Fuck his ass was tight. I barely held muself from ecploding. His deflowered ass felt warm, smooth, tight, hungry. This boi whimpered and begged for my cum. I reached underneath him and felt he was harder than steel.

I kissed and nibbled at his neck as I began my desired attack on his ass. Pulling back and sliding in slowly, feeling him still tight but loosening up. After about 5 minutes, he whimpered for more. I began to thrust a bit harder until he started pushing back onto my cock.

I leaned over him, seeing his petite, smooth sexy body under me, I began thrusting harder and deeper. Grunting deeply, getting a bit louder as I make this boi mine. I can hear the faint sound of my hips slapping at his ass. He cries for more.

Yes, I give it to him. I loose control and begin pummeling his sweet little ass. Hips smacking against his ass hard, loud. The squishing sound of lube as I fuck his pussy. I look down and admire my cock sliding in and out of his ass. I'm so close.

He rears up and cries like a teen slut as he cums, feeling his ass clamp down then quiver on my cock does it. I roar out like a lion as I unleash my first volley of hot seed deep into his pussy.

We lay there for a few to catch our breath before I pull out slowly. He pushes me back and sits on my cock quicker than the flash can run a mile. He instantly begins riding my cock like a bull. Bouncing and bucking, pounding his ass on my cock.

I roll us over onto his back, our tongues locked in a lustful wrestling match as he locks his arms and legs around me. I pile drive his no longer innocent pussy harder, faster, deeper than I've fucked any of my past bois. 

He whimpers, moans, groans, yelps and cries out in hunger, lust. I give him everything I've got. He tells me I'm his bitch from then on and bites into my most erotic place, the right side of my neck. Digging his nails into my upper back, holding me in a death grip with his legs, keeping me deep inside him. He cums harder than earlier and I cannot hold myself anymore. 

I roar out louder than earlier as I dump what seems like and endless amount of steaming hot cum deep inside his pussy. Cum oozing out around my cock. I am finally able to pull out, my remaining cum shooting onto his ass. 

I gaze at his petite girlish figure, nuts hurting but happily drained. He is covered in hot cum but cooing in satisfaction. We cuddle a bit before going and showering together. His parents call to let him know they'll be gone the whole weekend. He smiles and informs me we have the whole weekend. What a cum filled pussy my boi had at the end of this sweat filled lusty weekend.



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