I had never really thought about what would sex feel like with another man. I had always been straight but I was now curious to find out what it would feel like. And it was for the sake of experience.

I was twenty four years old and had just gotten out of a damned college which I was sure that would be pretty useless in the future. I had my fair share of jerk-off sessions when I was younger but I hadn't really thought about it in a homosexual way. I had my share of pussies in the past but now I realized that I hadn't really enjoyed myself then.

It was midnight and I was waiting for a bus when I met someone - someone that changed my whole view on sex. He was tall - I wasn't a good judge of height - with short and had a nice clean looking dark blond hair, and he had a very, very sexy looking, thin five o'clock shadow. He had a nice body; he was wearing a tight shirt which made his muscular body noticeable. I was already staring at him but his upper body was so inviting I couldn't help myself to look down below.

The bulge that was ridged on his tight jeans was unbelievable; it was huge and very intimidating.

'You waitin' for the bus, too?' he drawled and I immediately had goose bumps by just hearing his husky voice.

'Yeah,' I was feeling my face being pumped with blood. I was blushing and it was all this hunk of a man's fault.

Thank god. The bus finally came right after I spoke. We boarded in and by some wicked fate; there were only two seats left. I took the seat beside the window - it was an excuse not to look at him - and he took the seat next to mine. It was really weird that a bus would be full at this time of the night.

He talked me when the bus moved; asking questions about me and everything under the sun. I really found him interesting. He was a musician (violinist) - which made me think of fate again, because I was a musician (also a violinist), too. When I told him that; he immediately took out his phone and asked for my number. I was glad that he did that because I was looking for a partner. I wanted to play a duet since forever.

A few weeks after the incident, he called me and asked if we could meet and said to bring my instrument. He wanted to play a piece that required two violins. I was going to call him eventually but I just hadn't had the time to.

I was so excited that I whirled all over my apartment trying to find something to wear. I was walking towards our meeting place when I stopped at my track. He was even more amazing than ever. He was wearing a white, tight fitted shirt and black slacks that molded over the contours of his lower boy, highlighting his groin.

I jogged towards him and he met me half way.

'Hi,' his smile was heartbreaking. 'I tried to book a studio but I can't seem to find any. But I got a small space in my house that has great acoustics.'

'It's okay, as long as we can play,' I was ecstatic at the thought. This was only the second time that we saw each other and he was already inviting me in his house - I know, it wasn't the same reason but, hey, a guy could dream right?

His house was alright looking. The inside was alright, too. I wasn't picky with furniture so any surface that you could sit on was okay for me. He led me upstairs to his room. I was about to ask when he entered a door inside his room. He motioned me to follow him and so I did.

It was a standard studio booth size; wide enough for three persons - and wide enough for some hot, steamy love making. I flushed at the unbidden thought.

We played for hours until we were sweating like pigs. I hadn't had had that feeling for a very long time so it gave me a spiritual boner and an almost physical boner. Playing with him was just amazing.

We decided to have a break and have some drinks to cool ourselves. We were laughing out loud at his kitchen and I found it very intimate. We decided to return to practicing after a bottle or two of beer each. I was a little light headed because of alcohol - I wasn't a big drinker. Our playing got sloppy and we found ourselves a little tipsy.

We put our instrument aside and we just talked. As usual, all guy conversations always included sex.

'Have you ever got a blow job from a guy?' he asked.

'No,' I was past conscious of what I was saying at this point. 'You?'

'Fuck, yeah,' he grinned. 'And it feels great.'

The alcohol in my body seemed to have doubled. I was even drunker after his statement. He crept to my side and I could feel his hand massaging y soft cock through my jeans.

'What are you doing?' I asked but didn't sound shocked at all.

'I'm letting you know how it feels.' With that, he unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my pants. His hands felt so fucking amazing and I instantly grew a hard-on. I was well hung and my throbbing dick started to hurt, straining to break free from the confines of my tight jeans. He opened my zipper and took my cock out from the slit of my boxers. It was definitely sexy as hell watching him handle my huge cock. With no warning or what so ever, he dipped his head and took my cock whole in his mouth. I gasped at the sudden burst of pleasure and heat. My past girlfriends couldn't swallow my cock whole; they had said that it was too big. But this man definitely knows how to give head.

His hand caressed my balls from through the think material of my boxers and his other hand slid under my shirt to massage my pectorals. I grabbed his head because his hair was so short I didn't have anything to grab. His head kept bobbing my cock and I could feel my orgasm fast and coming and with a nasty bite of pure carnal pleasure. I stopped him and told him I was coming and that I wanted to prolong it.

I stood up to get completely naked and he did the same. The sight of him with clothes on was hot but without them, he was just magnificent. His muscles rippling under his skin took my breath away. And his long and thick, concrete-hard cock was very desirable - and edible.

I came closer to him to touch his pole only to find myself automatically kneeling in front of him. I licked the precum that was oozing from his slit; it tasted sweet and salty and I found myself raving for more. I took his head in my mouth and the sensation overwhelmed me. The feeling of hard but soft flesh on my mouth and sliding on my tongue was enough to get me crazy. I took half of his cock in my mouth and I could already feel gagging. He was just so big.

I played with his head with my tongue, liking and sucking which made him moan and hump my mouth a little. I was really getting the hang of it. I played with his nuts and gave them a little lick and I continued to suck his monstrous cock. His cock was just so fascinating. And I couldn't get enough of it.

Almost like a pre-emptive strike, he shot his load on my throat. I tried to pull back but he held my head in place, fucking my mouth.

'Drink it,' he rasped.

I hesitated but I forced myself to swallow with his cock still inside my mouth. He gave a guttural groan which made me want to swallow his cock more. I cleaned his cock with my tongue until he was limp and soft. I stood up and he kissed me open-mouthed. He licked the remnants of his own come in my mouth and I could feel his cock already growing against my hard cock.

'Fuck me,' he whispered while he was nibbling on my ear lobes.

My eyes widened with excitement because I had never fucked anyone in the ass before. Not even my exes'.

He led to back to his room ad grabbed a bottle of lubricant from his bedside drawer. He squeezed a generous amount on his hands and rubbed it on my cock. The cold gel was enticing against my hot cock. He squeezed some more and he propped himself on his back, his legs circling my waist. He rubbed his ass with the lube and grabbed my cock, pointing it to his hole. He rocked towards me and my broad head slipped into his tight, heated hole.

It was fucking amazing. He was so tight and hot. I thrust myself slowly and he withered. When my cock was fully inside him I felt his muscled tighten and gave my cock a hot squeeze. My balls were touching his ass and I could feel the slick, cold gel that was flowing from his hole. I withdrew until it was just my head inside him and thrust harder. He gasped and I asked him if I had hurt him but he just shook his head. His hips met my thrusts and I was feeling wild again. I grabbed his cock and stroke it vigorously with my hand. We were moaning like there was no tomorrow and I was humping him like a caveman.

I could feel my orgasm coming and this time I didn't want to stop it. My thrusts grew faster and harder and with one last hum, I unloaded my come inside his tight ass. I almost screamed with the sheer pleasure of my orgasm. It was the strongest one that I ever had. And it was with this beautiful guy. I took out my limping cock out of his ass and I saw my own come running down his hole. Without conscious thought, I dipped my head to lick my own come. It tasted different from his but it had the same flavor.

I worked my way up his balls and to his cock. I just couldn't get enough of his cock. I slid two fingers inside his ass and I could feel the slickness of the lube-and-come mixture inside. I took his cock deep in my throat and bobbed my head. Sucking like there was not tomorrow. Just as I started to move my fingers in his hole, he thrashed wildly and squirted semen on my mouth; this time I happily drank it.

We got cleaned up and took a shower together. This time he sucked my cock until I came into his mouth. The sight of my cock disappearing in his mouth was sexy as hell.

I got myself a good music partner my first boyfriend all in just one day. Fate sure did know how to bring people together. . .



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