Charlie walked stiffly toward his dorm as Austin carried his bike. With both knees and both elbows bandaged and the wheel on his bike bent it was obvious to those they passed Charlie had taken a nasty spill. Austin helped him lock up his bike at the bike rack outside his dorm and told him to call him later. Charlie made his way into the dorm and for the first time since moving in when he was carrying boxes of his belongings, he waited on the elevator. As he went down the corridor he passed two guys on his floor, both gave him startled looks asking him if he was okay.

"I'm good" Charlie replied, unable to stop himself from smiling. His bike was out of commission till the driver's insurance came through to repair it and his knees and elbows hurt, and he was sore all over, but he was good; real good. He entered his room to find Ryan sitting at his desk, text books open, laptop up and running, papers scattered everywhere. Ryan turned to him and instantly a worried look came over his face.

"Fuck, what happened to you?"

"I took a spill on my bike."

"When? Yesterday? Where have you been; the hospital?" Ryan's questions fired at a rapid rate, Charlie unable to answer one without the next one following.

"Yes, it was yesterday afternoon. I was riding around town and a car pulled out..." and Ryan interrupted him.

"A car?! You got hit by a car?"

"Yeah...let me finish. It isn't that bad" and Charlie explained what happened, his riding down one of the streets, not paying attention, although the reason he glossed over and then how the car turned out from a parking space and he nailing it in the front fender.

"Jesus, Charlie, you're lucky you didn't break an arm or a leg. Is your bike okay?"

"The front wheel is bent but the driver's insurance is to repair it."

Charlie made his way to his bed and eased down on it, slowly bringing his stiff legs up and down.

"Shit, I'm stiff this morning."

Ryan turned facing Charlie, his expression questioning. Charlie realized Ryan was staring at him and as he stretched out, hands behind his head he looked back at Ryan.

"What?" he asked.

"Well...where the fuck were you last night?"

"Oh, I stayed at a friend's apartment. He gave me a ride home this morning and helped me with my bike."

"A friend?" and Charlie could see Ryan was questioning this explanation, knowing he had not been doing anything with anyone for the first two weeks. Charlie ignored him as he settled down.

"Damn I'm still exhausted. I didn't sleep well last night" and Charlie relaxed on his bed, eyes closed and after a few seconds he heard Ryan turn back to his studies.

When Charlie woke it was a little after noon and he saw Ryan was gone, his laptop closed and his desk back in order. Charlie called Austin and they talked casually at first, Charlie hesitant to express his feelings but Austin suddenly asked him if he had fun last night. Last night when they had made out so many times Charlie couldn't cum any more, and he had to make Austin stop stroking his cock.

"Yes, was...great" he admitted.

Austin told him he'd pick him up at six to go grab something to eat and hung up. Charlie threw on some shorts and shirt and headed to the cafeteria for a quick lunch. His legs and arms were stiff and it took a while to get moving but by the time he got to the ground floor and headed out he was able to walk normally. Everyone he passed gave him a look of either concern or awe at how banged up he looked and Charlie nodded back at each of them as he made his way to the cafeteria.

Back in his dorm room he tried to focus on his studies, knew he needed to get complete before Austin arrived but he kept looking at the clock, watching the minutes pass until he turned it away from him, cut his music down lower and told himself time would pass faster if he just focused on his studies and got them done. He soon had English complete, History followed and when he closed the last text book he turned the clock around and saw it was ten till six.

"Oh shit" he exclaimed as he jumped up, grabbed his toiletries and towel and took off to the bathroom. He raced through his routine and when he was in the shower he got the bandages off and tossed them out. He roughly dried off, water still dripping from his hair and his legs still wet, and raced back to his room. The door was ajar and he thought it had to be Ryan. He pushed it open, rushing in and came to an abrupt stop. Ryan was seated at his desk and Austin was seated in his chair turned facing Ryan and it was obvious they had been in conversation.

"There you are" Ryan said, "Austin says you guys are going to grab dinner somewhere" and Charlie caught his tone, the questioning nature of it.

"Yeah, something a little better than the cafeteria; kind of tired of eating the there."

Charlie came in, realizing he had to put on his clothes in front of Austin, which he kind of liked the idea, but he also had to do it in front of Ryan too, and that could be a problem. He went to the closet and then the drawers under his bed and got his clothes out and when he stood up and turned away from the guys he pulled the towel away from his waist and finished drying off.

"Charlie, you need to put bandages back on one knee and one elbow, their bleeding again" Austin said and Charlie looked at his right elbow, and seeing no blood, looked at the left where he saw a small trickle of blood running down his arm.

"Shit, I thought they had stopped bleeding."

Charlie slipped his briefs and shorts on when he noticed Austin picking up the medical supplies he had sent home with Charlie.

"Sit down and I'll help you get bandaged" Austin said and Ryan looked around, his eyebrows raised, amused at the scene before him. He watched as Charlie sat on his bed and Austin got down on his knees in front and gently applied the ointment to one knee. He watched as Austin cut a bandage to the size needed and taped it down, and how Austin looked at Charlie, his voice soft and intimate, told Charlie he didn't need a bandage on the other knee and to let him see his elbows. Ryan observed how Austin did these things for Charlie, touched him so casually, and it all came together, what he was seeing and he had to turn back to his computer to keep them from seeing him smile. He now knew why Charlie had been so introverted at first, kept to himself, his upbringing making it worse, for it was obvious there was something between Austin and him.

Austin surprised Charlie by going back to his place for dinner, where they cooked out, and ended up sitting on the sofa afterward, Charlie lying back against Austin as Austin played in his hair, twirling fingers around in it. Music continued to play in the background as they talked, casual conversation, about their family, their classes and what class load they had the coming week and when they had fallen silent for a moment, Charlie snuggled up to Austin and turned to look up at him.

"Thanks for dinner" Charlie said.

"You're welcome. I just didn't want to go out to some restaurant, especially these around campus. Can you stay tonight?"

"I want to but I have to get to class early and you said you had a project to get set up for presenting tomorrow, so I should get back to the dorm."

"I know, I know, but...well you don't have to be back right now" and Austin pulled Charlie down into his lap flat on his back and leaned down kissing him. Austin ran his hand over Charlie's chest, down over his stomach and over his crotch, groping him firmly, feeling Charlie's cock respond to his touch. Charlie pushed up against Austin's hand, lost himself to Austin's touch and he reached up and held Austin's neck and they continued to kiss. Austin unbuttoned Charlie's shirt, working each button free and spreading the shirt open, revealing the lean flat chest, the skin smooth, soft, and he ran his hand down Charlie's chest and over his stomach. Charlie responded to the touch, the way Austin's hand felt against him. Austin undid his shorts, tugged them open, and pushed his hand down underneath the boxers taking Charlie's growing erection.

The feel of Austin's hand on his cock made Charlie get fully erect and he reached down and pushed his shorts and boxers down as far as he could reach, getting them to mid-thigh. He body lay exposed, his shirt pushed open, his shorts and boxers pushed down and Austin ran his hands over Charlie, felt the warm soft skin, and Charlie squirmed with the touch, felt so alive, the way Austin's very touch sent shivers through him.

Charlie rolled off the sofa and eased gently down on his sore knees, smiling with the slight pain, the way he bore it, and he eased up between Austin's legs and kissed him as he ran his hands over Austin's chest, down over his stomach and groped his cock through his shorts. Charlie tugged Austin's t-shirt up and over his head, revealing the lean, muscular torso and Charlie kissed Austin's chest, tongued his nipples, and he nipped one, tugged on it with his teeth making Austin cry out. Charlie pulled on Austin thighs and got him to slide down a little, allowing him to straighten at the waist and Charlie leaned down and put his mouth to the bulge, breathed on it, mouthed it, feeling it get larger, harder and Austin pushed upward as he balled his hands into tight fist and breathed deeply to control himself. Charlie looked up at Austin, his smile having a wicked tone, and he began to undo Austin's shorts, tugged them open and without hesitation, he tugged them and his briefs down, all the way allowing him to work them off each foot.

Austin was naked with Charlie between his legs, Charlie's loose open shirt lightly rubbing over his legs as Charlie sucked his cock into his mouth. As Charlie worked his mouth up and down the hard shaft he worked his shirt completely off, then his shorts and boxers one leg at a time till he too was naked. Austin's cock quickly was at full hardness, so erect it flexed in Charlie's mouth and began to drool out pre-cum, sweet on Charlie's tongue.

Charlie sat up and looked at Austin, leaned back, his hard cock sticking up and he ran his hands slowly up Austin's legs, rubbed them softly feeling the smooth skin.

"Fuck me?" Charlie whispered his voice a mixture of desire and fear. Austin merely nodded and shifted over letting Charlie get back on the sofa and down on his back. Austin moved up between Charlie's legs, gently took each behind the knee and pushed back folding Charlie over, turning his ass upward, spread open, his hole exposed ready for his cock. He moved over Charlie as he pushed Charlie's legs back and rubbed his cock over him, felt the wet slick head rub the soft flesh of Charlie's ass, run along the open crevice, probed Charlie's opening, push against it, feeling its tightness.

"Put it in me, Austin" Charlie asked in such a soft low voice Austin barely heard him, but he knew the desire and he bore down and breached the opening, stretched the tight ring with the head of his cock and he held still letting Charlie get use to the penetration. Austin saw the way the pain of initial penetration showed on Charlie's face but slowly he saw the pain give way to the pleasure, saw Charlie look up at him and nod, felt Charlie push up with his ass and Austin pushed down, eased more of his cock into the tight hole.

Charlie threw his arms out and over his head as he lay back taking Austin's cock, the way Austin eased it all the way into his hole, their bodies coming together, hot to every sensitive touch, and Charlie moaned loudly as Austin pushed the last of his cock into him bringing his body to rest on top of him. Austin ran a hand over Charlie's head, through the wet hair around the perimeter where he was sweating and he kissed Charlie roughly, buried his tongue deep into Charlie's mouth and began to work his hips, up and back down, over and over and over, and Charlie grunted as Austin bottomed out in his hole on each downward thrust, as Austin's body bore down on him.

Charlie had never felt this before, the way a man could be interlocked into another, the way his cock could feel so deeply embedded inside him, and he pushed up against the undulating body of Austin, felt the way Austin got faster, his need to fuck increase and he took it, every push of cock into him, every movement of body on body and he felt his own cock, being rubbed between their bodies, with the head so sensitive it got hard and wet and slick.

Austin's fuck got faster, harder, his breathing rough with his hot breath hitting Charlie on the neck, and Charlie took it, wanted it, as he felt Austin move against the back of his thighs, against his stomach, and over his cock. His cock ached it was so hard, and he spread his legs slightly, let Austin's body moved down tighter against him, rub his cock harder till he couldn't take it any longer, the way Austin's smooth warm skin rubbed against the head of his cock and he came, gushing out cum between them, the warm cum getting smeared between their bodies and Austin felt it, each spasm of ejaculation on his cock and he shoved in hard, short jabbing thrusts and as Charlie pumped out the last of his load Austin began to fill him with his own.

It was late, nearly midnight when Charlie eased into his dorm room. Ryan had left a desk lamp on and he was in his top bunk turned toward the wall. Charlie made his way to his desk, putting his wallet and keys down. He eased his shirt off, then his shorts and turned off the lamp. Moving familiarly in the dark he went to the lower bunk and eased gently down. He lay on his back and smiled at the way the evening had gone, they way they had made love again in the shower, Austin taking his cock till he pumped his second load into him. He lay there thinking of their plans later in the week when both have gotten past deadlines for one class or another. He took a deep breath, trying to relax, make himself ease into sleep.

Ryan shifted in the bunk above and suddenly Charlie could make out his silhouette as he leaned his head down from above and realized he was looking down at him.

"So roommate, when were you going to tell me you're gay?"



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