It was early on a Saturday morning.  As I sat on my front patio in the apartment complex, I saw a U-Haul truck pull up and two hot muscular studs get out and begin walking toward me.  They turned onto the patio of the apartment next to me.  My heart raced as I checked out their muscular bodies and of course the crotch of each of them.  I would love to have either of them as my neighbor.  both were in their mid-twenties, one had dark brown hair and the other was blond.  Each work shorts, which showed off their hot muscular asses, and tank tops.   The dark haired stud also revealed a nice collection of dark brown hair on his chest . Glancing toward me, they both nodded and said "Morning."

The dark  haired stud reached into his pocket and after pulling out a set of keys, began to unlock the door.   My heart beat wildly knowing which one was going to be my neighbor.  His apartment was exactly like mine only in reverse.  With our bathroom being separated only by a wall, I would be able to hear him when he showered.

When they returned to the porch, I stood and introduced myself. 

Offering my hand, I said "Welcome to the neighborhood. I'm Mark Stevens."

The dark haired guy reached for my hand and said, "Thanks. I'm Clint Cook, and this is Brad Thomas, a coworker of mine."

"I've got a pot of fresh coffee ready if you would care for a cup before you get started."

They both accepted and as we drank, Clint questioned me about the singles activities at the complex.  That immediately told me that he was single.  They finished their coffee and began unloading the truck.  After a short while, I left and went to the store and picked up the makings for sandwiches and a case of cold beer.

After returning home and carrying the groceries into my apartment, I took three beers to my patio and when they emerged from Clint's apartment I held up two of them and asked, "Ready for a break?"

"Fuck, I wish I had a neighbor like you," Brad said, reaching for a beer. Clint also reached for his, smiling at Brad's statement. 

"Just so you know, when lunch rolls around I've got all the makings for sandwiches, and more cold beer."

By lunch, the truck was empty and  Brad had helped Clint place his furniture and set up his bed. I invited them into my place and led them to the table.  After fixing their lunch, I led them to the living room to eat and prepared mine.  They both put away two sandwiches but Brad held off drinking more beer.

Clint looked at me and said, "He has to work tomorrow, but I'm on a weeks vacation so I'll drink his share." I laughed as I handed him another.

Before long, Brad had left and before Clint headed for his apartment, he asked about the neighbors.

"Everyone in this area minds their own business and it is very quiet," I said.  "The older lady that lives across the walk has to use a walker.  It's hard for her to get out and walk her small dog, so on weekends and at night I do it for her. She will fix cookies or bake pies and give them to me as a thank you. I'm surprised I'm not as big as a house."

He returned to his apartment and I went inside and cleaned up the kitchen.  I knew I had to find a way to seduce Clint and get his cock in my mouth or up my ass.

Sunday, I was at the apartment pool when Cling came walking up and took the lounge next to me.  He removed his shirt and it was all I could do to conceal my gasp when I saw his upper torso.  As expected, his chest was covered with a nice, but not thick , coating of dark brown hair over huge muscular pecs.  He was a vision of a Greek God.

Just as he headed back to his apartment, he turned to me and asked, "Mark, do you have pans for tonight?"

"No, why?"

"Be ready about six.  I'm taking you to dinner in return for your hospitality."

"That's not necessary," I said.

"Maybe not, but I'm going to do it."

I was ready and we went to a nice seafood restaurant.  As we had pre-dinner cocktails, he asked what type work I did for a living.

"I'm head auditor for Baker Brothers Construction," I replied.  "What about you?"

Smiling, he said shyly, "You promise to keep this just between us?"

"Sure.  Is it that much of a secret?"

"In a way, yes. I'm with the city police department and work undercover in vice, so don't be shocked if you see someone strange looking walking out of my apartment.  I have loads of disguises."

"Holy fuck! I can't wait to see you come out."

We had a great dinner as he told me about some of his past undercover work. We headed home and I went to Mrs. Walker's apartment to get her dog for a walk. I took Cookie and headed for the grass area behind mine and Clint's apartments. Both of our bedroom windows overlooked the grassy area between the building and the solid wooden fence.

It was pitch dark and as I headed back to return Cookie, I glanced toward Clint's window.  the binds were not quite closed all the way and as I stepped closer, I could see his nude body as he came out of the bathroom.  His cock was uncut and hard and  appeared to be close to eight inches in length.

I froze where I was in awe.  he casually tossed his towel aside and after pulling back the covers on his bed, he lay down and reached for his hard cock and slowly began stroking it. After a moment, I unzipped my slacks and extracted my cock and joined him in jerking off.  If only I could get it in my mouth, I thought. Before long we both climaxed.

The next day, I came home to find maintenance in my apartment.  It seemed that Clint had experienced plumbing problems and to repair it they had to remove a small amount of the wall under the bath counter.  I soon realized that if I had the bath lights out and got on the floor under the counter, I could watch him in his shower and while standing at the counter.

I watched him shower every night and desperately wanted to suck him dry. I devised a plan and prayed it wouldn't land me in jail.

TO BE CONTINUED.............



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