NOTE: After Jeff had commented on several of Naughty Eric's stories on GD, I asked him and he gave me permission to use him in some of my stories. The first one was my story of phone sex between Jeff and me. This story here of fiction features Eric and Jeff face-to-face meeting when we spent the first night involved in a marathon of sex including heavy kissing, rimming, finger fucking, blow jobs, kinky use of sex toys and fucking ass. The night produced messy orgasm after orgasm coating both our bodies in the sticky, ropy and thick cum.



One week after the hot phone sex between Jeff and me and on the day just before I was to leave for my villa on the French Riviera, I called Jeff and invited him to travel with me the next day for two weeks of pure sexual pleasure. After the phone sex with Jeff, I'd been consumed with lust for his body and especially his big cock.

I called Jeff and said: "Hi Jeff, I'm leaving for my villa on the French Riviera tomorrow. I'd love to have you spend two weeks with me. Can you join me? To be honest, I'm horny for your body."

"GEE Eric, YES, YES, YES and Oh fuck YES. But I can't get away until next week. Will that work? I too am horny as hell for you to fuck me and me fuck you. WOW, our flesh on flesh would be steamy hot. In fact, I'm getting a hard on now."

"No problem Babe, Can you leave a week from today?"

"That would be great Eric. How will I get there?"

"Jeff, I will send my Lear Jet with my pilot Pierre to the airport in your city. Be ready to fly out real early that morning, lets say 6 AM. Let me give you just a little bit of information about my location. The French Riviera starts at Cannes, France and runs to La Spezia, Italy. One can view the Maritime Alps that run down to the white cliffs and sandy beaches. The Riviera has such deep blue waters and a great climate. My pilot Pierre will fly you to Saint-Tropez, France where I have my second home, the villa.I'll prepare a great schedule for us over the next week. Gee, my cock is stiffing just thinking about seeing you in a week."

"Oh Fuck Yea Eric, I'm so overwhelmed. What can I say? Man, am I having a dream or is this real? You have me horny as hell. To think that in a week, I'll be on the French Riviera and getting fucked by you, a hot world traveler. I had no idea you were such an international playboy. How did I get so lucky. Man, I'm hot for you."

"Jeff Babe, I'm just a regular guy who puts his pants on one leg at a time just like you. I can hardly wait to see you and that big 7.5 or 8-inch cock when I make love to you. Man I bet your cock is so hot and those balls are filled with loads of cum for me? I can hardly wait to have your gorgeous missile up my ass."



It was just about noon while I was sun bathing on my balcony overlooking the beautiful French Riviera while watching the hot naked guys on the beach when I heard the doorbell. I went and opened the door and there was my pilot Pierre with this Greek looking god. It must be Jeff.

"Hi, you must be Jeff. I'm Eric, welcome."

"Yes, I'm Jeff. It is so nice meeting you Eric. Thanks so much for inviting me for a couple of weeks to the most beautiful spot on the planet."

I dismissed my pilot and told him to spend some time at a local hotel until I needed him. By the way, Pierre is one hunk of a hot stud himself. Yea, we have had hot sex with his monstrous cock up my ass on many of our trips. He knows how to fuck a man pussy.

I felt my cock began to grow and noticed that Jeff had a rising tent in his pants. I grabbed Jeff in a hard embrace as our crotches melted together. We could feel our rock hard cocks driving into each other. I developed a wet spot in the front of my swimming trunks. Jeff's stiff cock inside his pants began to grow and felt like a policeman's night stick as our cocks rubbed together. Jeff's dress pants fit smug and perfect around his bubble ass as I began to use my hands to play with his tight butt. We both were already feeling the lust and a growing heat in our crotches.

After a long sexy rubbing of our bodies together, I released this hot stud. I could tell Jeff wanted to say something. He looked deep into my eyes and said: "Eric I'm starving as I've not eaten in 8 hours. Could we go get something to eat and maybe take a walk on the beach to chat and yes see those hot naked guys on the beach?"

I took Jeff to my favorite quaint French restaurant for lunch and then we took a stroll on the beach. There were many sunbathers including hot French and Italian dudes with little or no clothes. Jeff became horny as hell and said: "Fuck Eric, I can see why you spend so much time on the French Riviera, look at these incredible hot dudes. Man French and Italian men are the hottest. Have you fucked any of these hot Frenchmen or Italians?"

"Hell yea Jeff !!! I've been banged by more of these hot dicks than I can remember. Man do they know how to suck cock and fuck ass. They have unbelievable staying power before they come. And do they have huge cum loads. I've almost been drowned several times from all that jizz down my throat."

We both were now sprouting big hard-ons that drew attention from many hot guys who gave us very sexy smiles. This was getting to be too much for Jeff. He was needing to fuck.

"Oh shit Eric, I'm so hot and horny. Can we go back to your villa? I need you to make love to me. I'm about to shoot a load just looking at these studs. Please fuck me Eric."

We rushed back to my villa, ripped off our clothes and I took my new buddy by the hand and led him out on to the balcony overlooking the guys on the beach. I put my hands and arms around his soft neck, pulled him in close to my face as our hard bodies touched. I parted his pink sexy lips with my tongue. We began to wildly French kiss as our tongues explored each other's mouth. Soon large sums of saliva were running out of our mouths, down our chins, onto our chests, stomachs and cocks. Man we were drenched in the hot spit along with hot breathing as we both were dangerously close to a climax. The sound of the sloppy kissing and rapid heart beats were so erotic.

As we finally broke the embrace and kissing, Jeff said: "Oh Fuck, I've never been so horny and in need of a fuck. But look at those beach goers, they are looking at us and whistling. Should we go inside and fuck?"

"Hell no Jeff, relax and remember we are in Europe where sex is celebrated. Look at all those hot men who are nude. Lets have wild sex out here and give them a hot show. Sex in public is such a turn on for me."

"OK Eric, yea, this is so neat. I'm ready to put on a show."

I placed Jeff down on his back on a sofa on the balcony and began my worship of his incredible hot body. I grabbed his 7.5 to 8-inch cock at the base as his cock jetted out from his nice trimmed pubic hair. I put my lips firmly stretched around his purple hard cock head and began to suck the sweetest pre-cum from that gorgeous piss slit. My cock was stone hard as drops of my goo formed on my piss slit. Jeff saw that and he managed to use one of his hands to gather up my pre-cum and eat it.

We were now in a maximum carnal state. I slid my tongue up and down the underside of his fat cock shaft over and over. After making Jeff crazy with lust for me, I began to take his blood filled dripping cock inch by inch deep into my mouth until his cock hit the back of my throat. I went wild sucking on that juicy cock while his pubic hair pressed against and up my nose. WOW, the smells were intoxicating.

As I sucked his stone hard cock, his balls slapped against my chin. Jeff moaned as he bucked his hips to push his cock deeper into my throat and he begged me: "Don't stop, yea fuck that is it. Suck me, suck me, oh shit, your mouth feels so great on my boner."

After giving Jeff a long sloppy blow job, I began to lick between his balls and asshole. I was then going to use my tongue and lips to devour his entire crotch including sucking his balls into my mouth. I was so turned on, as was Jeff, that I began a series of running my tongue up and down his cock shaft, sucking on his balls, fingering his pink bubble ass including reaching his prostate with my fingers and massaging that hot prostate, running my tongue past his outer ass muscles for a long sexy rimming of his ass. Soon I had his entire butt wet with my large supply of saliva.

I could tell that Jeff was about to faint from all the pleasure of my experienced tongue and lips on him. He began to scream as if he was being murdered that drew more attention from the beach goers but neither of us cared as we were totally into this hot sex. The more he moaned and screamed the more turned on I was as I went wild sucking his cock, sucking his balls, fingering his ass and rimming his ass with my tongue. I had my face buried in his wet ass and began to lap at the man sweat infusing his heavy ass and sac. The feel and taste of his his outer velvet like ass rings were awesome.

As I became literally exhausted from sucking on that ass and cock, Jeff became hungry to eat my ass and suck my cock. We changed positions as I got on the sofa on my back, spread my legs far apart making an entrance to my cock and ass for Jeff, he lowered his sexy mouth and tongue down into my crotch and began the hottest sucking of my ass and cock that I had ever experienced. This was the best oral I'd ever had. Man he was good.

Jeff went wild as he took turns taking my entire big cock all the way to the back of his soft throat and then coming off to take my balls in his wet mouth as he clasped his juicy lips around my balls and again when he sucked on my cock. He repeated this erotic technique over and over. If that was not enough, he was using his two or even three fingers to fuck my wet ass and massage my prostate (Gee Spot). His soft mouth tissue had my cock oozing the most pre-cum I'd ever gushed. After sucking my aching cock and eating my ass for the longest time, he cleaned the skin between my balls and ass with his tongue. I'd never been more clean in that spot. I could tell he loved the man odor. Shit he used his tongue and lips to play with my outer ass ring. Holy shit, I was near an explosion but I wanted to wait for fucking ass.

Finally I had Jeff pulled off as I felt a near surge in my nuts. I held my cock very hard until the surge went away.

I got up, took my hand in Jeff's and lead him inside to my bedroom. I had him lie down on the bed on his back with his head up at the headboard, spread his legs slightly apart. I laid down with my head at the foot of the bed with my legs just outside Jeff's legs and touching one another. I had a big surprise for Jeff as our asses were facing one another. I took a big long two headed black dildo and inserted one end deep into Jeff's ass. I took the other end and drove it up my ass. I began to push hard toward Jeff's ass as he did the same by pushing his ass toward me. Soon we had our asses filled with the huge dildo and began a long series of fucking our asses with the two headed dildo. The feel of the dildo stuffing our assholes and our legs rubbing against each other was so arousing. The smell of man sex added to the thrill of gay sex. We fucked that dildo for some 15 minutes.

It was then time for real cocks up the ass. We decided to flip a coin to determine which guy got to decide who got fucked first. I won the toss and asked Jeff to fuck me first. We went to the bathroom and douched our assholes until we were safe to have bareback fucking.

I handed Jeff a big bottle of strawberry scented lube. I took a new cock ring and put it around Jeff's balls so he could last longer as he fucked me. Jeff lubed his big cock, lubed my ass by driving his finger with the lube deep into my ass chute and he asked me what position I wanted to be in for the fuck. I got on the bed flat on my stomach and invited Jeff to drive his rock hard cock deep into my man pussy. I asked that once he had his cock all the way in me for him to lie down on top of me while he fucked me hard. I not only wanted to feel his manhood up my ass but I wanted his hot body tight against and on top of my body. It was my favorite position to be fucked.

I felt his giant sausage go deep inside me as he began to slowly drive his hard cock in and out of my ass. Soon the lust overtook him as he began to pound me hard and fast with his cock while he used his hot sweaty body to hump my entire back and legs with his lean body. Man it was so good.

"Oh Fuck Yea, fuck my ass. Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck Yea, give me that big cock. Shoot that man seed in me. Make part of your body part of my body."

He continued for the longest time to plow that massive wood up into my guts. The cock ring was helping him last. He was so good at using his cock to cover every inch of my pulsating ass and massage my prostate with that big tool. Finally, I felt his cock seem to grow even larger and his balls tightened up against my body. He yelled as I felt a torrent of hot, sticky and rich cum fill my man pussy. When he was spent, he pulled out his still semi-hard tool, turned me over on to my back and had me suck his cum covered cock until he was drained of ever drop of that sweet man juice.

It was then my turn to fuck that beautiful smooth pink bubble ass that was puckering in anticipation of receiving my steel hard cock. I asked: "Jeff Babe, what position do you prefer for the fuck?"

He had me lie down on my back on the bed, spread my legs apart as my erect cock stood at attention looking like a flag pole ready to lower the flag down on the pole. Jeff lubed his ass and my cock. He got on top facing me and began to lower his beautiful pink ass down onto my flag pole. He used his strong legs to balance himself as he took my cock inch by inch up his man pussy. Soon my dripping cock was deep inside his ass as I lifted my butt to drive my cock deeper and deeper. Jeff pushed his ass down as we got into a smooth rhythm of my cock fucking that soft warm ass.

I was filled with lust as I fucked my new fuck buddy with great force. The feel of my cock deep into Jeff's ass was so great. Jeff's tight ass was squeezing my cock hard trying to milk me dry. Man was I ever willing to cooperate. I needed to get off bad. I was about to creme his ass and he would for ever be part of my body. Yea, gay sex is the best. My hard nipples were as hard as diamonds and they seemed to be directly connected to my crotch as I fucked the nicest piece of ass I had ever had my cock inside of before. I could certainly imagine giving up all other man pussy just for Jeff's ass. It was that good.

I lasted for some 10 minutes when a surge of cum left my balls and flooded the beautiful ass. As Jeff remained on my cock, soon a pool of cum drained from his ass making a big mess on my crotch and cock. Jeff came off and took his mouth down and began to slurp up my cum that he shared with me as we kissed.

This had been the most incredible erotic fucking ever for both of us.

We showered, engaged in a long wild kissing session and I decided to take Jeff out for a night on the town so we could recover for more fucking later that night. One thing was for sure and that was that we had two weeks ahead to suck and fuck like some primitive animals.

Later that night we fucked three more times and got off with big cum loads. It seemed that we had such hot chemistry for each other that it did not take long to get those cocks back up after shooting a load.

I hope you guys enjoyed this story and that you were aroused and even better got your nuts off by reading about Jeff and Eric fucking.

NOTE: Jeff, if you will give me your physical stats and features, I can do another even hotter story describing your physic while making love.


Naughty Eric


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