The phone started to ring. It was about ten o' clock at night. I picked it up and saw that it was Nathan.

I said,"hello".

I said," hey baby".

I asked him," what do you want"?. But I already knew what he wanted and it irritated me. I hated how he acted like he can get anyone he wants.

He told me," baby you already know what I want".

I said," well forget it I don't want to be just another ass to fuck I want a relationship that can last forever I don't want what you want".

He stayed quiet for a minute and then said," I can hive you that".

A part of me wanted to believe him but then I realized that im wrong and I told him," No you can't, your the biggest player in the school, you get what you want and leave that person, your longest relationship lasted two weeks".

I said," give me a chance and I can prove to you that I can, no sex for as long as you want".

I didn't want to get hurt but I always said that everyone deserves a second chance so why not but I told him," okay well".

I just simply said," okay".

Then I said," I will see you tomorrow". And hung up.

About ten minutes later my phone rang indicating that I had a text and I picked it up to see what it said. It was from Nathan saying I promise I will be the guy of your dreams. I put the phone down drifting off to sleep with a smile on my face.

The next day me and Gabriel where sitting at or normal seat on a bench under a tree during lunch. We were talking about my night when Gabriel points towards Nathan approaching us. I looked at him and just stared at him. Why me? Why does he want to start having a relationship with me? He came up to us and bent over and pressed his lips against mine and I didn't mind at all. I mean kissing the hottest guy at the school is very satisfying. After our lips parted he put his mouth against my ear and said," you won't regret it".

I rapped my arms around his neck and did the same thing but u told him," please don't give me a reason to".

All he did was sit by me and hold my hand. So far u didn't regret anything.all throughout mine and Gabriel's conversation he stayed by my side and held my hand. Then the bell rang and we had to go to class. On our way to class(p.e) me and Nathan walked hand in hand all the way there. I loved the way his had felt in mine.

during class be and him were together the whole time. He actually kissed me in front of his friends. I actually think he wants to be with me, for me not sex.

After class (p.e is the last of the day) I pulled him towards his red Camaro

and told him your coming to my house. He looked at me confused.

I told him," I want to talk".

He said," well What if she doesn't like me".

I said," I only live with my mom, my dad left us when I was born, and trust me she will love you".

he smiled and drove. I told him all the directions to my house and we finally got there. We got out of the car and I grabbed him by the hand and I we went into the house. And I yelled to my mom," mom im home I brought my boyfriend were going to my room".

He blushed and said," you just told your mom im your boyfriend just like that".

I looked at him and said," duh she knows everything about me". So we walked into my room and sat on my bed.

He asked," what did you wanna talk about".

I looked at him and asked him," if I ask you a question will you answer me honestly".

He said," yes there are no lies in a real relationship".

I asked him," why me"?

And he said," why are you talking about".

I told him," why did you choose to be in a relationship with me when you could have anybody".

He looked in my eyes and kissed me then told me," I always wanted you, you were all I thought about I just had to be with you".

I asked," well why didn't you just do this in the first place instead of fucking everyone in school".

He had a tears that started to form into his eyes and said," I've gotten hurt in the past by a guy that i really loved and he left me, and one day he left me to some guy that was older than me, and to cope with it i had sex with people and left them because I knee that I wouldn't get hurt again so when you told me that you wanted a real relationship that will last forever I knew that I had to be with you. I've been wanting to go out with you for a while but I was scared".

I brought his lowered head towards mine and kissed him and pushed him so that he was lying down. I wrapped hand in his and laid on his chest. I didn't want to see this guy cry especially now that he is my boyfriend.

Then he looked down at me and asked me," why did you give me a chance"?

I looked up at him and said," everyone deserves a chance" then i said," and because i wanted to be with you for the longest time" under my breath.

He said,"what did you say"?

I didn't say anything to him I just squeezed his hand. Then he whispered," I wanted you for the longest time too".and I began blushing.

He laughed and said," I can feel the heat when you blush". Then he rolled me over on the bed and wrapped his arm around me till we both fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up to find something very surprising.




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