his mouth and down his throat.

His other hand reached up and began to massage my tight nu-sack, I was fucking in heaven.

I had never experienced anything like this or ever felt anything so fantastic in my life.

The feeling was phenomenal as Jacob kept stroking with his hand as his mouth worked the sensitive head and his tongue worked magic on my throbbing cock, I was about to the point of no return, 'Shit Jacob, I'm gonna blow a load, you better get off if you don't want my cum in your mouth.' I said.

Jacob just grunted and stroked his cock with his free hand and kept sucking my cock, I was there, and I couldn't hold back, my body began to jerk, I began to grunt and jerk and my cock began shooting my cum into Jacobs mouth and he gulped it like it was an ice cream soda, swallowing every little dripplet of my man cream.

After sucking my cream totally from my body, Jacob lay back, 'I fucking needed that' he said.

I was shocked that anyone would need that, but I guess Jacob did.

I watched his body as I came down off my sexual high, and Jacob was stroking his cock over when I decided that I wanted to try what Jacob had just done to me.

I leaned over and took Jacob's cock into my mouth tasting his wet, sweet, salty clear pre-cum and loving it all, I took about six inches of his cock to the back of my throat and began gagging, 'Take it easy' Jacob, a little at a time.'

And before that afternoon I had learned to relax my throat and take all of his thick long cock into my throat and swallow my first load, it was sorta weird tasting but tolerable.

Jacob lay there his body still spasming as I lingered on his cock with my tongue licking every little tidbit of his essence.

'Holy Shit Ken, this could be the beginning of a very good friendship.' he said.

Then he did something I have never had from anyone male of female, Jacob raised up and took me into his arms and began kissing me.

'I have more to teach you Ken, if you want to learn, I love getting fucked too, and I want to teach you how to receive fucking and give a good fuck.' he said.

Jacob lay there and rested coming down off our sexual experience with each other, and he began kissing me, something to this day I love, and he could kiss too.

I guess the most memorable thing I remember about Jacob was the night of the Junior Senior Prom at the High School, he was a Senior and I was a Junior, we went without dates and after the Prom Jacob ask me If I wanted to spend the night at his place, I called and ask my Maw and Paw, and they said, O,k. it was a special night. Paw just said, 'stay out of trouble and no Drinking.'

Well we went back to Jacob's parents house and we decided to make some time for ourselves in the hayloft of the Barn, Jacob got a bag of stuff and we went out to the barn, he got some snacks and some drinks, a couple beers for us and then we headed off to their big barn and up int the hay loft, we had a flashlight.

We got into the back area where there was a back door that opened and let in the moonlight.

Jacob looked at me and ask, 'You ready to loose your virginity?'

I smiled and said,'My virginity?' what do you mean, I ask.

I felt his hand start taking my clothes off me, and I figured I was going to get sucked off again and get to suck Jacob again, Which I was not going to turn down.

Jacob made out a bed of clean, new straw, and we lay there kissing and making out like two first timers on their wedding night.

But this time it was different, Jacob lay me on my back and rasied my legs and began to do something I hadn't had before, he began rimming my asshole, I wanted to fly out the loft door, it was fantastic feeling, I wanted more and more.

Then Jacob went into his bag and drug out this little bottle of something and began to slathering it on his bone hard cock, and then on my asshole, I realized then what he had in store for me.

I just went with the flow, that is until I felt the first penetration, I felt like my asshole would split open and start letting my intrals fall out.

Jacob held me close as he slid almost eleven inches of thick hard, uncut cock to the balls deep inside my body, it took me a while to adjust to its size and the feeling that was up to a point painful.

After he held me tight like that for a minute or so I began to feel something different, and I wanted more, I began to enjoy and feel great pleasure from his thick cock being up my asshole, I wanted the cock to start fucking me.

Well needless to say 'Fuck me he did,' Jacob began to gently slide his cock in and out of my asshole and I began to go crazy with excessive lust after this young man, god he could fuck, and I couldn't seem to get enough.

I was fucking back up as Jacob as he hammered and hunched my body, I was in heaven, and Jacob was only a second behind me.

It only took like ten minutes and I felt his cock getting thicker or at least it felt that, Jacob was gasping for air as he began to ram his log into my body, I was loving it, then I heard his loud groan, and grunt and he shoved his cock to the balls into me and held it there as his body spasmed and he shot his cocks load deep inside my intestines.

WE lay there like that, connected for a good half hour, until we both got our composure, I realized Jacob had brought me off with just his fucking, I hadn't even touched my cock.

Well all I can say about it is this Oh my God, there is nothing like a country boy.

Jacob and I have been close, or should I say, intimate friends since that day. and yes we still enjoy each other, he was my first, and I'll never for get him being that special to me.



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