Lips meeting, bodies touching.

I felt his hands moving all over my body. I was so horny, it was him.

God, his eyes, those gorgeous light brown eyes. I kissed him again, moving my hand from his neck to his chest.

Moving lower, I wanted him, so bad.

I pulled him on the bed with me, went through his hair, following his jawline with my other hand.

He kissed me.

He was on top of me.

Suddenly he stopped, moving his head a little away from mine.

"Luke?" I looked at him.

I felt something wet on my face. "What the...?"

I heard laughing, what's happening?

"Alright, alright that's enough, go back to your seats."

Where did that voice came from? Where did Luke go?

"We still sleep at home mister."

I was shocked and disappointed at the same time. It was just a dream.

I opened my eyes, my head still on my desk, Ann on my right side, smiling.

I felt horrible, not sure if it was because of my hangover or the fact that I felt alone again.

Why couldn't I just live in this dream.

I felt tears welling up in my eyes, why am I crying?

Ann stood up, I saw her face, she looked worried.

Why was she worried? Because I was crying?

" Can you leave him alone?"

" I'm still the teacher here, go back to your..."

"Then go teach" said Ann

"You better watch your tone missy"

I stood up, wiping away the tears that wanted to roll down my face.

"I'm going to the toilet for a second" I mumbled

"Ye, do whatever you like, you both got detention tonight after school"

My teacher was raging, me staring at her, eyes spewing fire, spit flying around while she was yelling.

I couldn't care less.

While making my way through the classroom, I looked back to Ann, she still looked worried.

I faked a smile to let her know that I was okay.

I didn't feel okay.

I closed the door of the classroom behind me. I sighed.

I looked down at my shoes for a second and started moving.

Stairs after stairs I moved to the ground floor.

Why did art class had to be on the highest floor. Finally the ground floor.

A slight breeze moved through my hair, I sat down on the stairs filling my lungs with fresh air.

I leaned against the door opening, trying to remember the dream.

I looked behind me, what's all this yelling about? Must be the coach. I felt bad for the kids behind that door, he seemed awful.

A smile appeared on my face, why am I enjoying this?

I looked back outside. It was a gorgeous day today. Sun shining on my face.

I closed my eyes, letting the warmth of the sun do it's work.

"Hey, you've got a dick on your face"

I opened my eyes, "What did you...?"

Oh god, it was him, the guy from my dreams, the one I was waiting for this morning.

Everything went to slow-motion.

His hair waving in the wind, his amazing smile, perfect teeth. I absolutely loved the way how his smiled along.

His eyes, light brown stunning eyes.

I noticed how, when the light fell right, his eyes kinda looked gold ish.

I died a little inside.

His body, his chest, his arms. I wanted him so bad.

"You alright?" He asked. His piercing eyes looking at me.

Was I staring? I came back to my senses.

"Y-ye, I'm fine" I stuttered. " Well I gotta go, I'm already late, cya"

"Bye" I said, I was in shock.

He passed by me, his leg brushing against my shoulder. An electric shock went through my stomach.

My eyes followed him, I saw him opening the door to the gym. That ass.

I wanted to scream to not leave me alone.

He was gone, door shut.

For that moment I forgot all the problem that I had.

The hate that I felt, the pain, the not feeling home in my own body. All the pressure weighing on my shoulders.

I felt free.

Did he really made me feel that way? Was I in love?

I don't even know him.

Wait, what did he say? I stood up and went to the bathroom next the the stairs.

I looked in the mirror and saw my face with on my forehead a dick painted on it.

Damn, my classmates.

Good first impression I made to him.

I stared at my hands in the sink, water pouring on them.

I looked back in the mirror.




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