Growing up, my parents sent me to spend the summer with my grandfather and uncle on the family farm.  Grandpa had hoped that dad and Uncle Mike would take over the farm eventually but dad had no interest.  He was an up and coming corporate lawyer and on occasion handles criminal defense for important clients.  When grandpa passed away he still left the farm to dad and Uncle Mike in equal shares.  Dad knew that I loved the farm and had his part set up in a trust that would come to me on my twenty-first birthday making Uncle Mike and I equal partners.

It was the summer between my junior and senior years of high school.  We had lost Mom to cancer and dad was now a state senator.  As usual I spent the summer at the farm. I drove up the day after school let out and was greeted by Uncle Mike and Rex, his foreman.   After the 'hello's', Uncle Mike insisted that I drop the 'Uncle' and just call him Mike.

The summer was awesome and Rex and I became closer than we had in the past.  Rex was in his early thirties and built like a steamroller; narrow hips,  muscular legs, perfect eight pack, large muscular chest and large muscular arms.  He was by no means over built; he was perfectly proportioned.  By the halfway point of my summer stay, I began to notice that Rex was looking at me more intently, but I didn't think much of it.

About two weeks before time to return home, one afternoon late, I began to look for Mike without success. As I entered the barn, I heard soft moans coming from the equipment room. Easing over to the door I peeked in through the slightly open door.  What I saw stunned me beyond belief.

There stood Mike and Rex kissing passionately, both with their jeans around their boots and their cocks rock hard. As the kiss separated, Mike lowered himself to his knees and began sucking Rex's long hard cock. I watched as my own cock began to stiffen.  I was surprised at the fact of seeing two men have sex was turning me on big time.  I could tell by his actions when Rex climaxed and to my amazement Mike swallowed his load.  As Mike stood they kissed again briefly before Rex knelt and sucked Mike's cock to a similar climax.  I continued to watch as Rex swallowed.

I eased away from the door and slipped between hay mounds and quickly jerked my own cock to a roaring climax.  Shortly after I finished and returned to the open area, Mike came out of the barn.

"Hey, Mark, what's up?" he asked. 

"Not much," I replied, not sure what else to say.

Things went on as normal until the day before I left to return home.  Mike, Rex, and I had lunch together in the house and as we ate, I looked from one to the other not believing that each seemed to enjoy having a mans cock in his mouth.  Both were the perfect example of the masculine straight man.  After Rex excused himself and left, I told Mike that I needed to talk to him.

"What's on your mind, Mark?"

"Mike, I'm not quite sure how to start, but I guess I'll just blurt it out.  You're gay aren't you?'

"What makes you ask that?"

"A couple of weeks ago I happened to see  you and Rex in the barn and you and he were very passionate with each other and blew each other."

"Damn, Mark, I didn't want you to find out, at least not that way., but yes , I am gay.  I have been since my early teens."

"Does dad know?"

"Yes, he does, but please do not let him know that you know," he asked.

"I promise but I just find it so hard to believe that the two most masculine men I know are gay.  It blows my mind."

"Mark, we are just like every other person on this earth.  We bot love sex but in our case we just happen to enjoy sex with other men.  I hope you don't hate us because of that fact."

"Hell no! How you live your life is your business.  You're still my uncle and Rex is still one of my best friends."

Mike grabbed me and gave me a big hug. 

The next morning, I returned home and my senior year soon began.  My best friend, Cory Sims, wanted to know all about my summer. It had always been his dream to spend time on a farm or ranch.

I filled him in on me trip then said, "But before I left I got the shock of my life."

"What was that?" he asked. 

I told him about what I had seen between Mike and Rex.  By the time I finished I noticed him adjusting his own stiff cock.

"Did it make you uncomfortable to be around them knowing that they were gay?"

"No, not at all.  The way Mike put it top me made me totally comfortable," I said then told him what Mike had said.

Cory and I were both on the football team and after practice or games when we showered, I noticed that at times he was checking out my cock.  The, to my surprise, I noticed myself checking out his and others.

After football season ended he asked me to go to a concert out of town.  I agreed and he got a motel room which we shared the cost.  We went to the concert and when we checked into the room we found it had only one queen bed. We laughed and made jokes about it.

After the concert ended we grabbed something to eat then returned to the room.  After we each showered, Cory, still with a towel around him, looked at me and asked, "Have you ever slept nude?"

"No, but I hear it's so much more comfortable."
"It is.  I've slept nude since I started high school.  You want to do it tonight?'

"Sure, I guess it's okay.  We've seen each other nude at school."

With that, Cory removed his towel and tossed it aside.  Moments later I did the same.  After some small talk, we both slipped into bed, turning the lights out.

At some point during the night I woke up to feel Cory spooned in behind me, his hard cock laying in my ass crack and one hand slowly stroking my hard cock. 

TO BE CONTINUED.............



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