Mike was in town only for the holidays and then was going back to the UK where he lived and worked. We had fucked a few days before Christmas and then I only saw him one other time before New Year's Eve. Our mutual friend invited us to a party but Mike had family to visit so he wasn't able to come along. I was noticeably down about this fact and spent most of the night nursing a rusty nail on the side of the lounge where everyone was partying.

As I sat there, my friend disappeared and almost like a scene out of movie, came back into the main room with Mike in tow. When I saw him my heart skipped a beat or two as he walked toward me. For a guy who had come out maybe a month earlier he did something very bold. He walked over to where I was sitting on the lounge sofa, leaned over, put his hand on the wall behind me, turned his head slightly and kissed me long and deep.

"Happy New Year babe" he said as he pulled away. Sitting with him made the night seem almost perfect and we ordered another drink to herald in the New Year. As the party dissipated we made our way through the snow that had been falling all day arriving at my place cold and using our bodies to warm each other up.

"Did you go out like a good boy and buy some rubbers cutie?" Mike asked as we went through the doors into the lobby. "Fuck, I completely forgot," I said to him averting my eyes and looking down to the floor feeling stupid and slutty. As the elevator doors closed, he pushed me against the back wall for the shortride up to the 5th floor and kissed me saying, "I was hoping you wouldn't ruin the fun by buying some." He giggled a bit and said, "Your ass was meant to be fucked natural."

He was looking just as sexy tonight wearing some well fitted Diesel jeans. Underneath he told me had on a surprise because in the course of our fuckfest the other night I had told him that I thought guys with his build and body hair looked sexy in a jock strap. Earlier that day he had gone to the mall downtown and bought a black CK jock with red band. As I undid his sexy jeans and tugged the denim down to his ankles his dick was already rock solid hard and poking out the top of the jock. I teased him saying "you need a bigger jock strap stud."

"I've been this hard since I kissed you at the lounge." I wanted to enjoy him in the jock for awhile and so he helped me out of my clothes and the two of us stood in my living room. Him in his jock and me in a new pair of JM boxer briefs that somehow made me feel horny everytime I wore them. I had gotten shit from my roommate over the last time Mike was over because in the heat of me being fucked like a whore for a solid 4 hours I had completely forgotten he was in the room next door. He was polite enough not to pound on the wall but did make a few snide comments about not needing to hear me begging for raw cock.

"Whoops" I thought. But tonight he was gone so we had the place to ourselves.

My apartment at the time was a two story corner unit with windows on two sides that overlooked downtown. At some point after we got home, we stood in the dining room with me in his arms and his hard dick pressing against my back looking out into the city with the snow falling. I turned around and kissed him and then slowly lowered myself to my knees with my head lined up perfectly with this massive bulge in the sexy jock strap. I ran my tongue up from his nuts through the fabric feeling him twitch as I licked my way to the band and then onto the helmet of his dick.

Precum was oozing down and I made some comment about him having saved me a nice snack. "I jerked off four times this morning dreaming about your ass on my dick" he said in response. That made me even hornier and I pulled the jock to the side. His fat dick fell downward and hit my face smacking me and splattering precum into my eye. I didn't waste anytime in licking up every drop I could and started to use my hands to jerk while I sucked him deep. He moved slightly so his butt crack was straddling the wall of the room divider and for a second I thought, "I better rim this fucker and see if he is versatile."

With him being the dom one though, I honestly to this day don't have a clue if he takes cock and don't care to find out. I kept pumping his dick into my mouth while he moaned and pushed my head onto his pole. Even though it was cold outside that night and we had walked 20 minutes, his ball sack hung down low and every time I slammed his dick into my throat his nuts swung from the momentum and slapped against my chin. With every downward motion I could taste his juice oozing out from his dick and it made me hornier and hornier as I worked to satisfy my friends former boyfriend and now my New Year's lover.

"Do you think your neighbours like the show?" "What" I asked and stood up to look out the dining room windows. Across the way on a terrace behind my building there was a group of partiers standing there obviously able to see us and gesturing with their hands and screaming something we couldn't hear. We had inadvertently put on a show for them all and Mike didn't seem to mind one bit.

I took his hand and led him upstairs. As we rounded the stairs he stopped me and pushed me downward to bend over on the stairs. "You sure your roommate is not home," he asked? "Positive" was my reply and as I bent over he pulled my briefs down to my ankles and got behind me to start licking my ass from behind. I held onto the railing bent over as Mike delicately flicked my pucker with his tongue. I tried to clench but it was useless. After sucking his long fat dick for awhile downstairs and knowing that he wanted my hole raw, there was no pretending that my ass was begging for it.

He lashed at my ass rimming me into oblivion and then started using his fingers to spread my cheeks wide open and get his tongue in even deeper. Kicking my briefs away from my ankles I repositioned myself so I could hold on better. "Spread your legs and show me that ass" he said.

Now with my feet pushing against either side of the carpeted stairs he tongue fucked me better than some guys have fucked me and I looked down the stairs between my legs to see my cock dripping precum without even touching it.

Upstairs in the bedroom we continued to kiss and lick each other's bodies and for whatever reason, tonight he really wanted to rim my ass. I didn'tmind one bit because not only is he talented with his dick, he knew how to get a boy's ass to open up with just the slightest touch, and as he moistened the flesh around my ass his breath would send a shiver through my body as the wetness cooled it off. I don't think I was so brazen as to beg for dick but I know that after awhile I was straddling him with my poppers in hand as he lubed up his cock and rubbed the shaft in between my cheeks.

After 4 big hits of the poppers, I stood up and slowly slid down the length of his dick but this time I felt it at the top end and I winced as he hit rock bottom deep inside me. I guess the position of being on top like this was slightly different but it didn't seem like he was going to go through the top. But it didn't really matter because just rocking back and forth on this telephone pole of a dick was feeling so good. When I would lean forward his snake dick would slide out of my hole and then I would rock back down onto it with each time the movement becoming faster and faster.

I took his hands in mine and used them to lean against and started to furiously fuck myself as deeply as I could take it and he just lay there letting me use his gorgeous body and huge dick as my personal dildo. He let go of my hands and put his hands on my hips motioning for me to move onto my side.

I laid down on my side and grabbed my free leg and pulled it straight into the air. With his free hand he guided the head of his cock to my hole and slid back inside and started to screw me from the side which was an altogether new sensation from this stud.

In this position like me on top he wasn't able to pop through the top of my ass but his cock felt so good and as he held my leg and supported his own body, his abs tightened up beautifully and his arms flexed as he thrust into me. "Could you taste your ass when I kissed you" he asked as one long stroke slammed into my butt.

Like the first night we made love, I took dick in every imaginable position including in the shower after he blew the first of three loads that night. I had been taking a pounding on my stomach and slowly got pushed off the bed. Using my hands to stop me from falling completely to the floor he grunted and pumped the first load of the night into my guts. "shower?"he asked as we got back onto the bed? In the shower he got hard again and bent me over to fuck me again and with the hot water running over our exhausted bodies he dumped the second load into my piggy ass.

Towelling off I foolishly thought we would lay down and go to sleep because I noticed that is was almost 4am and I know I was still tired from 3 nights before with him. "Would you like some water" I asked as I made my way down the stairs to the kitchen? He followed me and before either of us had a drink of water, I was laying on the couch with my legs in the air and him slamming into me yet again with a pool of spit and lube soaking the sofa.

While bent over the couch taking a pounding from him much later on he groaned and spurted the last load of the evening into my well fucked cunt. We didn't even bother to go upstairs to bed but instead fell asleep with a blanket on the couch in each other's arms. We should have gone up because when we woke up at 11 that morning and I sat on his lap to get some more dick in me, my roomie came home and blew a fit over the scene.

If my roomie at the time hadn't been such a tool it would have been a hot thought to be tag teamed by Mike and him but I just grabbed the blanket and said "Could you go to your room for a few minutes?" Giggling like little girls we ran upstairs to my room while my roomie who obviously didn't get laid last night banged shit around in his room.

We were able to fuck for another hour before he had to go. I lost count of how many times he came in the end but it was at least 4 times and all of it was in my ass. I didn't even get a taste this time but I liked knowing that his seed was in me deep.

I had an early dinner at some friend's house and didn't have the time to clean out so as I sat there at the table eating I was keenly aware of cum oozing its way from my ass. Everytime I would get up to take a piss there would be a puddle of wet cum in my briefs and standing there pissing into the toilet, I couldn't help but take a taste once reminding myself of how tasty it was. Mike and I tried to connect again before he left but it never happened and it would be almost another 7 years before Mike and I met again. By then, things had changed. It was in Dubai as I was making my way home from Afghanistan.

Sadly, it would be awhile before I had another Daddy dick like that in me.





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