There I was, standing in the hallway, my head leaning against a row of lockers. I felt sleepy, so very sleepy.

I closed my eyes a little, still wondering what I was doing when suddenly two big eyes popped up in front of me. It was Ann, my best friend since like forever, poking me on my cheek.

"Someone there?" She asked, I reacted slow, giving her a hint that I was still alive.

She duck down again, head in her locker searching for the books we needed for the next class.

I closed my eyes again.

Damn, what happened yesterday. I remember I was having as usual a crappy sunday, again.

Did I get drunk again? What did I drink? And why?

I opened my eyes, reacting to the poke that I felt in my ribcage. "Let's move" I heard somewhere far away.

Now it all was clear to me, I got drunk again, on my room, music blasting load, alone.

I felt bad about myself, horrible actually, not for the drinking really but because of who I am, what I am.

My name is Thom, 18 years old and in my last year of high school.

I study arts.

I've got brown straight hair, brown eyes. I try to stay in shape for I don't know what kind of reason.

A kind of handsome face if I may say myself.

And a smile that makes all the girls melt or so says Ann.

One problem with that last one tho,

I'm gay, hating myself that I am.

I hate the way I walk, talk, how awkward I feel around guys.

I hate it that I am like this. Why couldn't I be normal, straight like the other normal guys on my school.

I'm not openly gay of course, it's a secret I'm carrying alone. The thought about other people knowing scares me to death. So many things would change.

I followed Ann through the crowded hallway.

Ann, I love her to death, she's like my sister, always there for me.

I'm still amazed till this day the way that she moves people, blonde hair flowing behind her.

The crowd parts for her like the red sea, she moves people with her attitude and grace, guys and girls staring at her as she passes by.

Me walking behind her, my books pressed against my chest.

"Here is our classroom", I snap back to reality, she turns left, heads into the classroom and takes a seat in the back.

I take a seat next to her and stare at the people moving by in the door opening and the windows next to it.

"So how was your weekend?", "Fine", I answered "yours?"

"It was alright but the assignment kinda ruined it all, my hand still hurts from all the drawing."

My thoughts drifted away, my eyes moving from Ann back to the hallway.

Waiting, waiting for him to come.




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