(To My Readers... You commented that part 1 was short.  I agree but where I stopped was the perfect place to make you wonder what would happen next.  What would Mark do?  Now, lets find out.)

From Part One...

After football season ended he asked me to go to a concert out of town.  I agreed and he got a motel room which we shared the cost.  We went to the concert and when we checked into the room we found it had only one queen bed. We laughed and made jokes about it.

After the concert ended we grabbed something to eat then returned to the room.  After we each showered, Cory, still with a towel around him, looked at me and asked, "Have you ever slept nude?"

"No, but I hear it's so much more comfortable."
"It is.  I've slept nude since I started high school.  You want to do it tonight?'

"Sure, I guess it's okay.  We've seen each other nude at school."

With that, Cory removed his towel and tossed it aside.  Moments later I did the same.  After some small talk, we both slipped into bed, turning the lights out.

At some point during the night I woke up to feel Cory spooned in behind me, his hard cock laying in my ass crack and one hand slowly stroking my hard cock. 


Part 2...

Feeling Cory's hand on my hard cock made me feel like small electrical shocks were shooting through my body and it excited me.  I wondered what it would be like to have his hard cock in my hand.

Slowly, I turned onto my back, giving him better access to my cock and me clear access to his.  As I gripped his cock, more sensations shot through my body.  I heard him moan softly as I slowly began stroking him.

Looking into my eyes, he asked, "Mark, is this your first time doing anything with another male?"

"Yes," I replied softly.

"Well, then, just relax and enjoy the experience.  If something starts that you don't want to do or don't enjoy, just tell me and I'll stop."

I wondered what he meant by that statement.  What was going to happen?

As we stroked each other slowly, he lay his head on my shoulder and gently began kissing my neck, gently licking my neck at times.  I loved the feeling.  Then, after a moment, he raised his head and looked deep into my eyes.  Casually, he lowered his head and gently pressed his lips to mine.  For some reason, it seemed very natural.  Then I felt his lips part and his tongue begin to slip between my lips.  Automatically, I parted my lips and accepted his tongue and quickly offered mine.  It was electrifying and I found it very erotic.

After several moments, our lips parted and he began kissing his way down my body, pausing at each nipple and gently sucking on them.  As he moved lower, his cock was not within reach.  Seconds later i felt his tongue in my navel before it continued lower. Moments later, I felt him gently suck one of my balls into his mouth then the other.  I gasped.  After releasing them, he ran his tongue up the underside of my hard pulsing cock and I moaned loudly as he hungrily swallowed the entire shaft, burying his nose in my thick pubic bush.

I continued to moan softly at the fantastic feeling I was experiencing.  I had never felt anything so fantastic. The picture of Mike and Rex sucking each other popped up in my head and I knew I wanted to try sucking also. 

I managed to change positions and Cory knew what I was doing.   He assisted and within seconds I had his hard leaking cock in my face.  I extended my tongue and tasted the sweet clear nectar leaking from his cock.  I instantly liked the taste.  Then I began swallowing his cock and was turned on big time.  I began working his cock with my mouth and tongue as he was doing mine. 

Before long, I was nearing my climax.  Cory was sucking me hungrily and I wanted to feed him my load and have him do the same to me.  Moments later, my cock exploded into Cory's mouth and I heard him moan in pleasure as he began hungrily swallowing every drop. 

Then, without warning, his cock swelled and without warning, erupted, sending a huge load of thick warm creamy cum into my mouth.  I froze as my mouth began to fill and after getting a good taste of his cum, I knew I liked it and eagerly began swallowing  until he was drained. Afterward we cuddled and kissed passionately.

After the kiss, he looked into my eyes and asked, "Mark, was that really your first time with another guy?"

"Cory, I swear to you that it was."

"Well, to me, it seemed that you totally enjoyed it."

"I did, and I hope we can do it again."

"Any time you want," he replied with a smile.

We kissed again and I found out that he had been gay for several years and that he had been wanting sex with me and this trip was his way of trying to get it.

We sucked each other again before going to sleep cuddled in each others arms.  The next morning we started our day with a hot sixty-nine before heading home.  Cory and I sucked each other off regularly after returning home. The more I sucked his cock the more I wanted it. 

Then one weekend, he told me he wanted me to fuck his ass.  I did and loved it but i couldn't bring myself to let him fuck me. 

On mid-term break, he invited me to go camping with him  and I dreamed of being in the woods naked with him and having sex but then I found out that Buck Rivers, another classmate , was joining us and I was extremely disappointed.

We reached the campsite on his family's hunting lease, and began setting up camp.  Once it was all set, Cory and Buck disappeared into the large tent, as I collected wood for a campfire.   When I returned to the campsite, my arms full of fire wood, I froze as i saw both boys totally nude and sporting hard cocks.

"Put the fucking wood down and join us," Cory said.

I dropped the wood and immediately began stripping as my cock began to stiffen.  Moments later, I was on my knees in front of Buck, hungrily sucking his cock as he and Cory kissed.  I began alternating between their cocks and after eating Cory's load I concentrated on getting Buck's load while Cory got into position and began eating my ass. 

The three of us had a wild week in the woods and I found out that there were a couple of others on the football team that played.  Before the year ended, six of us ended up having a hot orgy out at the campsite.

Graduation arrived and Mike and Rex arrived for the event.  I had enrolled in the state college only about forty-five minutes from the farm and was packed up and ready to return to the farm with them after graduation.  

I now looked at Mike and Rex differently now.  Now I looked at them hungrily and so wanted both their cocks and knew I would eventually get both.

We left for the farm and Mike told me that he had revealed to Rex that I had seen them and knew about both their sexual preferences.

Rex turned to look at me in the back seat and asked, "Does that change the way you feel about either of us?"

"Fuck no!" I replied. "Not in the least.  I still think both of you are super."  I so wanted to tell them that I was now gay also and wanted to suck their cocks but I didn't think the time was right.

Things were normal when we returned and I began college.  About two months later, classes were dismissed  at mid morning, and I headed back to the farm.  As I entered the house I heard moaning coming from Mike's bedroom.  I eased to the door and found both Mike and Rex both totally naked and in a sixty-nine.  Now was my chance.

I hurried to my room and quickly stripped.  My cock was already completely hard as I entered the bedroom without them knowing.  Mike was on top and his ass was facing me as I entered.

Quietly, I eased up behind him and in a flash, I had my tongue buried in his ass and began licking it eagerly.

With one swift movement, Mike was off of Buck and turning to face me.  "What the fuck?" he screamed.

"I just want in on the action," I replied.

They both looked at me questioningly, as they stood side by side.

Without hesitation, I quickly stepped closer and dropped to my knees and began sucking Mike's cock then Rex's.  After a moment they began to relax and as I sucked on Rex's cock, Mike began sucking mine.  As I began cumming into Mike's mouth, Rex began feeding me.  it was delicious and I devoured every drop. Then I turned and swallowed Mike's cock and soon was devouring his load.

After I finished and stood up and kissed each one, Mike looked at me and asked simply, "Since when?"

"Last summer," I replied and filled him in  on the details.  After that day, the three of us had sex almost every night.  I often watched them fuck each other and finally decided I wanted to see what it was like.  One night, I looked at Mike and said, "I want you to fuck me and take my cherry."

He smiled and with Rex at my side coaching me, Mike prepared each of us and  began his insertion.  Moments later, despite the pain, Mike was pumping in and out of my hole and I soon began to enjoy it.  It didn't take him long to climax and fill my hole with his thick cum.  Rex buried his face in my freshly fucked hole and began to suck Mike's load out then feed it back to Mike.

Then I told Rex that I wanted him to fuck me also.  He did and I totally enjoyed it.   As Mike began sucking Rex's load out of my ass I told him to feed it to me instead of Rex.  He did and it was suck a turn on.  As Mike and I swapped the load back and forth, Rex sucked me off then share the load with Mike and I.

Soon, two other hands were joining us in sex or I was having sex one-on-one with them. When we all got together, depending on my mood, I would sometimes get each one to fuck me one after the other.  The sex was often.

All during this time, my dad was running for the state senate.  He won by a landslide and after taking his seat, I received a phone call from him saying he was going to visit the following weekend. I immediately told Mike and said that we would all have to play the straight roll over the weekend.

Dad arrived Friday evening and I had a Saturday morning class that I couldn't skip.  Ten minutes into the class the instructor received an emergency call and class was cancelled.  I returned to the farm and  heard sounds in the barn.  I walked in and there in one stall were dad, Mike, and Rex all naked.  Dad was bent over sucking Mike's cock as Rex fucked his ass. Dad stopped and looked at me and said, "You had to find out sometime.  Join us if you want."

I stood stunned for several moments as they resumed their action.  I looked at Mike and he smiled and nodded and I began stripping.  Once totally nude, I walked up to Mike and began tongue kissing him and as I did I suddenly felt dad's hot wet mouth devour my cock.  Rex continued fucking dad's ass as Mike climbed up and sat on the wooden rail of the stall. I immediately began sucking him.  There we were  Mike's cock in my mouth , my cock in dad's mouth, and Rex's cock buried in dad's ass.

After Mike, Rex, and I all climaxed, I dropped and sucked my dad's beautiful cock to a roaring climax.  It was awesome. That night, dad and I shared a bed and started out having a hot make out session before going into a hot sixty-nine, then later fucking each other.  The sex with my own father seemed so natural and I loved it.

On Sunday, the four of us had continual sex for most of the day before dad had to leave.  However, since he and I now knew all about each other, he visited often or had me visit him at his condo near the capital.

Mike and I were the owners of the farm and dad wanted it that way.  He managed to keep his sexual preference a secret and I found out that he and Mike started having sex together at an early age.  When dad visited the farm, I got extremely turned on watching Mike and Rex both use him at the same time.  He knew how much it turned me on and loved having me watch.

After about a year, Rex and I became lovers and Mike took one of the younger guys as his lover.  The farm has grown  and become more profitable.  Dad visits often and we have all developed a deep interest in water sports in all forms.  Dad has decided that when he retires he will be moving to the farm.

THE END......................Coming soon........THE HUSTLER





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