I just got out of the shower, freshly shaved and all around clean. I walk out in the nude, air drying when I hear a diesel truck pull up outside. I walk to my window and see a moving truck unloading into the house next door. A van pulls up and my new neighbors pile out.

First the parents then the 3 kids. Last one out gave me an insta-boner. Looked to be 5'4", light tan but still kinda pale. Almost looked like a girl with his petite figure and medium lengthed hair. What gave his boyness away was his flat chest. Had to be 17 or 18. 

I watched as he started to unload the van. Slowly stroking myself, watching him move, wanting this boi to be my next pray. I'm leaking pre as he goes in and out of the house, topless, in loose swim trunks. God he is sexy. He bends down to pick up a bag when his shorts accidentally fall down, just enough to reveal a hairless, smooth, adorable ass. I catch my breath as I lose it.

I shoot a double load of jizz onto my window before he pulls his shorts up and disappears into the house for the rest of the day. I clean up my mess before heading to work.

Over the next few month's, I chat with my neighbor's and get to know them a bit. Not enough to remember their names except Kelly. Not only is this boi cute, with an adorable girlish smile, but has a female's name.

Kelly's 19th birthday comes up and I give him a nice mp3 player as a gift. I head back home and just finished my 2nd beer when I get a text from Kelly. He invites me over, saying his parents had to leave for some event involved with his little siblings and he chose to stay behind. 

1 minute later, I'm standing at his front door when it flies open and he pulls me inside. He slams the door shut behind me before jumping up, locking his arms and legs tightly around me. He locks his lips onto mine, I slide my hands up to his ass, feeling myself becoming rock hard as our tongues embrace. 

He breaks the kiss long enough to tell me he knew I had been watching him on the first day. That he let his shorts fall on purpose and since then has wanted me. I lay us back onto the couch, he tells me he is overall virgin but knew he liked men. He pulls my shorts off and quickly gets into a 69.

He licks and kisses my cock from base to tip before slowly working onto my cock. I spread his cute ass open and smell the sweet aroma of fresh vanilla scented soap. I grunt loudly enough as I dive into his ass. Licking and prodding at his virgin pussy. He cries out and whimpers like a teen slut. He returns to my cock, now sucking on my cock with hunger.

I pull him off me as I feel myself getting close. He looks at me as if he did something wrong, so I kiss him and assure him all is well. We lay a blanket on the floor in the middle of the living room. I gently put him flat on his chest, ass a bit in the air and legs spread. He reaches back, spreading his ass open, begging for my cock. I rub, poke and tease at his pussy, making him beg for it.

He whimpers so cutely as he pushea back against me, wanting me, needing me. He knows it'll hurt but he still wants it. So I begin to slowly push into him gently before the head finally slides in. He grunts in pain then coos in pleasure. Holding his hips, I slowly push more, inch by inch before finally I'm totally in his ass. He groans and whimpers in sexual lust. This boi will be mine.

To be continued......



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