It was one of those Bodatiously terrible Winter nights, I was on the beat so to speck driving up and down the Highway, checking for accidents, stragglers, and homeless people, that might be in danger of freezing to death, Ice and snow was everywhere, and the roads were trecherous.

It had been a day from hell that day, if something could go wrong, it had done just that as my Dad use to say, I had gotten up on the wrong side of the bed.

I was driving around by myself, I had gotten into struggle with a couple young thugs who was transporting drugs and had to wrestle them to the ground, and handcuff them.

I was fit to be strung up by that evening when I got back to the station.

But to make matters worse, I was so fucking horny I could almost taste cock. I was in the locker room changing when out of the showers came Sargent Lexinton.

Now Sargent Lexinton, was just about the most handsome, well built guy alive, about thirty or so, an awesome looking man, and I had this thing for handsome guys.

TO make matters worse it had been months since I had had a roust in the sack with a good looking guy, or a not so good looking one either.

Hey man I needed some dick and I was about to explode.

Problem was I was an officer of the law, not out, and wasn't wanting to go thru the harrassment of being an openly known 'Fag or Queer,' truth was I use to go to a known rest area outside of town, and I would suck cock thru a glory hole, truckers patronized it a lot, getting some much needed relief. I loved it.

Well I watched as Sgt. Lexington,(Bill) walked out of the shower dripping, god he was awesome looking, he had a beautiful chest, thickly muscles, washboard abs, legs like tree trunks, I knew he worked out a lot, there was not an ounce of fat on his body anywhere, but his uncut cock was a work of art, I looked like it was at least six plus inches, abmormally large in thickness, and it was just starting to get hard, damn it was gorgeous.

I just ogled it as I stood there undressing to take my shower, as I pulled off my briefs I noticed my cock was standing upwards, like it was starving and wanted to eat.

I stood there looking Bill and he dried his hair and noticed me standing there with a fullblown hardon. He just smiled and said, 'Hey Son, that thing looks like it needs a good polishing, or at least some attention, You need to go out tonight and get yourself laid.' then he laughed , and sorta fluffed his cock and balls with his towel.

I stepped into the shower, and just lay my head back and let the hot water roll down my body, but the feeling of hot water against my hard cock head did nothing but make my sexual urges worsen, I felt I at least needed to give myself a good hand job, but in my state I knew it would do nothing for my sexual urges to feel that touch and feeling of another guy, but where I was, in the locker room of the police station was not a good place to get caught jerking yourself off.

I finished up and dressed in my street clothes and walked out of the station and got into my SUV and decided to go to a bar and have a drink.

as I turned around the street and drove onto the hiway, I noticed this man all huddled down in the midst of the snowstorm, I felt sorry for this dude, trying to keep warm in the storm.

I pulled over and said, 'Hey man, get in, and get out of that weather,' 'Wow Thanks mister, It is nasty out here tonight.' he said.

He crawled into my SUV and got into the front seat and pulled his jacket hood down, I looked over and saw this sorta normal, good looking young man about early to mid twenties.

'Where you headed I said to him, by the way My name is Tim Collingswood,' I said.

'Glad to meet you Tim, I'm Kerry Mcginnis.' he said.

I shook his hand and was quite impressed with his looks and my mind began to wander as to what he might think if he only knew.

'I only have one question, What he hell are you doing out here in this kind of weather trying to Hitch Hike, this weather is horrible, anyone with any sense would be at home snuggling up to a warm spot and staying safe.'

'Well Tim, I was on my way home from college, I had this 3 hour layover at the bus station in Cleveland and I fell asleep in the mens room setting on a commode, and when I woke up my carryon bags were gone, they had been setting next to my feet, I looked around the station but I never saw them, to top that off they had my little folder case in them, that had my tickets and my credit cards I only had ten bucks cash left in my pocket, so I started doing the only thing I knew left to me, I started hitch hiking on.'

All I could think to say was 'wow, thats a real kick in the balls.'

Kerry had sorta settled into the comfort zone of the warmth of my SUV, 'Hey Kerry, how would you like to come to my apartment with me and stay the night, I would feel really bad turning you out in this kind of weather on a night like this somewhere, and I would enjoy the company,' I asked.

'Would that be alright with your wife?' he asked.

'Well she might, if I had one, but I'm single I live by myself.' I saw Kerry smile, 'Wow that sounds Groovin man,. sure that would be awesome,' he said.

I looked at Kerry and asked him, are you married or have a girl back home, 'No man, the college thing takes all my time up you know, and I don't want to be encumbered for my studies, that don't mean I don't need to get my nuts off a few time a week,' he said with a giggle.'

'Man I know that feeling, I feel sometimes like Im going to explode.'

'Then Kerry looked at me and said, 'Well.......... tell me something Tim, you ever messed with a guy before, you know let a guy suck your cock for you, or fuck a guy in the ass?'

'Hum........What are you telling me Kerry, your gay, a homosexual?' I asked him looking as straight as I could, not wanting to look too excited.

He bowed his head and said, 'Yeah, I guess so, If you want to dump me out up here somewhere, I will understand,' 'Dump you out? what are you talking about, Im not that kind of guy.'

We got to my home and then, got comfortable, then I told him he could take a shower if he wanted to get warmed and cleaned up and I showed him to the bathroom, I stood there and watched him as he undressed, 'You don't mind me talking to you as you shower, do you?' I asked.

'Oh no, not at all, the guys in the dorm do that all the time.'

I leaned on the frame of the door as he stripped naked, he was very nicely built, not athletic muscular but not fat either, and he had one beautiful ass, lightly covered with this sandy blond hair, his chest has a little hair on it but not much but when he turned around, I was in love, his cock was perfectly shaped, cut, with that beautiful dark ring where the scar was around the shaft about three inches back from the beautiful clean, head, It was nice and thick, I figured it would be a good seven when hard, just the way I like them with this nice vein running almost the length of his cock shaft along the top, It was mouthwatering. I smiled and he stepped into the shower.

The water came on and I started undressing myself and after he got his hair shampooed, I pulled off my white briefs and out plopped ole Tims boner, I slid the glass door open and stepped into the shower with Kerry, he had his hair soaped up and his eyes closed when I walked up behind him and he jumped with surprise as I wrapped my arms around his hot body, I whispered in his ear, 'Oh yeah Kerry, the answer to your question in the car is, I love to get my cock sucked by guys and get fucked and to suck on other guys and fuck them too.'

I felt his body lay back against mine and he turned his head around and with my bone sticking in his ass crack, I felt his wet hot kisses start making love with me in that shower, I got some soap and as he leaned against me I began to scrub his front rubbing his stomach and tweek his hardening nipples, and by the time I reached his crotch and felt his thick dark bush, I touched a full blown thick hardon and a bag of quite hefty, large nuts pulled tight against his body..

I stroked his lovely thick cock for a few minutes. When Kerry told me he wanted me in bed.

we got out of the shower stall, staring into each others eyes as we dried off, and before we got to the bed he had my cock in his hand, I sat on the bed and it took us about three seconds to be locked into a sixty nine, deep throating each other like we were in a contest to see who could make the other cum firt. I was in a state of Euphoria, by that time.

Kerry was a master of the deepthroat manouver, and I was no slouch, we sucked each other hard, throbbing cock untill I felt his body start moving in a thrusting motion and I grabbed his ass an pulled it to my face making his cock began to blast out a huge load of cum down my throat, I wanted every drop of his seed, and It was awesome to taste.

I had just finished up with Kerry's load when I felt my cum shot coming on. I began to almost shake violently and my cock felt like it would break it was so friggen hard. I felt Kerry slip a finger up my asshole as I began to shoot and I let out this huge scream, I was worried about the neighbors hearing and wondering what was happening.

Kerry drained my nuts and then some, but he kept his finger up my asshole and just finger fucked me for a while.

We lay there for about twenty minutes, holding on to each other when Kerry, just smiled with those beautiful almost black looking eyes, and said, 'You up for roung two?'

I smiled at Kerry and said, 'lets have that drink first o.k.?'

We had this drink, actually a beer, but then, both still naked and Kerry leaning over and kissing my ass like it was his to love,(Actually it was for that night.)

Finally we got back to the bed.

Kerry had begun suckin my cock again and had me good and hard, I was laying on my back when he got up and just wet my cock with saliva and pre-cum, and sat down on my cock with his asshole, and the feeling went thru me like a massive electric jolt, it was fantastic, that hot, tight, pulsating hole, wow, what a rush, Kerry began to masturbade his cock as he began to do a milking motion with his ass muscles of my cock, it was phenomenal.

I was watching Kerry's face and listening to his vocals as I realized he loved feeling a hard hot cock up his asshole, he was moaning and grunting like a virgin on her wedding night. (It was awesome.) I watched as Kerry jumped up and down driving my cock deeper with each thrust, and heard his groaning as he shoot his load up on my chest as I began to pump his intestines full of my own seed

Well before that night was over we have sucked each other several time and and fucked each other like we had never done that before, it was one fantastic night.

Kerry stayed with me for several days and then I drove him to where he wanted to go.

But he has came and stayed with me, on several ocasions and as soon as he graduates we plann on moving in together somewhere, and living our lives as partners. Kerry was one awesome find and I am so grateful for that Blizzard that night.



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