NOTE: Jeff is one of the very regular and consistent GayDemon readers who comments on my stories (Naughty Eric) here on this site. Recently, I responded to one of his comments regarding one of my stories. In my response, I wrote asking Jeff if I could write this story of fiction to thank him for being so supportive of my writings and he said sure. Here is the fictional story that I hope all of you find hot.


I had just gotten home from an overtime rough rugby match when I took a shower and had dinner. As I opened my computer, I found a comment penned by Jeff to one of my stories. He indicated in his comment that he would like to show me his big tool, use his tool on me and have me use mine on him. I became wild with lust and horny as hell. I decided to call Jeff with a burning desire to hear his voice and let him tell me what he wanted to do to me and I to him. How bad did he want me?

Although it was already 11 PM where Jeff lived, I could not wait any longer. The stirring in my loins, my stiffing cock, my body rifled with shivers and goose bump, my nipples hard as a diamond and my heart rate off the charts, I knew I had to hear his sexy voice now and tell him how horny I was. I wanted to hear him tell me how much he wanted me and I him. He had me crazy with primordial animal lust for his body.

I had a couple of beers to calm down my nerves and get the courage to pick up the phone and dial his number. Oh how I hoped he would be home to answer his phone. I needed him now.

I dialed his number: ring one, two, three, four, five and six but no answer. Oh shit he was either not home, asleep or maybe jacking off to one of my hot erotic stories. Very disappointed, I hung up the phone and had one more beer. I waited with total nerves for 30 minutes and i called again. Holy jeez Louise, Jeff answered on the second ring and said: "Hi, this is Jeff."

With my nerves in a tatter, I responded: "Hi Jeff, this is Naughty Eric, you pal on GayDemon. Thanks for reading my stories and commenting. I hope you know how much I love getting your comments."

"WOW Eric, how did you get my phone number? I'm overjoyed that you called me. You sound so hot. Man I love your sexy voice."

"Jeff, it is a long story but I got the number through one of your friends. I called about 30 minutes ago and you did not answer. I hope I have not called too late."

"Oh Fuck no Eric, I'm thrilled you called me. Man this is a dream come true. When you called before, I was reading one of your stories, horny as hell, stone hard cock, jacking off and I just could not stop. I got through the story without coming thinking that who ever called would call back and you did."

"Jeff, do you still have that stiff cock since you did not come? I hope so. Man, I too am a horny bastard tonight. Will you tell me again what you want to do to me and what you want me to do to you? I can't get it out of my mind what you said. I'm flat on my back on my big king sized bed right now, my legs are spread wide, wearing only a pair of gym shorts, a hot red pair of silk briefs and white cotton socks. My big hard cock is filled with blood, hard as an iron pipe and throbbing against my briefs trying to escape as I rub my crotch. I so wish you could see my condition and give me some relief."

"OH FUCK, OH SHIT, Eric, you are so naughty. Yea, I've never felt my cock this stiff before. I'm just beginning to lie down on my bed on my back. I only have on a light pair of blue boxers with a big wet spot in the front. You know what that means. I am close to being naked as a jaybird."

"Oh Holy Shit Jeff, tell me about that big tool that you want to show me. Are your nuts filled with thick semen? When did you come last?"

"Man Eric, my cock when fully erect is 7.5" except while I'm reading one of your stories when I get so aroused that my tool actually stiffens to a full 8-inches. Your stories make my cock wild with lust for you. The good news is that my balls are full of sticky creme, as I've not gotten my nuts off for in four days, as I've not been home much. I was going to get off tonight while reading one of your stories. Man your call came just in time."

Jeff and I began to breath heavy into the phones and the change in our voices made it clear that we were in heat and horny lusting for each other.

"Jeff spit lots of spit into the palms of your hands, put your sexy hands down inside those sexy wet boxers, take hold of that erect cock, begin to rub one hand up and down the stone hard red hot shaft, take your other hand and finger fuck your hot ass and lift your sexy legs up in the air. How does that feel? How do you like fucking yourself?"

"Oh Eric, you naughty bitch, you have me so turned on. My prick is standing straight up giving me a huge tent in my boxers. Oh Baby, I wish you were here to eat my ass, suck my hard cock and let me drive my big tool deep into that man pussy. I'd love to plow my massive wood deep into your guts. I want you so bad. My cock is throbbing and my ass is puckering thinking of you and your big cock."

"OH mother fucker, I'm hard as a steel rod. Jeff, Baby, you have me dizzy with lust. I just peeled off my gym shorts and my red briefs that are now totally wet with pre-cum. Shit, oh shit, I'm totally naked just driving a big 8-inch dildo up my ass fantasying that the dildo is your 8-inch dick. Hell, fuck my ass Jeff, fuck me hard. Fuck me Jeff. Oooops, I forgot for a minute that you are not here. Oh my dildo feels somewhat like a cock inside me. Oh Baby, take off those boxers and jack that big hard cock thinking that your hand is my lips stretched firmly around your fresh meat. I can just imagine the taste and smell of your sweet tool that is leaking pre-cum. Man I love the smell and taste of cock. I bet your creamy cum id the best. Oh I'm over heating."

"Oh holy shit, Eric, I'm mad with lust for you. I just pulled off my boxers and I too am now naked. I just took the pre-cum off my piss slit with my fingers and am eating it---Mmmmmm. Oh it taste sooooooo goooood !!!! Eric Baby, slide your hands across your piss slit, collect that sticky creme and eat it. How does it taste? Man, I wish you were here to let me suck that cock of yours dry."

"Mmmmmmm, YEA, it taste so goooood !!! Jeff, I'm going to use my athletic ability to bend my mouth down to my crotch, pull my legs over my head, let my pubic hair tease my nose, put my lips up to raunchy cock head and suck that man hood. While I suck my cock head, tell me what you are now doing."

"Hell, how can you get in a position to suck your own cock? I can't do that. Man, I'm beyond horny just thinking about you sucking your own cock. I'm getting on my stomach, putting a pillow under my crotch and hell here goes for a wild hump. Yea, fuck, fuck and fuck that pillow. Man I'm pounding that pillow as if it was your ass. Fuck you Eric, fuck you hard, fuck you my bitch. Fuck, fuck, fuck fuck your big man pussy. Oh my cock is so stiff that it hurts."

I became very quite until I had finished sucking my own cock. All was silent except for groans, sloppy sounds and heavy breathing. Then I said: "WOW, Jeff, I wish I was that pillow right now. Man, I'd love to have your 8-incher up my ass chute. I can almost feel it now. I bet you have that pillow wet and stained."

"Oh Eric, I'm waving my steel hard cock back and forth as I bang it hard on my stomach and abs. Now can you hear me banging my big cock into the phone with a heavy thud? Fuck this is so cool."

"Shit yea, fuck Jeff, I hear it banging hard. Now can you hear my blood filled cock banging against my phone also with a loud thud?"

"Fuck Eric, I can hear your big wood making that sound. Man, I'm so horny that I could fuck this phone."

At this point Jeff and I had become more labored and heavy in our breathing into the phones. The sounds were so erotic and steamy hot. The growing noises echoed into the phones that were arousing to the ear. The entire experience was pure ecstasy. I wanted to crawl through the phone and let Jeff use his stiff cock to fuck me.

"Oh Jeff, I'm close to coming. Tell me one more time how much you want to show me that big tool and what you want to do to me with that throbbing tool before I shoot a cataclysmic volcanic load. Then I'm going to blast a milky, ropey, thick textured, hot and sticky supply of cum all over my body just for you. I 'll lick it up thinking of you."

"Oh my god, Eric, you have me ready to blast off. I feel a surge building in my nuts. Yea, I want to show you my tool, use it on you and have you use your big dick on me. Man it has gotten hot in here."

"OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK, YEA, HERE I COME. THAT IS IT !!! Gee Jeff, I just shot the biggest load of semen ever. It is all over me and it is for you."

"OH ERIC, SHIT, OH FUCK, OH FUCK, MOTHER FUCKER, HERE I COME !!! Gee Louise, that was a monstrous load from me also. Man, I'm covered in cum on my stomach, chest, face and head. Just for you Eric."

When we were drained, we put our mouths up to the phones and made kissing noises.

"Well Eric, thanks for calling me. This has been the best call of my life. You are incredible. Please call me again soon. I've got to get a cum rag and clean up this sticky mess. Until I hear from you, I'll continue to read your hot stories."

"Me too Jeff. Man you knew how to get me off. I'm drenched in cum, yea I just found my cum rag."

"Eric Baby until next time, be well."

"You too Jeff, be well. Goodnight Baby."

"Goodnight Naughty Eric."


Naughty Eric


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