Damn this work out is brutal today. Geo my trainer is working me especially hard this afternoon and I'm having a tough time keeping up. I've been working out at this gym for a few months and Geo has been my trainer from day one and I've enjoyed working out with him 5 days a week. My muscles are screaming and the sweat is pouring off my body in buckets. I guess I shouldn't complain because I told Geo I wanted tough work outs to get the intended results. But fuck my body is aching this afternoon. Geo is an excellent trainer, he's tough but he's also very kind and respectful. He's a quiet guy with a gentle smile on his handsome face. His body is well sculpted but not massively ripped like a lot of the muscle heads here at the gym. Geo and I are the same height and same age. At 45 he understands an older mans body and that its not a 20 year old working out.

Ok Geo I'm done I said as I wiped the sweat from my face. I can't take anymore today as I slammed my tired and aching body on the floor and leaned against the wall. Geo came and sat next to me. Are you ok? he asked. Panting I replied yea but right now I don't know if I love you or hate you. He hung his head down and then looked over at me with a sad face and replied, I hope you don't hate me. I know the work outs lately have been tough but you wanted results and from what I can see you are looking real good. No I don't hate you I scowled as I threw my sweaty towel at him. He laughed and threw it back at me hitting me in the face. Come on lets get showered and get out of here. Its the weekend and no gym and working out for two days he said as he grabbed my hand and pulled me up. We walked to the locker room and showered. This gym is a beautiful gym and the locker room is like a spa and very clean with private showers. I showered and got dressed and walked out to the lobby and grabbed a smoothy before leaving.

As I was walking out to my car Geo jogged up to me. Nate he said as he lightly panted. Do you have any plans tonight? Nah I was gonna head home and do some laundry and veg out on my sofa and watch some TV tonight, why? Ummm he stammered. How about coming over to my place for dinner and we can hang out for the evening he asked. That would be great but are you sure its ok for you to fraternize with clients I asked? Geo looked at me and replied, There's nothing in the rule book stating I can't hang out with a friend he replied with a smile. Well I replied, if you are sure its ok then yea I would like that. Great Geo said, how about around 7:00pm? I'll be there I replied. Should I bring anything? Just yourself and a smile he replied. Ok see you at 7. Oh one more thing Nate, No talk of the gym or working out!!! Lets just relax and unwind.

I got in my car and smiled. Sure didn't expect that I thought. Geo is a really nice guy but I can't figure him out. Was this a date or just two friends hanging out? Geo is certainly an attractive guy and someone I'd really like to get to know but I'm not sure if he's straight or gay. Either way it would be great to hang out with him.

When I got home I did a few things around my apartment. Emptied the dishwasher and took out the trash and sorted my dirty clothes to wash. It was getting later so I decided to shave and get ready to drive over the Geo's. For some reason I was getting nervous and I shouldn't be. I've know Geo for almost a year and we did hit it off.  It was great that he considered me a friend. So I shaved and fussed with my hair and decided to wear my old faded jeans which fit me well and a shirt. Just keep it simple I thought to myself. Geez I feel like a kid in high school going on a first date I laughed to myself.

Finally it was time to drive over to Geo's place. It was a warm September evening so I opened up the sunroof and the wind tossed my hair down over my forehead and gave it a messed up look. Oh well I thought I kinda like that look. After a 20 minute drive I pulled up to Geo's house. It was out in the country a bit. Its a smaller log cabin type home with lots of trees in the front yard. I could tell he spent a lot of time in the yard keeping everything looking great. Ughhhh I said to myself. Why am I getting nervous? Its Geo my trainer for crying out loud.

Nervously I rang the doorbell and Geo greeted me with a smile and welcomed me into his home. Come in he said and offered me a beer. I hope you are hungry he asked. Man whatever you are making sure smells good I replied. Fridays are my junk food night, well sort of. Hope you like burgers, fries and a salad? I laughed and said, I thought you were a health food nut. Geo smiled I am most of the time. But some times I get in the mood for a good burger. We both laughed and drank our beers while the burgers cooked on the grill.

Geo gave me a tour of his home which was really nice and simple. Its not much he said but its mine he said. You have a very nice home I replied and comfortable. Thanks he replied, I'm glad you like it. The burgers were done and we sat down to eat and had great time during dinner. It was really good to get to know Geo as a friend and not just my trainer.

After dinner we cleaned up. Geo was finishing up putting the dishes away and I sat down on the most comfortable old leather sofa. My body sank into the soft leather and I put my arm across the back of the sofa and put my feet on the ottoman and relaxed. A few minutes later Geo came over with a couple of beers and sat next to me. We picked out a couple of movies to watch and Geo started the first one. A cheesy comedy that was just Gawd awful but we laughed thru it. The next one was a crime drama which we both like. A few minutes into the flick Geo laid his head down in my lap and stretched his legs out on the sofa. Instinctively I dropped my arm down and rested my hand on his chest. Geo looked up at me and smiled as he turned a bit to watch the movie. My heart was racing as I felt his chest under my hand. But I relaxed and pulled him to me and held him against my body.

We watched the movie which was kinda boring and slow and at one point we both dozed off. For some reason I woke up and noticed it was close to midnight. Geo's shirt had risen up and exposed his stomach and my hand was gently caressing his body. I looked down at him and smiled. Geo is a great guy I thought as I watched him sleep. His dark happy trail leading down thru the top of his pants leading to gawd knows what. I reached up and caressed his face admiring how he looked. So handsome and peaceful. Gently I woke him up. He looked up at me and yawned and smiled. Hey Geo its late and I need to get going. He kept looking at me. Please stay with me he said, just stay, stay the weekend with me. His eyes pleaded with me. He put his arms around me and gave me a hug. I wasn't prepared for this, staying over. Not that I didn't want to but I was sort of shocked I guess. I'd really like to I replied but I didn't bring anything with me. Geo smiled and replied, I have everything you need, toothbrush, shaving stuff, and you can wear my clothes since we are the same size. I really don't want you to leave he added as he held me tighter and turned his head to nuzzle my belly. You know Geo, I didn't expect any of this but I'm glad you invited me over and yes I will stay with you. All weekend. I looked down at him and could see his eyes tearing up a bit. He knew I noticed and quickly wiped his eyes and sat up.

I'll get you some things you will need tonight he said and left for the bathroom. A few minutes later he came back and said that he had laid out towels, wash cloth and tooth brush for me. I thanked him and went in and got ready for bed. Damn I'm nervous again. Its been so long that I've slept with anyone, several years in fact. I looked in the mirror as the water warmed. What am I doing I asked myself. Whats happening here? I washed my face and brushed my teeth and took a much needed piss. Afterwards I walked into Geo's bedroom and he was already in bed. I could see he was naked from the waist up but I wasn't sure if he had anything on below. Geo turned over and watched as I took off my pants and shirt. I kept my tidy whities on and crawled in bed next to him and laid on my back. Neither one of us said anything until Geo laughed and said this is really nerve wracking. I looked over at him and laughed and put my arm around him. Damn someone had to do something. I pulled him close and he snuggled up next to me and put his arm around me.

Geez Geo you sure surprised me today I whispered. I never expected any of this. Neither did I he replied. But I'm glad it turned out this way. We settled in next to each other. Our legs intertwined, his body was half laying on me and I could feel him relax. Wow what a day I thought as I stroked his hair, feeling his body relax as we drifted off to sleep. Sometime during the night our sleeping position changed to spooning. Geo was behind me and wrapped around my body holding me gently against his body. I smiled  because I could feel his manhood pressing against me. I fell back asleep in his arms. Still amazed.

The next morning I woke up and heard the shower running. Damn I had to take a wicked piss but I didn't want to intrude on Geo. But what the heck we are both guys and I had to really drain my bladder. I got out of bed and walked into the bathroom and stood there pissing, I looked over at Geo in the shower and he was bent over looking out the window. I admired his muscular back as the water washed over his black skin. He was still looking out the window when I finished pissing. Something came over me and I walked over and opened the glass door to the shower. He hadn't heard me and I startled him when I put my hand on his shoulder. As he turned around I took his face in my hands and kissed his thick luscious lips. He put his arms around my waist as we kissed. My tongue parted his lips and found its way into his warm mouth and tasted and teased his tongue and he mine. I could feel my cock quickly getting harder and I felt his rise and throb against my body. After we pulled away from that intense kiss we both must have been stunned as we stared into each others eyes. I've wanted to kiss you from the first time we met I said as my body tremble against his. Nate I feel the same way and I wished that this happened sooner but I was too afraid because I didn't know how you would react and I didn't want to lose you as a friend. And I'm sorry for working you so hard lately, I had to do something to get my mind off you and concentrate. We both laughed as we showered and explored each others body.

After we showered I quickly put on a pair of briefs and went into the kitchen to make breakfast. Hey Nate, Geo said as he came into the kitchen. What are you doing? I wanted to take you out for breakfast. Sorry but I wanted to make you breakfast instead I replied. But you are my guest Nate and I should be doing that he said as he walked over to Nate. Well my friend I replied as I put my arm around his shoulder. Looks like you don't have a choice as I stirred the eggs. Geo gave me a look as I smiled at him. Suddenly he shoved his hands inside my briefs and started to massage my hairy balls and I sprung a boner for him. Damn boy you better be careful there because I'm really horny this morning. Oh yea he replied as he started stroking my cock. Geo continued stroking my cock and I could feel his hard cock pressing against my ass while I cooked breakfast. Fuck he was making me crazy. Then he kissed me on my neck and pulled his hands out of my briefs. Time to make the coffee he snickered. There I was bone hard and pre cum making my briefs wet.

Geo went over to the counter across from me and started the coffee maker. I watched him for a couple of minutes. Damn he is hot I thought as I watched him. While he was making the coffee I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around him and pulled him tightly against my body and humped my cock against his ass. I can't wait to take your black ass I whispered to him. He pushed back and replied, I'm gonna take your white ass as well Nate. With that I pulled his boxers down in the back to expose his butt and placed my throbbing cock in his ass crack. Again he pushed back into me. I want you Geo, you have no idea how much I want you. Ggodd he felt so good. It wasn't just his body that felt good it was Geo himself. I've liked the guy since we first met. I kissed him and pulled up his boxers so we could eat breakfast. Neither one of us wanted to pull away.

We started eating breakfast and talking and I noticed that Geo had become quiet and wasn't talking much. Hey you ok I asked. Geo looked down at his plate. Yea I'm ok but I'm just a bit scared of a relationship. Not just with you but anyone. The last couple of guys I went out with turned out to be idiots and I don't want that to happen again. So how long has it been since you dated anyone I asked. Its been a least 5 years I think he said. Hmmm thats a long time I replied. How long for you Geo asked. Umm I think 4 years. But I stopped counting because I basically gave up. Geo stared at me for a few minutes. So what changed your mind he asked as he got up and started to clear the dishes. I got up and helped him with the clean up. Wow what a question that  I replied. Geo laughed, no I'm serious. What changed your mind? First off Geo lets just let the dishes go till later. We need to talk a lot.

When we sat down on the sofa to talk I wanted to set some ground rules about our conversation. Listen I don't want to hear any of the sordid details of your past relationships I stated and I'm sure you don't want to hear about mine either. Those are in the past so lets just leave them there. Ok Geo replied. I agree with that. So what is it that is bothering you I gently asked. Geo look out the window and then back at me. Its nothing he replied. Nothing really important. Yea I don't believe that for a minute and you know it I replied. Geo stared at me for a few minutes. Listen Nate, I don't know how to say this with out it sounding terrible so please hear me out. That's fine Geo, you can tell me anything. I could tell he was struggling with what he wanted to say. I reached over and put my hands on his shoulders and hoped he would feel more relaxed.

Its the race issue he finally said. What race issue I replied. You mean the fact that you are black and I'm white? Yes, well sort of he replied. Sort of? Do you have a problem with me being white? No no Geo said its nothing like that. Its just that a lot of guys have this strange image about the "Black Myth"!! The black myth? I replied. Whats the black myth? Geo started to laugh a bit. Come on Nate don't make me say it. You know the myth that black men supposedly have huge cocks. There I said it. We both laughed at that one because it was really funny. The black myth I repeated....I never heard of that one. Well its true Geo said, a lot of guys and it seems especially white guys seem to think that all black men are hung like a horse. And as you very well know I'm not. With that I fell back in the sofa and started to really laugh. Not at Geo but the entire subject. Geo got up in my face, See I knew you would laugh at me. I knew it. You think its funny but its true. Hmmm I thought he's very serious about this. Wait Geo I wasn't laughing at you at all. Its just that its ridiculous that's all. You mean to tell me that you went out with some guys and when they saw that your dick wasn't hanging to your knees they weren't interested in you? Yea you got it Geo replied. I pulled him a bit closer to me but he resisted a bit. Geo that is fucked up. I don't care if you aren't hung like a horse I said as I peeked into his boxers. But let me tell you something. You have nothing to be ashamed about. Nate I'm serious. I don't want to start anything with you if that is all you want.

Look, I'm not those other guys you were with. I'm me, Nate. Yes I can clearly see you are black but I see more than the color of your skin. And just for the record I like the color of your skin. But more importantly mister, I like you! Maybe I shouldn't say this but I probably like you more than I'm willing to admit. In fact I don't want to date anyone else. Just you. You have always treated me with respect and kindness and I like being around you. Nate, Geo interrupted, no wait Geo. Do you know that if you are off at the gym that I won't train with another trainer? Yea I heard that he replied. Do you know why? Its because I wanted to be with you. I feel so comfortable with you and I well I must admit I missed you when you weren't there. And you know what else I like? I love your beautiful skin, I love your eyes and your incredible smile. I love the hair on your chest and your treasure trail. I pulled Geo closer to me. I like the way you feel against my body. I love the way you smell, even when you are all sweaty from a work out. You know what else I asked as I looked into his eyes. I love your lips....as I kissed him and pulled him down on top of me. Geo collapsed on top of me and we made out for quite a while until we needed to come up for air. Geo looked at me and told me how much he liked me and wanted to be with me for so long. Nate I've never liked or cared about anyone as much as I do for you. Geo looked me right in the eye when he said that and he got me. OMG my eyes welled up and that's not supposed to happen. Oh man you got me Geo. Man I'm falling in love with you and I know you feel the same don't you I said. Yes Nate I do. Yea I'm falling in love with you he said as he kissed me. And wow did he kiss me. I could have blasted off a load right then and there.

After a few minutes Geo got up and said lets get dressed and go for a bike ride. Hey I thought you said no working out this weekend. Well you are right I said that but I meant at the gym. Come on Nate as he pulled me up. A bike ride will do us both some good. I've got some bike shorts for you to wear. Geo pulled me up off the sofa and we went into his bedroom to change. He tossed the bike shorts and a shirt to wear for the ride. Damn you have a hot ass I exclaimed when he pulled off his boxers. I grabbed him and pulled him down on the bed and attacked him, kissing him all over his body. He was laughing but he pulled off my briefs and there we were completely naked and boned up. We couldn't keep our hands off of each other. Finally we managed to get dressed and headed out for a bike ride.

It was a beautiful sunny day and the temperature was perfect for a ride. We had a lot of fun riding thru the country side and into the woods. After a few hours we headed back to the house. By then we were both smelling quite ripe and sweaty which for me was a turn on. When we got inside we stripped off our clothes and tossed them into the laundry and headed for the shower. By the way Geo said, I'm taking you out for dinner tonight and its on me and I don't want any arguments about it. So is this a date I asked? Yea I guess it is and I hope we have many more dates he replied as he turned on the water. I leaned against the shower wall and pulled Geo to me and kissed him while I soaped up his body and kissed him. He gasped when I took his cock in my hands and felt his balls. With the water pouring down on us I whispered in his ear, I love your black cock. We both laughed but he really does have a big one, not horse hung but it was awesome. Now it was time for him to wash my body. His hands were all over me as he lathered me up. I turned around so he could scrub my back. Geo slipped his hard black cock into my ass crack and started to stroke my cock. Just wait till my black cock is deep inside of you white boy he whispered in my ear. Just wait. I moaned feeling his cock sliding around and teasing me. You know your a tease Geo. You love it don't you Nate. Yea I do love it and I love you too. Damn I said it. I just told him I loved him and I meant it. Right then he turned me around and looked at me. You really love me Nate? You mean it? Yea, umm yes I mean it Geo. He just looked me. I, I, umm I love you too Nate. Geo took my face in his hands and kissed me. Man can he kiss. We stayed in the shower till the water ran cold. We got out and dried off and dressed for dinner. Hey I'm glad you and I are the same size I said. Geo laughed, yes it is good because you dress like a white boy!! Hey whats that mean? Nate, I'm kidding with you. But you white boys need to.....Need to what I said as I smacked his ass. Nothing I'm kidding he laughed. Come on lets go I'm hungry he said as he quickly ran to the car. I got in the car and pressed him about his comment. Omg Nate it was a joke, I just wanted to get you going. I know I replied with a smirk. Geo pulled out of the driveway and headed to the restaurant. So where are you taking me I asked. To my favorite restaurant and I hope you like it. Oh great what do they serve Chittlins and Collard Greens? Geo just looked at me and was speechless. I busted up laughing at his expression. Nate you know that was down right racist he said. Yea and your comment about white boys wasn't I laughed. Looks like you been had buddy. Gotcha! We both laughed as we drove to the restaurant. We arrived at the restaurant and I jumped out of the care and jogged around to Geo's side and opened the door for him. When he got out I put my arm around his shoulder as we walked across the parking lot. Hey you know what else I like about you Geo? I'm afraid to ask he replied. No, seriously I love that you like to laugh a lot. I have a lot of fun with you I said. Ditto that he replied. And by the way. I'm so glad you asked me to stay for the weekend. Ahhh Nate its my pleasure and I'm glad you stayed as well as he kissed my cheek. We had wonderful dinner and no Chittlins and Collard Greens. I found out that Geo actually hates that dish and when I found out what it was I don't think I would either.

After dinner we walked out to the car. Hey Nate how about going to see a movie tonight, its still early. I looked at Geo as I walked up to him. Kissing him I whispered how about we just go home. Mmmm what do you have in mind Nate? I think you know what I have in mind baby. Geo put the car in drive and drove as fast as he could to get home. When we got inside we attached each other, tearing of the others clothes like two crazy men. I pushed Geo down on the bed and go on top of him, pinning him down. Grinding my hard cock against his. Feeling his wiry black cock hair brushing my balls. My tongue was down his throat as I wrapped my body around him, then licking his hairy arm pits which drove him wild. Geo was squirming beneath me as our bodies meshed together in ecstasy. It was pure man sex. I released his arms which he wrapped around me and flipped me over on my back and took my cock in his mouth and positioned his cock over my face. Fuck his man scent was so strong and made me crazy. His big black hairy balls were dangling in my face. I took his ball in my mouth and rolled them around in my mouth. Geo moaned which turned me on even more. Damn I took his cock which was dripping pre cum in my mouth and felt him slide down my throat. His pubes were brushing around my lips and face. I could feel his cock getting harder but I didn't want him to cum yet so I pulled off his cock and licked his taint and then my tongue dove into his ass hole. My tongue was darting in and out of his hole which made him rear up and sit down on my face. Holy fuck I could have a exploded when he let me have his hole.

We were thrashing about in pleasure when I turned onto my belly and offered up my ass to him. Damn if he didn't spread my ass open and eat my hole till I was begging for him. Wanting him to fuck my body any way he wanted. Geo tongue fucked me silly, leaving me breathless with every jab of his tongue. Oh gawd it was incredible what he did to me with his wild tongue. He licked up and down my ass, up my spine till his body was completely on top of me. I could feel his cock sliding in between my ass crack. Nate he whispered hoarsely. I want to give you what you want right now, I know you want me as much as I want you and with that he slid his black cock into my wanting hole. He didn't ask he just took me. I want to make you mine he groaned as his penis found its rightful place within my body. Geo didn't rest inside of me and began immediately fucking me. His pubic hair was brushing hard with each thrust deep inside of me. Oh fuck, fuck me Geo, I tried to grab hold of my cock by he pushed my hand away. I don't want you to cum yet he demanded. Let me fuck you till you see stars Nate. He wasn't being mean or gentle. He was fucking me like a man should fuck another man. Fuck me I groaned as he cork screwed himself into me which caused me to arch my back and rear up. Damn you hit my nut, keep doing it and don't stop. Like this he said as he thrust in and out of me. You like that? Ahhh fuck yes, don't stop keep fucking me.

Fuck Nate, I can't hold out any longer he groaned. I could feel his cock throbbing and getting harder and harder and his body began to quake. Nate, Nate, fuck man I'm gonna cum in you and I could feel his black man seed shoot up inside of me which immediately set off my own orgasm. I reared back as Geo held onto me and shot my cum all over the headboard. He kept thrusting into me and damn I did see stars. We both collapsed on the bed and Geo was still on top of me with his cock still in me. Slowly and gently thrusting in and out of me, bringing me down from my orgasm. He pulled out of me and rolled over on his back and we both laid there in exhaustion. I reached over to pull him close to me, laying face to face. We were both soaked with sweat, Geo kissed me gently and held me close while our breathing returned to normal. Geo glistened with sweat all over his black skin as I rubbed the sweat on his chest, down his stomach and then on down to his wet cock and sweaty balls. My body was full of his seed inside of me.

Come on Geo we need to get a shower and clean up. Yea we sure did make a big mess in here. Damn look at your cum on the headboard he laughed. I took his hand and pulled him up off the bed and headed to the shower. We showered and went back to bed and fell asleep quickly. All I could think about was how I was gonna take his black ass in the morning.

Sunday morning I woke up around 9am and laid in bed while Geo was sleeping. Oh man he was sleeping on his stomach and wasn't wearing anything. I watched him sleep for awhile as I played with my cock. Damn I want him so bad I thought to myself. Finally I moved over in between his legs and started to lick his muscular butt. I tried to resist his slightly furry ass crack but I couldn't. My curiosity got the best of me. Parting his ass cheeks my tongue began wondering his crack, licking up and down and all around. I could see a slight grin on his face appear. Mmmm Nate what are you doing he said softly. Whats it feel like I'm doing I replied with a sly grin as I licked the rim of his hole which made him moan in pleasure. There is nothing better than eating a man's ass in the morning I thought to myself. His morning musk turned me on. I loved the taste of his man hole as I plunged my tongue inside of him. By now Geo was moaning louder and pushing back against my tongue. Fuck I was eating his ass and tongue fucking him and making him crazy. His entire ass crack and hole was soaked with my spit as I dove into him. Nate he screamed breathlessly, you are making me crazy and I want you, take me and make me yours. I got up on my knees and stroked my cock harder and lube up his hole. My cock was throbbing at the entrance to his body as I teased him. Nate please fuck me man, just do it, come on white boy fuck me he begged. My cock was throbbing and wanting him. Dammit Nate fuck me he cried out again and with that I plunged my cock balls deep into his black ass. Geo slammed his face into the pillow and groaned. Damn you ass is so tight I said when I began to thrust deeper into him. My hairy balls banged against his taint which sent him into a pleasurable moan. I fucked him hard and deep with such passion like never before. My orgasm was building up in my body but I didn't want to cum yet. Not yet because I wanted to enjoy him and give him what he wanted. Nate he moaned let me on top of you so I can ride your cock. Geo reared up and threw me off onto my back. He climbed on top of me and slammed his body down on my cock. Geo rode my cock like a broncho while I met him with my thrusts up inside his body. Our eyes met as he rode me with intensity and passion. The sweat was pouring off his body and dripping all over me. My hands were on his hairy black chest playing with his nipples. Sitting up I took his left nipple in my mouth and the other in my fingers. The taste of his sweat running down his chest and his hard nipple was more than I could take as I bit down and squeezed his other nipple. Oh fuck Nate he screamed as he threw his head back causing him to ride my cock harder and faster. I kept biting down on that nipple. Damn I found what this guy likes. Geo tried to take his cock in his hand but I slapped it away. Please Nate I need to cum, I can't take it anymore he groaned. Fuck man you are torturing me. Your cock feels so fucking good inside of me.

Knowing I was torturing him I took his throbbing black cock in my hand and began to slowly stroke him. His muscles tightened up around my cock and I knew he was close to cumming. I stopped biting his nipple and watch his cock as I stroked it while he rode my cock. Suddenly Geo grabbed my hair and forced my face on his chest. Fucking bite my nipple Nate and bite it hard. Doing what he demanded I bit down hard on that nipple and immediately I felt him tighten his ass muscles around cock so hard I couldn't hold out. Fuck Geo Fuck I'm gonna cum. Cum in me Nate, give me all your love he screamed as I shot my hot load deep inside of him. Oh fuck Nate I can feel your hot cum he said as he grabbed onto me tightly as he shot his juice all over my chest and in my mouth. The sweat just poured off of him as I continued to thrust up in him. Oh my gawd Nate he panted, please stop I can't take it he grimaced, I kept pumping in him. Please stop he begged as I hadn't stopped stroking his cock. Fuck Nate you gotta stop he begged as he grabbed my face and kissed me. Holy fuck Nate he panted and held me tight against him. Ok ok I'll stop, I just wanted to get every drop out of you. I relaxed and laid back on the bed and Geo fell on top of me with my cock still in him. We were soaked in sweat and cum as we laid there panting and enjoying the after glow or our orgasms. My orgasm was so intense my balls ached in pleasure from the release. My cock was deflating and slipped out of his tight hole with a pop and he relaxed down on top of me. Damn Nate, I love you so much and now we belong to each other. I don't want to this to ever end, never.

After we calmed down we showered and got dressed. Both of us were starving and decided to go out for brunch. After brunch we went back to Geo's and it was getting time for me to leave. Plus my brother Chris had called and said he was stopping by my place this evening.

Around 4pm it was time to leave and neither of us was happy about it. But I had to get some laundry done and ready for work the next day. So Nate when will I see you again he said sadly. I looked at Geo and he had such a sad look on his face. I walked over and sat next to him on the sofa. Well I said, tomorrow at the gym of course. Yea I know but you know what I mean. Other than the gym. I don't know, I guess we need to figure it out. Geo thought for a moment, I meant what I said about not wanting this to end. Neither do I, not ever. But the fact is I have my apartment and need to get some things done. Yea I know he replied and I understand. Plus your brother is stopping by. I haven't seen Chris is a couple of weeks and we are close. He understood but he still looked sad as I gave him a hug and kissed him good bye. Maybe we can stay at each others place during the week I suggested. Would that be ok with you I asked? Yes Geo replied, yes it would be. But I'm gonna miss you terribly tonight he lamented. Well I'm gonna miss you tonight as well. More than you know.

Driving home seemed to take forever and I missed Geo already. Finally I arrived home and started my laundry and waited for Chris to get here. Chris knocked on the door a few minutes later and it was so good to see my little brother.

So Nate, where were you this weekend he asked with a grin. His question startled me but I replied I went away for the weekend and visited a friend I said nervously. Chris looked me with that stupid smirk of his. So who is this friend? He's my trainer at the gym. Geo. I think you met him there. No I've never formally met him but I know who he is. Ummm did you have a good time with your friend Geo? Knock it off Chris and yes I had a nice weekend. Teasingly Chris asked how good a time? I shot him a scowl. Your an asshole I said jokingly. Hmmm from your reaction I think this was more than to friends hanging out. Shut up asshole I yelled. Chris laughed and punched me in the arm. I know there is more to this weekend because I can see it in your face. Come on big brother tell me.

I looked at Chris as I sat down. Your not gonna stop with the questions are you I replied. Nope not till you tell me he laughed. And I know there is a lot to tell. Oh by the way Nate, you seem different, like you are happy. Really I replied? Yea otherwise you would have tackled me by now he laughed. Chris sat down next to me and I knew it was hopeless. Chris has a knack of getting me to tell him everything. I don't mind because I knew he could keep his mouth shut even though he would tease me relentlessly. Ok so Geo asked me to dinner at his place Friday night and it turned into a weekend. Chris looked at me, sooo you stayed with him all weekend? Yes all weekend I replied with a smile. Chris's eyes grew bigger. Did you kiss him he teased. Thats it little brother as I grabbed his ear. I've told you enough. Come on Nate, tell me more, but you don't have to tell me the nitty gritty details. Are you gonna see him again? Yes Chris I'm gonna see him again tomorrow at the gym and probably afterwards. At least I hope so. So my big brother is in love? Dude please this is all so new to me so please don't tease me about it. Well? Are you? Chris pleaseeeeee I begged. Yes ok Yes we are in love with each other. Awww Chris said I am so happy for you Nate and I won't tease you about it. Really I am happy for you. Thanks Chris I replied that means a lot. So when do I get to meet Geo he asked. Oh I don't know, probably soon. Great I can't wait to meet the guy that makes you happy.

Chris left and I finished my laundry and got ready for bed. Laying in bed I flipped thru the channels but couldn't find anything to watch. Ugh now what I thought. Suddenly my phone rang. Hello? Hey Nate, I just had to call and tell you how much I miss you. I miss you too Geo. This is harder than I thought it would be. Yea I know Geo replied with a sigh. Sure wish you were here with me he added. Man I wish I was there too I replied. So how about packing a bag and staying with me tomorrow night I asked. Geo laughed, I'm already packed. Are you serious? Yes I'm serious Nate. There is now way I want to sleep with out you. Geez Geo knows how to get to me. My eyes were flooded with tears. You really like me that much I replied. Nate, you know I like you and you also know I love you very much. And I know you feel the same about me. Yea I do I replied. Ok Nate we need to get some sleep and I'll see you at 4pm tomorrow afternoon. I'll be dreaming about you. I love you Geo.

Ugh I'm so glad Geo called to say good night. Now I can fall asleep easier I said to myself. Work the next day seemed to drag on and on. I couldn't wait till the end of the day and get to the gym. Finally I was on my way to the gym. Geo saw me walk in and he came right over. Hey you how you doing today he asked. I'm doing much better now that I'm here with you I replied. Geo smiled. Look just because you are my boyfriend doesn't mean that I'm gonna go easy on you here are the gym. Keep that in mind! I just laughed and went and got changed. Damn Geo wasn't kidding when he said he wouldn't take it easy on me. You think you can let up a bit I growled at Geo. Come on Nate you can do it. Just a few more reps and we will be done. Then we can get out of here and get something to eat.

My work out was over and I showered and dressed and met Geo out front. Oh by the way I said. My brother Chris is meeting us at my place. He really wants to meet you. I hope that's ok. Of course its ok Nate. I'd love to meet him. Let's take him out for dinner with us. Ugh I said he's such a pain in the ass and I know he's gonna be making all kinds of remarks. Geo laughed. Nate he's your brother and its his job to tease you. But its my job to tease you in a different way he grinned. Chris was waiting at my place when we arrived. I introduce Chris to Geo and they hit it off right away. I was really glad for that. Even though he's my younger brother he's quite protective of me. So the three of us went out for dinner and had a good time. Chris couldn't resist teasing both of us but it was all in fun.

Over the next few weeks we were back and forth between my place and Geo's. Chris loved to hang out with us and I have to admit it was great to have him around a lot more. Hey Geo, Chris said. I just want you to know that I haven't seen Nate so happy before. I'm glad the two of you got together. I don't know what you are doing to him but he's just so happy. I looked over at Geo and smiled. Umm Chris do you want to know what Geo does to me I said with a smirk. Chris looked at the two of us and noticed we both had smirks on our faces. Fuck no I don't want to know and I'm outta here. Both of us cracked up as Chris left and went to his place. Come here Chris I said. You do know that you asked for that one. With all the teasing you do it was bound to happen. Chris laughed, Well I'm glad you both are happy but I don't need any of the sordid details. Are you sure you don't want to know, Geo teased. Geo and I grabbed Chris and hugged him and kissed him. Poor Chris didn't know what to do so he bolted. We laughed when he rand out the door. Geez Nate you are good at getting him to leave Geo said. Yep I sure am. A few minutes later both of our phones dinged with a new text message. We looked at our phones and read the text from Chris that said. "I love you both but you are both assholes" We laughed even more at the text.

Come on Nate lets go to bed. I'm beat and I know you are as well.



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