It was the best of times during my teen years, at least for me. I was full of energy, learning, experimenting with those things that would shape my life and make me what I am. I was really getting into life with full force.

I was just three months shy of eighteen when Mom and Dad told me that we were going to be going to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for our two weeks vacation this summer, I had heard of it, and really was anxious to go, but not for the reasons that others would be thinking, I remember looking at the brocheres, glaring at the hot young men in the pictures, so awesome looking, hot, sexy, and oh so desireable, I even took a few of my favorite ones to the bedroom and hid them in my night stand drawer and would use them for jerk off material after going up to bed.

Since I was almost eighteen and I am the only boy in our family, Mom, Dad, and two younger sisters, I would be the odd man out.

Well Dad asked me if I would like to have my Uncle Cliff (Dad's younger brother, whom I had the hots for since I had seen his cock at the shower room at the WMCA a couple years back)go with us so I would have some company.

He was really muscular built, handsome, hot, and like those guys in the brocheres very desireable, but I was a little gun shy of him, since I figured that a guy like him would be probably totally homophobic and out to murder any queer or faggot he ran across so I just kept my feelings and desires to myself.

Well we took off and had a good two day trip ahead of us, spending the night in a motel along the way.

We had left home early morning that first day, and gotten about 400 miles away from home.

Dad had bought one of those SUV's that had the third seat in the rear, so me and my uncle sat in the back seat and my little sisters rode in the rear seat.

We had pulled into a rest stop and decided to stretch our legs and Uncle Cliff, Dad and I went to drain the ole lizard, I noticed my Dads usually large cock, he told me one time it was almost nine inches, blowing piss like a race horse and Uncle Cliff was standing on the other side of me, I whipped my cock out,and noticed Uncle Cliff takeing a peak at it and when he noticed me looking at his, he just winked and smiled, now that was a shock.

I of course couldn't help myself but notice his thick gorgeous cock almost hard as he stood there pissing. I wanted to feel that awesome thing.

We finished up and got back into the old car it was almost dark when Uncle Cliff dozed off laying his head over on my shoulder and I was within reach of his manhood. I lightly reached over thinking he was asleep, and slid my hand up against his crotch and I felt his spongy, thick cock thru his shorts, I almost swallowed my tongue.

I had played with it about four minutes when I felt it begin to move, god it was exciting, it was now dark, and his cock was getting hard, I was massaging its fantastic length and thickness thru his pants when I looked up and noticed his w eyes were opened and he was looking at me, he smiled and winked, but he wasn't doing anything about stopping me, actually he readjusted his body and spread his legs to allow me better access to his cock, and put his hands behind his head and licked his lips.

Every so often he would flex his sphincter muscle and his cock would swell out and lurch upward a little, and he would smile as he did that.

ABout that time My Dad pulled into the Motel driveway and decided to get a good nights sleep, he went in and came out with two keys.

'Hey Ken, I hope you wont mind sleeping in a bed with Cliff, I got two rooms. One for your Mother and me and your sisters, and one for you boys, gives you more privacy, I knew he didn't know about me rubbing Cliffs cock, but it seemed like he did.

Cliff, said he had no problem at all sleeping with me. 'Afterall we are family,' he said with a big smile.

We got into the rooms and turned on the boob tube, watching some movie that was playing, Then Cliff said 'Hey man, I'm going to get ready for some sleep,' he said with a smile.

I think I was stripped to my underwear (Boxers) before Cliff was, sporting a complete boner and ready to enjoy myself, Hopefully.

I was under the sheets in a flash, smiling as Uncle Cliff, slipped off his tee-shirt, slung off his sneakers and socks and then off with the shorts, and I noticed his tidy whities full and hot, his ass was beautiful, his bulge was mouth watering and I just glared at his handsomeness, he was wearing a leather necklace with an arrowhead around his neck he had a gold peirced earring in one ear and he was, at that point just about the most gorgeous guy alive as far as I was concerned.

He flopped back on the bed and looked at me, 'Would you like to finish what we started in the car?'

'Oh Yeah,' I answered, 'Then by all means continue.' he said.

I was beside myself, me and my uncle Cliff, we were really going to do it, wow! My heart was beating like a jack hammer chomping away at a concrete sidewalk.

Uncle Cliff lay beside me on his back and his bulge was swollen up tight inside those beautiful almost glowing tidy whities, the outline of his cock was mesmerizing to a young lad like me, and I reach over and began by rubbing his chest, lightly hairy, thick muscles, hard as tack nipples and when I brushed his nipples he let out this sensous moan, 'Jesus Kid, when did you start liking to do this sort of thing?' he asked.

'Well Uncle Cliff, I have had sexual attraction to guys for a long time, just never did anything with one yet, and I have always had feelings for you, I love you so much, and I wanted to see what kind of dick you had, since Dads was so big.'

'WEll I take it Ken you like what you've found?'

'Oh yeah UNC, I think your just about the most awesome guy in the world, and I would do anything to make you happy. I love your body.'

'Well I love everything your doing Ken, and just to let you know when we were younger, I used to do the same thing to your Dad, he loved feeling me jerk him off and even suck him off a few times,' he said.

I was in a state of shock, I couldn't believe my Dad and Uncle Cliff doing the deed, but it was a total Shock to find out that my Dad had done this too.

I just looked at uncle Cliff, 'You and Dad?' Wow'

'Yep Ken, me and your Dad. he wasnt' always the Saint you have come to love and admire. Your Dad has a few skeletons in the closet too.'

I remember the first time he fucked me in the ass, it hurt like a mother, then I began to enjoy it and well the rest is private family history, 'Hey man, please don't tell your Dad what I have told you, he'd kill me, O.K.'

'Hey UNC,Your secret's safe with me, well as long as you and I, I mean, we, well you know what I mean.'

I Leaned over and stroked Uncle Cliff's cock for a while untill I could see his tight balls climbing up beside his cockshaft, his cock was like a peice of glass, so friggen hard, veins bulging, and the swollen uncovered redish purple cockhead, almost shiny from being so tight, I felt his stomach jerking as I took his cock to the balls into my throat, I was in seventh heaven, and I was sliding my finger down between his legs tickling his hairy, asshole making him squirm with pleasure, Uncle Cliff was almost gasping with breath when I felt his body go rigid, 'Awh Shit Ken, here it comes,' came out of his mouth his body lurched up and almost choked me with his thick cock and cum started hitting the back of my throat as he unloaded his thick, pearly white seed into my mouth, it was the most wonderful day of my life.

His body stayed ridid for a second as I finished licking and cleaning the last little tid-bits of his cum that was leaking from the the eyelet of his cockhead, I felt ten feet tall to have pleasured Uncle Cliff.

Yet my cock was still wet with precum, like a steel pipe, harder that I can remember feeling it before.

As Uncle Cliff lay there and got his breath back, after a fantastic climax like that, I rolled over on my back and began to stroke my boner planning to have a great nut myself, when Uncle Cliff looked over at me and said, 'Hey man, what the fuck you think your doing? thats my job,'

I removed my hand and lay there sorta in a state of shock, I had never felt another human being touch my penis before, Holy shit was I in for a treat.

Uncle Cliff rolled over and wrapped his hand around my cock,and began to slowly stroke me off, it felt like heaven to me, he could have contintued what he was doing and it would have been great, but Uncle Cliff smiled looked into my eyes and climbed up over me, I didn't know what to think or do.

He just straddled me and reached around and began to hold my hard seven incher and rubb the tip around his asshole, What a sensation it was making, his eyes closed and he began to moan a little, then he placed the tip of my cock against his hairy little hole and began to put his weight against it, a second went by and I felt the pressue of the push, and then I thought I would die, my cock pushed through his asshole and dove into another world, I felt like hot water went over my body, I felt flush, but my cock was in heaven, tight, hot around it, moist and I felt a feeling I had never felt before, Uncle Cliff told me to lay still, which I did and he began a slow, rythmic, fucking of my cock, taking it to the balls deep, and then moving his hips back and forth, gyrating it around then pulleing his hips upward and almost removing it out of his manhole.

Uncle Cliff knew how to fuck and I was a willing student, enjoying every nano-second of it.

I opened my eyes and I saw Uncle Cliff's face, his eyes were closed, his lead leaned back, his upper lip was under his lower teeth, his tongue wetting his upper lips and his vocals told the story of his totall engrossment into what he was doing, he was enjoying it almost as much as I was.

I looked down as he picked up speed, massaging my cock shaft with his anal muscles, I had never felt anything like this before, and I looked down as his stomach moved in and out with the thrusting and I was beginning to breath heavy, feeling a powerful climax coming on, and I notice Uncle Cliffs hard eight inch uncut boner, as his right hand worked its foreskin back and forth and he was like I was, building up to a wonderful climax.

I felt his asshole as it began to take my cock full depth with each thrust, I heard his moaning as I mixed my vocals with his and we began to bring our sounds like the sound of a mighty organ swelling into a crescendo of awesome sounds together, and I felt my cock begin to belch out its semen into Uncle Cliffs bowels, and at the same time, Uncle Cliff's cock started shooting a load of white creamy cum over my chest and I felt one thick drop splatter on my lips, I didn't want this moment to end, I licked it off and swallowed it with extreme pleasure,it was the most awesome moment of my life.

When he finished his cum, he just lay over on his back and layed there gaspeing for breath again.

'Holy Shit Ken, that was phenomenal.' he said.

All I could think to say was 'NO SHIT Sherlock, what gave you the first Clue,' he looked at me and we started laughing. Then he hugged me and we got up and went and took a shower together.

It was the most awesome time of my life, We hugged and snuggled and made out all that night.

When we finally got to Myrtle Beach, I don't remember having a more wonderful Vacation, and it was just as sexually exciting there as that motel room, I got to feel that pleasure of Uncle Cliff's thick cock stretching my asshole like my cock did his, and although it hurt some at first I fell in love with sucking and fucking, and something else while we were there, we shared a motel room, just the two of us, and Uncle Cliff met this young man about twenty three, and we had a threesome one afternoon while Mom and Dad had gone shopping in town. I loved watching this dudes face as I shot a load of cum down his throat and Unc, shot his load up this kids ass.

The we returned the favor to him takeing his load and eating out his asshole, he loved it and so did we.

I would say it was the most memorable vacation ever.

And Uncle Cliff and I are still really close, very close.



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