I lived in an apartment complex, and In my building there were about twenty six Apartments in one building, Thirteen upper on the second level and the same amount, on the lower level.

My name is Lanny Weston, I have lived here for about three years now, I'm twenty eight, and I am relatively happy, I am a gay man, I have a really nice job, good insurance, nice car, and I usually don't bother anyone, I just live to myself except for an occasional guy brought home to the apartment for a night of wild raunchy sex.

Well I had been on a weekend trip to Omaha, Nebraska, I was coming home and a semi truck ran me off the road and I hit a tree, head on. I came to in a hospital, my eyes were all bandaged up, I could hardly move, both my arms and shoulders were in a cast I couldn't do anything for myself, Damn I was fucked, What am I gonna do.

I was in the hospital for about three weeks re-couping from the accident, then I was released to go home, still in a cast, badly bunged up.

I had a cousin of mine come and get me, and take me to my apartment. I went up to my apartment, he opened the door and I walked in, Hell I couldn't even get a glass of water for myself. I didn't really know how I was gonna survive, without help.

I just sort played it by ear as best I could, I finally got myself to where I could do the necessary things like go to the bathroom, and get something to drink, but cooking or bathing was an Impossibility, I felt so friggen helpless.

Well the week was going along, and I walked down the stairs to the mail boxes, which consisted of a string of wall boxes in a line along the wall at the entrance of the coded lobby, I was just barely abel to get the key into the box with pain, I might add because of the way I had to lift my arms up to get the key in.

I was able to get the mail out and I had some of it fall to the floor and I was having a time reaching down to get it. I was getting mad at myself, when I heard this really deep awesome voice say Here, let me help you.

I looked up to see a very handsome, tall, well dressed, very nice looking man of color, he said here can I help you up to the apartment? I said you don't know how much I would appreciate it.

He was so nice looking, had a beautiful smile, gorgeous teeth, and talked like he was a business man or something. He helped me open the lock to my apartment and Helped me in. I finally got into my apartment and just sort of flopped down on the living room couch, He smiled and Said Hi, My name is Darnel, he said he had moved into the apartment across the hall from me, while, I guess I was in the hospital, I said man I really appreciate what you have done for me, I introduced myself as Lanny Weston, he said glad to meet you Lanny, I said same here Darnel.

I was looking very hard ar Darnel and I was starting to feel the old desire for sex come back, I had not had anything, not even a jerk off since before the accident, and I knew things were building up inside me.

I noticed just how nice and helpful Darnel was, offering to get me things, and He said man, if there is anything I can do, don't hesitate to ask.

He left me his phone number just in case. I said man, your an Angel, he said man if you only knew what I was, and just left it at that.

Well a few days had passed and I began to kinda smell underarm odor, and I was trying to figure out just how I would go about taking a bath, I couldn't shower, because of the casts, And I couldn't get in the tub, and wash myself, because of the casts. I was fucked, I needed to bathe.

The next afternoon Darnel was over and had brought some sandwiches and iced tea to drink, they tasted so friggen good, He looked at me and said Lanny, don't be offended, but you need some deodorant, I said I know it, man, I really need a bath, bad, He said, and, you can't take one yourself? Well, maybe I can help you if you don't mind. He said I'll help you bath, I said Man you don't have to, he said but man If I don't, who will? And you need it bad. He said I'll be right back. He went home and came back in a pair of thin shorts and a tee shirt, then he took me into the bedroom and said now, He got some towels and layed about three of those black plastic trash bags on the bed, then covered them with towels and he had me lay down on them, then in a totally surprising move, he started undressing me, I can't say I didn't like it, because I was getting aroused, He just kept it up, and soon I was laying there totally naked on my bed, he covered me with a blanket, and got a wash pan full of hot water a bar of soap and wash cloth and said, now this is called a bed bath, I used to be an orderly in a hospital, he said he had worked in one while attending college.

well looking at this gorgeous brown skinned man, and him being so friggin handsome, that coupled with the fact that I hadn't shot a load of cum in over two months, my nuts were aching, and as soon as he pulled the blanket back to start my bath My cock was standing straigh up, all seven and a half Inches. like a ready to launch missle. I was embarassed, and yes proud of my niced sized cock too, but I had not wanted to get a boner with Darnel giving me a bath, fuck man, what would he think?

Darnel acted like it was nothing at all, and didn't even respond to it untill he got down to my privates, although he noticed that while he was washing certain parts, like my nipples and stomach, I was biting my lips and moaning and wimpering as he washed.

Darnel just stopped washing me and said Lanny, that hasn't had any attention in a while, has it? since you got those casts on, I was turning red I could feel it, but I answered Darnel and said no it hasn't, and Its almost hurting, He said close your eyes, and lay still, I did as he said, and I felt his warm hand reach over and cup my balls, and aw fuck man, that felt like a little bit of heaven, Darnel, wrapped his black hand around my shaft and started to slide the skin up and down as he swirled his hand making me feel like I hadn't felt for a long time, He was fantastic, He knew what he was doing, I said, I'm sorry man, but it won't last long, and I will be cumming, He just smiled and said Lanny dear, thats the Idea, I closed my eyes and got back into it, he was bringing me to a mountain top, man the feeling was so damned incredible, I was floating away into a lust filled jet stream, totally gone.

I was getting so friggen hard I could feel it as if the skin on my cock would split, and just a few minutes before I was about to come my stomach was jerking and my cock was tightening up and I said man, I'm gonna cum, awe fuck, and I felt a total explosion of feeling in my cock head, I opened my eyes and he had my cock in his mouth all the way to the hilt, my cock was firing off like a cannon, Darnel just swalowed and licked my cock clean, and He layed it back down on my stomach and said, there now that will hold you for a day or so.

I was washed off, and washed out, both at the same time, Darnel was setting there in his shorts and I realized he liked what he had done, because he had the biggest, and I do mean the biggest boner on a man I have ever seen. It was laying down his leg, pushing upward inside his shorts like a five celled flashlight, huge and Long, I said Darnel, you look like you could use some attention too, He said we got to get you healed up and outta that cast first man, I said I can't wait. God his cock looked awesome.

Well Darnel became my saviour, he took complete care of me in every way, yes even sucking my cock as I needed it too, every day or so.

About two months later the casts came off and my arms were almost completely back to normal.

One night Darnel came over for supper,and we set and talked, I said Darnel, don't you think it's about payback time for you? he said what you mean man, I said your cock its my turn to repay you for all the times you took care of mine, He said man that was my pleasure, I said yea, well this is my pleasure, I kneeled down on the floor and knelt right between Darnels legs, I reached up and undid his trousers and said lean back, He did, I unzipped his pants and opened up the pants and there were these joe boxer shorts, I opened the slit and reached in and, god Damn, His cock was huge I would need two mouths to get that in, It was, he told me almost twelve inches and almost as thick as a beer can, God it was gorgeous, I noticed he had his foreskin which I loved, and I took his cock head into my mouth and Darnel groaned, aw fuck, I slid back his foreskin exposing that gorgeous almost purplish black cock head and those big tight veins running the full length of his cock was awesome and he was so frigging tasty. He just leand back on the chair and let me do my thing, believe it or not He did not get rock hard, but It was hard enough to be enjoyable and I was able to take it to the hilt, all the way down my throat, and he was saying, awe fuck man, oh yea man, thats it, and I brought Darnel to a full, ball busting climax, he was grunting and his body was jerking as I felt his big black cock erupt into my throat, all of his man cream, thick and ropy, and so yummy tasting, Darnel collapsed back onto the seat, and said man your the first guy I ever had to take it all in, Fuck man that was awesome.

Well needless to say Darnel and I began to do the sex thing a lot, sucking each other off, we kept each other satisfied.

Then one day we were messing around and I ask Darnel if he had ever fucked a guy with his horsecock? He said no, most guys see it hard and don't even give it a try, afraid of the size I guess. I said how about me, would you fuck me. He said I'll try.

We went to the bed and I got naked and so did Darnel, God he was beautiful, his body was built like an athlete, muscular stomach, very muscular chest, legs like a runner, and a cock like a Stallion, he was perfectly layed out.

I got him up on the bed, and I said now Darnel, please be easy with me, I have been fucked before but not with a cock that sized,, of even close to yours. I shot lube, a lot of lube into my asshole and I slathered a load onto Darnels cock, It was glistening and shining, the cock head on his cock looked almost like a big purple Plum and I raised my legs up and let him start He pressed and pushed and finally, oh god finally, I felt his cock head go into my anal opening, now you must realize and it goes with out saying I let out a yell, OH FUCK! Darnel, What was I thinking, He smiled and said you want to quit? I said no, just

let me get accustomed, and let my asshole stretch for a second or so. Finally I was ready for some more, It took about a half hour, but Darnels pubic bush was finally touching my ass. God was I ever full, but It started to feel awesome, and I said man fuck me now, he said really? I said oh yea, and man did he know how to fuck, He would take it all the way out, but just the head, and shove it all the way back in, slow and gentle, and then he started to get a little rougher, and man I'm gonna fuck your brains out, and I realized his cock was almost long enough to push my brains out if he wanted to, Just a little humour there. He was pumping and jamming that horsecock into my turd canal, and I felt so full, so much in love, knowing that I was fulfilling my mans desire, and making him happy was uppermost to my own satisfaction, Darnel was dripping sweat and breathing hard and finally I just said give it to me Man, I love it. and he shoved it to the hilt and took me to heaven, I shot a load of cum all over myself, and He shot his load of cum into my intestines, at that moment I realized this wonderful black man, came into my life and did so many wonderful things for me and is still doing them, He just took me to Heaven with his gorgeous cock and I realized That Not all Angel have Wings. I was in love with Darnel my own personal Angel.



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