The river cruise ship supposedly had all sorts of amenities, but in the two days we'd been aboard thus far the only 'amenity' I had discovered was Carey's vagina. I had thought that a New Years holiday cruise down the Rhine on the MS River Explorer was just the ticket for our honeymoon. Carey's idea of exploring, however, was seeing how deep and how often I could plow her from supper to lunch of the next day.

Not that I was complaining, mind you, but this had become much of a surprise to me. I could have had anyone I wanted at the university I was quarterback to a winning football team and paid whatever my scholarship didn't cover with male modeling gigs. But Carey hadn't let me fuck her before we'd married. She been friendly enough and we'd gotten real close to the whole package, but she'd always hold off. And now that we were married, she was showing me that she'd known all of the moves all along. If anything, she was a lot better at it than I was. She certainly sucked cock better than the guys I'd been with did, not to mention any of her sorority sisters all of whom I'd had in one way or another.

But the whole reason for this expensive cruise was beginning to slip out of our grasp. As much as I liked her writhing under me on one of the narrow beds in our cabin we could have rented out the other bed, as we'd yet to need it I'd been raised to appreciate the value of a dollar. So, by the second night on the ship, I'd decided we needed to make use of some of the luxury we were paying for.

It was the ship's New Years Eve gala ball, and the ship was in the middle of the channel in Cologne, Germany, all set to add the world-famous First Night fireworks display there to the party spirit and hot band playing in the Latitude 52' Lounge.

I was glad that I had unwrapped Carey's legs from around me and pulled out of her and sent her off to the shower and to dress for dinner, insisting that we'd paid for this New Years bash and jolly well would take advantage of it that we could fuck to our hearts content for the next 50 years. When I'd taken my own shower and was struggling into my tux, I caught sight of her in her formal, and her beauty took my breath away. It was all I could do to carry through with the plans to party with others tonight.

And party with others we did. Yes, indeed we did.

Being nearly the only younger paying passengers aboard, and being given special treatment in honor of our honeymoon, we were seated at a well-placed table with another couple who turned out to be minor celebrities. Raul, a dusky-skinned Cuban who had really taken good care of his conditioning, was a former major league baseball player who had made many millions at the game and left it a few years ago. His raven-haired wife, Jessica, had been a near-the-top sex siren movie actress of two decades previously. Both had cashed in on their success early and were now specializing in being seen in all of the pleasure spots of the world. I was in awe that Carey and I were in their dazzling spotlight this New Years Eve. Everyone in the room was aware of our quartet the four of us, a very young couple and a very-well-known couple in their early forties glowing in beauty and laughter and easy conversation in the focal point of a festive little world on a luxury cruise ship in the center of an ancient German river city.

Jessica bubbled with laughter and Raul oozed with charm and worldly conversation, both showing surprising interest in the lives that Carey and I had only just started indeed we were several lives behind the fascinating ones Jessica and Raul had already lived. And Carey and I were both completely disarmed that the two of them would show such interest in us rather than reveling in themselves and their own world. We also were being disarmed by the champagne and mixed drinks Raul was ensuring we both readily had at hand. Raul's conversation became increasingly suggestive and sensual as the party moved toward its peak, and although Jessica wasn't babbling as much as she did at the beginning, her infectious laugh still tinkled at Raul's comments, and she was pulling first me and then Carey into her intimately with the come-hither gazes of her hazel eyes, set off all the more by the contrast with her silky raven-black hair.

When the sirens and noise makers of New Years went off and the fireworks began to burst over the banks of the river beyond the ship, I turned to Carey, but Raul was already there ahead of me. And before I could raise an objection or do anything else, Jessica's lips were on mine. And the kiss she gave me wasn't a friendly peck, but a full-blown exploration of my senses that had my cock stirring against the silk of my tux.

As we were downing the New Years glass of cheer, Raul made a couple of comments that were well beyond suggestive, and I turned to Carey in a bit of alarm, worrying about how she would react to such explicit talk. But she was smiling, her mouth a little slack. Her face was even more lovely than earlier in the blush of too much to drink. I thought that it must only because of how much she had consumed that she hadn't been shocked by what Raul was saying.

Jessica may have been more sober and more aware of Raul's stepping over some sort of line, though, because she suddenly said she needed to powder her nose and would Carey like to accompany her to their suite just a few steps away on the Navigator deck? When they had swept away, Raul sat back in his chair and gave me a lopsided grin. Then he reached in his pocket and pulled out a couple of cigars, obviously expensive Cuban cigars, which he no doubt had no trouble obtaining.

'Care to join me?' he asked, with a sly grin.

'I'd love to,' I said, 'but this ship is all nonsmoking, except out on the deck, and it's much too cold to go out there, I think.'

'Let's go to your cabin, then,' Raul said. 'I've just got to have a cigar.'

'Can't smoke in the cabins, either,' I said with true regret. I would have liked a good Cuban cigar just then as well. It might have sobered me up a bit. I felt that both Carey and I were way out of our league here somehow losing control in an unknown and maybe dangerous way with this highly sophisticated older couple.

'Who's to know what we do in your cabin?' Raul said. And that sly grin was back.

Before I could think of what to say to that, he was standing and was pulling me up with a strong, beefy hand on my black silk-covered elbow.

'Which way to your cabin, young man?'

I dumbly rose and led him down to our cabin on the Explorer deck. I flicked on the light as we entered. The cabin was compact and I could see our reflection in the mirror above the bureau as soon as we entered. He closed the door and then was standing close behind me as I faced the bureau. Very close behind me. Too close behind me for me to misunderstand.

I stared at him in the mirror, his face nearly beside mine over my shoulder, his smoldering black eyes capturing mine in the mirror. I was mesmerized and immobilized as his body pushed at mine from the back. I could feel the power of him rising against my butt. I watched in shock and awe and in arousing interest as his arms came around my sides and his hands went inside my tux coat and then pulled my shirt tail out and went up under my shirt. His strong brown hands on my skin, rippling my shirt with his movement as I watched, captured by his sensual beauty and power, his audacity, and the numbing of the reflexes the liquor he had plied me with had caused. It was not like I hadn't done this before with a man, of course. Knowing this and lost in the moment, I simply stood there, resisting nothing.

He had a hand on my naked belly, holding me to him, and I melted to him. He nuzzled the hollow of my neck with his lips, sensing that I would not resist him. I did make one feeble attempt, though.

'Umm, Raul, we came here to smoke. What about those cigars.'

'I have a cigar for you to smoke,' Raul answered in a husky voice.

And indeed, he'd already had his cock out of his pants and was stroking against my trousers from the rear with it. He turned me and forced me onto my knees, and I gave him the soft and warm mouth that he sought. He wasn't unusually long, but he was unusually thick, and I struggled a bit at getting all of him inside my mouth. But I knew what a well-conditioned athlete would want, and I gave him long strokes and encompassing pressure and was rewarded by groans and moans and guttural mutterings in his native Spanish, which I took as expressions of pleasure and approval at what I was doing to his tool.

In short order I had initiated that volatile nature he had been famous for as a baseball player, and he lifted and turned me and laid me down on the table between the beds and under the picture window and pulled my trousers off. He had his lips on the rim of my ass and one of his hands encasing and stroking my cock, as I watched the ceiling of the cabin slowly rock back and forth to the motion of the river waves lapping against the ship's hull. I held my legs out wide as he moved first one, and eventually three beefy fingers into my ass, preparing me for his assault. And then he turned me on my stomach, and I watched the New Years fireworks on the banks of the river at Cologne through my cabin window and listened to the band in the lounge above us as Raul swiftly stroked his cock in and out of my ass and fairly quickly climaxed in a warming flow inside me.

As we sat close together on one of the beds afterward and smoked his Cuban cigars, I wondered what Carey was thinking and where she was and if she was frantically worried whether I had fallen off the ship or worse was just outside the door to the cabin about to discover Raul and me there, both half dressed, both obviously sexually satiated with each other.

But Carey hadn't been thinking about me at all. When she and Jessica had entered the suite on the deck above, Carey had sat at the dressing table, touching up her lipstick and hair as Jessica was standing behind her and admiring Carey's ripe youthful beauty in the reflection of the dressing table mirror. Half lost to the world and floating in champagne and wine, Carey had barely noticed as Jessica's hands came around her and ran lightly over the younger woman's firm breasts through the clinging taffeta of her bodice.

Carey lean her head back into Jessica's own breasts and raised no objection when Jessica pushed the low-riding bodice off Carey's chest and cupped her pert breasts in her hands, all the while holding Carey's eyes in thrall with her own hazel orbs in the reflection of the mirror.

Carey was trembling and sighing as Jessica expertly worked her breasts, and her head turned up to Jessica's face and her lips opened to a willing kiss when Jessica's lips possessed them.

Jessica worked Carey's breasts and lips there until the younger, highly sexed woman became putty in Jessica's overwhelming beauty and expertise. Jessica pulled Carey over to the bed and sat her down on the edge, and Carey laid back and stared at the fireworks through the cabin window and sighed and moaned and groaned and listened to the band down the corridor as Jessica pulled off Carey's panties, came down on her knees between her thighs and made love to Carey's nether lips and clit with her own lips, tongue, and sensuous fingers.

When Raul and I entered the suite, still somewhat disheveled, after deciding to find out what the women were up to with Raul obviously already having a very good idea what the women were up to I found Jessica seated, naked, on the side of the bed, legs spread wide, with an equally naked Carey sitting in her lap, Carey's back pushed into Jessica's breasts. Jessica was encasing Carey in her arms and she had a humming vibrator in her hand and was servicing Carey's clit with it. Carey's head was thrown back on Jessica's shoulder, lost in the strands of her long, raven-black hair, and she was giving little cries of ultimate pleasure, cries that I hadn't heard since earlier that evening when I was pumping her hard and deep with my cock.

Raul took charge as we entered the cabin, and none of the rest of us gave objection. We were all lost in the peak of passion and lust. Raul stripped down completely and bid me do the same. And then he went over to the bed, picked Carey up out of Jessica's lap, and turned her and moved her up on one side of the queen-sized bed until her head almost touched the pillows. He spread her legs and came in between them with his knees and just slid that thick cock of his not as long as mine, but a good deal thicker into her cunt and began stroking her hard and deep. Carey's back arched and her head shook back and forth and she was emitting guttural sounds of approval, willingness, and pleasure.

Jessica smiled at me and patted the bed on the side next to where Raul was fucking my wife, and, at his wife's bidding, I laid down on the bed next to my wife on my back. Jessica straddled my hips between her luscious thighs, took my rehardened cock in her hand and placed it at her cunt and just slid down on it. And then up and then back down, and on and on and on and ever deeper. Waves of pleasure rose over me and I groaned under her expert fucking.

I looked into my wife's dreamy eyes, swimming in sexual satisfaction and desire, and we simultaneously moved our heads toward each other and kissed deeply, as our older, more experienced new friends worked hard on top of us to consummate their well-orchestrated scheme of seduction and engaged in some lip work of their own.

As we listened to moaning and sighing in four-part harmony backed by the dance band down the corridor and the fireworks continued outside on the banks of the old city of Cologne, I wondered if Carey and I would ever again experience either a wedding anniversary or a New Years Eve gala as stimulating and satisfying as this one. Not likely.



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