From Part 1.......

I froze where I was in awe.  he casually tossed his towel aside and after pulling back the covers on his bed, he lay down and reached for his hard cock and slowly began stroking it. After a moment, I unzipped my slacks and extracted my cock and joined him in jerking off.  If only I could get it in my mouth, I thought. Before long we both climaxed.

The next day, I came home to find maintenance in my apartment.  It seemed that Clint had experienced plumbing problems and to repair it they had to remove a small amount of the wall under the bath counter.  I soon realized that if I had the bath lights out and got on the floor under the counter, I could watch him in his shower and while standing at the counter.

I watched him shower every night and desperately wanted to suck him dry. I devised a plan and prayed it wouldn't land me in jail.


Part 2............

Maintenance forgot to repair the holes they had created in fixing Clint's plumbing, I would secretly watch him shower every night through the hole.  His bed was positioned in just the right spot and whenever he lay down to jerk off, I had a perfect view.  Some nights I watched him through the hole and other nights it was from outside his window when I walked Cookie.

I had thought up a plan and decided to put it into action.  The last Saturday of his vacation, I invited him over for dinner. He arrived and as I prepared dinner, I made sure he had a beer in his hand. By the end of dinner, I could tell that his speech was becoming slightly slurred.

I directed our conversation towards sex, and eventually found out that while in the police academy, he had engaged in a three way with a fellow cadet and his wife. He said that the cadet's wife wanted to watch them suck each other but he refused. 

As the conversation continued, I casually let it 'slip' that I had just purchased a new porn video.  He laughed and I asked if he wanted to watch it.  Through slurred speech, he said "Sure."

I slipped the video into the player and got it started. Clint was seated on the sofa and I purposely sat just a few inches away from him.  As the action got hotter, I would see him occasionally adjust his crotch. When I would do the same, I could see him steal a glance.

Before long, it was fairly obvious that we were both boned.  Looking over at him, I said, "Hey man, we're both grown men and both need a release at times.  Personally, I see nothing wrong if guys jerk in front of each other so  if the need arises, feel free to take matters in hand."

"Uh, okay," he said.  After a couple of minutes, he was steadily rubbing his hard cock through his pants and looked at me and said "If you do it, I'll join you, but you have to promise not to tell anyone."

"Hell, man, what we do is no one else's business," I replied as I began to unbuckle my belt.  Seconds later, I was sliding my pants down to my ankles.  As I began taking them completely off, he began doing the same.  I watched as he slid his pants down then took them completely off.

Looking over at him, I said, "Hell, why not go all the way."  I quickly began removing my shirt.  A second later he did the same.

There we sat, two grown men watching porn, each one slowly stroking his own hard cock.  Suddenly the scene inn the movie showed a second man walking in and joining   the man and woman already in action.  He began to strip after they invited him to join them.

Once he was naked, he moved toward the bed, his hard cock pointing the way.  As he neared the bed, the woman reached out and grasp it and after pulling it toward her, she began sucking it. The man could be heard moaning softly.  After a few moments, the woman removed the cock from her mouth and pointed it at the man fucking her.  He smiled and quickly opened his mouth and took over sucking the second man.

"I've heard men can do that better than a woman can," Clint said casually.

"Yea, I've heard that for years," I replied, and a few years ago I found out that it is true."

Glancing over at me he said, "Are you fucking serious? You let a guy suck your cock?"

"Sure did," I replied casually.

"How the fuck did that come about?" he asked.

I began telling him about a co-worker telling me that his wife wanted me to fuck her and he asked if I wanted to join them in bed.  I said that I told him sure and that weekend I went to their place.  After fucking her we were having a beer and she began sucking my cock. I told him that after a few minutes she told her husband to finish me off, and he did.

"Shit man, he let you shoot in his mouth?"

"He sure did, then he kissed his wife and they shared it before both swallowed."

"Mother fuck!" he exclaimed. "Was he a better cock sucker than his wife?"

"Hell yea, way better," I replied.

"How did it feel seeing a guy sucking your cock?"

"It felt great," I said.  "You want to find out?"

I slowly went further with my plan and reached for his hard cock and soon had my hand around it, slowly stroking it. 

"You serious?" he asked.

I decided to show him.  I leaned over and slowly swallowed his rock hard cock and began deep throating it as he moaned in pure ecstasy.  After a moment, without stopping, I slowly slid off the sofa and got between his legs.  After I did, he slid lower on the sofa, giving me better access to his cock and balls.  I paused in my sucking of his cock and began sucking his balls. "OH FUCK YEA," he said.

I returned to his cock and took my time sucking him.  I could tell he was nearing his climax and I became more energetic in my work.  Moments later, he moaned loudly as his body shook violently and his cock spewed volley after huge volley into my mouth.  As I slowly drained his cock, he moaned softly.  Opening his eyes he watched me pull off his cock and swallow.

"Well?" I asked, looking up at him.

"Man, I can't believe I let you do that," he said, before adding, "I have to admit though, that was the most complete climax I have ever experienced. "

"What did you think of having a man sucking your cock?"

"I have to admit, it was the best I ever had."

"Well, just so you know, I totally enjoyed it myself.  I've wanted to do that since I met you the day you moved in, and anytime you would like it done again, just come on over. Any day and any time."

"For real?"

"Yes, for real."

I sat up some and leaned forward and quickly began sucking on his nipples, first on the right then on the left.  He moaned in pleasure again and said, "Damn, I never dreamed a man's nipples were that sensitive."

"There is a lot I could show you," I said with a devilish grin on my face.

He stood and began to dress and as he put his shirt on, he looked at me and said, "You plowed me with all that beer and the movie with all this in mind, didn't you?"

"I can't lie.  Yes I did."

"Well, it worked."

"Clint, I was serious.  Come over any time for a repeat.  Just tell me you want it or simply drop your pants.  And be assured that everything that happens here will stay just between me and you."

"Thanks," he said, "and as far as a repeat, we'll see," he said as he left.

I wondered what would happen to our friendship.

All during the following week, when we saw each other outside, he was very cordial and friendly.  It was as if the sex had never happened.  He even asked me to go with him to a benefit the following Saturday night. 

Upon returning home he invited me in for a beer. After handing me mine and setting his on the coffee table, he excused himself to use the bathroom.   When he returned, he was totally naked and his cock was sticking straight out.

"Join me if you want to," he said.  I quickly stripped and  as I sipped my beer he held his cock and said, "He needs some action."

I immediately went to work and sucked him dry.

After that night Clint would come over two or three times a week to get relief and I loved it. After a few weeks, he shocked me when he asked, "Do you like it in the ass?"

"Hell yes.  You want to fuck me tonight?"


Soon he was buried deep in my ass and we were both totally loving it.  I was on my back with my legs pulled up and he was facing me.  His face was getting close to mine and I had to react.  I quickly grabbed his cheeks and pulled him to me and began tongue kissing him.  After a slight  hesitation, he eagerly returned my kiss.  Moments later, his cock filled my hole with his huge load.

As he looked into my face, I said. "Man I loved that!"

"So did I," he replied, as he reached for my cock and began stroking me. it was the first time he had touched my cock since the night I had seduced him.

Then the shocker hit.  He suddenly leaned forward and took my cock in his mouth.  You could tell that it was his first time but it still felt awesome.n  I warned him when I neared my climax, but he refused to stop.  Moments later I climaxed into his mouth and watched as he milked me dry then swallowed.

"I can't believe that you swallowed on your first time," I said.

"Well, to be honest, the last few times I've jerked off, I've been tasting and eating my own to get used to it. "

"Pure protein," I replied.

Two to three times a week, Clint would visit me or I would visit him and we would either sixty-nine or he would fuck me then suck me off.  After a few months he asked me to fuck him.  I did and by the time I climaxed he was loving it.

It has been nine months since Clint moved in and  he has admitted to me that he now considers himself totally gay and has no interest in women. Many nights he will either stay over at my place or I'll stay with him.

Then, unexpectedly our secret was discovered.  I had stayed over at Clint's place one Saturday and while we were enjoying coffee, both totally naked after a morning sixty-nine.

Suddenly, there was a knock on his door.  Without thinking, he unlocked the door and cracked it open.  Suddenly, Brad, his fellow cop rushed in to tell him that they were needed at the station immediately. However seeing both of us nude, he froze.

He told Clint the problem and that he wanted to talk to us both later.  I followed Clint to the bedroom to dress and Clint confessed that he was scared Brad would go to the chief about what he found out.  I tried to calm him down.

They left to handle a bomb threat at a major hotel and of course, I was worried sick about Clint.  I had fallen deeply in love with him and hadn't had the nerve to tell him.

I went to my apartment and turned on the news and watch the special reports, getting a glimpse of Clint from time to time. After several hours, the news said that the situation was over.  I waited for Clint to arrive home.  While waiting, I got a short text from Clint that only said, 'He refuses to talk to me.' 

A few hours later, as I waited, there was a knock on my door. I knew that Brad had to be with him or he would have used his key.  Weeks before we had given each other a key to the others apartment.  I unlocked the door and Clint and Brad walked in. 

Brad looked at us and told us to sit down on the sofa.  We did and looked at Brad.

"First, to put you at ease,  I want you both to know that I do not plan on telling anyone what I saw.  I believe that a persons private life is just that, so don't worry.  Secondly, I'll probably shock the hell out of you, Clint, by saying that I have been wanting to be the one nude with you.  Am I right to assume that you two are having sex together?"

Clint looked at me then at Brad and said, "Yes, you're right, but only after I moved in did I have my first experience with another man and that was Mark."

"Clint, do you consider yourself bi or gay?" Brad asked.

"Totally gay," Clint replied.

"Well, so am I. I have been since my teens, and I have so wanted to get you in bed."

Clint looked at me then at Brad then back to me. "You want to?" he asked and I knew he was referring to a three way.

"Sure, but first I want to say something," I began. "Since our first sexual encounter, I have grown more and more in love with you.  You are my life now.  I don't know how you feel toward me but I would love for you to be my partner in life."

"I never ever dreamed that I would say I was in love with another man but I am and I would love nothing better that to be your life partner." He quickly pulled me to him and kissed me passionately.

After the kiss, he turned to Brad and said, "If you would like to join us in a three way, get out of that uniform.  We watched as Brad began rapidly undressing.




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