I heard about this new Bath House has just open up for Bi sexual men only. There were a few nights out of the week were laddies are welcome to come out for some action. It was around 12 noon one Saturday afternoon when i decide to try this place out for my first time. I was always curious about having sex with a man who were very mature and experience at it. This place is well know for many pro athletes and public figures who like to be very private about their sexuality. I just got to my room and left underwear on before I started to check the Bathhouse out. They had one huge sauna,steam room, fitness centre and a very nice 10 person jacuzzi tub. The place had also close to 50 rooms plus with 2 lightly dim dark sling room that also had some Glory Holes in it. 

I was chatting with 2 Pro wrestler who were in town for some matches later on that night over at the Coliseum. These guy's where totally matured looking types. Arnie stood about 6 feet a good 200 with baling blonde hair with a nice trim beard and very hairy all over, As for Bill he was huge standing close to 6'1 a good solid 250 totally bald head with a nice goatee and also was hairy from top to bottom just like Arnie. I explain to the both that I did have a girlfriend and I was all new to this kind of thing, They both told me that there are safe & married and they do enjoy coming here when they are the Boston area around 3 times a year.

By now the 3 of us are all sweated up from the sauna as Arnie and Bill invited me back to their special room up on the top floor. We took a shower first and dry off before we headed up there. The room was huge with a queen size bed along with 2 lockers,couches, 42 inch TV and a sling for fucking ! Bill told me it cost like 200 bucks for 6 hours.  I explain once again to them both that this will be my first time ever having sex with a man before. I saw a nice smile coming from Arnie "as he told me to lay down in the bed" I was laying there as Bill walk over and slide my underwear down to my ankles before Arnie slowly started to suck on my penis. My god it felt fuck'n hot as they both took turns going down on me and licking my crotch all over as I was moaning with great pleasure. Bill help me turn onto my belly as I then felt his tongue and goatee mouth started to eat and lick my hairy ass hole as I was now on all of my 4 knees. I then begin to suck Arnie nice 7 semi cut penis for the first cockI ever I had in my mouth. I was really getting into it as Arnie was moaning very loudly as his penis was going slowly in and out of my throat. I never new that pre cum that come out of a man cock had a nice sweet salty taste to it. As for Bill eating out my virgin man hole at the same time, There is know other great feeling like that I have ever experience before in my life.

Arnie than began to ask me if he can be the first one to Make Love to me before Bill left the room for a while ? I told him that it well be agreat honour for me for him to be the first man ever to Make Love to. I was now laying there    in the sling watching Arnie putting on his Jock strap and pouring massaged oil all over his hairy body before he put on the condom. It was hot watching Arnie slide the condom all the way up his shaft while the front of his Jock strap was pull down just below his balls tuck in good and tight to the strap.

I saw Arnie took a few snort of poppers from the bottle as he told me it would be a lot easy on me to relax if I take a few snort. I smile as he pass the bottle to me now, Wow did it feel great and light headed a bit as Arnie cock as started to open my tight hole up. He told me to hang on very tightly to the side band of the Jock Strap his he push his penis up further now. I was in pain for about 2 minutes until Arnie was all the way inside me now. He was stroking his penis in and out of me at a slow moving pace as his penis seem to get much harder.

I can now feel the massaged oil and sweat pouring out of Arnie body evan more now as he was thrusting me much faster and deeper. I can see his shaft going all the way up to his huge balls as his penis head started to massaged MY MAN G SPOT. Fuck It feels great as I shout out loud to Arnie a few times ! I can hear his deep raspy voice saying to me ' TROY YOUR FUCK'N TIGHT,  TROY YOU ARE SO FUCK'N TIGHT " as he was now in full climax of Love Making.

The door open as Bill walks in and stared to pinch and play with Arnie erected nibbles now. It was about 5 mins after that Arnie yell out " Troy I am close. Fuck Troy I am close" As he begin to fuck me much harder and longer with ever stroke before his mouth open up . Fuck Troy I am cummmmmmmming as his whole body exploded with his pussy spray load going up my ass now. He shook and stood still for a good minute or more as I felt him pull out of me very slow. My God " He told me that it was his best orgasm ever dude " As he was completely exhausted from the Love Making session.  I was still there laying back as Arnie headed out the door to take a cold shower now.

Bill said to me you ready for me now Troy? I watch him put on his condom sliding it up his nice 8 plus cut cock. He was a little more aggressive then Arnie as he was fucking me good and hard for about 10 min's or more. I saw him quick pull off the condom and shot out 2 loads at once all over my hairy chest  hitting the wall right over the sling wow !

I watch Arnie get dress before I left to head to the shower room. It was great pleasure watching him put on a nice pair of Light Brown Jockey Pouch briefs along with the same colour t-shirt that matches before his Navy Blue Hagger Dockers,white Polo dress shirt and his silk burgundy tie. " He told me once again that it was the best fuck ever " We then kiss one more time as I grab his crotch before he gave me a smile and open the door to leave.

Part 2 to follow.




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