My name is Marcos and I have medium length black hair, brown eyes, im not fat but im not skinny, and im 5'7 and gay. But enough about me this story is going to be about me and a friend named Nathan.

Nathan is your typical athlete he is 6'0 feet tall,muscular, blonde, has blue eyes, oh and he is bi. He is just cute period.

Well it all began when my best friend Gabriel switched to our p.e class (this was sophomore year). Gabriel has brown short hair, brown eyes, he is skinny, and he's 5,9 and gay (I think he is alright looking lol).

So during p.e everyday our friend Nathan always joked to Gabriel about wanting to fuck him.

Well me liking him always got me jealous. But I never told Gabriel that. Gabriel always told me that Nathan was ugly and he would never let Nathan fuck him.

Well for next few months or so Nathan kept on joking and joking to Gabriel. Then one day the teacher had all the students sit in the locker room. And while we were sitting there Nathan decided to joke with me that he wanted to fuck me. I looked at him and told him good luck with that you will never fuck me. And I thought that would be the end of the conversation.

That is when Nathan put his arm around one of his friends and said," im gonna fuck him".

Then he looked at me and said," im going to bend you over, spread your cheeks, and stick my dick in".

My dick started growing hard hearing this but u told him, I don't want that little dick in me".

He smiled and said," my dick isn't little".

I smirked at him said hah and looked away.then he grabbed my hand in his and put it on his cock. He had me squeeze it. It started to grow so I pulled away blushed and looked at Gabriel. He smiled at me and mouthed is it big. And I looked at him beat red and shook my head yes.

Nathan than said," well what do you think"

But I could not say a word just blush. And all his friends started to laugh. But when I looked at him he had the most serious face.

Then Gabriel asked," hey I'm not hood enough for you"

And Nathan looked at him and said," you weren't giving it up"

And i said" well what makes you think i will"

And he said with a smirk," by the looks of how red your face was i think you want me as bad as i want you".

Then the teacher came back from his office and dismissed us.

While me and Gabriel were walking to class Nathan came up from behind me grabbed my ass and pulled my phone out of my back pocket.

I said," give me it now".

And being the little horny kid that he was, he grabbed his dick and said," baby you can't have it during school".

I blushed and took my phone back and looked at it. It had his number in it.

He said, i will call you tonight".

I looked at him confused and said, you don't have my number".

He smiled and said," i got it from a friend". And pointed towards Gabriel right behind me.

I looked and Gabriel just shrugged his shoulders. And Nathan came up to me and a whispered in my ear.

He said," i will call" with the most sexiest voices I've ever heard.




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