My buddy and I had been best friends ever since I could remember. We had done everything together since were little and we had still done those things before we graduated high school. Our families had been very close so we grew up like brothers like family. Now, after four years of separation, we couldn't wait to see each other again. I was kind of afraid and anxious that we wouldn't be as close anymore. We hadn't seen each other in our whole four years of college because we applied in universities that were worlds apart. I had just recently broken up with my girl friend because I had found her in the throes of passion with another man. For me, it had been a big blow in the ego department because that only meant that I hadn't had satisfied her enough to keep her from looking for others who could pleasure her more. I quickly pushed the thought away because I was now waiting for my best bud at a local coffee shop where we had used to go all the time. And I didn't want to be bitter in front of him. 'Hey!' someone touched my shoulder and I jumped. I was speechless for a moment because he was so different now. He had used to be skinny and now wow he was fucking built like an athlete. He was lean and you could see the bulging muscles rippling under his tight, white shirt. 'You look so different,' 'Yeah,' he said while taking the seat in front of me. 'I didn't have anything better to do than work out and go the gym.' 'You certainly look good,' I was glad that he seemed to be like my old buddy in a new hot body. 'You, too,' It had been a must to work out when I had been in college because it had been a battle of survival there; the strong had pounced on the weakest. And it had also helped me to score a lot of lay. So I really had enjoyed chiseling my body. 'It's for the ladies,' I joked, but it was half-true. He laughed and I joined in. It was really good to laugh with him again. I couldn't help but notice all of his improvements. He was taller than I had last seen him. His face was more defined; manlier. His shoulders were wider and certainly more muscular; also his chest. And I also couldn't keep my mind when I saw his bulge earlier. It was practically bursting out of his tight jeans. We had had jack off sessions when we were younger but I hadn't paid any much attention to his tool then. So I guessed that four years was really a long time. I felt like I was with someone new but also felt like I'd known him for all of my life which was pretty much true. 'So,' he drawled while sipping his mocha frappe. 'Who's the lucky lady?' 'What lucky lady?' I asked, dumbfounded. 'You're single?' his eyes widened in disbelief. 'Oh, that.' I was suddenly glum. 'I've just ended up things with her.' 'Why?' There was pure and sincere concern in his tone. 'I found him in bed with another man,' I gave him a play by play of what had happened between me and my ex. He patiently took it all in. He didn't even give comment when I was being bitter and pathetic. 'Come on,' he said while getting up and paying our bill. 'We gotta get you drunk.' There was still some sun in the sky but we found a nice place to drink. He kept the shots and beer coming and I gladly drank it; we were getting pretty hammered and my head was starting to spin in a very nauseating manner. The drinks kept on coming even though we were both very, very, very drunk. I felt my stomach churn and I also felt something coming back up. I told him that I couldn't drink anymore so he took me to a cab. I was past noticing what was happening around me and I didn't know where we were going. The taxi stopped in front of a huge building and I realized where we were. He had mentioned it to me that he bought an apartment for himself because his job was near in the area. He hoisted me up and practically dragged me to get me to the elevator. I leaned on him because I wasn't sober enough to not fall when standing alone. I put my hand on his chest and I could feel the rippling muscles beneath, struggling to keep me upright. Alcohol plus heartbreak had always equaled to horniness. I was definitely feeling hot and bothered I didn't know if it was because I was drunk or because of my hunk of a best friend. Whoa! I shouldn't be feeling horny and lusting towards my best bud. That would be just wrong. But my mind wasn't working right, right now. I was buzzed and feeling dizzy and I didn't know what I was doing. Maybe that could be my excuse. Oh fuck! My hand fell down from his chest and brushed his bulge. It shouldn't feel like anything but it definitely had felt something. My own cock was rapidly growing and I could feel my jeans tighten. We were still at the elevator and I just pretended that I was so drunk I couldn't even lift my head. I couldn't see his expression so I was nervous all the way up to his unit. He dragged me again when we got out and searched for his keys in his pocket. The back of his hand gently brushed my painful, straining erection and it felt like heaven but added to the pain that was bordering to pleasure. I felt him stiffen for a second but he continued to search for his keys. He opened the door to his apartment unit and again dragged me inside. He laid me down on his couch and left the room. He returned with a wet towel and wiped my face with it. I shivered as the ice cold moisture touched my fame. Then, the lurching feeling returned and I suddenly puked all over the place. His shirt was all covered with vomit and so was mine. A few blotches reached his jeans because he was crouched down beside me. 'Awe, this is a nice shirt,' I heard him say but I couldn't quite make out his facial expression. 'Come on, big boy; time to get cleaned up.' 'I can clean myself,' I said as he was stripping me of my clothes when we got to the bathroom. It was just an excuse but I was really excited that he was doing this to me and I didn't know why. 'I can't have you bumping your head in the tub and dying here,' he said humorously. 'What would I tell your mom or the police?' ''Kay,' I managed to say when the nausea returned thank god, no vomit this time. He was now undoing my belt buckle when I realized that I still had a major boner. I tried to stop him but he continued. 'I've seen you with an erection before,' he said, and then completely ridding me of my jeans until all that was left was my boxer-briefs which was tented by me hugely and painful arousal. 'Wow,' I thought I heard him say when he was removing my underwear. Or maybe I was just hallucinating. Maybe, but I didn't think so. I felt his hands curled around my thick shaft and gently stroked it. I gave out a low moan and he squeezed harder. 'Wh. . . What . . . Are . . . you ' I was struggling to speak because he was expertly massaging my dick. 'Shh,' He whispered at my ear. 'Don't worry; I'll take care of you.' His hands moved faster and his lips found mine. Without any conscious though, I opened my mouth for him and I started to unbutton his puke-encrusted shirt. The sight of his body was glorifying; he still had his pants on but it was enough for anyone to drool over him. I unbuckled his belt and hastily revealed his soft cock. Man, it was big. I wasn't a good judge in size but I had the instinct that it was enormous and that I should be afraid of it. I grabbed his intimidating organ and pulled his foreskin to reveal his broad head. I started stroking him and he slowly came to life. If I was intimidated when he was still soft, well, I was more intimidated now god, he was huge! I instantly regretted that I hadn't paid any attention at all to his dick when we were jerking off when we had been younger. I didn't know what was going on now but I was in pure and total bliss. I knew it for a fact that we were both straight but this felt so good that I didn't care if this was kind of gay. I didn't care about anything but how his cock felt against my hand and how my cock felt against his hand. I simply just let myself bask in the glory of another man's tool on my hands not just any man's but my best friend's. I was high with it. His kisses trailed down from my lips to my neck, sucking at the beating pulse. He continued his journey down, to my hard nipples, licking them one by one; it felt great and my cock got impossibly harder. He rubbed the overflowing pre-come on my head as he continued to caress my thick and long pole and he soon pulled at my balls which heightened my already soaring pleasure. His kissed dipped even lower, down to my flat stomach, circling my belly button with his tongue; my nerve endings seemed to be on fire. I held my breath in the anticipation of what he was going to do next. I felt his hot and velvet tongue licked the head of my cock. My tool jerked and my balls retracted; I almost came right then. The pleasure was too much and I nearly fainted when he took my cock whole in his mouth. It was simply divine. His head bobbed up and down, sucking and licking all the time. The drunken nausea I was feeling was replaced by a different kind of dizziness a dizziness that was caused by pure carnal pleasure. His tongue and throat combination was so exquisite that I couldn't hold on any longer. I grunted and my hips bucked as I shot my pearlescent love juice inside his mouth and at the back of his throat. He swallowed all of my sweet nectar not even a drop spilt. I humped his mouth as he continued to suck my softening cock and licked it clean. He stood up and kissed me, open-mouthed; I could taste my own come and I suddenly became hard again. The knowledge of my own bodily fluid inside his mouth and inside his body aroused me to hell. I liked the inside of his mouth, savoring the taste of my own come before going down on him. It was my first time but I was feeling confident; I felt that I could make him crazy with my mouth. And I also wanted to taste and swallow his come; the idea made me extra hot and extra bothered. I licked his perfectly mushroomed head and I could taste the salty thick, transparent sap that was oozing from his slit. I curled my tongue on the ridges of his helmet of a head and under it; he gave out a guttural moan that made me sure he was enjoying every bit of what I did to him. I took some more of his shaft, sucking while sliding his satin covered steel giant rod; I gagged and it wasn't even all of him inside my mouth. I had about more than half of it. I fought the gag reflex and pushed his throbbing member all the way back at my throat, swallowing as I did so. His moans got louder and his hips started to move a little. The feeling of engorged tissue sliding over my tongue was almost to die for. My cock got ever so hard and painful with need every time I sucked thick dick. I could feel his head clicking past my tonsils and I could take more of him every time I pulled out. I looked into his eyes and I only saw one thing; pure adulterated lust. It made me horny to see him horny so I gave my best to suck him better. He grabbed my hair and pulled the roots it was painful but the sensation that his hard cock brought me overpowered it. I took him deep, almost swallowing all of his long and thick arousal almost, but not quite; I still had an inch or so but it fully filled my mouth and made it impossible for me to take him deeper in my throat. With one thrust of his hip, all of his juicy length pushed inside my mouth and I almost died of bliss. I could feel his cock getting impossibly thicker as his knees buckled and he shot his warm salty nectar at the back of my throat. I never saw or felt an ejaculation that hard, and that volume. My mouth overflowed with his thick and copious come, dripping down my chin and to my chest. He withdrew and when his broad head was finally out of my mouth, he shot again his load which seemed to coat all of my face. The smell of his come was amazing. It drove me crazy. He bent down and licked my face, swallowing his own come then kissed me again with such carnal passion I almost wept. He rubbed his hand on my chest, scooping his come then coating my cock with it. His come on my cock took me again to another level of ecstasy that I almost came with one single touch. He bent over, his knees spread wide and he grabbed the edge of the bathtub. 'Put your cock in me,' He rasped. 'I wanna feel you inside me. I've waited for this moment for so long.' There were tears in his eyes, which made my eyes teary, too, in the realization that I had always loved him but were too blind to see it. 'I love you,' I felt like I needed to say it. I had loved him all along and I hadn't even realized that I was madly in love with him. This act of lust just turned into a deeper act of true love. 'I love you, too,' he said as he urged his butt on my cock. I positioned myself so we both felt comfortable. I guided my slick, throbbing dick in his tight puckered hole. I pushed a little and his hole just seemed to eat me; my head slid in without struggle and soon followed by my shaft. I was buried to the hilt inside him although I wasn't as big as him, I was still well endowed. It made me wonder how his tight hole could manage to sheath my dick just like that. I begun a slow and rhythmical thrust; pulling out until only my head was buried in him then plunging again slowly, balls deep. We were moaning and groaning like there was no tomorrow. I quickened my pace which made us moan louder. I cupped the head of his cock and slowly circled it with my palm, gliding on a circular motion. His hips met my thrusts and I could feel him tighten, my dick brushing against his prostrate. He groaned and thrashed wildly when I felt a hot, thick liquid squirted on my palm; he came by just me fucking him in the ass. It was so enticing that I soon humped wildly and shot loads after load of come in his hole. I could see some of my come spilling out of his hole, around my dick. I withdrew my still hard member and licked his ass clean of my come, and I also licked my hand with his come and I turned him over to spit it in his mouth. He gladly took our come concoction and boldly swallowed it. I sucked his cock until it was on full mast again; then grabbed a bottle of lotion and rubbed a generous amount of it on his huge, jutting arousal. He lied on the bathroom floor while I straddled him and lowered my ass hole on his very intimidating cock. I felt the head made contact of my virgin ass and it hurt a lot. My hole contracted around his mushroomed head, forcing the invasion out. I let myself relax for a bit then continued to slide his length inside me. Even though I took him millimeter by millimeter, it still hurt like hell and I stifled a gasp when his hips thrust upward, burying his full length of cock inside me. His member hit something inside me and it nearly took away my breath and took away the pain. I rubbed his head on it and I could feel my seed already boiling in my sac. I moved my hips up and down until I was out of control with pleasure. Soon enough, he grabbed me by the hips and raised me a little; he pumped and pumped until he was the one controlling the rhythm. Every time his cock moved inside me, it brushed on that sweet spot and I felt myself buckling for the oncoming onslaught of wild orgasm. He thrust harder and harder until I was out of it. I let myself be taken by the sweet pleasure and my cock erupted like a geyser, spurting come all over his face and chest. I scooped one drop of my come on his face and put it in his mouth. He sucked my finger which made me come again impossible as it may seemed. With one last thrust, he groaned and he spilled his seed inside me; I could feel the hot juice trickle out of my ass and into his cock and balls. I mounted off of him and kissed him again. We were locked together in passion that it took us a few minutes to disengage. We showered and cleaned ourselves although I didn't mind smelling our come mixed together. I had moved in together with him and we had made love every night and every time we had felt like doing it. We had kept our relationship a secret because we had no idea how would our families take it. We had found fulfillment in each other. Who knew that my best buddy would be my best fuck buddy? Note: the title 'Migliori Amici per Vita' is an Italian phrase, the direct translation of it in English is 'Best Friends for Life'




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