The daddy I mentioned in my last story and I didn't work out like I had planned. Or at least like I had hoped, but he had given me a craving for dominant black men who push me into doing things that otherwise I never thought would be possible.

Surfing online one lonely Saturday night, I came across a gay escort website and was instantly turned on by the profiles and once I discovered I could sort profiles by ethnicity, I was in heaven. I had never hired an escort before but as I looked through the profiles and the prices, I thought, why not?

So I started chatting up a very handsome and muscular young black guy. Huge cut dick, total top, sounded almost polite on the phone so I agreed to the fee and gave him my address.

Hopping into the shower, I quickly got ready and was very turned on by this prospect. Time flew by and it was now a good 30 minutes past when he said he'd be here so I was feeling a bit dejected. Already single as fuck, living alone and thought to myself "great, now I can't even get an escort to come over."

Then I got a text from the guy.

"Sorry dude, running late, had to pick up a brother, mind if we tag that gorgeous ass?"

I think my dick popped out of my jeans right then and there at the thought but then I thought that this was going to be some setup and I'd be robbed or worse.

I called him right away and he assured me that it was legit and that the price stayed the same. As it turned out, this was his boyfriend he was bringing, and this was just something that turned them on.

A few minutes later, the doorbell rings and there standing on the porch are two attractive young black men. Both about my height at 5'9", similar builds to mine but whereas I was 38, these two young studs were 24 and 22.

Both very cute and as you've guessed from other stories, they both wore ball caps which for me in my books Is the sexiest thing ever.

I had started drinking a bottle of wine before they came, and grabbed two more glasses. We sat in the living room chit-chatting and they both turned out to be nice young men. One was an aspiring dancer and wanted to move to NY and the other worked for a phone company.

As we chatted back and forth, they looked at each other, gave a sly smile to each another and without a word spoken, changed the dynamic completely by each grabbing their crotches while they sipped some wine.

Stroking their dicks through their jeans, the conversation changed from getting to know each other to what I wanted. They assured me they weren't here to watch the clock and the time was for me to have some fun.

So I told them I wanted to be dominated, double penetrated, pissed on (and in), made to swallow some cum and most importantly, I wanted both their loads in my ass before they left.

They didn't miss a beat and both stood up to remove their clothes while I stood there. Kissing each other, they helped one another out of their jeans leaving these two young studs standing there in their boxer briefs with cocks rock hard. The younger of the two, came over to my chair and got down on his knees between my legs and leaned forward to kiss me while holding onto my jaw. At the same time, his friend came around to the side of the chair and pushed his crotch into the side of my head rubbing what was a very nice 9" cut dick back and forth.

I was in seventh heaven already at this point. Honestly, if they had walked out right then, I would have gone to bed with a huge smile, but the one standing pulled his boxer briefs down and his meaty curved cock plopped out. His friend grabbed it by the base and pointed it to his mouth giving the head a little lick before pushing it to my face.

"Suck his dick slut, you're gonna have to earn this nutt," he said as he grabbed the back of my head and pushed me onto this beautiful dick. I went to put my hands up and grab the dick but he pushed my hands way, "I gotcha, don't worry, just work on his dick."

While I blew him, the other guy was undoing my jeans, lifting up my shirt and biting my nipples. He got my cock out and sucked me for a bit reaching underneath my ass to roughly flick my hole. He'd lick his finger, shove it under my butt, shove it in my hole and pull it out for a taste. "babe you're gonna love this pussy" he said to his friend.

After fooling around like this for awhile, they grabbed me, picked up from the chair and stripped me down. The younger guy crouched down and sucked my dick while the other tongue fucked my face hard. He pulled away, got to one side, pushed my head down so I was bent over and I kissed his young boyfriend and tugged off his shorts while the other kissed my ass and fingered my hole.

I was so horny at this point, I just wanted to be fucked hard and deep, but this guy now with his tongue on my pucker sent me over the edge. As he tongue fucked my ass, his friend stroked my cock and kissed me hard and I could feel precum oozing out of my dick. I couldn't help but smile at these two sexy pigs.

I stood up and said for us to go upstairs which they did, grabbing the bottle of wine and the glasses. All three of us laid down on the bed with me in the middle and took turns being on top of one another, kissing grinding our dicks against each other.

Up to this point, I had only sucked the one guys dick and I was ready to choke on some cock so I moved around, laid across the bed, spread my legs and asked the younger one to fuck my face at the edge of the bed.

His dick was as nice as the other, straight as a board with a big swaying nut sack. I poppered up and started to go piggy on his gorgeous 8.5" and and as I had hoped, his friend moved to the other side of the bed and went back to licking and tongue fucking my ass. He was almost painful the way he grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them apart. He was the more verbal of the two and would say nasty shit like, "yeah, suck my n***a's dick while I eat your pussy, suck it slut!"

This turned me on even more and I was bucking my hips into his face while his friend made my eyes water with his big dick and then all of sudden, the tongue fucking stopped and I heard him say, "Where's the lube slut?"

I pointed to the nightstand and the younger guy leaned backward with his dick still in my mouth, threw the bottle of GunOil across the bed. I heard the lid crack open and grabbed my poppers. I tried at first to take a hit without letting go of the dick in my mouth, but it didn't work so I reluctantly let his dick fall out of my mouth and took four huge hits of poppers as I got ready for some raw dick.

The stud behind me put his hand on the back of my neck and told me to get back to sucking dick and as soon as my mouth was around the head of his bf's cock, I could feel a nice raw black dick pushing up against my very moist hole. Despite being verbal and nasty he took his time splitting me open and pushed into my guts inch by inch as I sucked his bf.

The two of them seemed to really be enjoying this and the guy I was sucking was rubbing his hands all over my back and at times I sensed that he was leaning forward to kiss the other.

I was being spit roasted by two sexy young studs and loving it!

The guy fucking me had worked my ass over so much that I was taking his long thick dick and within no time at all he was pounding the shit out of me. So much so it wasn't possible for me to keep sucking. I had to use my arms to brace myself against this pig as his 9" snaked it's way into my ass.

I heard one of them say something nasty and the guy pulled out of my sloppy hole. It wasn't but a few seconds before I felt another cock pushing in and the first gy was now coaching his friend saying more nasty shit.

"oh yeah, fuck that white boi pussy, give him that n***a dick."

This guys dick was not as long but seemed thicker, or maybe because it wasn't curved but I winced a bit in pain and scrambled around looking for my poppers. After finding them and taking a huge hit, he grabbed my hips and pulled me up on my knees and mounted me doggy style fucking me deep and hard while kissing his boyfriend who kept talking nasty about my hole.

These studs were using me and I could tell that even though I was paying for it, this was turning them on.

After taking dick from behind, the first guy laid down and ordered me to sit on his dick. I slid down it easily with so much spit and lube in my pussy and took a bit of pride in going right down to his balls. As I moved my hips around getting him in me as deep as possible, he grabbed me by the back of the neck and pulled me down to kiss me and asked, "you ready for double the fun?"

I think I gulped audibly at that point, but poppered up and arched my back while the other guy slid a finger in along side his bf's. As the popper rush relaxed me, I felt the knob of his cock pushing against my hole and stop. I thought to my self, there is no fucking way these two big dicks are gonna fit, but he pushed harder and popped inside. I arched my head up and literally screamed in ecstasy as I was dp'd full of raw black dick.

The guy on the bottom lay there motionless holding onto my ass cheeks and his friend slowly fucked me. Each time he went in deep I felt like I was sitting on a traffic cone and loved it. The bottom guy I could tell was turned on by this and his nasty talk was even worse. He started calling me "you little cunt, you're the fucking whore aren't you?"

They fucked me like for awhile, at one point the top leaned way forward and we all kissed.

"you want some piss in that hole?" One of them asked?

I don't even think I had to answer because in not too long I could feel the sensation of something else filling up my well-fucked hole and it wasnt long after that it was dribbling out all over the bed and the guy who's dick I was sitting on. I never really knew who pissed in me but I was now and completely, a total raw dick loving pig.

My hole was wide open and they pushed me around the bed onto my back, putting my ankles above my head. The older of the two started slapping my ass and spitting on it before roughly slamming his cock onto me. The other guy swiveled around onto my piss soaked bed and rammed his cock into my throat.

This went on for a long time and they switched positions, all the while, if I tried to move my hands or legs, they'd aggressively slap me, and I was back holding onto my ankles as they took turns fucking me raw.

The younger was guy was pounding me hard in this position with his big hands holding onto my thighs and pushing my legs as far as they could stretch and his pumping was getting faster and faster until he shoved as deep as he could and shouted "I'm gonna cum!"

His body tightened up and he kept slamming into my ass and with a few more thrusts he grunted and swore and pumped his load into my guts. He didn't stay in me or on me very long, pulled out and his friend jumped right in.

The older guy described the sight of my assdripping cum and slid his curved cock in deep. In much the same way, he pinned me down and fucked the shit outta me hard, and as before, he liked nasty talk, calling me names and pounding me hard.

I was almost to the point of begging for him to stop when he tensed up as well and in a few more thrusts he jammed his dick in as deep as he could and unloaded his nutt into my guts.

For whatever reason, as he came in me, his demeanor changed slightly and now he bent over, let go of my legs, kissed me and said "baby, that is a good little pussy."

I was spent. They were spent. We all laid down on the bed for a short while, grabbed some wine and had a nice little post fuck chat. I looked at the clock on the nightstand and realized that I had just taken dick for almost 2 hours straight and I wondered, "is this gonna be extra?"

They showered, we all went downstairs, they got dressed and I made the agreed upon contribution. As I went to open the door, they both grabbed me, sandwiched me and kissed me hard saying that was awesome.

I couldn't have agreed more and a few weeks later, I sent them a text again thinking we could re-connect but never heard back.

Guess for all of us, this was a one-time thing.



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