Its been several months since Nate and I started dating and things have been really good. More than good, its been awesome. Nate is a wonderful guy and I can't imagine life without him. I'm Geo, Nate's boyfriend and trainer. I'll be narrating Part 2. Enjoy.

Its been several months that I've been with Nate and everything has been going really well. I'm so glad that Nate and I can see each other just about every day and night but the going back and forth is wearing on both of us. Since Nate's lease is almost up on his apartment I'm going to ask him to move in to my place. So I had a key made and wrapped it up in a small box that I'm going to give to him at dinner tonight. He has no idea I'm doing this and I sure hope he accepts it and moves in.

Last night we didn't spend the night together and I missed Nate so much. Being apart from him is so lonely. I'm getting ready for work but I need to call him first. I grabbed my phone and dialed his number. Good morning handsome I said when he answered. Morning he replied. How are you this morning? I'm fine stud. Hey listen, I was wondering if you would like to have dinner with me tonight? Do you remember what today is I asked? Nate thought for a while. No I'm not sure what you mean. Ugh I sighed. Its 6 months since we started dating so I'd like to take you out to celebrate. There was a long pause before Nate said anything. Man I'm so sorry I didn't remember that. Has it been 6 months he replied. Yes it has, how could you forget? Nate laughed, you know I'm terrible  with those things. Yea I know and thats why I'm taking care of it. How about I meet you at your place at 7? Ahh that sounds good Geo. Ok I'll see you at the gym this afternoon and I promise to take it easy on you today. Nate laughed, Geo you never take it easy on me. See you in a few hours. I love you Geo. Ditto that I replied.

It was a normal day at work with my regular clients but non of them work as hard as Nate does. He's really come a long way and he's got a great physique with excellent definition. He's even more strict than I am with his diet. Its rare that he will eat any junk food. I love to watch him when he's sleeping so I can admire him laying there in bed. His beautiful smooth skin with a patch of dark hair between his pecs and a treasure trail starting at his navel and down to his cock. Ugh I'm day dreaming again and I can't wait for Nate to get here to the gym.

Soon Nate walked into the gym. I waived to him as he went into the locker room to change and get ready for his work out. I've noticed his shirts are fitting tighter and he's busting out the sleeves. I told he is progressing well. He even walks differently now. Its like he has this new swagger which is so hot.

Nate came out of the locker room looking hotter than usual to me. Ready to start I asked. Yea and remember you said you would take it easy on me today he reminded. Guess what Nate? I lied I laughed. Nate gave me a scowl. Come on stud lets get started. I wanna see you sweat big time today. We took a break during the work out to get some water. Hey come over here for a minute I said to Nate, I need to talk to you. Whats up he replied. Listen I've notice something that you need to be aware of. Whats that Nate replied. Umm its nothing serious but you might want to start wearing a jock because your cock and balls are very noticeable. Nate blushed. You know I don't care because I love your package but I don't want all these other guys staring at you like they do. And I've seen them stare. Geo laughed oh come on are you jealous or something? No I'm not jealous, just protective of you and you know it. Nate just gave me that smirky smile. Before we went to finish the workout I grabbed his crotch, I love you Nate I said and winked at him.

We finished our work out and showered and changed to leave. Ok I'll pick you up at 7 I said as we got into our cars. Nate just looked at me and gave me a kiss in the parking lot. Thats something he's never done in public. That really surprised me but I loved it.

I went home and took a nap for about an hour or so and then got up and got ready to pick up Nate. I was looking forward to dinner with him. The box with the key was already to go. Suddenly my phone rang and it was Nate. Hey whats up handsome I said. Geo hey umm I need to cancel tonight, I'm really sorry. I could tell something was not quite right. Ok, so why are you cancelling on me I asked. Nate hesitated. Nate whats wrong I asked again. Look when I came home someone has broken into my apartment and its a mess. OMG Nate are you ok? Did you call the police? Yea I'm fine just really shook up. Its a mess so I need to get everything cleaned up. I'm really sorry because this is a special dinner. Nate don't worry about that. I'll be right over I said. Wait Geo, I don't want you to come over, I don't want you here tonight. Just let me deal with this ok? Nate, I'm coming over. No Geo I don't want you here. It might be a good idea if we don't see each other for a while Nate replied. What? Why would you even say that Nate? What did I do? I'm sorry but I can't see you for a while. I won't be at the gym either. I'm sorry Geo but this is how it has to be. Nate wait why? You can't just do this to us without an explanation. My heart was breaking. Nate hung up the phone with out an explanation.

Wow I can't believe this is happening as I sat down. I was in shock. This isn't like Nate at all. Something bad must have happened. I grabbed my phone and called Chris is brother. Come on Chris answer your phone. Finally Chris answered. Chris this is Geo. Listen Nate just called and someone broke into his apartment and from what he said its a mess. Omg Geo is he ok? He says he is but, but he said he doesn't want to see me anymore and he won't be at the gym. What? Are you serious? Yes I'm serious. Did he give you any reason? No nothing I replied. Geo something isn't right and something else had to have happened. This isn't like Nate at all. He can be stubborn but this is out of character. Geo I know he loves you very much. Chris I know he does and I have a gut feeling something bad happened. Listen Chris I'll come pick you up and you can go with me to his apartment. Ok see you in few minutes. Thanks Chris. By the way, just so you know I love you like a brother and friend. Chris was shaken, I love you the same Geo. Hurry and come get me.

I drove as fast as I could to Chris's place. When I drove up Chris was waiting on the porch and ran to my car. Get in I said and Chris hopped in my car and we took off for Nate's apartment not knowing what we would find. God I hope Nate wasn't hurt. I know he's upset but to not want to see me is horrible. Chris new I was worried and he kept assuring me that everything would be ok and there is a reason why Nate reacted this way. Shit, my eyes started to water and Chris saw a tear run down my check. He gently squeezed my neck. Hey its gonna be ok Geo. Trust me everything will be ok. God Chris I never expected this at all. Not from Nate. I understand Geo but he's upset. He's reacting to something. Who knows maybe he's trying to protect you from something.

We pulled into the parking lot at Nate's complex and ran to his apartment. We could see the door was jimmied but it was locked. I pounded on the door. Nate, its Geo please open the door and let me in. Please Nate I begged. Nate opened the door with the security chain still in place. Geo I told you I don't want you here and I can't see you again. Please leave Geo just leave. Nate please let me in I cried. No just leave me alone. Nate, its Chris, would you please open this door and let us in? Why are you here Chris he yelled. Because you are my brother thats why and I love you. Now open the door Nate. Just go away Chris, both of you please just go. Nate, open the door! Chris demanded. This is no time to be stubborn. Nate! he yelled as he pounded on the door. Go away Chris and take Geo with you.

Nate I screamed open this fucking door now or I'm going to kick it in. I could hear Nate crying a bit. No Geo I won't and please don't kick in the door. Just leave like I asked you too. Trust me its for your own good. Nate I'm not leaving so you better open this door. You know I can bust down this door with one good kick. Nate open the fucking door now I demanded. I just want to make sure you are ok, thats all. Then I'll leave. I promise. Nate, please I love you and I know you love me. Please Nate open the door.

Finally Nate opened the door and let us in. I grabbed Nate and held him in my arms. Nate held onto me and buried his face in my chest. Its ok Nate I'm here, Chris is here as well. Holy shit what happened Chris said. Nate take a look at this Chris said. I looked around and the place was a mess. Everything was thrown around. I mean everything was broken and in shambles. I went towards the bedroom but Nate stopped me. Geo you don't want to go in there Nate said. I didn't listen and opened his bedroom door. Nate please don't he begged. I opened the door. Oh my god, no wonder he didn't want me here. Who ever broke in sprayed nasty racial words all over his bedroom walls. Faggot, Cocksucker, Nigger lover were in black. They destroyed his bedroom. Die Faggots was sprayed on the ceiling above his bed.

Nate came over and stood with me hanging his head. That's why I didn't want you here, I didn't want you to have to see this shit. What the fuck Chris yelled when he saw what had happened. Who the fuck would do something like this? I was stunned. Racist pigs did this Chris. Stupid morons. How could anyone do this to Nate, much less to anyone. I could feel my blood starting to boil. I took Nate by the arm and pulled him out the bedroom. Look Nate, this is not your fault and you don't need to protect me from anything. Nate just looked at me. I'm sorry he replied. I just didn't want you to see this stuff. I know and I appreciate that but what hurts you hurts me I said as I pulled him close.

Nate, have you called the police yet Chris asked. No not yet Nate replied. Ok I'm calling them. Chris called the police and they arrived in seconds. Both officers walked in and even they were stunned at the damage and what was sprayed on the walls. Guys I hate to tell you this but this is the 3rd time in the last week that this has happened in this part of the city. We don't know who's doing it but we will get them soon. It seems that someone is targeting gay men the officer said. Not only is this against the law for breaking in, its just wrong. This is a hate crime and will be treated as such.

The officer talked with Nate and suggested that he not stay in the apartment for the next few days because they didn't want the intruder to come back which would be worse, plus they police needed to go thru the apartment to investigate. I looked at Nate, He's not coming back here anymore. Its not safe. Nate just looked at me but didn't say anything.

Nate asked the police if he could take a few thing with him. Yes you can take some clothes and personal items that you will need but thats it. We will call you when you can come back. Nate the officer said. I'm real sorry this happened to you and if there is anything you need please give us a call. We thanked the officers as they left.

Come on Nate lets get your things and get you out of here. Surprisingly Nate didn't argue. Chris and I helped him pack some clothes and personal items that he wanted. Nate was really shook up about the whole ordeal. Nate's bag was packed and I had to get him out of there fast.

Chris you can stay at my place tonight if thats ok with you. I want to get Nate home and settled. Sure thats fine Chris replied. I'll take you home tomorrow.    Here you can drive Nate

's car to my place. Nate looked at me but didn't say anything.

We drove back to my place but we didn't hardly talk at all on the way. Nate wasn't in any mood to talk. And I wasn't gonna force him to talk. When we got home I took Nate's bag and we walked in the house and Chris followed. Nate collapsed on the sofa in his favorite spot.

Hey Chris, here take my car and go get us a something to eat and some beer I said as I handed him my keys and some money. Oh and take your time I want to talk to Nate I whispered to him. Chris went over to Nate and knelt in front of him and gave him a hug. I love you big brother and I'm sorry this happened to you. I'll be back ok? I love you too Chris he replied. Thanks for being there for me. I'll see you in a little while. You and Geo need to some alone time. He loves you Nate, Chris said with a smile. Nate just looked at Chris and said I know he does. I love him too. Chris smiled and left.

After Chris left I went and sat next to Nate and leaned up against him. My hands were fumbling and I was looking for something to say. Nate started to say something but I could tell he was nervous. Look Geo, I'm, I'm sorry for what I said on the phone to you. I, um just didn't want you to see those words spray painted on the wall. And I thought it would be best if we didn't see each other. I was so shocked at what happened. Nate looked up at me. So do you really want to end this I asked? Nate shook his head no, I don't want this to end ever. I'm sorry Geo. Hey there is nothing to be sorry about. I knew you were reacting to the break in and I understand why. But please I only ask one thing. Nate looked at me, Please don't ever try to shut me out of anything. That's all I ask. No matter how bad you think it is, don't shut me out. I smiled at Nate and finally I got a smile out of him. Come here I said as I pulled him to me. Man I'm sorry I ruined dinner tonight Nate said. Ok you need to stop apologizing you didn't ruin anything, those asshole that broke into your apartment ruined it. Well not really I said. We need to talk about something. I had the box with the key next me on the sofa. I handed it to Nate. Go ahead and open it I said with a smile. Nate just looked at me. What is it he asked. Open it I replied. Nate opened it and took out the key. Its a key he said. Yes it is a key. Its a key to my place. I had planned to give it to you at dinner but now is the perfect time. So umm whats this all about he asked me. I want you to move in with me Nate. And after what happened today I'm not taking no for an answer. I also know your lease is up and I don't want you living there anymore. So what do you say? Are you ready for the next step with me? So you really want me to move in with he replied? I just shook my head and smiled. Nate, you can be so damn stubborn sometimes. Not all the time but sometimes. YES I want you to move in with me for god's sake. If I didn't I wouldn't have given you a key. You really love me that much? I shook my head again, Yes I love you that much dumb ass. What part of I love you don't you get? I crawled on top of him and kissed him and grabbed his sides and tickled him hard. Say yes or I won't stop. Say it Nate. Tell me you love me and want to move in with me. Say I said as I tickled him more. Yes yes I love you and want to move in with you he screamed. I tickled him again, you mean it? Yes I mean he squirmed. Stop I can't take it anymore. Nate put his arms around me and pulled me down on top of him. I really love you Nate, more than you know and more than I can put into words. I um I love you too Geo and I um don't know what to say right now. You don't have to say anything I said as I kissed him. Nate's tongue shot into my mouth like a bullet. Man I love when he does that, it gives me an instant hard on. We made out for a while and both of us were getting ready to rip each others clothes off. Chris opened the door with the food and beer.

Hey guys it looks like I interrupted something. Yea Chris you did as we laughed. Chris walked over to the sofa and we grabbed him and pulled him down on the sofa and hugged him and smothered him with kisses. Chris started screaming and tried to get away. Ahh Chris we love you Nate said. Yea but do you need to hug and kiss me all the time. Yes we do I said. And we know you love it I said with a wink. I love you both Chris replied. And I'm so glad you to are ok. Yea we are ok Nate said. Hey look what Geo gave me when you were gone. Chris looked at the key. So does this mean you are moving in with Geo? Yes he is I said. And as soon as possible. That's great Chris replied. I'm so happy for you and I know Nate will be safe here with you. You too are so lucky to have each other Chris said with a sadness in his eyes as he leaned back on the sofa. I hope I find someone and be happy like you two are. Nate put is arm around Chris. You will one day Chris and it will be worth the wait. Nate I mean just like you and Geo. Nate looked at Chris, Wait what do you mean like me and Geo? I was in the kitchen but I could hear everything. Oh Nate, have you ever known me to have a girlfriend or even a date with a girl? No but I thought you just liked your privacy and it was non of my business. You know I don't pry. Yea I know you don't and I appreciate that but your my big brother and sometimes I wish you would pry and ask me questions. So Chris what are you trying to tell me? I couldn't resist. Hey Nate I think your brother is trying to tell you he's queer and wants some black dick I yelled.

Chris was mortified and came after me. I couldn't help but laugh. Chris tried to tackle me but he was no match. You want some black dick Chris I teased. Shut up Geo he growled. Oh you want some black azz ? Nate was laughing and came into the kitchen. Ah Chris I figured you were gay but I didn't want to push the issue. But I think Geo is right you want some black dick. And with that Chris tackled Nate and they were both on the floor wrestling. What a site. Two grown brothers rolling around on the floor. Nate let Chris pin him down on his back and sat on top of him. Nate couldn't stop laughing at Chris and Chris acted like he was pissed but then he started laughing and let Nate up. You two are insane he laughed.

Hey Chris I can suggest a couple of my friends for you to meet if you like. No thanks Chris replied I can find them on my own. Yea how's that working for you Nate replied. Shut up Nate Chris replied. Oh come on it wouldn't hurt for you to meet some new people. And trust me Geo wouldn't match you up with an idiot. Seriously guys I'm fine. I just admire what you two have and one day I hope I get as lucky as you. Awww Chris you will I replied you will. Just give it some time. Your quite a bit younger than we are and I'm sure there is a great guy out there for you.

We ate dinner and Nate seemed to have calmed down quite a bit which was good. Nate and I had a long conversation about him moving in with me. We decided that he wouldn't be going back to his apartment other than to pack things up. His lease was up at the end of the month anyway to it didn't really matter. I am really excited about him moving in and taking our relationship to the next level. So is Nate and I knew he meant it because his eyes lit up when we talked about it. After we talked it was time for bed. It had been a very long afternoon and evening and both of us we beat. Chris was already asleep in the guest room because we could hear him snoring.

While we were laying in bed I asked Nate if we should have a little party when he moved in. I'd really like for you to meet some of my good friends and you should invite yours as well. Nate agreed that it was a good idea. We both thought it might be good to invite some of our single friends that Chris doesn't know that are close to his age. People that he might be interested in and they might be interested in him as well. But we wouldn't tell Chris which we knew he wouldn't show up if he knew what we were up to. Both of us laughed at that. You know Nate, I'd like to invite my friend Rob. You remember him? Of course I do, he's the tall well built guy you introduced me to at the gym. Yea that's him. He's Chris's age and I just think those two just might hit it off. Ok cool. I guess we have a party to plan but for now. Lets just get some sleep. I kissed Nate good night and pulled him into me and spooned with him all night. Damn my dick was getting hard and Nate maneuvered himself so my cock was resting in his ass crack. You fucker I whispered in his ear. How am I to sleep now? That's your problem he laughed. Just wait till morning I replied.

So I'm always good on my word and I couldn't resist Nate when I woke up. There he was laying sprawled out naked in my bed. My lust for him intensified by the second. My cock was rock hard and I was stroking it. Leaking pre cum up and down my shaft. Damn I couldn't take it any longer. I aimed my cock head at the entrance to his body and teased him a bit. Nate didn't move or make a sound. That boy was still sound asleep but not for long. My pre cum was dripping on his hole. Mmmm I want him so badly I thought to myself. Gently I eased my cock slowly into him. Fuck he feels so good. My cock slid into him easily and right then Nate woke up. What the fuck he groaned. By then I was deep inside of him balls deep. Aww fuck Geo he cried out. Hey I told you I was gonna get you this morning. Its my way of saying good morning I whispered. I began fucking him gently and Nate was wide awake by now. He was bucking under me taking my cock like he wanted it. He loved it when I cork screw his hole and this morning was not different. I knew I hit his love nut when he threw his head back. Nate began to moan and groan loudly so I had to cover his mouth because Chris was in the guest room next us. It was no use. He was getting louder and louder and I knew he was close and so was I. Our bodies were like one big love machine and we both climaxed at the same time. We both lay there enjoying the morning orgasm. Geez Geo you could have warned me. I did last night remember? Yea I remember he grinned. Good morning handsome. We laid there for a while, but I had to take a piss. I crawled out of bed and took a piss. I opened the door and low and behold Chris was right there and he startled me. Oh um morning Chris I said. Well good morning Geo. Oh fuck I said, I'm sorry I should have put on my boxers. Chris laughed. Damn I guess that black myth is true he smirked. Omg god, not you too. Damn white boy I muttered. Chris left.

I went back and laid in bed with Nate who was dozing off again. All of a sudden Chris came in my room and hopped in bed with us. Nate woke up immediately. Chris you ass get out of our bed. Get out I yelled. Chris just laid there laughing. I have to admit it was quite funny. Both me and Nate were naked and there was Chris in the middle of us. Chris was still laughing and then he yelled what the fuck and he sat up. What the hell is that on my back? I looked at his back and then down on the sheets. Um Chris, I said as I started laughing. You, um you, just laid on a wet spot. What do you mean a wet spot. Nate was cracking up. You know a wet spot, like in a glob of cum. Shit he said as he jumped out the bed. You mean I laid on your cum? You sure did I replied. And its all my cum I laughed. Oh hell are you serious? Dammit why didn't you tell me there was a wet spot? Nate was laughing hysterically. Baby brother, thats what you get for jumping in our bed. You got the wet spot. Nate and I were laughing at Chris and he ran to the bathroom and took a shower. Oh my that was really funny I said. Yea it was Nate replied. Its never dull with Chris in the house. He's just crazy but a lot of fun. He sure is I replied. And by the way your brother knows about the black myth!!! Why what happened? Well when I opened the door to leave the bathroom, Chris was right there and I was naked and made a comment about the black myth. Oh my gawd, Geo, that is really funny. It sure has been crazy this morning.

During breakfast we harassed Chris relentlessly. We teased him about the wet spot and I made him explain about the black myth. Chris was so embarrassed but we all got a good laugh at his expense. After breakfast we took Chris home. On the way home we stopped and got some groceries and some things we needed for the house.

Back at home we made out a list of who we wanted to invite to the party and we set a date and wrote out the invitations. The party is in two weeks. Looks like there will be about 20 people at the party. We mailed out the invitations later that day. Hopefully everyone can make it to the party. Especially Rob. It would be great if Chris and Rob hit it off. Even though Chris is crazy. He's a lot of fun and quite good looking. We can't figure out why someone hasn't scooped him up. Maybe he hasn't met the right guy yet.



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