This is a true story as well as I can remember the details, I have changed the names of the characters to prevent any embarrassement to anyone.

I was twenty eight years, I was the Night Manager at the Service Station I worked at, and I was still pretty nice looking for my age, I was always horny as hell and worked my cock over as often as possible, just hadn't had anyone to help me in that endeavour lately, in my younger years I had come to realize I was gay, and I loved men, I had had several guys that liked my expertise at sucking on their cocks, and I gladly provided their release from their tensions, even a few of the guys that were married love getting a blowjob from me.

Well at the station was one of my part time evening workers, His name was Larry, damn he was a good looking, studly young guy about eighteen, and had gorgeous dark eyes, dark hair, and just was an alround good looking kid, one hell of a good worker too, always wanting to please me with the work he did.

Larry was sweeping the lot with a push broom one evening about five oclock, and I noticed a blue pickup truck pull up to the pumps, now we were a full service station back then and we washed windows, checked the oil, tires and just provided what ever service the customer needed. I told Larry to keep sweeping, and I turned from loading the outside soda machines to wait on this guy, I got over to the pickup and I noticed a guy in an all white uniform, I guessed he was a medical Lab worker of something, I saw how awesome looking this chap was and I knew I would really like to get to know him better, He looked at me and said put four in, I spoke like a retard and before thinking I said, I can put seven and a half in if you'd like, He looked up in my eyes and smiled a sexy smile, and said maybe later, and raised his eyebrows, and said but for now four dollars gas will have to be alright, I'm running late for work, I said Where do you Work? he said the Hospital in town, I said your a what? he said a Registered Nurse in Surgery dept.

Then he ask me what time I got off work, I said I close the station at midnight, he said good I'll see you again about eleven thirty, and he pulled out to head to work.

I finished my shift and being manager I had to do the closeout of the days books and count the money and make out the days receipts and deposit for the bank.

I was just pushing every thing in that had to be brought in and I noticed his truck pull up beside the station. He got out and said Hey, man whats your name? I smiled at him and Said Ken, he said Hi, my name if Fred, but everyone that knows me calls me Freddie, I put out my hand and said Glad to meet you Freddie, he said same here, he said I wrote a note to you and don't want you to open it untill you get home tonight o.k.? I said sure thing and he left. I closed up and left and went home to my apartment.

At home I took off my shoes and my trousers and shirt set down at the living room chair turned on the T.V. and started drinking a cold beer. I remembered the letter and opened it and started reading, It said, HI, My name is Freddie and When You came over to wait on me tonight I really liked what I saw, I'm gay, I like men, and I have this feeling that maybe, if I'm not mistaking in my feelings you are too. If I am wrong please accept my appology and throw this letter away and we can be just friends, if that's O.K., but If I'm right I want to get ot know you better, Damn man I started getting excited like a school boy.

The next afternoon He came in for more gas and I said Hey Freddie, He looked a little nervous at me and said HI Ken, then he nervously sort of quietly like ask me if I had read the note, I said yes and my answer is, When would you like to have dinner with me, he smiled a great big smile and said, How bout tonight? I said fine I get off at four, I will meet you back here at five thirty and we'll have supper out somewhere and go to a movie. He just smiled and said awesome man, and said I'll see you then, and he pulled off the lot.

WE met at the given time and went to supper and then to a movie, we watched a classic movie special, one of those marathon, Hercules marathons.

I always loved those movies because they had almost nude muscular men all over the place, and I would get turned on watching them, Anyhow we snuck up into the closed balcony of the theater and went way up in the dark corner to be alone. Freddie and I sat next to each other and he looked into my eyes and said man it's been so frigging long for me, I said me too. He grabbed my head and kissed me like a starving man. I just returned and started rubbing his body, He leaned over a little and placed his hand on my hardening cock still inside my Levi's and said Ken, I want that, I said man it'a all yours have at it, he reached over undid my trousers and unzipped my pants and reached into my briefs and brought up a very hard throbbing cock and said whoa! shit man your uncut, I fucking love a man with a foreskin and he leaned down and started sucking like a madman, I felt like I would explode, he was gliding my foreskin up and down, I could feel the air as it hit my cock head and his hot mouth on it, I hadn't felt that feeling in several years and It was beginning to build up a blast of cum like I hadn't felt for a long time. I said in almost a gutteral whisper, Freddie I'm gonna shoot my load man, and I was getting louder with my breathing and grunting and then I felt that muscular spasming down in my cock base and I felt it jerk with each shot of cum into Freddies mouth, the intense feeling was fucking out of sight, I was reduced to almost a pile of wimpering molten flesh, all I could do was lay there motionless while Freddie kept gently sucking and licking my cock, I finally said Man, stop, your going to take the head off it's so sensetive, and he smiled and set up and layed his head on my arm I said man, I've got to do you, and I reached over and undid his trousers and unzipped his pants, and reached in and honest to god His cock was a good eight and a half inches long and looked like a horsecock. I didn't know if I could get it in my mouth, but I finally got it in, and started sucking and licking and rubbing his egg sized nuts, god he was big down there, He had a beautiful hairyness about him that I love. He just said man you make me feel like I have never felt before with any man, I said same here man, I just kept up the sucking, taking it to the hilt and he started to tighten up and I felt his cock jerk a couple time and then the flood came and man did it come, He filled my mouth with cum like a glass full and I sucked it down and smile up at him and just kept licking on his cock, well we forgot about he movie and got up stuffed our garbage back into our pants and left and went to my apartment and had one hell of a wild night, I fucked him twice and after several tries he got that horsecock in my ass and It finally, after getting adjusted to its size, started feeling awesome too.

About three nights later I was back at work, getting ready to close for the night and Larry was finishing up and I had thought that Larry had left, but he was cleaning out the milk cases in the back room over on the store side, I locked the doors and Freddie was in the back room of the station part, I was leaning against the desk with my bare ass pressed against it, my trousers down around my ankles, and Freddie was in my chair with My cock balls deep in Freddie's mouth, all of a sudden the door flew open and there stood Larry, His mouth opened and just staring silent, motionless, He finally spoke and said Ken, I nnnnnnn need you to unlock the door so I can leave, I was shocked and embarassed and I stuffed my stuff in my pants and went and opened the door and said goodnight to Larry, He just looked back at me and smiled and said goodnight.

I went back into the back room after locking the door again, and Freddie continued sucking me off and I did him too.

Two nights later Larry was working again, we were closing up at midnight and I was in the back room and doing the daily paperwork for my shift and Larry came in and said Ken, I said yes, he said about the other night, I said yea Larry, I wanted to talk to you about that, He just said I was wondering How does that feel, I mean getting a blowjob? I said man, Larry you've never had one before? He said no, I have never done anything but jackedoff with my own hand, I said Larry your so damn good looking I would have thought you would have had a load of sex by now, he said not me, I am not attracted to girls, and I want to find out if I liked sex with a guy, but am afraid to ask any of my friends at school, I said what are you saying Larry? He said Ken will you do that with me? I said you want to try a blowjob then? He said yea! I said Larry come over here and I was setting in my chair, and I said raise your arms, he did and I slipped his shirt off and saw and awesome looing young man, very muscular and slightly hairy from the navel down, that beautiful treasure trail of dark hair, I undid Larry's trousers and let them fall to the floor and he stood there like a nervous kid in a pair of white briefs that looked like they had a peice of radiator hose sticking straight out in front about to split the fabric. I slid them down and this kid had a cock on him that would have made most men jealous and his nuts were, well, lets just say I was fucking jealous of this kid. I took his cock and and slid my mouth over it and he wimpered and said aw shit, I reached up and gently played with his nipples and he groaned and I rubbed his nutsack and felt them start to climb up and finally got beside his very hard cock like two balls laying beside a telephone pole, and he was pushing his body toward my mouth, and playing with my head and saying things like fuck Ken, Oh Fuck man, and after about four minutes his whole body went just as rigid as a plank and I felt the volleying of his cock as he sent a gallon of cum into my mouth, at least thats what it felt like, and he said Awe Shit man, Awe shit and then I thought he was gonna collapse, after about five minutes of silence He spoke and said Ken now I want to suck your cock too, I said you sure, he said I need to know if its what I want to do. I said man have at it, and boy did he, He took my pants down and started repeating to me what I had done to him and the little fucker was a natural at it, I felt so pleased that I was the one that got to break this little virgin in, I felt like the father of a gold medal winner at the olympics.

I finally started feeling the cum boiling up and I said Larry I'm gonna shoot my load. He looked up at me with my cock in his mouth and said ugn-huh and started to suck with wild abandon. It took me about three minutes and I felt that feeling and I flooded his virgin mouth with hot cum, straight from the supplier and he swallowed it all down like a trooper, gagging a few times but took it all, I finally raised him up and kissed his mouth and tasted my cum, he smiled and said did I do allright? I said man if it had been any better I couldn't have stood it. he smiled and got ready and hugged me and kissed me and said thanks Ken, goodnight see you tomorrow night,

He was a joy to be around after that night, it sort of helped him come out of his shell, and he was more playful, and happy acting, I thought it was his just not knowing that had kept him in a shell.

Well between Larry wanting to have sex and Freddie, I was getting worn out, man we even had a few threeways at my apartment after this, and we had great sex all the time. Larry now is a lawyer with his boyfriend living in St. Louis and Freddie Is A surgical nurse and went into Being a Nurse Anesthetist, Me? I'm still just plain ole me. and managing The night Shift at the service Station, the Station had changed and but everything has gone to self serve but I still have wonderful memories of the way things used to be. Oh yea I still see Larry and his lover every once in a while and he calls me about once a month and we all go out to lunch and we are still friends, I still meet with Freddie when we can too. Life is good. I have such wonderful memories



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